HOW I GOT TO NOW: Off-Road Champion Rock Crawler to Monster Truck Driver | Nicole Johnson's Detour

3 mrt. 2021
10 436 Weergaven

I'm Nicole Johnson, first female to land the backflip in a Monster Jam truck. The first female to finish the most grueling one-day off-road race in the world, King of the Hammers. And I'm a 2-time women's national rock crawling champion. Now let's go drive something!

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  • I have two girls under 2 and I love how you remind us that hard work is done with hands and feet and not machismo.

    lil Dlil D2 uur geleden
  • Ever do the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix with a monster truck event?

    qwaszxpolkmncvbqwaszxpolkmncvbDag geleden
  • You're awesome, Nicole 💜

    Quinn EllisQuinn Ellis2 dagen geleden
  • 3 dislikes are Prius owners. :)

    gristlepoundergristlepounder7 dagen geleden
  • Great video, Nicole! Big fan of your videos. You're killing it!

    Southpaw AutoworksSouthpaw Autoworks9 dagen geleden
  • Damn !!!!! I didn't know that you were the driver of Scooby- Doo, when I would watch Monster Trucks on TV I would rout for you , yeah you would go crazy in it , you are awesome plus Gorgeous as Hell I love your Smile 🥂🥂 You Rock Love 👌👍 . 😈☠👍✌✌

    George Joseph HaighGeorge Joseph Haigh10 dagen geleden
  • Love this women 👍❤

    Jarmo MinkkinenJarmo Minkkinen11 dagen geleden
  • Well Nicole, you most definitely have the required background of content for this media platform, incorporate it all in and get making more videos girl!!

    Joe GoodmanJoe Goodman12 dagen geleden
  • Just found this channel and I like what I see so far. Content and presentation seems fresh. Keep up the good work!

    Erik ZinnErik Zinn13 dagen geleden
    • Much appreciated!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's Detour3 dagen geleden
  • Sweet. Love your energy. That back flip in the monster truck.........Bad Ass! How do you take a sport that is already over the top and push it to the next level? Back flips of course. Duh.

    Jack A. LopeJack A. Lope13 dagen geleden
  • Nicole I just discovered your Tube! How refreshing! Never think, do, tell your grand kids so they can emulate your dreams. Rock on lady driver, be the winner!😉 More luv from an Aussie....😎

    Brad BarnettBrad Barnett13 dagen geleden
    • Thank you so much!!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's Detour3 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful and a badass? Sign me up!

    Donnie AdamsDonnie Adams15 dagen geleden
  • Beeeeyoooteeefull. Wow.

    Jamie CampbellJamie Campbell18 dagen geleden
  • Nice girl power Love V8 Have 1100Hp Camaro68 tou and more ojääääää...

    Jarmo MinkkinenJarmo Minkkinen18 dagen geleden
  • Them gonna be some crazy proud grandkids too!

    Joe CroneJoe Crone20 dagen geleden
  • So cool, Nicole! Awesome background. Glad I am a subscriber. Keep the vids coming!

    Pats FanPats Fan20 dagen geleden
    • Thank you! Will do!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's Detour3 dagen geleden
  • I am thunderstruck by your awesomeness and beauty! Keep it rolling...

    Paul CampbellPaul Campbell21 dag geleden
    • Thank you!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's Detour21 dag geleden
  • Yah you tell em!! Go Nicole!

    M FM F22 dagen geleden
  • I think you are so awesome live life to the fullest and enjoy life

    James LieblJames Liebl22 dagen geleden
  • And she shoots? Yes, please!

    Jonathan KentonJonathan Kenton27 dagen geleden
  • I never even heard of you until I ran across one of your videos a couple weeks ago. Now I watch this and my jaw hit the floor. YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL! Were you friends with Jessi Combs? She is the only other woman I have seen with your level of fearlessness.

    OneFastDusterOneFastDusterMaand geleden
    • Thank you! And yes, Jessi and I go way back. She was a dear friend and very talented. She showed ultimate fearlessness demonstrating her passion and is still missed very much. RIP Jessi.

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's Detour28 dagen geleden
  • so fun to watch all these clips from over the years! brings back memories!

    Hobie SmithHobie SmithMaand geleden
    • I know, right?!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's DetourMaand geleden
  • Hey good stuff. You’re awesome!!

    The RC ElementThe RC ElementMaand geleden
    • Hey, thanks!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's Detour28 dagen geleden
  • I remember meeting you at world finals. Your such a nice person

    Chris TwoChris TwoMaand geleden
    • Thank you so much!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's DetourMaand geleden
  • Good on you for putting in the hard work. The world needs way more gearheads.⚙️

    C.S.S.C.S.S.Maand geleden
  • I'm so glad you put this out. You are a real life super hero of motor sports!

    Gayle CichockiGayle CichockiMaand geleden
  • Awwww, Suzie Wargen! Oh, and my Pooky too! 🤩

    'Lubes' Lubbers'Lubes' LubbersMaand geleden
  • You're a real American BADASS!!!

    Thomas M Stevenson JrThomas M Stevenson JrMaand geleden
  • Nicole you are so beautiful and talented.

    Robert VanceRobert VanceMaand geleden
    • Thank you so much!!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's DetourMaand geleden
  • I recently discovered this person, doing a VW bug interview, I had no idea all the cool stuff she was involved in 👍

    Wayne NeroWayne NeroMaand geleden
  • You're amazing Nicole! Keep the vids coming.

    Rob BreegsRob BreegsMaand geleden
  • Dude where are the rest of the videos?

    Noe CortezNoe CortezMaand geleden
    • @Nicole Johnson's Detour thanks 😌

      Noe CortezNoe CortezMaand geleden
    • Working on it!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's DetourMaand geleden
  • I love watching your videos! love the energy you have and bring to your videos every time.

    Isaac Garcia JimenezIsaac Garcia JimenezMaand geleden
  • Subscribe Right after I seen your first video

    My YouTubeMy YouTubeMaand geleden
  • It's great to see your car background, now I've got a much better perspective on where you're coming from. I knew about the monster truck experience, but not the rock crawling stuff, that's awesome.

    Adrian SanabriaAdrian SanabriaMaand geleden
  • Rocking it and living life to the fullest... Nothing stopping you girl!

    Eric JohnsonEric JohnsonMaand geleden
  • Ayy

    That one guyThat one guyMaand geleden
  • cant wait for more videos!

    Laydon ChristensenLaydon ChristensenMaand geleden
  • what a cool story

    Laydon ChristensenLaydon ChristensenMaand geleden
  • You are my dear , are finest most beautiful woman rocks the rocks and beautiful doing it , I’m glad I turned onto the king of hammers 2021, and along with lite brite nation Britney, are the two most butterflies 🦋 of rocks, and I crush cars too , but you are the real car crusher, nice thanks and praise Jesus grace Christ amen from BigAl California.

    Al KennedyAl KennedyMaand geleden
  • Nicole's a BOSS!

    Barely TrineBarely TrineMaand geleden
  • A recent subscriber to your channel, I thought your name sounded so familiar but now I know that I saw you in Monster Trucks. I've taken my son every year for 10+ years in Portland so I would guess that's the place. Love your channel, always so refreshing. :)

    gigasipkegigasipkeMaand geleden
    • Thanks for the sub!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's DetourMaand geleden
  • giver

    bob wbob wMaand geleden
  • Gosh I Love That Beautiful Crazy Woman!!!!!

    Rick EldridgeRick EldridgeMaand geleden
  • Love this channel and getting some of your background is just awesome! So looking forward to the next video.

    Andy WoohooAndy WoohooMaand geleden
  • Since when are monster trucks doing quarter pipe tricks?? 😳🤯😂😂

    Kodiak WildKodiak WildMaand geleden
  • After a sleeper bug I wanted to watch more videos, but to my surprise there weren't any - only one other. I couldn't believe this is a new channel. I subscribed immediately. Can't wait to see more videos

    Siniša DošenSiniša DošenMaand geleden
  • Super talented!

    John ReynoldsJohn ReynoldsMaand geleden
  • Awesome! Would love to see more women get into driving sports and break down some barriers! Keep up the good work.

    W.M. AbelW.M. AbelMaand geleden
    • Stunning, brave.

      Bobsyouruncle 1234Bobsyouruncle 1234Uur geleden
  • You should try to team-up with Tim/Shmee when he's in California. That would be a great collaboration. Hopefully your channel gets huge!

    Josh BJosh BMaand geleden
    • Collabs are one of my favorite things about NLworld shows!

      Adrian SanabriaAdrian SanabriaMaand geleden
  • Tough girl, be safe

    Six point two SingfeldSix point two SingfeldMaand geleden
  • have you ever thought of rallying ?

    Luis reynosoLuis reynosoMaand geleden
    • Yeah, for sure! If the right opportunity ever presented itself, I'd be all over it!

      Nicole Johnson's DetourNicole Johnson's DetourMaand geleden