How To Beat Final Destination 3

1 mei. 2021
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You just survived a roller coaster accident and now Death is hunting you down. There’s no way to escape it and it won’t stop it’s rampage until it gets every single survivor. What do you do?
Thank you for watching Final Destination 3 explained and review of how to beat.
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    • Ouvi bolatos q vc é br uhum

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    • Sponsors wow this channel has really grown

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    • I used to watch the alternate FD3 that features Wendy and Kevin saving Frankie, but yes they already found signs death is coming.

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    • U look like Jericho Arceo, are you pinoy

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    • hey when is the 4th final destination video gonna come out

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  • congrats from 1M subs :)

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  • Here’s a tip people on how to beat death: step 1. Get some whisky, cigars, and cigarettes, than just become friends with death and just vibe with him

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  • 28:30

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  • 1 million

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  • That would cause a flight response to see a truck come at you. Your brain would override logic to get you out of immediate danger. their response was survival. unless you are suicidal or trapped you would stop at nothing to get out of that car. Even if they had the logic that you would probably survive. flawed theory for sure

    RavenclawAtHeartRavenclawAtHeartUur geleden
  • okay okay okay. let's forget about death for like 3 seconds here. what's the deal with these premonitions? what's causing them? or better yet, who is giving them to these people? you may think that it's a good thing right? people dying is good right? well... no... it's not... life and death is a delicate balance. if something has to die, than it shall die. and when things get funky with the balance. a representative of death will be sent. and they'll repair the damage. and restore balance. and if someone tries to kill someone before they're destined to die. a representative of life will prevent it by almost any means, causing them to say, dodge knifes swing. or perhaps a bullet will miss vital organs. this could explain why people out of deaths order cannot kill themselves. it's a representative of life, preventing them from dying out of turn. restoring the balance. final destination is not a movie about death, or its avoidance. it's about a movie about balance. and about someone trying to disrupt this balance. that's my theory. hope you guys like it (-:

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  • Why did you delete your How to beat Willy's Wonderland and Signal 100 come one man those were some of your best videos

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  • these movies literally haunted me as a child... to the point they made me paranoid to even leave my house. I wasn't able to go to an amusement part for quite some time after this. Thanks for always curing my childhood fears!

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    • Sad realization is that we're all going to die anyway, so it actually doesn't matter what you do to avoid it.

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  • 11:18 smooth entrance right there to the sponsor

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  • Yea im a shut in. I watch yt videos play videogames The only thing that's going to kill me is my wife if I don't get my shi t together.

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  • I thought you was talking about the little game ad on with the dvd lol

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  • i watchedt it

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  • If these people die in order a d your not gonna die u til its your turn, who's to say the couple in the drive-through line weren't gonna die with the camera guy?

    conspiracies are just great storiesconspiracies are just great stories3 uur geleden

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  • suggestion for content how to beat panic room

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  • I just wanna say that your scared and probably can't think

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  • 18:40 this idea will not work due to rule#4 death will not allow you to die until its your turn.

    Justin ChanJustin Chan3 uur geleden
  • How to beat any Final Destination...If you have visions, just save your self. Death is a cosmic force if something is giving you visions it must also be a cosmic level force trying to warn you, and only you. You may be the one death isn’t after. So if you let him have everyone else he will probably let you go. Also if you’re the only one you have to worry about and you’re not running around trying to save everyone you’re more likely to survive you can just steer clear where ever you visions are warning you about

    Piper HayzePiper Hayze3 uur geleden
  • It’s like Death 💀 behaves like God controlling the fates of the world 🗺 and its future.

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  • 47meters down please

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  • I like that chart of the deaths, showing car deaths are #11... I don't see covid cases on it. I think we are safe now. Let's open up!

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  • I’d make sure they’re all charged with murder

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  • We made it to 1 million yay congratulations cinema summary 🎂

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  • Plz make 2 video per week it will help channel grow

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  • Theory: They really died the first time but before they make the same decisions she sees her death as a vision

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  • How to beat coodies zombie apocalypse

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  • Can u do “why you wouldn’t survive coodies zombie apocalypse

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  • So its been awhile since i watched this movie. How did the rollercoaster accident happen without Frankie being on it.

    rorrim0rorrim05 uur geleden
  • CS: "She does not take his advice, even though what she had just gone through, she would be accepting of any and all theories." Me: Ah, yes, the fresh trauma of your boyfriend dying right in front of you days earlier is much less important than theories that may or may not even be true.

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  • When i was a child i was terrified watching in bed

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  • YOOoOOOOooOOOooOO0000oO. Congrats On 1mil Ive been watching ur vids for a long time!!! Keep up the good work

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  • Wait at the beginning, even if the shoulder restraints came loose, don't most roller coasters have them buckled in as a backup so that they can't just go up?

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  • 4:41, okay science teacher get it ig :P

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  • I love how this man makes a connection with every sponsor he has

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  • I mean, Alexs girlfriend dies in FD2 because she leaves her padded cell. She actually BEAT death, but was coaxed out, wanting to help others survive. Honestly, I truly don't think theres any way to "beat death", unless you wanna die of old age in a padded cell.

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  • Basic advertising video 😆

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  • The muscular guy... he was just working out bro🥲

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  • Do a vid on the quite place part 2 its coming out on may 28 i think

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  • I loved final destination 3 as a kid, because I thought it was a comedy, with how insane the deaths were. And the fact that no body took the girl seriously🤷🏿‍♀️

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  • Congratulations on 1million subscribers

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  • Imo the best Final Destination movie

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  • fron what i get, the only way to survive is creating life? so the obvious answer to survive is "fuck it"... literally our 2 main protagonists should have made love asap as they realized what was going on.

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  • Happy 1M subs Bro

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  • Congrats on 1 mil

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  • You know, it's at that point, if the "bring a new life into the world" thing is real, that you just get pregnant. You give the baby up for adoption, and either you bought yourself 9 months more time to figure things out before death comes for you again (at least for the girls), or it breaks the cycle entirely. It's really kind of dumb that they didn't try that knowing it was a thing.

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  • this whole movie is a rube goldberg machine

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  • blurring out someone's head crushed?fine i get it. blurring out someone flipping a bird?seriously?come on.

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  • For the poster things, do they all come shiny like that or is there something you have to do? I think they look cool and I might but one or two

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  • Me Just taps the video does not watch it I ain't got time to go to the bathroom at night even when its not dark and be scared cuz I watched this😑😑😶

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  • Goth kids that don’t think that they die a painful death? Yah they aren’t goth kids.

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  • Congrats U got 1milion don't forget I was watching since u had 10 k

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  • I once watched this final destination at my cousin's sleepover when I was like 7, and the rollercoaster scene scared me so much that in the school field trip to knott's berry farm I was the only one that decided not to go.

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  • But he doesn't want to see how we dies 15:55

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  • congrats for 1mil subs

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  • It's "Final Destination", no one survives! 😂

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  • Just dont go to the amusement park, bam

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  • So death learned from its mistakes and made back of plans LMAO and was kind enough to share them!

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  • how to survive: *be the cameraman*

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  • Bruh did anybody notice that Kevin almost just almost sliced the sisters head?!?

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  • Can you do hunger games I think it would be cool

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  • this wouldn't of happened if death was bored

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  • You should just throw up they have to clean it up so if you have a good reflex boom done

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  • Plants are living right and if to escape death you have to create a new life just plant some seeds or something

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  • I Don't Know If This Is How To Survive Or A Mini Movie Version of The Movie I Love It

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  • *Alternative* :Become a space warrior furry with a Lazer gun a reflector and the ability to dodge on the ground after jumping

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  • I love all Ur vids in New to Ur vids

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  • 10:30 LMAO

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  • There is a extremely complex scientific way to avoid all death situations Just don’t exist. Not existing means not going through it.

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  • The whole point of these movies is that you cant cheat death. Everyone dies eventually even the ones that survive.

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  • Congrats on 1m

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  • How to beat trick or treat

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  • The thing is though, sure she did not appreciate them trying to save her life, but if they still safe her life and then prevent their own death there will be one more person before it's their turn again.

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  • if i was paranoid about the death thing still and knew my sister was before me i would've immediately shoved her out of the train with myself since i wanted to go out

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  • This is the only final destination sequel that I know of that all of the victims end up dead by the end

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  • I don't even watch movies i just watch cinima summary

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  • If I was Wendy I would of said I f told y’all dumb as

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  • How to survive: don't get on that ride in the first place.

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  • All I came here for is the movie 🎥😂😂

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  • the internet and stuff: 666 is the devil number and the cursed one! Me: No actually its 180

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  • This movie is the entire reason why I don't ride roller coasters

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  • Just asking, for the Final Destination series isnt the only way to escape death either birth or having someone else save you so attempting to escape is pointless? Might be wrong but isnt it smartest to stick with as many people as possible to change deaths plan

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  • I love how in almost every video youre supposed to show no sympathy and only use others to survive

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  • Wait if she had a vision doesent that mean they all can survive

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  • Sheeeeeeeeeeesh that was long

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  • Do not get why you title final destination video's "how to survive" when there is almost no chance of surviving that movie then title other videos "why you wouldn't survive" that along some of the tips you give really made it hard to listen to anything you say honestly cause it's either common sense, just not good advice or stuff you recommend but knowing damn well if you were in the same situation you wouldn't even think to.

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  • Who doesn’t like this dudes voice

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