How to make ROYAL ICING - PLUS how to store your icing for future use

4 jan. 2018
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This has got to be the most requested video that you have asked for, so its finally here 馃挅
This video tutorial will show you how I make my royal icing to decorate my cookies. This tutorial will also show you how to store your icing in the freezer for future use as a lot of the times i found that I don't need to use all the icing at once, or i ended up with a lot of left over icing. This video will show you a handy tip on how you can store royal icing in the freezer for a few months.
Royal icing is my most favorite icing to work with. Its really fun to use for cookie decorating. Here in New Zealand however, we don't have the luxury of purchasing a lot of things that are readily available in the US market. So when we started decorating I read a lot of cookie blogs online and most of them use meringue powder in their recipes.
Its not easy to find or buy meringue powder here in NZ, only specialized shops sells them and they are quite expensive, so i searched for alternatives and found that we can also make royal icing with egg whites! Yay, that is the perfect solution for us as we always have eggs in our house.
So this recipe is for those of you who wants to make royal icing to decorate cookies and cakes but may not be able to source meringue powder in your country 馃槈馃挄
**PLEASE NOTE: If you are worried about using raw egg whites please ensure that you used Pasteurized eggs. Another option is to substitute with powdered egg whites - if you are using powdered egg whites use 6 teaspoons dissolved in 6 Tablespoons of warm water.
OR as an alternative, use a different royal icing recipe specifically formulated to use with meringue powder.
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馃敻 Royal Icing Consistency:
馃敻 Sugar Cookie Recipe:
This recipe will make enough icing to iced approx 2-2 1/2 dozen cookies (depending on the cookie size)
500grams icing sugar/powdered sugar (Sifted - to ensure there wont be any lumps in your icing)
录 tsp cream of tartar
3 egg whites
1 tsp flavouring of your choice (vanilla, almond, strawberry extract/essence)
Gel food colouring of your choice, to colour your icing
路 Sift your icing sugar and put it into the bowl of your mixer.
路 Add the cream of tartar and mix them together in the bowl with a spatula.
路 Add the egg whites into the bowl and stir in with a spatula to moisten the sugar.
路 Fit a whisk attachment into the mixer and beat the mixture on low speed to evenly distribute the egg whites.
路 Add flavouring of your choice (vanilla, strawberry extract), our favorite is the Strawberry essence as they smell so sweet and delicious! Mix the flavouring well and mix until the icing is smooth & silky.
路 Add a squirt of white gel food colouring to ensure the icing colour will be pure white and not off-white.
路 Turn the mixer to medium-high speed and continue to beat for another 1 to 2 minutes, when you see the icing turns thick & very white you can turn off the mixer as the royal icing is now ready to use.
It is very important to take care not to overbeat your icing. Extended beating, can pump a lot of air into it and creates air bubbles that can be a pain to eliminate during decorating process.
馃敼Tips on storing your icing:
Most of the time i make more icing than i need to use for decorating, so its very handy to learn how to store my icing for future usage. I store my icing in the freezer and they can last up to a few months.
If you are going to store your icing, ensure to use air-tight containers and use a plastic cling wrap to cover the surface flush with the plastic wrap - this will prevent the icing from crusting and then add another layer of cling wrap on top before putting the lid on for double protection, then store the icing in the freezer
When you need to use the icing, simply take out one of the container and leave it on the bench top to bring the icing to room temperature. Then open the container and take out as much icing as you need to use and spray some water (use a spray bottle for more control) to adjust the consistency as needed.
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