How to be a Pirate: Quartermaster Edition 📙📈

2 jun. 2020
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‣ Adapted largely from The Invisible Hook. It's great, go read it:
‣ Grey's 2-hour Director's Commentary:
## Special Thanks
Peter T. Leeson for reviewing a draft of the script. Check out his newest book, "WTF?!: An Economic Tour of the Weird":

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David Rees:

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    • i found your channel by accident. im here to stay.

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    • @locomotivefaox so true how to end it

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  • This is what pirate school would be like.

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  • I appreciated that subtle Thoreau reference.

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  • Wtf pirates are based anarcho-syndicalist gang?

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  • When economic inevitability forces you to make a video about economic inevitability

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  • just in case you ever wondered what kind of thought processes hilter used to justify his actions.

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  • This actually explains for business works aswell

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  • I thought it was about internet pirates... Make a video about internet pirates

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  • A pirate ship apparently says you can leave, just leave a note so we at least know if you are or aren’t a safe ally

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  • These pirate corporations remind me of a private army/nation, effectively only held together by charisma, bigger army deplomacy, and hutspa.

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    • That's literally how they worked, too

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  • the quartermaster would be a great supreme court justice in the greyverse

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  • They dont want servicing, but the business will service them regardless... Isn't that Facebook's advertising model? Also, where do i sign up to be a CGP crewman?

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  • I'm not gonna lie, for the first 3 minutes of the video I thought this was a clever allusion to internet piracy.

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    • The Philosophies of Piracy are always the same, no matter the time period

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  • I'd join if I were him.

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  • Huh this really doesn’t sound all to bad

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  • "income means seizing the biggest booty" alright im in

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  • Interesting how you would use the language of "the roll of the cosmic dice" when the rest of the video so clearly affirms a stringently deterministic and materialistic worldview.

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  • 3:19 I love this part, because no one would know what genetics were back in the yaaar! days.

    The Blue Phoenix: Captain GamerThe Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer12 dagen geleden

    hi's IQ if you remove the negative sidehi's IQ if you remove the negative side12 dagen geleden
  • 0:51 H E X A G O N S

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  • Sounds like Charles from Metalocalypse is geting desperate for work

    1owk3y1owk3y14 dagen geleden
  • This is like watching the marketing team vs the accountants/ financial advisors

    Leo MartinoLeo Martino14 dagen geleden
  • i've learned more about business models in a pirate video than when i was actually searching about them

    Sarah GuerraSarah Guerra15 dagen geleden
  • This is just capitalism versus socialism. The owners of the merchant ventures are capitalists. They own the business entire, hold absolute legal power over its assets and their disposal, keep all the profits of the business for themselves (with perhaps a little sharing with certain high-ranking employees to buy their loyalty), and pay their workers as little as they can get away with. Meanwhile, the pirates are socialists. They own their business collectively, decide on policy and the use of the business' assets collectively, democratically elect (and depose) their managers, and share the profits of the business among all workers (with some bonuses for specialised labour, which are also agreed on collectively). The merchants are running private companies. The pirates are running worker cooperatives.

    TBot AlphaTBot Alpha15 dagen geleden
  • 0:50 Already, Grey is showing his love for the humble hexagon...

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  • Arguments for worker cooperatives and owning your means of production right here.

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  • Wouldn't victims of piracy better for the role of vendor? Supply pirates with goods they can sell in exchange for lives right? This makes them vendors I think.

    John SmithJohn Smith18 dagen geleden
    • @John Smith Yep.

      Meow meow37Meow meow3716 dagen geleden
    • @Meow meow37 Right I just don't see the people being robbed as fitting a "customers" role but more that of a vendor. Their customers would be their fences, right?

      John SmithJohn Smith16 dagen geleden
    • They risk the noose, also, like the video here says, merchants are not merchants, they have their own boss who tells them what to buy and sell, if any of these goods were lost, well, that will be up to their boss.

      Meow meow37Meow meow3716 dagen geleden
  • That moment when you realise that pirates where communist: “Yargg maytey, seize the means of production and plunder the seas!”

    Ghastly GhandiGhastly Ghandi18 dagen geleden
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  • Inquirer: It's an adventure! Quartermaster: No, it's a business. Captain: It's a game! Quartermaster: No, it's a business.

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  • Just FYI I absolutely love and enjoy all of your videos. You are simply brilliant!

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  • Look carefully at 1:29. There is small pirate bee.

    Siddhartha PandeySiddhartha Pandey19 dagen geleden
  • You know that the business model described by pirates is basically a socialism (or anarchism, it's almost the same thing), and the business model described by the imperial merchants is basically a capitalism, right? It's actually a good way to describe socialism to normies - a type of management which involves worker democracy, collective ownership and mutually beneficial contracts.

    KoraxKorax19 dagen geleden
  • congrats on making me want to become a pirate

    dustboxednorthdustboxednorth19 dagen geleden
  • So pirates are anarcho communists. They are literally just anarcho communists. Cool.

    Amelia BrittainAmelia Brittain20 dagen geleden
  • Out of that perspective, Pirates look much better than the Empire.

    Krischna GabrielKrischna Gabriel20 dagen geleden
  • If the captain got 2 shares and you could vote for a new captain, who got two shares?

    The SungamerThe Sungamer20 dagen geleden
  • The customers of pirates aren't their victims. The customers are whomever the pirates are selling stolen goods or passing on ransom money to. The victims are the resource being exploited on behalf of the customers.

    casbynesscasbyness20 dagen geleden
  • 0:51 HEXAGONS

    CarjisCarjis20 dagen geleden
  • This is a great video! We currently decided to manage our D&D Group in a contract with Rules like this :) Keep up the good work, greetings from Germany

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  • So pirates are basically sea communists?

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  • I think the best quality of the captain is that he's not rude to interrupt. Now that's leadership quality I can serve under

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  • I spent half the running time of this video trying to think of a clever pun on "The Invisible Hand of the Market" and how pirates have hooks for hands, . . . and then I read the description 🤷‍♂️🙄🤷‍♂️

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