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  • Fresh should just accept the fact that he always dies in cars and that he shouldn’t use them

    Beverly AnnBeverly Ann6 dagen geleden
  • Did fresh call a pump a spas

    Supreme PapiSupreme Papi7 dagen geleden
  • Do A sky base with tires

    jeremy jonesjeremy jones11 dagen geleden
  • Continues to say that tires help next second: dang it I hit my head on the tree 🌴...

    Nathan GoffNathan Goff12 dagen geleden
  • Fresh swet boi

    Bradley Canale-LeitchBradley Canale-Leitch13 dagen geleden
  • i got a tire ad when wacthing this lol

    Bowen MilsonBowen Milson14 dagen geleden
  • thats a dream skin freshy

    EdinsEdins14 dagen geleden
  • i know that tires can do that

    Lourd Gian LonzonLourd Gian Lonzon15 dagen geleden
  • i swear the way he gets wins so easily

    YEAZZIRRRYEAZZIRRR15 dagen geleden
  • Use code fresh for life

    Billy HigginsBilly Higgins15 dagen geleden
  • hi

    Marco TattiMarco Tatti15 dagen geleden
  • stfu

    elias vosselmanelias vosselman16 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    K DagleyK Dagley17 dagen geleden
  • And one tac ed -Fresh 2021

    NexurqNexurq17 dagen geleden
  • P

    Jenna WhiteJenna White17 dagen geleden
  • Content is a bit Dry huh?

    Pucks worldPucks world17 dagen geleden
  • *use tires to attach to your legs and become a monster truck yourself*

    Guest is dedGuest is ded17 dagen geleden
  • How to craft a Shockwave bow do you have to have a blue Mechanicals bow and 2 shock waves and craft them. That's why that guy was getting away from you so many times. You carry a bow you have 31 shockwaves.

    william gonzaleswilliam gonzales17 dagen geleden
  • If u know in holly hedges, in the super market, there is the little gap leading to the outside plant area and I used tires to save my teammate who was needed to be revived

    Zman27 GamingZman27 Gaming18 dagen geleden
  • Pea mac

    Lizbe CruzLizbe Cruz18 dagen geleden
  • Do the bingo challenge again... much love 💘

    MR. MOUSTACHEMR. MOUSTACHE18 dagen geleden
  • 8:48, Is this considered Bullying?

    JaxiePlayzJaxiePlayz18 dagen geleden
  • 50 years later: I’m going to be winning with a tree

    Patricia SeguraPatricia Segura18 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me or is he always getting sniper 😂

    Ceaqy The goatCeaqy The goat18 dagen geleden
  • Be the best;)

    tOPi GamingtOPi Gaming18 dagen geleden
  • I wish all who sees this best of luck with his life

    Help me reach 10k With 0 videosHelp me reach 10k With 0 videos18 dagen geleden
  • Always use code fresh in the item shop

    Phil ScottPhil Scott18 dagen geleden
  • You should of been the spark plug skin

    RAR GamingRAR Gaming18 dagen geleden
  • If you mine the cars at junk yard they give you mec parts

    fusion ballersfusion ballers19 dagen geleden
  • Fresh: uses the unofficial Dream skin Fresh: speedruns for the win❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jad CelineJad Celine19 dagen geleden
  • Jose

    josé ekjejejosé ekjeje19 dagen geleden
  • Wow fresh, you really jinxed yourself.

    ShotZ ClanShotZ Clan19 dagen geleden
  • Freshy Boii!

  • can we just appreciate how nice p-mac is as a stre- sniper

    AragoneagleAragoneagle19 dagen geleden
  • They buffed the mec bow by 40 percent so a head shot does 202 dmg XD

    LiamThe SkurfingGodLiamThe SkurfingGod19 dagen geleden
  • Fresh in the final circle he had 46 bones and 34 mechanical parts!!

    Salim BeggSalim Begg19 dagen geleden

    BigMeechLJCBigMeechLJC19 dagen geleden
  • 5:00, fresh was on 1 health😅

    Mr.PuffinMr.Puffin19 dagen geleden

    Ayush SoneriAyush Soneri19 dagen geleden
  • PMac is an absolute legend.

    Jamie TrentJamie Trent19 dagen geleden
  • 9:02 that was me!!!!

    Vansh SinghVansh Singh19 dagen geleden
  • You can also throw the tires onto someone's body directly and it will send them flying AND they will take fall dmg

    E lordE lord19 dagen geleden
  • I love fresh

    Andrew KenneyAndrew Kenney19 dagen geleden
  • Pmac always comes to the rescue

    QuixyQuixy19 dagen geleden
  • Check out mason is bored

    Tara CookTara Cook19 dagen geleden
  • Huh, Fresh is making how to win videos... idk how Sypher is gonna react but I guess he doesn't have legal claims... how am I supposed to feel about this?

    Joseph BredaJoseph Breda20 dagen geleden
  • Maybe in 6:26 hes a hacker

    Cloud Shaunnie GananCloud Shaunnie Ganan20 dagen geleden
  • DA C U R S E

  • 2:41 monster truck bruh

    Daniel DucasDaniel Ducas20 dagen geleden
  • Make sure to watch mrfreshasian on twitch

    shallotshallot20 dagen geleden
  • 6:25 does not sound like fresh

    Aviator WildAviator Wild20 dagen geleden
  • The box skin looks like dream

    Orrenmc 2Orrenmc 220 dagen geleden

    Joseph BellJoseph Bell20 dagen geleden
  • Please watch my new montage

    fish manfish man20 dagen geleden
  • Fresh: we're getting headshot out of bows

    Quinn ReillyQuinn Reilly20 dagen geleden
  • I new that the tires could make you bounce

    Sarah BSarah B20 dagen geleden
  • I almost won a game with tires

    Leandry VelezLeandry Velez20 dagen geleden
  • that defualt has aim bot

    Veer SinghVeer Singh20 dagen geleden
    • Please watch my new montage

      fish manfish man20 dagen geleden
  • When in doubt Pmack is here

    AmericanLightAmericanLight20 dagen geleden
  • Today I understood call pmac for a vic royal

    Tejas SaveTejas Save20 dagen geleden
  • Dies bye Mechanical bow 😭

    FortniteGoldencocowade !FortniteGoldencocowade !20 dagen geleden
  • lol i was just talking about this idea!

    itzz Angelitzz Angel20 dagen geleden
  • The tires would probably be better on the iron mans lambo because you would never need gas

    Samantha MccrackenSamantha Mccracken20 dagen geleden
  • 3:35 that’s just rip moment

    Marco BotrosMarco Botros20 dagen geleden
  • waths up guy yes

    Nathaniel Montminy - LavoieNathaniel Montminy - Lavoie20 dagen geleden
  • Good vid

    999 The demon999 The demon20 dagen geleden
  • I done a skybase with tires and it was so fun lol

    Megan BridgerMegan Bridger20 dagen geleden
  • 6.25 aimbot

    Piece Ctrl ZackPiece Ctrl Zack20 dagen geleden
  • Ok but did I ask

    Alex GentilozziAlex Gentilozzi20 dagen geleden
    • I did

      RococoRococo20 dagen geleden
  • Fresh can you please do a green arrow challenge since there are bows now please

    Nehemiah TalaveraNehemiah Talavera20 dagen geleden
  • We all ready know that it din't fit o|o

    Beastt_MoDe11Beastt_MoDe1120 dagen geleden
  • They copied free fire

    YEET STERYEET STER20 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Xd_clapz_Xd10 Xd_Xd10Xd_clapz_Xd10 Xd_Xd1020 dagen geleden
  • You are 204lvl and im just 100lvl wtf

    Nino HeinoNino Heino20 dagen geleden
  • Anyone wanna give my channel and videos an opinion would be much appreciated thanks 😊

    Lauchie 77Lauchie 7720 dagen geleden
  • For anyone who just clicked on the video or is curious, 3:33 is when fresh gets clipped

    Arena-BreadArena-Bread20 dagen geleden
  • Can you comment on freshfan_2021 tiktok vid

    Marta NasiadekMarta Nasiadek20 dagen geleden
  • i love pmack

    loopcraftloopcraft20 dagen geleden
  • I do this all the timw wdym its hard?

    Carol MooreCarol Moore20 dagen geleden
    • Time*

      YEET STERYEET STER20 dagen geleden
  • I always thought that when tires were evented can u put on tires on a chicken.

    snipaaus !snipaaus !20 dagen geleden
  • "mythic tires"

    Kirk JacksonKirk Jackson20 dagen geleden
  • I always use them as bounce pad in a 1v1😂😂🥴

    LightningLuuk _LightningLuuk _20 dagen geleden
  • 0:21 bounce pads aren’t infinite ?

    WillewoncaWillewonca20 dagen geleden
  • Monster truck skybase

    NinjaButterEZ MNinjaButterEZ M20 dagen geleden
  • Do a face revel

    Javien SalinasJavien Salinas20 dagen geleden
  • Hey fresh who is better u or lazabeam 1v1 I think u because ur my favourite NLworldr and ur also really good and the best firtnite player in history bye best NLworldr

    KIDS PERFECTKIDS PERFECT20 dagen geleden
  • Man I can't wait for twitch to happen again

    Dyson LeaDyson Lea20 dagen geleden
  • Jeez. These tire vids are making me TIREd

    Studio 58Studio 5820 dagen geleden
  • fresh you are the best fortnite player in the world

    Hassan MirzaHassan Mirza20 dagen geleden
  • I have an idea for an video build a sky base and for the last kill use the tires

    DARNELL GOATDARNELL GOAT20 dagen geleden
  • You should do a challenge where you get p Mack the dub every round well you just kill people.

    Colin OColin O20 dagen geleden
  • Oh and play with laser beam and maybe me and my bro

    Xd clan AzimXd clan Azim20 dagen geleden
  • This is how many times Fresh said "Tyre" 👇

    Itz_Ibrahim12Itz_Ibrahim1220 dagen geleden
  • pmack has super sense

    Your FurnaceYour Furnace20 dagen geleden
  • Fresh should do Recycler Gun only challenge

    BW Team StudiosBW Team Studios20 dagen geleden
  • I use code fresh

    Connor LaflammeConnor Laflamme20 dagen geleden
  • The same thing happened in your bingo video. :(

    rodica retezarrodica retezar20 dagen geleden
  • When fresh said I just bounced into a tree I didn’t know hitting a tree almost kills you lol

    SpidercoolSpidercool20 dagen geleden
  • awesome voice crack at 6:10

    MythicGoldFishMythicGoldFish20 dagen geleden
  • yeah people have aimbot when your in cars and i don’t know how

    Zach PendellZach Pendell20 dagen geleden