How Practical Is A Mustang?!......

18 feb. 2021
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Almost at 10k this is kinda crazy!

  • Almost at 10k!! Thank you guys

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    • *4 M* updated

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    • Why is the back useless? You said it's roomy and yet only good for 1 passenger in the back for a short drive? You have to provide some reason for that sort of claim

      Christian AlvarezChristian Alvarez2 dagen geleden
    • @Noah Melamed have y’all ever heard of sarcasm?

      Tyler LoveTyler Love3 dagen geleden
    • @Anton Smith jn

      Muhamed DemirovicMuhamed Demirovic3 dagen geleden
    • Your bank owns a practical car

      VLKVLK3 dagen geleden
  • “You can get better MPG”: 20 MPG is better but still AWFUL, in conclusion this guy must work for Ford and a Mustang is not at all a practical car, however you’re an idiot if you buy a Mustang because you want a practical car

    Hockey GoffyHockey Goffy32 minuten geleden
  • Umm you should take better care of that car bro, its dirty. As a european who rarely sees mustangs and can’t afford one, it hurts man, it really hurts 😖

    MedjedMedjedUur geleden
  • He’s rich,not bc he can afford it but the mpg tho,California’s gas price is killing me

    Ou chinchinOu chinchin3 uur geleden
  • My boss has this and I sat in the back I wasn't really worried about space only that RGM custom exhaust note from the 5.0 Pony 😅

    Leon LackayLeon Lackay3 uur geleden
  • Nice car to hide a body in ...jk 🤣

    brianna teixeirabrianna teixeira5 uur geleden
  • They’d charge like $400 a month to live in the trunk in HongKong. The car pays for itself!

    LuridFTW GamingLuridFTW Gaming6 uur geleden
  • If you know how to drive and park it when it snows

    MrErikw26MrErikw266 uur geleden
  • So you can fit a body in the back? Good to know.

    Oliver HOliver H11 uur geleden
  • Praise the Lord people he died for us so whoever believeth in him shall not perish but have eternal life

    Gabriel KleinGabriel Klein11 uur geleden
  • Dirty car 🤮🤮

    Stevan PerovićStevan Perović12 uur geleden
  • Can u pop the hood

    Liz BeaumontLiz Beaumont15 uur geleden
  • It’s not practical cause it’s a Ford

    Ian KnickrehmIan Knickrehm16 uur geleden
  • Nice v6 😂😂

    Tyler WhiteTyler White17 uur geleden

    Luigi's NutLuigi's Nut18 uur geleden
  • it should be more practical if he cleaned his car before he films it

    KEEP CALMKEEP CALM21 uur geleden
  • Just sucks in the winter time.

    Ron FerlmanRon Ferlman21 uur geleden
  • Only thing a Mustang is good for is protests

    Delta SquaredDelta Squared22 uur geleden
  • “Can you daily drive a rental mustang”

    MysticS1ay3rMysticS1ay3r22 uur geleden
  • Clean yo shi lmao

    _Skillfullgods __Skillfullgods _23 uur geleden
  • Ford PussStain... I mean Mustang. GARAGE CAN CARS 🚗

    Phil_Up My_Bank_Acct.Phil_Up My_Bank_Acct.23 uur geleden
  • If you Carry alot of stuff, buy a f-ing pickup !!

    jack daytonjack daytonDag geleden
  • If you Carry alot of stuff, buy a f-ing pickup !!

    jack daytonjack daytonDag geleden
  • Don't forget guys, R is for race mode!!

    Roger RamahRoger RamahDag geleden
  • “I can fit back here pretty easily” Murderers: go on...

    Zachary WindoverZachary WindoverDag geleden
  • Mustangs and fords aren’t practical because they’re number one in car crashes and are junk as fuck

    James unknownJames unknownDag geleden
  • How practical is a jizztang

    Hellfire missile salesmanHellfire missile salesmanDag geleden
  • So your telling me it can fit a body... I'm sold

    فادي أكبرفادي أكبرDag geleden
  • How bout A 2008 mustang?

    Mikołaj BylerMikołaj BylerDag geleden
  • I’m getting my mustang by my dad around July, can’t wait

    lil natelil nateDag geleden
    • Good luck with the fuel economy

      Luigi's NutLuigi's Nut18 uur geleden
  • “.. If you’re not carrying a bunch of stuff.” *As I take all my tools and car fluids in the trunk and backseat*

    DeliriousSoldierDeliriousSoldierDag geleden
  • I can’t drive

    Nick TownsendNick TownsendDag geleden
    • 55

      Alex SaabAlex Saab20 uur geleden
  • So it’s very practical if you don’t have to use it to carry anything?

    Lucien PostleLucien PostleDag geleden
  • 26!!!!!!!!!! Call that *good*!!!!

    Lucien PostleLucien PostleDag geleden
  • I have never seen someone flex nutz soo hard over a Mustang! Lol!

    Lee HLee HDag geleden
  • What mustang model is this?

    ShiZ on switchShiZ on switchDag geleden
  • 26 mpg. Hahaha are you kidding... my car does freaking 95 😂😂😂😂😂

    Goversus VRGoversus VRDag geleden
    • That's in the city btw 😂

      Goversus VRGoversus VRDag geleden
  • 😂 o wow

    Enoch 713Enoch 713Dag geleden
  • Stepping inside that mustang was like stepping into a porta potty

    MrMisterManMrMisterManDag geleden
  • damn i never knew they made 5 liter ecoboosts 😂

    barneyybarneyyDag geleden
  • this dude is probably the worst at reviewing cars.

    Azuan AzmanAzuan AzmanDag geleden
  • That backseat tho...

    José Vix JayomaJosé Vix JayomaDag geleden
  • Thanks so much! Really needed to know how many children I could fit in there, I think I’ma get one.

    Barter’s BasementBarter’s BasementDag geleden
  • The back is so spacious, I could fit about 5 bodies there. Thanks for the info

    AeriesAeriesDag geleden
  • Meh, you can pull it off. It’s good if you are a single person with a dog. Dogs like the back seat of mustang/Camaro.

    Caracal ContinuumCaracal ContinuumDag geleden
  • can fit a grown man ✍️ yes go on?

    T R A S H AeonT R A S H AeonDag geleden
  • Plenty of trunk space huh... let’s see how many subwoofers fit back there

    Chris PetersChris PetersDag geleden
  • Alot of room for people in the rear end

    Zach Chocky Milk GeorgeZach Chocky Milk GeorgeDag geleden
  • F**ck....How do I remove this garbage from my recommended

    TopEverythingUniverseTopEverythingUniverseDag geleden
  • Practical for bodies ☑

    sick puppysick puppyDag geleden
  • Why would a mustang not be a daily driveable car...? Its what the fuck its built for...its mass produced to be a source of transportation...

    nick4819nick4819Dag geleden
  • This should’ve been titled “How practical is a normal sports car?”

    Adham MahmoudAdham MahmoudDag geleden
  • My dad did for 3 years, but sold it after that because it had to be stored in our garage from November to April. Sad days.

    The DefenderThe DefenderDag geleden
  • I'm so tired I thought the title was how practical is minecraft I was like huh

    JulesJulesDag geleden
  • Maybe where it never snows yeah, and even then not really Good luck driving one daily in the Midwest or some shit, 3ft of snow is always fun

    A J CA J CDag geleden
  • Elephant trunk?

    Maximus -Maximus -Dag geleden
  • Musteng? What is that?

    Maximus -Maximus -Dag geleden
  • Useless car, has two doors, its low and consumes a lot of gasolina.

    Mario GámezMario GámezDag geleden
    • @Luigi's Nut Correcto.

      Mario GámezMario Gámez28 minuten geleden
    • That's what I'm thinking. People just need to get a Honda civic and not worry about status.

      Luigi's NutLuigi's Nut18 uur geleden
  • How is it in snow?

    Landon StainbrookLandon StainbrookDag geleden
    • A rwd 4000 pound car in the snow won't go any where.

      Luigi's NutLuigi's Nut18 uur geleden
  • 0 star safety rating. Ford drivers have at it!

    CorruptSnypahCorruptSnypahDag geleden
  • Even more practical is the P-51 variant if it's just you and you need to go to Berlin and back

    The DecaffectThe DecaffectDag geleden
  • I just bought one and now I’m only getting mustang vids🤨

    Aiden DavidsonAiden DavidsonDag geleden
  • I fucking hate this channel but it's always on my fucking feed

    Wes WWes WDag geleden
  • clean cho car

    Hi HelloHi HelloDag geleden
  • So what i learned is that mustang drivers are idiots

    luis Barrerasluis BarrerasDag geleden
  • Mustang......the white mans impala -Tosh.o

    Sadhu StrazzaSadhu StrazzaDag geleden
  • What year is this

    GOLDENTristenGOLDENTristenDag geleden
    • The latest one

      Luigi's NutLuigi's Nut18 uur geleden
  • Deshent

    Dustyn HilbertDustyn HilbertDag geleden
  • Can you glitch it?

  • the worst salesman ever 😂

    Declan HolderDeclan HolderDag geleden
  • if there’s a lot of space in the back then why is it useless?

    Brandon McCainBrandon McCainDag geleden
    • I guess your trunk is also useless with all that space back there

      Brandon McCainBrandon McCainDag geleden
  • Thank you for not complaining about your nice, expensive car like those Tesla tiktokers

    YouTubeYTYouTubeYTDag geleden
  • I’ll bet it’s even more practical for driving in the snow

    Deceivedmirror6Deceivedmirror6Dag geleden
  • I like Lowrider bomb

    Rosio GonzalezRosio GonzalezDag geleden
  • No I don’t like those cars

    Rosio GonzalezRosio GonzalezDag geleden
  • You could daily drive any ford if you put a chevy drivetrain in it. Otherwise, you spend most of your life pushing, trying to escape the inevitable fire, or purchasing real estate at your local repair shop. Ford will eternally be the biggest junk on the planet.

    Colton GrundyColton GrundyDag geleden
  • Nice 5. Slow

    Joey SelbyJoey Selby2 dagen geleden
  • Wow that car is very good for kidnapping

    MrFlafl l ابو الفلافلMrFlafl l ابو الفلافل2 dagen geleden
  • Mustangs are total crap. Friends don't let friends drive Ford

    Samsng DeviceSamsng Device2 dagen geleden
  • Great car for kidnapping!

    Chief MorganChief Morgan2 dagen geleden
  • Lame as fu,, dude people have been daily driving these things sense they started producing them back in the 60s

    Matt JordanMatt Jordan2 dagen geleden
  • Very practical Laughs in Toyota Supra

    Mon-GooseMon-Goose2 dagen geleden
    • Supras can outrun the mustang and last longer!

      Luigi's NutLuigi's Nut18 uur geleden
  • Ahhhh I see... You dont even wash your car because you omg you are not worthy of this car bro

    Salamat Po!Salamat Po!2 dagen geleden
  • It is practical if you have an auto

    Josue OchoaJosue Ochoa2 dagen geleden
  • A shelf....? That's how you die in a car accident, put something up there...🙄 how does this dude possibly claim to have car knowledge!?!?!

    Zach IvanitzZach Ivanitz2 dagen geleden
  • Just a tip, put your car in first gear keep the clutch pushed in and turn off your key. Don’t leave it in neutral when parking

    Jacob WaddellJacob Waddell2 dagen geleden
  • Nah man you need to constantly wash the blood from your mustang.

    Leendert van NielenLeendert van Nielen2 dagen geleden
  • But your motor is not for a dailu

    Nando KruitboschNando Kruitbosch2 dagen geleden
  • I can fit back there easily Kidnapper found

    CIA UnofficialCIA Unofficial2 dagen geleden
  • So it's not practical at all then.

    ShorUKanShorUKan2 dagen geleden
  • It's not a supercar

    Jake LopesJake Lopes2 dagen geleden
  • Damn that shit is super dusty! Wtf lol?

    V.P. MoreV.P. More2 dagen geleden
  • Practical if you’re a girl lol

    Rapid Transit IonRapid Transit Ion2 dagen geleden
  • So u saying evry car is daily just dont cary too mutch stuff and only 2 people lol

    U MAD BRO?U MAD BRO?2 dagen geleden
  • How practical is it? No

    Victor Latorre romeroVictor Latorre romero2 dagen geleden
  • Momas child wana be car enthusiasts..

    Small Block Big BangSmall Block Big Bang2 dagen geleden
  • All cars are practical if you dont need to bring a lot of stuff lol. Nice car tho

    Thomas StorbugtThomas Storbugt2 dagen geleden
  • You have a manual and call that car a practical.

    Addline SumithAddline Sumith2 dagen geleden
  • Not a tesla review?

    QziQzi2 dagen geleden
  • I like mustangs, when I do the skip barber racing school yearly I always do the roush package.

    James BrownJames Brown2 dagen geleden