How to Beat the Casino, and How They'll Stop You

8 okt. 2020
818 533 Weergaven

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
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  • honestly Texas Hold'Em was the best way to consistently make money for me, Limit or No Limit just play by the numbers got me to make good money, they key is to know when to stop gambling and go home for the night, sometimes you gotta take the L and come back another night but sadly i've seen people piss all thier money away and not stop even if they were up 1,000 in the first 15 minutes in the casino then loses all the rest of your money at the end of the night, simply put make double or triple amount of money in the first few hours then dip unless your at a great table. But on a side note, the old timers ive talked to tell me roulette is the best money maker but as much as they told me for them to read that board so well in person blows my mind.

    Alex NasAlex Nas24 minuten geleden
  • You are obviously wrong and incorrect. The easiest way to walk out of a casino with tons of cash is to just come in there with an M 16, and just tell them that you want money and that's it smh

    Adomas BAdomas B32 minuten geleden
  • Card-counting, for the most part, is neither cheating nor is it lucrative. They don't use a simple pack of cards. A multiple deck is not really card-counting sensitive until deep in the cards. The best system is the oldest: keep betting the same bet plus. I.e. at say the roulette wheel, bet 20, then 50, then 120, and so on. It's incredibly unlikely you'll lose 10 straight if you bet even odds (say, choose color black or red.) I've never failed to pocket something that way. No, you won't pay for your retirement, but winning is winning.

    thomas aquinasthomas aquinas16 uur geleden
  • casino when a terrorist group comes inside: i sleep casino when card counter: *real shit?*

    jeff with a gun and some legs - nicsinjeff with a gun and some legs - nicsin16 uur geleden
  • At 8:00 you say 1.182% but show 1.128%, automatically worst channel on NLworld, unsubscribe

    bob smithbob smith20 uur geleden
  • Is this a jojo reference

    Iván OrtizIván OrtizDag geleden
  • there are authistic people who exactly know what cards are left inside the deck at any moment in the game even without thinking about it. and calculate the probability of what cards come next. Dustin Hofmann played such a role as Raymond the rain man.

    the lunatic is on the grassthe lunatic is on the grassDag geleden
  • -- 1.28 then -- 1.82 I'm going broke over here!

    pissoffyoutubejustletmefuckingcomment.hodor.pissoffyoutubejustletmefuckingcomment.hodor.2 dagen geleden
  • This aint half as interesting...

    Water BottleWater Bottle2 dagen geleden
  • The best thing about Las Vegas is not gambling but enjoying everything else. It's as if the rich loser gamblers subsidized your fun!

    AI TotemAI Totem2 dagen geleden
  • Now off to Vegas I go to count some cards lol

    Jared EmbertonJared Emberton3 dagen geleden
  • We're just following the algorithm here Won't be surprised if more casino videos pop up out of nowhere

    kirjiankirjian4 dagen geleden
  • Imma say it samthepenguinman

    Dev ShahDev Shah4 dagen geleden
  • I've heard that the other way casinos detect card counters is that they train the dealers to also card count. Easy to see if changing bets are the result of card counting if you also know the count.

    ShufflepantsShufflepants4 dagen geleden
  • "one ate two percent" nice one bud

    Death MonkeyDeath Monkey5 dagen geleden
    • LOL good one

      Death MonkeyDeath Monkey5 dagen geleden
  • inb4 WinStar takes this video down

    je suis fudgemanje suis fudgeman5 dagen geleden
  • "The dealer is required to take additional cards until 17 is reached." Analyze that statement. The house made the rules. They are not required as much as they know doing so increases their win average. Some players should learn from that. As in ALWAYS hit a 12. Two thirds of the cards in the deck will better the hand.

    Joe ShmoeJoe Shmoe6 dagen geleden
  • Casinos are fun! Just know your limit. And know winning isn’t always gonna happen. I won 10K off $3 dollar max bet. Someday it might be your lucky day !

    Ouchies LolOuchies Lol6 dagen geleden
  • The game of the devils. An evil addiction and destruction for whoever gets stuck in it

    Ahmad ShaikhAhmad Shaikh6 dagen geleden
  • 7:59 "An advantage of 1.182 percent." The screen: No

    LQCLQC6 dagen geleden
  • You sound like 10% interesting

    Klickbait AlertKlickbait Alert7 dagen geleden
  • Casino's today welcome card counting. It's honestly harder than you think. Most of the casino's today will cut a 6-deck shoe to 2/3 And the last 1/3 of the shoe is never played.

    Ray SRay S7 dagen geleden
  • If counting cards wasn't allowed wouldn't that make the game illegal? The casino's say it's a game of skill not chance, then they try and stop people from using skill.

    Mac JonesMac Jones7 dagen geleden
  • This video is at least half as interesting as I thought it would be

    Brick AttackBrick Attack8 dagen geleden
  • You beat the casino at the buffett eating crab and steak all night for $60 dollars.

    Chosen OneChosen One8 dagen geleden
  • I guess I've been card counting without even knowing. I guess I play blackjack too much 😂

    Prototype SMGPrototype SMG9 dagen geleden
  • Just have 10 Luck. Ez

    Andrae YapAndrae Yap9 dagen geleden
  • im no good at addition though !!

    dan themandan theman9 dagen geleden
  • Dissapointed didnt even see a single airplane in the video, he could have used the clip in conair when the airplanes smashed into the casino. Such a missed opportunity for wendover

    CS AntonCS Anton10 dagen geleden
  • 3:04 what movie is this?

    DrPhobosDrPhobos10 dagen geleden
  • 7:58 1.182%?

    Ben ChehebarBen Chehebar11 dagen geleden
  • Teams is the other card counting strategy. Person counting cards has a consistent bet and when the shoe is favorable they have a code word so a “high roller “ comes in betting big

    thedudepdxthedudepdx11 dagen geleden
  • use standard measures!!!! Thumb down!

    Adrian SilesianAdrian Silesian11 dagen geleden
  • damn, to bad my dad didn’t see this video

    JcarssenJcarssen11 dagen geleden
  • Is it his first video without mentioning airplanes?

    ASB SolutionsASB Solutions11 dagen geleden
  • looks like im too late...

    ArronabsArronabs11 dagen geleden
  • There is a formula for optimal betting given a probability to win, called Kelly criterion. You can also adjust your bets accordingly by counting cards and estimating the probability. But if you start with a small amount, the win rate of blackjack is not enough to make a living from it.

    Patrick HuiPatrick Hui11 dagen geleden
  • Every "however" "therefore" "essentially" "In addition" sounded like it was in bold

    Innis SInnis S12 dagen geleden
  • Single deck is the best game for the house, they are short sighted. If you offer low stakes single deck, the table will fill up and card counters would only get 1-2 hands per shuffle and occasional wins if they get 2. If it's high stakes, then there's less room for a wide spread. $100 minimum should either by deep dealt shoe with RSA and LS, or single deck with DOA. If you get lucky and the table is empty, you might make some money. I played at a $10 table with 1 other player and never got a positive count, I lost $200. Another time I got 2 positive counts at a full table and made $200. It's only dangerous to the house if you have a wide spread and heads up play, with good rules. Single deck with 6:5 payout is almost worthless to the AP (unless the dealer makes errors or exposes cards), but they got rid of it when they got spooked. LOL.

    Bob CraneBob Crane12 dagen geleden
  • this music is my bedtime music wtf

    Force BenderForce Bender12 dagen geleden
  • Try playing progression betting, heads up vs the dealer (good luck finding the barren table though).

    LeosLeos14 dagen geleden
  • how does the house win in poker?

    Nesta MNesta M14 dagen geleden
  • The goal of a player is _NOT_ to have higher hand than the dealer without going over 21. The goal is not to bust while the dealer does OR to have higher hand than the dealer without going over 21. This difference fundamentally affects decision making.

    Taro InoueTaro Inoue14 dagen geleden
  • poker is not a house game. casino doesnt have an edge they just take rake for every pot

    Rice CookerRice Cooker14 dagen geleden
  • "cheating in a casino is generally illegal" Wait what? Where are these casinos where I can cheat?

    JPJP14 dagen geleden
  • you said 1.182 but the number on screen was 1.128/ Which is the correct one ?

    J XJ X15 dagen geleden
  • It takes someone as STUPID as Trump to go bankrupt SIX times in the casino business. What a fool. Trump is a pathological liar and should be in jail for tax fraud.

    volvol1volvol115 dagen geleden
  • Casino: We are virtually unbeatable and bulletproof. Trump: Hold my Diet Coke.

    Riko J. AmadoRiko J. Amado15 dagen geleden
  • people: you can't beat the casino me, an intellectual: if I buy the casino, I win all the money

    ViviVivi16 dagen geleden
  • 1.182 or 1.128 ? 8:00

    gAgmer gAgmergAgmer gAgmer16 dagen geleden
  • I think southpark had it right, A'ds have become self aware, you can not avoid them anymore ffs.

    UdalixUdalix16 dagen geleden
  • Casinos are just a HUGE money-laundering machine. Nothing more, nothing less.

    BromoteknadaBromoteknada16 dagen geleden
  • You go to the casino to have a good time and maybe win, you never know. As long as you approach it with this mindset you'll be good.

    iHave NoNameiHave NoName17 dagen geleden
    • Except thats not what this video is about

      MastaGambitMastaGambit14 dagen geleden
  • Putting the cards back to the deck and shuffling each turn seems to solve the problem.

    Matthew LuiMatthew Lui17 dagen geleden
    • You must have missed the part where he said that they lose money when they shuffle

      MastaGambitMastaGambit14 dagen geleden
  • no

    VictoriaVictoria17 dagen geleden
  • 3:31 Technically, according to #2, we're all cheating in card games, since no player other than us know what cards we're holding, because when we're dealt cards, we "acquire knowledge not available to all players"

    SaicoSaico17 dagen geleden
  • On minute 8:02 it should be written 1.182% instead of 1.128%

    EmilijaEmilija17 dagen geleden
  • “one point one eight two” is what was said and “1.128” was displayed on the screen

    Rand BarrettRand Barrett19 dagen geleden
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Sean KingSean King20 dagen geleden
  • Ah, the most common misconception in blackjack.The goal of the player is not to try to get "as close to 21 as possible," rather, it is simply to beat the dealer. Also, a lot of the statistics given in this video are completely meaningless given the variety of blackjack games. Finally, there are still plenty of single deck games available.

    olujaoluja20 dagen geleden
  • After watching this video, I have only one question. Why would someone ever go to a casino?

    Chirag AroraChirag Arora20 dagen geleden
  • After watching this video, I learn only two things. Never go to a casino, and open a casino if possible.

    Chirag AroraChirag Arora20 dagen geleden
  • if card counting is not illegal and infact protected then casinos should not have any recourse to ban you. casinos may even intentionally lose to make it look like to the gaming commissions that they are not scamming players. casinos that are diversified like mgm grand can take profits from the movie studios to make up for losses and vise versa. to combat card counting they could just reload the shoe or even better keep the number of cards in the shoe secret have a sensor in the shoe that alerts when it is getting low and then the table shuts down while the shoe is restocked.

    ejonesssejonesss20 dagen geleden
  • "The Casinos model is pretty much bulletproof" Someone should tell that to Donald Trump :P

    Garfie489Garfie48921 dag geleden
  • Time to move to vegas

    TunaTuna21 dag geleden
  • My statistics professor won over tens of thousands of dollars card counting in one night and was permanently banned since lol.

    arcaniccarcanicc22 dagen geleden
  • 2:46 the numbers told are different from what is show on the screen

    Cameo SixCameo Six22 dagen geleden
  • That awkward feeling when more money flows through a single casino than your entire country...

    DeadlyishDeadlyish22 dagen geleden
  • I have the feeling your team is doing the math wrong, when you look at casino advantage they need 200 billion gambled not brought into the casino. If I approach a table with $10 and win and double it I then have $20 I have then gambled $10. If I then place another $10 bet and win again I have gambled $20. If I then with my $30 from my winnings lose 3 times in a row I have gambled a total of $50 while only coming to the table with $10. The casino takes the .5% of each $10 gamble not .5% off my original $10 as the way you said it in the video.

    Patrick MartinPatrick Martin23 dagen geleden
  • Cheating is basically Being Uncool

    Alejandro HernandezAlejandro Hernandez23 dagen geleden
  • So blackjack is a game that people think requires skill but requires no skill at all. Might as well make all casino games just flipping a coin but every 100 flips you lose half your bet.

    turbine graphics 16turbine graphics 1624 dagen geleden
  • why do people just go along with the casino industry's rebranding of gambling to "gaming"? it's just dumb and so thinly veiled

    Danny PetersDanny Peters24 dagen geleden
  • I only card count at single deck blackjack tables. Easier to count for just three or more hands. Sure you'll have to sit on your ass for a few hours, but if you and everyone else at your table is playing smart, you can come out massively ahead.

    DotKriticDotKritic25 dagen geleden
  • Or they kick you out and threaten you to not come back without a reason given. Don't go to a casino, it's a waste, even if you card count they will throw you out. Which is stupid because all you're doing is using your brain. Casino's prey on the weak as a business model and if you play at one, you're reinforcing that mindset is ok.I gotta say I felt pretty abused when they threw me out of Harrah's and wouldn't tell me why. Just that I can play anything but BlackJack and if I do they will call the police on me. I hope this pandemic makes all the casino's go out of business and those people there find a better job.

    L7ColWintersL7ColWinters25 dagen geleden
  • 5:35

    Lo VenturesLo Ventures25 dagen geleden
  • what hey could do is no allow any winners to leave the premises without returning heir winnings. and then have the winners arrested for terrorism.

    kcimoskcimos26 dagen geleden
  • if the criminals do not want their victims to count cards they shouldn't reveal the cards.

    kcimoskcimos26 dagen geleden
  • casino owners work really hard.

    kcimoskcimos26 dagen geleden
  • casinos should be illegal & the degenerates losers that own them should be doing hard labor for 100 years.

    kcimoskcimos26 dagen geleden
  • Most casinos use continuous shuffle machines so card counting is obsolete.

    MitjitsuMitjitsu26 dagen geleden
  • 0:18 Anyone else??

    Before MidnightBefore Midnight26 dagen geleden
  • is it 1.182 percent or else 1.128 percent ?

    Pavan BabuPavan Babu26 dagen geleden
  • ♪ You got to know when to hold 'em Know when to fold 'em Know when to walk away Know when to run You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table There'll be time enough for countin; When the dealin's done ♪

    ZelnyairZelnyair26 dagen geleden
  • I think I heard “one point one eight two percent” when 1.128% was displayed...? 🤔

    Allure CAllure C26 dagen geleden
  • I'm tip the dealer to the point where I win every hand :)

    FaintedFainted26 dagen geleden
  • Is it 1.182% or 1.128%?

    John GrassoJohn Grasso27 dagen geleden
  • "Casinos HATE him"

    bees in the what now?bees in the what now?27 dagen geleden
  • I still don't understand how any supposedly "civilised" country allows FILTH like gambling to take place. I don't care how profitable it seems, this needs to be stopped. And no, I'm not religious in any way and I don't care what any religion allows or disallows. This just violates all human decency.

    Sun RabbitSun Rabbit27 dagen geleden
  • 7:59 - that isn't 1.182 on the screen there...

    Maxi SpeeltSpellenMaxi SpeeltSpellen28 dagen geleden
  • “In small chucks” CHUNKS

    BrehBreh28 dagen geleden
  • Since when did people start leaving out the bl in gambling?

    Triamcinolone AcetonideTriamcinolone Acetonide28 dagen geleden
  • Blackjack is only 0.5% edge if everyone plays perfectly... which never happens, so the edge is much higher normally

    Wobble ChopsWobble Chops29 dagen geleden
  • Watching this while playing inside a casino lmao

    Jason AlmariegoJason Almariego29 dagen geleden
  • When I was a dealer we had continuous shuffling machines. Still had one or teo idiots trying to count. Took a while for the penny to drop.

    DavidDavid29 dagen geleden
  • take this down before Sam 'Ace' Rothenstein sees

    Max HellerMax Heller29 dagen geleden
  • If you are a good player you will go Silent and Sneaky.

    Freddy Fox 500Freddy Fox 50029 dagen geleden
  • Changing the betting to flat betting should be illegal as well. That’s changing to rules of the game, mid-game. If Casino’s don’t like blackjack they can just not have it available.

    Freddy Fox 500Freddy Fox 50029 dagen geleden
  • Wait this guy kinda sounds like the dude from HAI

    Night StriderNight Strider29 dagen geleden
  • You skimmed over a lot of detail. A cars counter also need A to know how deep into the shoe he is. Having a running total of 10 in the first hand can easily happen but it gives no advantage to the player because that just means there are 10 more low cards than high cards in the remaining 200+ cards. Having the same running total in the end of the shoe makes it much more significant. This is why someone checking the discard often is a sign of card counting. Many people also tap or do similar actions to card counting which is also very easy to detect. But the biggest sign is high variance in play towards the end of the shoe. Consistently betting 5 then betting 200 at the end of the shoe for seemingly no reason is the biggest giveaway.

    Nandor NagyillesNandor Nagyilles29 dagen geleden
  • There are other elements to this as well, which can make a big difference for the casino but which are less relevant to the average gambler. For example, post-2008 recession, in order to lure whales in, some casinos were offering a 20% rebate on losses. This made blackjack a game with a natural advantage for the player, the casinos were cognizant of this of course and tolerated it with a view to luring everyone back. Likewise, it's not unheard of for true whales to negotiate their losses (but never their profits)- none other than Donald Trump had this experience with Akio Kashiwaga (inspiration for the Casino character KK Ichikawa). Kashiwaga would play baccarat at $100,000 per hand in 20 hour long binges, eating monkey brain soup and chain smoking as he did. He would lose millions at a time on many occasions, but as Trump said of him, "If he lost $8 million you might get $5 million out of him"; on the flipside, he expected the casinos to pay out in full when he walked away with a profit, and they did. If he was able to negotiate 20% or 30% off his major losses every time, then maybe gambling was profitable for him despite not being an advantage player (iirc you can't advantage play baccarat at all).

    Josh RadcliffeJosh Radcliffe29 dagen geleden