How To Beat "Koro-sensei" in Assassination Classroom (2016)

18 feb. 2021
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A bunch of outlaw students have to assassinate and beat their teacher Koro-sensei until the end of the term. If they don't make it in time he will supposedly destroy earth. The problem is he moves with mach 20 speed, is a former master assassin and has a love for questionable magazines.
In this video, we look at class 3-E, look at the mistakes they make and figure out multiple ways on how to beat "Koro-sensei" and save the world *cough, in Assassination Classroom (2016)
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  • What the Poop

    bloodyKnuckles -MusicbloodyKnuckles -Music15 minuten geleden
  • This is pac man when he evolves

    PlaygamefanPlaygamefan33 minuten geleden
  • Ok gummy knives kill this man or hurt him what

    Jak DeeJak Dee39 minuten geleden
  • Not gonna lie koro sensei lookin like a orange 🍊

    Douglas CampbellDouglas Campbell2 uur geleden
  • F no his mouth moves when he talks

    Xurded RobloxXurded Roblox2 uur geleden
  • How to really beat koro sensei: just be good and nice

    。froppy froppy 。。froppy froppy 。2 uur geleden
  • Ikr

    BloodfallenBloodfallen2 uur geleden
  • F no

    Viz GenViz Gen3 uur geleden
  • Look at dis doood got him looking like a freakn orange up in here with uh with teeth huh

    John DellingerJohn Dellinger3 uur geleden
  • Oh my god.. You don’t kill koro-sensei You DO NOT KILL KORO-SENSEI

    The Comment ReviewerThe Comment Reviewer4 uur geleden
  • I'm just realizing he has a moving mouth-

    Squid Benton JonesSquid Benton Jones4 uur geleden
  • who else can’t watch something like this JUST because of the voice? (psa: no hate)

    Lyric AshLyric Ash5 uur geleden
  • How to beat koro sensei literly get on his good side and be friends and never back stab beacuss the chaenc of him exploding is 1% aaaayy spoliers

    JustAnArtNerdJustAnArtNerd5 uur geleden
  • The main Protagonist isn't the same anymore

    ThefreewilsThefreewils5 uur geleden

    Fluffs T. FoxxFluffs T. Foxx5 uur geleden
  • I would kill all my classmates and gain trust and and not save the world and go to where he's planet

    Lisa dressage carrollLisa dressage carroll6 uur geleden
  • props to the people that know the anime

    ooofer skwkdjwooofer skwkdjw6 uur geleden
  • he looks like lemon demons brtoher from friday nights funkin ._.

    TeamOrangeTeamOrange7 uur geleden
  • That looks veeeery bad :[ the anime is way better

    xxl gamerxxl gamer8 uur geleden
  • Kick the buddy irl

    Ciaran MoseleyCiaran Moseley9 uur geleden
  • another way is he trusts his students so just tell him that him his universe and his friends he probably has none cuz he’s evil ………………………………………………kind of easy to say that he will die and it won’t work

    Mario And Sonic BoyMario And Sonic Boy9 uur geleden
  • the Netflix adaption of it

    Thevibe chEcKErThevibe chEcKEr9 uur geleden
  • Boooo

    petra richespetra riches11 uur geleden
  • I did not know there was a live action what the heck

    Macy MMacy M11 uur geleden
  • I just had this pinned and when I edited it its gone :(

    God of LaughterGamingGod of LaughterGaming11 uur geleden
  • Why... just why die you use the live-action version 😫

    Nils FunkeNils Funke12 uur geleden
  • Koro-sensei 😢 the class of 3E will miss you..

    - ZeRo- ZeRo12 uur geleden
  • He scary and crazy

    Alberto TorresAlberto Torres12 uur geleden
  • Why would they make it live action

    Hunter IrbyHunter Irby13 uur geleden
  • So the thing u don’t understand is that the bb is made if a specific material that can only hurt him thats why they use bbs and the kid in the anime cut up his rubber like Knife and typed it to his hand

    Ronaldo GarzaRonaldo Garza13 uur geleden
  • Lemon

    Amere JulesAmere Jules13 uur geleden
  • How to really beat the teacher go on stage 5 cancer and say first 1 to die wins

    Daniel McDonaldDaniel McDonald13 uur geleden
  • He’s a enderman

    JustッFabianJustッFabian13 uur geleden
  • dude why will you not use the anime live adaptation is so painful to watch

    Aritra SarkarAritra Sarkar14 uur geleden
  • The easiest way to survive: be the camera man

    ??????14 uur geleden
  • This is a anime to

    kirby kid mikeskirby kid mikes14 uur geleden
  • I would kill.anyone trying to kill him

    that girl yasss Queenthat girl yasss Queen16 uur geleden
  • at least nagisa doesnt look like a girl in the live action ver

    NautillianNautillian17 uur geleden
  • Movie: Japan kids have to kill superhuman emoji teacher or world ends.

    General GreivousGeneral Greivous17 uur geleden
  • I watch the anime one in the ned pretty sad D:

    MFirdausAzri AerryMFirdausAzri Aerry17 uur geleden
  • This is another shit live action

    VelcroxVelcrox18 uur geleden
  • Who wants to beat him tho, the best teacher that could ever exist

    ThatOneSimpThatOneSimp18 uur geleden
  • This live action is disgusting

    Bananaman 9116Bananaman 911619 uur geleden
  • Koro sensei is much more scary in live action lol i like koro sensei on the anime

    Your DeadboiiYour Deadboii19 uur geleden
  • They look different sadly

    BananaramaBananarama19 uur geleden
  • Why do they keep doing live action anime ;-;

    Doug The DevDoug The Dev22 uur geleden
  • We’re do I find this

    Mr NobleMr Noble23 uur geleden
  • For my opinion is will not kill koro sensei instead i will find a solution to save him😊

    Sakura Empire ZoeSakura Empire Zoe23 uur geleden
  • Or...they could just send him to space. He would survive (?) but not come back.

    Celtic FoxCeltic Fox23 uur geleden
  • how to beat the teacher: give the teacher some grubhub food and he will start dancing as a sycophants :v

    Not Zero twoNot Zero twoDag geleden
  • Did he say bee nock u Lars(binocular)

    beagodforlife1123beagodforlife1123Dag geleden
  • They make alot of anime movies! :waits for danganronpa and my hero academia:

    your-local-avacodoyour-local-avacodoDag geleden
  • I found his true weakness just dress up a guy as a girl then say I’m actually a guy when he really trusts him a lot lol

    Mason the gamer 117Mason the gamer 117Dag geleden
  • The future

    LeviIzharLeviIzharDag geleden
  • Another how to beat channel another subscriber

    CaffeineCaffeineDag geleden
  • Ever try real guns trying another trap with the magazines and plant a plastic explosives on him that has sharp shrapnel? Simple as

    Greyson DiRaddoGreyson DiRaddoDag geleden
  • Ey i love koro sensei

    Lea BalnegLea BalnegDag geleden
  • 3:45 because it’s a gag

    Leopard 3402Leopard 3402Dag geleden
  • 😀

    Ryder WaltonRyder WaltonDag geleden
  • but the thing is Koro Sensei looks so friggin cute.. not the only one who thinks that right?

  • 12:46 best wifu

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  • That’s one deadly orange

    ar4s sar4s sDag geleden
  • Wow

    James EdwarJames EdwarDag geleden
  • Koro sensi has noodle feet

    Brandon SnopeckBrandon SnopeckDag geleden
  • On the 1st on each student could shoot at a spot of the classroom therefore he can not run

    Jaden EdmundJaden EdmundDag geleden
  • That smile emoji looking guy makes me fear the color yellow just by the way he smiles

    Badcaptain499 YTBadcaptain499 YTDag geleden
    • Did you just say smile emoji guy

      just a guy with a 69 tattoojust a guy with a 69 tattooDag geleden
  • I would win due to simply being built different.

    Darian SteckDarian SteckDag geleden
  • The mouth moving thing is disrespectful towards Koro Sensei just stop this is cursed

    Jazmine MosesJazmine MosesDag geleden
  • yellow ball = super human

    Brittany FowlerBrittany FowlerDag geleden
  • Bro imagine me in the substitute teacher

    F.B.IF.B.IDag geleden
  • I only thought there was a anime fuck

    MaxBooMaxBooDag geleden
  • Why not the anime it's probably better than the anime

    still that guy that makes vidsstill that guy that makes vidsDag geleden
  • One mile per second isn't fast

    Awol PeaceAwol PeaceDag geleden
  • What the fuck these live action anime look so bad lmao

    FebreezeFebreezeDag geleden
  • Oops wrong Anime dont kilk your sensei

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi HatakeDag geleden
  • bro this looks so bad. the anime is so much better

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  • Did he just say Niggaaaaaa

    TezheyTezheyDag geleden
  • i simp for koro sensei

    chicken noodle soupchicken noodle soupDag geleden
  • Holy crap it looks stupid as hell not the sensei but the students they are ugly like Dragon Ball Z Evolution Goku ugly

    The HnS ManThe HnS ManDag geleden
  • You guys suck for watching anime NON ANIME FOREVER🖕🖕🖕

    Hayden KnappHayden KnappDag geleden
  • Why not use death note 😏

    Raikke ValerioRaikke ValerioDag geleden
  • this guy is just a B-hopping alien, just report him

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  • 13:12 he’s Russian and black …… I think 💭

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  • I like Japan or Asian movies it’s so interesting 😌

    Desi WoodsDesi WoodsDag geleden
  • The end is so fu€£ig sad

    Zachary AndersonZachary AndersonDag geleden
  • Guys with big brain in the comments, you can't actually kill him, he can basically turn invincible if he so wishes.

    Mart MineMart MineDag geleden
  • Dude if the siudents were smarter the movie would be like 1 seconds long

    elvis lielvis liDag geleden
  • when da babaoey hits me like ooooh but tat was mazin and da bruh hahahahha 3-3 but le pana miguel a NYGORS

    martino igartuamartino igartuaDag geleden
  • So the government wants to destroy the world. Ok. That seems ok. (Sarcasm)

    DarkzRBLXDarkzRBLXDag geleden
  • The live-action assassination classroom put the anime to shame i won't lie

    Charlie CattCharlie CattDag geleden
  • Umm what the fuck is this Netflix realistified shit. No. I hate this. U ruined one of my favourite anime.

    Jinx PandaJinx PandaDag geleden
  • 6:00 is that 9 11 in the background

    kurgerbingfoot mankurgerbingfoot manDag geleden
  • Koro sensei is my favorite anime character to ever exist And nothing will ever change that.

    c0nsol3c0nsol3Dag geleden
    • So soon

      Orange TeaOrange TeaDag geleden
  • So we just gonna act like a voice in a certain part of this video didn't say the n word??? Lol

    MrVinnysWorldMrVinnysWorldDag geleden
  • The part where you said they could hide in their trees it's a good idea but seaweed snacks are kind of loud so you should choose something more quiet

    game tickitgame tickitDag geleden
  • Wait they made a live action movie about this i thout it was just an anime the anime is better

    Lance DenustaLance DenustaDag geleden
  • Hey ik who can beat Koru sensei Saitama

    TrapFlow05TrapFlow05Dag geleden
  • 1:09 How tf is their reaction time that slow with a BB gun. Especially junior high kids.

    VixVixDag geleden
  • Glue

    scott clarkscott clarkDag geleden
  • What if i dont want to beat him ;-;

    Solo LivingSolo LivingDag geleden