How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image

6 apr. 2021
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Mercedes-Benz is perhaps the biggest name in luxury cars globally, and for countless buyers around the world, it is a car brand to aspire to own. The German automaker has a reputation for superb build quality, excellent engineering, and the bragging rights that its founder Carl Benz invented the first production automobile.
Today, Mercedes-Benz faces a new class of challenges as Tesla has become the aspirational brand for younger consumers. There is a slew of other EV hopefuls vying for the next generation’s aspirational vehicle’s mantle. Automakers have had to sink billions into new technologies and contend with a new crop of competitors in the critical Chinese market and around the world.
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How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image

  • Tesla killed them

    Strange BrewStrange BrewUur geleden
  • They shouldn’t of never made those cheap Mercedes and bmw cars because they ain’t selling, they tried to compete with Toyota and Honda and failed.

    OG Mackmizzle323OG Mackmizzle3235 uur geleden
  • OOOGGGAAAA booga

    Rat KingRat King5 uur geleden
  • Mercedes is grandpa's brand.

    Jay JayJay Jay8 uur geleden
  • Tbh its kinds true eith GLB and CLA merc pushing into the larger consumer base area with affordable vehicles will for sure lose its "premium image" which most consumers look for in that segment

    suyash jaiswalsuyash jaiswal10 uur geleden
  • One day TATA will buy Benz...brand

    JMJM12 uur geleden
  • “Sales Sales sales we really don’t do research at all” CNBC

    JasonfromMinnesotaJasonfromMinnesota12 uur geleden
  • Though i can't afford one, i rely it more than my heart.

    Sudhir KumarSudhir Kumar13 uur geleden
  • I learned nothing

    Johnny FDJohnny FD14 uur geleden
  • Buy Genesis. It's better overall value

    D- SeanD- Sean15 uur geleden
  • doyles drive their cars

    David PowerDavid Power20 uur geleden
  • For 30 yrs, I owned 2 cars in my household in any given time. 1 7-seater and 1 Mercedes C, E, S..ML, I had to keep a Mercedes for party and golf club. SInce 2017, I have 1 7-seater and a Tesla model S.

    John C.John C.23 uur geleden
  • CNBC: How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image Real World: Daimler stock price has risen by 35% since Jan 1, earnings are up by 3% compared to 2020, EQS presentation is a sensation.

    Alex K.Alex K.23 uur geleden
  • I don't at all agree with your "provocative" title. Granted, it does attract interest but is simply premature. MB oozes prestige and will continue to do so. Your theme seems almost ageist. If younger folks see MB as an old fool's car, they are mistaken and have questionable taste.

    Marv WatkinsMarv WatkinsDag geleden
  • This narrator has an interesting delivery in the way he pauses and emphasizes.

    Marv WatkinsMarv WatkinsDag geleden
  • This is how America operates - first you fabricate a 'story' - e.g. China/Russia/Canada is the root of all evil. Then ALL American news media 'report' on said story to brainwash their less educated population (just under 50% apparently), after a while America bully other countries to join them to criticise 'the enemy'; America deploy its usual 'my enemy should be your enemy too' diplomacy to pressure others to join them, lapdog countries like Australia and UK join in immediately. Watch how Mr. Nelson Mandela tells the American bully media to fxxk off on NLworld:-

    Pc TongPc TongDag geleden
  • Mercedes is cool but i hate some deteles like the steering wheel design

    Mr crazyMr crazyDag geleden
  • Talk to Scotty Kilmer on his NLworld channel on the Mercedes problems.

    RonRonDag geleden
  • Wow Say nothing about Lexus Say nothing about Lexus

    Green ErickGreen ErickDag geleden
  • Mercedes Benz is just a shiny unreliable mess.

    Releaf MeditationReleaf MeditationDag geleden
  • Lexus is more reliable and less expensive to maintain/maintenance give us reliability & less repairs.

    Ahki KhariAhki KhariDag geleden
  • How did Dieselgate cost Daimler anything? Dieselgate was a VW mistake. Different companies.

    Brice CenterBrice CenterDag geleden
  • Mercedes is still owning....don’t worry about them, worry about yourself CNBC!

  • Mercedes Benz lost prestige with the previous gens of CLA-A Class and C class in 2012-2015 and next generations more than made up for those. So isn't this video at least 6 years too late?

    Kaan YıldızKaan YıldızDag geleden
  • I saw a 2021 Mercedes with a steering wheel lock on it - what does that say about the technology in a Mercedes if you need a low tech device to stop it being stolen, it will have all the safety devices in so the thief will not hurt themselves and sue you.

    Fact CheckerFact CheckerDag geleden
  • As a Mercedes owner and mechanic since 1972, I lament their slide and that of their dealers. The deal with Chrysler was a big mistake.

    Toby WToby WDag geleden
  • "Los-ing" is an understatement.

    Little BLittle BDag geleden
  • Is it only me that cringes every time this commentator pronounces Daimler as Dimeler? Maybe it's pronounced that way in the US but everyone I know (in the UK) pronounces it as it's written. Seriously this video seems to be sponsored by Tesla. Having owned and enjoyed owning a CLK 3.2 AMG and was the longest I ever kept a vehicle (8 years) I paid off the loan in 2 years and even using the authorised dealers for servicing was one of the lowest cost cars to maintain. Before this, I had a Lexus, in terms of prestige most people thought it was a Toyota and no perceived prestige (in the UK) had problems always and the running cost were greater, even the fuel consumption was much higher. Had a friend also who swapped from a Mercedes to a Lexus and regretted it for the same reasons.

    Mark CovellMark CovellDag geleden
  • MERCEDES BENZ EQS has entered the chatroom.

    Jonathan RJonathan RDag geleden
  • Who researched for this content? Who approved this without industry expert's consultance? Do they even know how F1 works or how much influence Mercedes has on it?

    Zubayer Islam RezoanZubayer Islam RezoanDag geleden
  • the name already predicted its destiny

    Eric PhamEric PhamDag geleden
  • The “affordable” Mercedes car is where they began to fall off.

    Christian MunozChristian MunozDag geleden
  • If CNBC did this, then imagine what the hillbillys at FOX do lmao

    Bo NunezBo NunezDag geleden
  • Mercedes, The Best or Nothing is going to stay the same!

    Bo NunezBo NunezDag geleden
  • Today’s Mercedes-Benz cars are nowhere near as good as those in the 80’s. I’ve been to Mercedes show rooms in recent years and they really lack luxury. The interiors look plasticky and the systems controls are not intuitive. The graphs are difficult to read. I’ve also read about reliability issues. All that together has put me off buying one despite having a very positive opinion of the brand.

    V RV RDag geleden
  • I recently just started investing in bitcoin when I learnt it was $60000 through the help of AUTOMATE and just an hour ago I got a profit of $9000 into my wallet

    Ballai MoidBallai MoidDag geleden
  • 😂😬

    Zippy ZapZippy ZapDag geleden
  • Nice video.

    Alparslan KorkmazAlparslan KorkmazDag geleden
  • It's also a long history with Nazi Germany.

    Adam StrykerAdam StrykerDag geleden
  • In south Africa there are everywhere and are known to be very unreliable with very poor build quality.

    dlf restorationdlf restorationDag geleden
  • Not a single word or sentence in this video confirms the title 😒

    Volt 101Volt 101Dag geleden
  • Clearly they isn't you have a problem with your statics. See how they are doing in F1 and their cars stands still as one of the best.

    nakul singhnakul singhDag geleden
  • It is becoming garbage

    Victor KingVictor King2 dagen geleden
  • Liberal media plugging electric cars.

    Mike PerryMike Perry2 dagen geleden
  • The new adage is, "If you can't afford a new (insert Mercedes, BMW, or Audi), you certainly can't afford a used (insert Mercedes, BMW, or Audi). Tesla is starting to lose its allure too. Try finding parts for a Tesla. All of these cars seem to have problems with electric actuators that are used for door handles and trunk lids. The best engineering is taking things away until there is just the simplest device to get the job done. No thank you exotic cars, I can open a door with a simple latch mechanism all by myself. I will stay with low end Toyotas that are reliable and go 400K miles. Did you ever notice that really rich people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have been driving low prestige cars for decades? They have other things do do will their money besides spend it on cars. Another example is Bill Clinton using a cheap plastic watch rather than wearing a Rolex.

    LandwyLandwy2 dagen geleden
  • Uhhh... is this just a wishful thought from CNBC??

    Johnathan WatersJohnathan Waters2 dagen geleden
  • I work there and it’s bad

    Imlooking 4-work-atmImlooking 4-work-atm2 dagen geleden
  • Mercedes is garbage. You can a cheap 30k benz fall apart junk. But at least you can say you have a benz.

    Colton85Colton852 dagen geleden
  • Nice click bait

    First LastFirst Last2 dagen geleden
  • Mercedes is sure losing it's build quality(interior) but i'm not sure about it's prestige image.

    JoltonJolton2 dagen geleden
  • German made car are garbage today as they make poorly made cars, low quality, cheap parts. If they have half a brain 🧠 they should follow Toyota who make great quality vehicles that will last forever. German made vehicles in the past where great but today over priced garbage 🗑. Very poor quality, constantly breaking down, over priced parts, garbage 🗑, too busy cutting cost so CEO can get richer.

    R SchR Sch2 dagen geleden
  • The people that lease or buy a Tesla don't know a good car if it ran over them. The Tesla is purely a image car from a car company with the worst build quality on the market. The only advantage electric cars offer is maintenance costs, until batteries fail. Electric cars are only 2 percent of US sales. It will take a drastic reduction in charge time, charge range, charge Infrastructure and battery life to make electric powered vehicles take over the market. Electrical production can't handle a huge surge in demand unless solar and wind power take giant strides as well. Someday, but we aren't there yet.

    Bert KanneBert Kanne2 dagen geleden
  • Always amazes me that the brand still has fans given the spotty reliability, insane parts pricing and a consistently poor dealership experience based on the two three-star money pits that I have owned.

    Andy BAndy B2 dagen geleden
  • So they just take the depreciation hits head on all the time? I guess it works if they have money to waste constantly.

    Mystery BuyerMystery Buyer2 dagen geleden
  • "Endless moneypits"

    Hardcore GYMHardcore GYM2 dagen geleden
  • No it is true in many ways. Mercedes Uses Renault, Peugeot And Citroen Engines in many if their lower models. Imagine paying for a mercedes and it's not even a mercedes under the bonnet

    MandemStudiosMandemStudios2 dagen geleden
  • Reason they don't want to bring electric cars to U.S is because Americans are too Broke to buy one lol

    Mansour Killuminati 101Mansour Killuminati 1012 dagen geleden
  • This is an embarrassingly poor video. Better title: "How NBC is losing its prestige."

    Dan StiurcaDan Stiurca2 dagen geleden
  • It’s losing anything. What are you talking about

    ReemsReems2 dagen geleden
  • Oh, I thought it was Bmw that was losing it's image.

    Peter TingleyPeter Tingley2 dagen geleden
  • making pathetic vehicles?

    neitherlinkneitherlink2 dagen geleden
  • how poorly researched is this video??

    Symmetric 69Symmetric 692 dagen geleden
  • Mercedes make some of the worst luxury vehicles in the market. They are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. But, unless you want to spend $500 for an oil change And have the car in the shop as nearly as much as you drive it on the road, Do not buy one. Modern German brands have decreased in reliability considerably in the last two decades.

    Commander ShepardCommander Shepard2 dagen geleden
    • No, Mercedes makes some of the best luxury vechiles on the market. Most people that buy/lease new luxury cars don’t keep them for more than 3-6 years. There is more to a car than just reliability. Just look at the interiors of the E class, S class and EQS and tell me what is “bad”.

      Kristiāns OzoliņšKristiāns Ozoliņš2 dagen geleden
  • After the 10min MB commercial they get to the 2020 sales graph in the US -AND THEY LEAVE OUT TESLA! I don't know the exact numbers, but I am absolutely certain that in 2020 Tesla perched atop the luxury sales charts and took a dump on all the old established brands. As such, this video is a complete failure. Separating the EV market and then showing 2019 as "the latest numbers available" reinforces the ineptitude. Luxury is a price point, and it is going electric, immediately, by regulation. If MB expects to retain its "Prestige" it needs to stop pointing to the past and show how it has made the transition to the latest technology without screwing up.

    skyakskyak2 dagen geleden
  • People who just spent 60k on their Mercedes: 😳🤬

    ce183ce1832 dagen geleden
    • what’s wrong with that? They make amazing luxury cars

      Kristiāns OzoliņšKristiāns Ozoliņš2 dagen geleden
  • They made gas chambers for the third reich and paid to have it removed from the internet. Also I worked for them and they treat employees pretty good overall. If you’re working in Europe American shops not so much .

    Charles Lee RayCharles Lee Ray2 dagen geleden
  • challenges... from tesla?? lmao no

    NoriNori2 dagen geleden
  • Mercedes has been ”americanized”.......and that has contributed to it’s demise

    Erhard VogtsErhard Vogts2 dagen geleden
  • Yeah... i just ordered a cla 250 AWD 👀😍

    Luka MilicLuka Milic2 dagen geleden
  • CNBC is a joke.....

    soumadeep khansoumadeep khan2 dagen geleden
  • Pure manipulation. All all worried about the fact that vw or mercedes will lead the ev industry also. Look at how manny models have Mercedes and compare with Tesla.. same engine can be put on every car. No comparison needed here

    Ca HCa H2 dagen geleden
  • Crazy video. Title and the content doesn’t match.

    Althaf AhamedAlthaf Ahamed2 dagen geleden
  • Its also the brand known in Europa as a car that's rust a lot.. really a lot

    EL GeeEL Gee2 dagen geleden
    • Excuse me? In Europe, Mercedes-Benz is known for the fact that these cars do not rust. Mercedes-Benz cars have a high resale value in Europe because they use steels that do not rust.

      Andreas BerniAndreas Berni2 dagen geleden
  • I strongly don't agree / believe this information

    s sunils sunil2 dagen geleden
  • TL; DR : Mercedes is going to be Nokia in Tesla's story of becoming Apple.

    ARIJIT GUHAARIJIT GUHA2 dagen geleden
  • its because lal the cars are bubbly and ugly and blocky

    wah panda1wah panda12 dagen geleden
  • Mercedes-Benz is greatest car brand except its fake exhaust at the rear representing stupidity

    Raja vikram varmaRaja vikram varma2 dagen geleden
  • Mercedes not losing its prestige but it's evolving backwards.

    HACKD 69HACKD 692 dagen geleden
  • The days when Mercedes make elegant , ever green design , with star logo on bonnet top is not seen anymore. All the new design coming out is just trying to look sporty and such ugly profile for anyone taste . Other luxury brands are chasing up and some of their features and engineering are way ahead of Mercedes. Example , Genesis, Volvo, However, Lexus engineering are old school not much wow factors to shout about. Mercedes engineering and design from the 1960s till before 1990 are the best iconic Mercedes. Which I like very much till today . Modern Mercedes looks more like buying a Toyota or Honda and does not stand out much from the crowd

    Kon SenKon Sen2 dagen geleden
  • Who sponsered this video? China? I mean this is pure opinion and slander

    luca hoetluca hoet2 dagen geleden
  • CNBC, who are you to understand what the world thinks about Mercedes? Why this bias? Why ?

    Seb worldSeb world2 dagen geleden
  • I got CXNTS 🤣🤣

    RapidFire Muzik™RapidFire Muzik™3 dagen geleden
  • Future is Electric

    Nandhukrishna TMNandhukrishna TM3 dagen geleden
  • Mercedes are known to always break down and have endless expensive sensors to replace. Total crap.

    Mystery BuyerMystery Buyer3 dagen geleden
    • There is more to a car than just reliability. Most people that buy/lease new luxury cars don’t keep them for more than 3-6 years

      Kristiāns OzoliņšKristiāns Ozoliņš2 dagen geleden
  • How CNBC lost it's audience

    Daniel ElfassyDaniel Elfassy3 dagen geleden
  • To many blacks

    J HunterJ Hunter3 dagen geleden
  • Mercedes lost it's prestige image years ago when they released the CLA junk, and subsequent GLA and GLC which are the most hideous vehicles ever made.

    Samuel ArnoldSamuel Arnold3 dagen geleden
  • Almost anyone can have a Merc now, due to PCP. And particularly in the lawless adjacent town next to me, that means a 90% chance it's being driven by a foreign-descent drug dealer. The association is repellent. I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole, unless it was a 30 year old classic.

    Hunc HancHocHunc HancHoc3 dagen geleden
  • Buy Tesla

    kameel28kameel283 dagen geleden
  • U sure about you this ? My slk is a monster just like the first day I got it

    ParsCASTParsCAST3 dagen geleden
  • Tesla is pathetic car. They just have batteries.... Nothing else. Pathetic material quality.

    yousaf khanyousaf khan3 dagen geleden
  • مساء الخير

    Mohamed EssaidiMohamed Essaidi3 dagen geleden
  • Van's are rust buckets... German engineering has gone downhill .... it's all about breaking parts and making money ... full stop

    Jonner O'neillJonner O'neill3 dagen geleden
  • Very fair (?) review. You didn't mention NIO which sell in the same luxury level. But you remembered Li Auto.. Which is part electric. NIO should be kept a secret from public.? 😱 👎

  • That new shape they are shifting their SUV’s to make them look like Toyota rav-4’s. They need to return to what made Mercedes stand out as a Mercedes.

    Juan Figueroa-ServilleJuan Figueroa-Serville3 dagen geleden
  • My name is Alex and I do not agree wirh this opinion piece.

    Alex Carpe DiemAlex Carpe Diem3 dagen geleden
  • Stupid content. cnbc has lost its prestige.

    Abhi AbhiAbhi Abhi3 dagen geleden
  • Has a Mercedes ever been top of the reliability surveys? Often with BMW down near the bottom. Two year old cars now cost more to maintain than their value.

    Colin OsborneColin Osborne3 dagen geleden
    • They are reliable for the first 5,6 years and most people that buy/lease new luxury cars don’t keep them for more than that. Back in the 80s and 90s Mercedes was the most reliable brand btw.

      Kristiāns OzoliņšKristiāns Ozoliņš2 dagen geleden
  • bmw isnt competition anymore they’re doing worse

    IncanismIncanism3 dagen geleden
  • LoL do you even know how many Constructor championships Mercedes AMG has won?

    The WebheadGT.The WebheadGT.3 dagen geleden