How Earth Moves

13 jun. 2016
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It’s here! Science stuff, mind-blowing stuff, Vsauce stuff, oh my!! THE CURIOSITY BOX:
Jake’s video about The Curiosity Box:
Minute Physics on why December days are the longest:
StandUpMaths on calendars and leap days:
Tom Scott on the Equation of Time:
My video on what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning:
GREAT visuals showing how Earth moves around the sun:
George Washington’s birthday:
real-time sub solar point location:
Lahaina noon images from the Oahu Astrophotography club:
great solargraph and analemma images:
interactive seasons and ecliptic simulator:
Nasa video of seasonal movement of Earth:
Tropical year:
Earth rotation specifics:
How Earth moves through the universe:
minute physics on cab:
PBS spacetime on the cosmic microwave background:
CMB rest frame:
wikicommons images:,_Florida#/media/File:South_Beach_20080315.jpg
To explore space, I highly recommend these:
music by
Awesome 3D graphics by Eric Langlay:
Lame 2D stuff by me.

  • 2:54 lol

    Abdul OmarAbdul OmarUur geleden
  • I want that as a tattoo

    SylstaerSylstaer4 uur geleden
  • Found it on January 23rd and i’m GRATEFUL ❤️🌎

    Joana AliceJoana Alice5 uur geleden
  • A day is the period of something between one awakening and the next, as far as I am concerened. What is time? Idon't know, but I experience some thing that I call time. What is that? I'm trying to keep that question alive and open; no easy task.

    Roger LoquiturRoger Loquitur7 uur geleden
  • explain How earth move? Me: alone

    Rafa KhanRafa Khan9 uur geleden
  • if the earth moved like that the stars would change every night but it dosent the stars are in same place every night so the sun dosent move we revove around the statinary sun

    Mike PrimaMike Prima11 uur geleden
    • Simple. They are very far away. Astronomers track their movements and can predict their positions into the future. Just because it's not obvious to the naked eye doesn't mean it's not happening very very slowly.

      SyntheticSyntheticUur geleden
    • @Mike Prima Wow, so many compliments from you... I am thrilled. Do you have any formula to support your clueless claims, or maybe some calculations?! No?! Ahhhh, I forgot that all self proclaimed “experts” are not very good at mathematics. Maybe you should have paid more attention when you was in school...

      max5250max52502 uur geleden
    • @max5250 thats bullsht if we were moving threw space the sky would change 30,000 mph but that never happens bro ur an idiot probably paid bye nasa to give disinformation

      Mike PrimaMike Prima3 uur geleden
    • @Mike Prima First, thank you very much for your compliment. And second, if you had any mental capacity to understand size and distances between celestial objects, you would already understand it, so there is no need to explain to you anything. BTW Starts are not at the same same place every night, but I guess you never bothered to actually watch the stars.

      max5250max52504 uur geleden
    • @max5250 so the stars move with us as the sun pulls us threw space explain why the stars are in same place every night if we are being pulled bye the sun u cant its bullsht

      Mike PrimaMike Prima4 uur geleden
  • Hahaha. They can measure how fast the sun moves in our galaxy and how fast our galaxy moves in the universe by observing stars in space that are also moving. Hahaha...fancy animation makes your theories look plausible. The ancients had no problem telling time. Man wants to control time.

    Michael MMichael M14 uur geleden
  • sorry to burst your thin reality bubble, but the challenger shuttle passenger are still alive , teaching in some Universities as Deans. They are alive. All of them.

    chocolatephantom74chocolatephantom7415 uur geleden
    • Challenger didn't have passengers, it had crew. And you are lying.

      SyntheticSyntheticUur geleden
  • It is clear, people are mad if they want to believe earth, with its large masses and population, is drifting aimlessly like a boat in a tsunami, going into oblivion of space, to the final frontier, to where no one has gone before... turn off the Star Trek series please and come back down to earth. Stop sniffing your meth, drink some coffee.

    chocolatephantom74chocolatephantom7415 uur geleden
    • What's the point of this comment? Are you saying that Earth's motion requires someone directing it or some special purpose? We're in orbit around the Sun and that's all most people need to be concerned with. As far as regular people are concerned, the outside universe is fixed in place, even if it's not strictly so. It's not like anyone seriously expects the solar system to "[go] into [the] oblivion of space, to the final frontier, to where no one has gone before" because it will takes far more than our own lifetime to get anywhere. I really don't see what meth has to do with this either.

      SyntheticSyntheticUur geleden
  • 14:06 14:05

    Devilcorn123Devilcorn12322 uur geleden
  • Micheal: "your sunrise" Me: it's confirmed, he's an alien

    Vraj BhavsarVraj Bhavsar22 uur geleden
    • @Roger Loquitur it's funny, I don't even know what that is

      Vraj BhavsarVraj Bhavsar4 uur geleden
    • From Alibi presumably.

      Roger LoquiturRoger Loquitur7 uur geleden
  • 8:55 the answer revolves around revolving. I knew I'm gonna learn some new phase.

    Xiangyun SHIXiangyun SHIDag geleden
  • 🗣💨👎

    Olga PriceOlga PriceDag geleden
  • nthis is not how earth moves... this is how the sky moves.. idiots

    multilingualkidstv kidsmultilingualkidstv kidsDag geleden
  • it seem that nikola tesla also discovered another portion to this resistance to change. if he is right ? one sentance is needed ! the solar system is going so fast motion wise that everything else slow down when unhooked ( like the feather and the bowling ball in a vacuum ! to confirm this ? a bigger delta between the two object would be needed . say a 2 meter lead ball vs a ping pong ball in a vacuum

    appr ovedappr ovedDag geleden
    • since space likely rarely have portion that have something that can move . where there is something that can move . this would also create a huge delta between motion and not motion ! i rub my hair at whatever kilometer per hour ! but if a planet does it on a medium avail in space ? this would be a huge delta ! and the INITIAL reaction as nikola tesla discovered would be huge if the medium is dense enough . say a dense hydrogen cloud in space ? the initial difference would be so vast it would explode the whole thing ! it is another form of delta scale or as theoria apophasis call mitigation here is how i word it 100% nothing does not exist 100% something does not exist but this exist˝: 100% nothing ought to be reified by 100% something i usually apply it to nothing and something but since i aint in science my view was limited it could also in specific circumstance apply to motion ! 100% no motion ought to be reified by 100% motion ! dam the pythagora cup modded hourglass with a loom of silver wire at the small portion would be one dangerous toy ! i wonder what the people before alexander the great did with such a thing ? it was likely already broken ! since it was liekly initially an ice age device ! using mercury coated sand ! it would have needed the device to be kept cold for the sand to keep its mercury coating to do whatever it did ! but with the discovery of tesla ? the drip drip drip of frozen mercury coated sand make sense ! the mercury coated sand frozen was the on off needed that tesla discovered . i m not sure if i want to know what it does now that i think about it ! insanelly simple to make and i think very very powerfull

      appr ovedappr ovedDag geleden
  • anyone else start tripping out at 18:30

    LuigiofthegodsLuigiofthegodsDag geleden
  • You explain clearly, thank you..

    Payal AdityaPayal AdityaDag geleden
  • Where the Flat Earthers at? He mentioned Flatitude. That's all the proof they need.

    Prithu GanguliPrithu Ganguli2 dagen geleden
    • Just keep scrolling down. Lots of flatties and geocentrists and religious nuts.

      SyntheticSynthetic2 dagen geleden
  • That thumbnail looked like a special beam cannon

    Rayan 046Rayan 0462 dagen geleden
  • Have you got in space

    President El NathanPresident El Nathan2 dagen geleden
    • Have you??

      Frankie and Benjy MouseFrankie and Benjy Mouse2 dagen geleden
  • is it only me or do i really see person's on sun's surface

    Mergerous LorndazMergerous Lorndaz2 dagen geleden
  • Since they will not admit to being wrong on my post. I made a new one so they can not censor me. By the way just because you call west east does not make it so. The side the sun comes up every day would change if you swapped east and west as the Sun goes around the Earth since two of the sides are opposite spinning directions and all you are doing is saying west is east. The sun still needs to rise on that side for you to be correct and it does not. If you want to try and claim that six months of the year the sun rises in the west, whixh would be the east side. With all the other observations like stars in the sky and planets in positions they should not be in. Time of how long a full rotation is means not only are you wrong, stupid, but also bad at your job or must a liar. Oh and check out a lamp and globe and watch the direction the earth is spinning. Keep the perceptive that if your looking in one direction the Sun moving the other way in the sky based on the rotation. Next time do not confused orbiting and rotation. Orbiting would have been the same side no matter because it enters from the same side no matter which way you are facing. Rotation is based only on the direction the rotating object is moving in. Difference between being correct and being you.

    Albert BaldryAlbert Baldry2 dagen geleden
    • @Synthetic problem is that i am correct, no matter your claims it can not alter the fact that if you rotate the earth while the tilt is not facing towards the Sun, the light over the course of the day reaches all areas of the earth asit rotates. So either midnight sun and polar nights are a lie, or no planetary motion. If it was only during one season, not involving the equniox. Maybe you would have a shot. Sun moving around the Earth altering light and dark and moving from a different location across the sky in different directions. Too many observations that your modelling requires to be done. That makes it impossible for planetary motion to happen. Nothing you can claim that can change that fact.

      Albert BaldryAlbert Baldry15 minuten geleden
    • @Frankie and Benjy Mouse Dude, he's a geocentrist, not a flat earther.

      SyntheticSynthetic2 uur geleden
    • @Frankie and Benjy Mouse 6 months of the year the tilt is not facing the Sun and is not blocking the light for polar night at the opposite side. So your planetary motion has to spend no time moving between Summer and Winter or midnight sun and polar night can not happen. Dudes there are more likely more paradoxes created than your solutions can solve. One thing can not happen. It can stop the others from happening as well. The only way to pass from summer to winter is vertically over the Sun to keep even a though of polar nights and midnight Sun, or a tilt change.

      Albert BaldryAlbert Baldry4 uur geleden
    • @Frankie and Benjy Mouse Around the summer solstice (approximately 21 June in the Northern Hemisphere and 23 December in the Southern Hemisphere), in certain areas the sun does not set below the horizon within a 24-hour period. The number of days per year with potential midnight sun increases the closer one goes towards either pole. Although approximately defined by the polar circles, in practice the midnight sun can be seen as much as 90 km (55 miles) outside the polar circle, as described below, and the exact latitudes of the farthest reaches of midnight sun depend on topography and vary slightly year-to-year. Midnight Sun seen from airplane while passing Greenland Multiple exposure of the midnight sun on Lake Ozhogino in Yakutia, Russia Because there are no permanent human settlements south of the Antarctic Circle, apart from research stations, the countries and territories whose populations experience the midnight sun are limited to those crossed by the Arctic Circle: the Canadian Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories; the nations of Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark (Greenland), Russia; and the state of Alaska in the United States. A quarter of Finland's territory lies north of the Arctic Circle, and at the country's northernmost point the sun does not set at all for 60 days during summer. In Svalbard, Norway, the northernmost inhabited region of Europe, there is no sunset from approximately 19 April to 23 August. The extreme sites are the poles, where the sun can be continuously visible for half the year. The North Pole has midnight sun for 6 months from late March to late September. The opposite phenomenon, polar night, occurs in winter, when the Sun stays below the horizon throughout the day. Since the axial tilt of the Earth is considerable (23 degrees, 26 minutes, 21.41196 seconds), the Sun does not set at high latitudes in local summer.[1] The Sun remains continuously visible for one day during the summer solstice at the polar circle, for several weeks only 100 km (62 mi) closer to the pole, and for six months at the pole. At extreme latitudes, the midnight sun is usually referred to as polar day.

      Albert BaldryAlbert Baldry4 uur geleden
    • @Frankie and Benjy Mouse make this easy for you. During the equinox which way is the tilt pointing, to the Sun or not to the Sun. Tilt is two sided so if you say to the Sun it can be north or south, if you say away, it means both north and south. When you solve that question rotate the earth for one full rotation until you grasp why if the earth is facing the Sun like this, we are not seeing the correct observation. “equinox /ˈɛkwɪnɒks,ˈiːkwɪnɒks/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: equinox; plural noun: equinoxes the time or date (twice each year) at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of approximately equal length (about 22 September and 20 March). another term for equinoctial point.”

      Albert BaldryAlbert Baldry4 uur geleden
  • shouldn't it be 24 * 7 * 52 ?

    Sayan GhoshSayan Ghosh2 dagen geleden
  • And here we are a big man calmly watching a video.

    Vinay PatilVinay Patil2 dagen geleden
  • But what happens to speed of light if we are traveling at ,12 million km/h, it would reach to us 96% of the time?

    Filippus KöllerforsFilippus Köllerfors3 dagen geleden
    • @Synthetic Ok, thank you. I mixed speed of sound with speed of light, so I thought that speed of light was 800 mph

      Filippus KöllerforsFilippus Köllerfors2 dagen geleden
    • Nope. Light appears travels at the same velocity no matter how fast your frame of reference is moving. It's one of the discoveries of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity. Outside times and distances seem to contract for masses moving close to the speed of light.

      SyntheticSynthetic2 dagen geleden
  • time. It truly is the jerimy berimy of the living.

    Amalina ShedeedAmalina Shedeed3 dagen geleden
  • "wind shield" called the sky lol

    Manish SubramaniamManish Subramaniam3 dagen geleden
  • Hell yeah my assignment on teams is to watch a Vsauce video

    Marc KingMarc King3 dagen geleden
  • The reason they make up these fables about earth drifting aimlessly through space is because like the theory of evolution, they want you to think that there is no one in that steering wheel, and that we control our planet, or maybe someday, Nasa can make a jet propulsion large enough to navigate the flight path of earth like how we see people navigate monster trucks. Geez.. stop fooling with your teeny brains.

    chocolatephantom74chocolatephantom743 dagen geleden
    • @chocolatephantom74 WEVERYBODY can do these observations. So if you make claims you have to provide *EVIDENCE*. For now you are hust a science denier.

      Frankie and Benjy MouseFrankie and Benjy Mouse10 uur geleden
    • @Frankie and Benjy Mouse now isn't that the quintessential hypocritical response, asking people to prove when they themselves play mind tricks like a magician pulling out rabbits from the hat. Better still, work harder, magician.. people have been stacking up stones that are amazingly balanced upon one another so precariously, a single bump would make those things crumble. Unless there is an earthquake, what super acceleration or mindless earth drifting through space at super accelerations into oblivion are you talking about? I mean I understand people sniff meth and stuff, so they can carelessly drift into oblivion, but not Earth. If you want to drift into oblivion, then you go sniff it, but leave the millions of people alone. Don't take them with you just because you want to go, right?

      chocolatephantom74chocolatephantom7415 uur geleden
    • LOL.. you have to do better boy. You have to prove your assertions. You fail at that.

      Frankie and Benjy MouseFrankie and Benjy Mouse2 dagen geleden
    • If you're advocating for a god being "at the steering wheel" then you're the one who need to provide solid evidence that gods exist and that your god is the one in charge. Preferably in the form of a video-recorded two-way conversation. I mean, there are thousands of gods that humans believe in; why should the one that you were born and raised into believing be "steering"? Astrophysicists, and all scientists within their field, are just trying to explain natural phenomena in the universe with the natural laws of physics / chemistry / etc. If you're going to try to prove those wrong, you need to do better than "I don't understand things so they must be bad!" Once you start assuming that the whole world has a magical origin and gods are performing miracles you're not talking about science anymore; you've got a fantasy setting. Your worldview has no more validity or ability to make accurate predictions than some kids with 20-sided dice. I wonder, do you follow a prophet who has made a prediction for when the end of the world is going to happen?

      SyntheticSynthetic2 dagen geleden
  • Here's is how one makes up story that has zero proof but has the beneficial content of a sex, lies and videotape film. 1. The earth moves like dirty dancing, weaving in and out of it's helical path with a touch of suggestives moves. 2. The earth is like an 'unmanned' aircraft drifting through space at breakneck speeds, to who knows where, until one day, it meets with the final door, and crashes into smithereens. PS: Scientist themselves have now pooh-poohed the existence of black holes. Until we meet again, in the next episode made up Star Trek Earth Enterprise, let us make up some more garbage to entertained the foolish minds. Aloha...

    chocolatephantom74chocolatephantom743 dagen geleden
    • @Synthetic what air? are you talking to a mannequin while you type? Cause I specifically said space. 1.Yes, as to my allegory of 'unmanned / uncontrolled/ aimless/ directionless" earth, pricks directly into the bull's eye of what you are describing about your thesis. 2. Yes, my allegory to your thesis that earth, in your view, moves in and out , like dirty dancing, captures beautifully of what you are saying about earth's motions. Weaving in and out like dirty dancing moves. It is not my fault that you cannot understand allegory but fixed on sex. 3. Dangerous amount of acceleration? I though dangerous speeds was foolish enough, but you want to put in a more foolish terms magnified to the power of infinity. What, are you making up fables as you go along? good, you can send this to Aesop's publisher when you are done. A continuous amount of acceleration would reach a point where your atoms in your body breaks apart, dude.. study your stuff before your blabber more foolish things.

      chocolatephantom74chocolatephantom7415 uur geleden
    • 1. "dirty dancing, weaving in and out of it's helical path with a touch of suggestives moves." Dude, you have some issues. You're preoccupied with sexy planets? The only one claiming any such thing is you. If you get turned on by planets, that's *your problem*. 2. More hyperbole. "unmanned aircraft"? The Earth's not moving through air; it's empty space. "Breakneck speeds" aren't a thing, only "breakneck acceleration", which isn't quite so elegant a phrase. I get that you have trouble with the basic laws of motion, but show me that people on Earth should feel dangerous amounts of acceleration. I don't know any astrophysicists who deny that black holes are a thing? Care to provide any evidence?

      SyntheticSynthetic2 dagen geleden
  • LOL: JOKE is on the WORLD

    Demo MooreDemo Moore3 dagen geleden
  • O o o o o O O O O Solar system

    snuᴉlsnuᴉl3 dagen geleden
  • There's an impostor Among us.

    SirCavemaninthewestSirCavemaninthewest3 dagen geleden
    • Wow that is so topical and relevant!

      SyntheticSynthetic2 dagen geleden
  • Find the misteke ....

    SandidIsAlive YouKnowThatSandidIsAlive YouKnowThat4 dagen geleden
  • Who is still watching this video after 3 yeras

    SandidIsAlive YouKnowThatSandidIsAlive YouKnowThat4 dagen geleden
    • Not me. I'm here to make fun of flat earthers and geocentrists.

      SyntheticSynthetic2 dagen geleden
  • So, from the thumbnail, Earth is a Makkankosappo (Special Beam Cannon)

    SkippySkippy4 dagen geleden
  • The productive lock synchronously hang because cereal sequently attack times a dreary income. relieved, craven ronald

    The MinutemenThe Minutemen4 dagen geleden

    Ruler WorldRuler World4 dagen geleden
  • Is the great attractor not just a big black hole?

    RobbyCRobbyC4 dagen geleden
  • :Good day sir, can I ask a question? What time is it? Vsauce: Do you have a best friend who is there for you? : ..... •_•

    NO N A M ENO N A M E5 dagen geleden
  • 20:28 thank you for the video. It's awesome.

    RafaelRafael5 dagen geleden
  • Flat earthers attendance: 16K

    Advaid AbhinavAdvaid Abhinav5 dagen geleden
  • 1:50 That perspective just blew my mind..!!

    Omkar BhatkarOmkar Bhatkar5 dagen geleden
  • Asks about Adolf Hitler, gets told how fast the earth spins.

    Dylan OofDylan Oof6 dagen geleden
  • Weird how meteorites never propagate from the horizon upwards. It's always downwards or across.

    Slow-Mo Moon BuggySlow-Mo Moon Buggy6 dagen geleden
    • @Synthetic You say it's a "rare event" but it has never been filmed or photographed. A "rare event" implies it has been witnessed or filmed. P.S. Not once in this conversation did I mention flat earth. You are the one inferring that.

      Slow-Mo Moon BuggySlow-Mo Moon BuggyDag geleden
    • @Slow-Mo Moon Buggy And my answer is still: I see no reason why this should not ever happen, but that it would be a very rare event that depends on a lot of factors being exactly right for the observer. It is far more likely that you would see them fall towards the ground or across the sky. You know, because we're down on the Earth, they're falling down from the sky, and they normally are only visible for a fraction of a second. To burn up in the atmosphere they MUST be moving towards the ground in the first place. Please point out where my reasoning is flawed. You have failed to explain why anyone should doubt the existing model of the solar system (or was that the unrelated BBT lol? I can't remember) if such a rare but otherwise unremarkable event was not explicitly recorded.

      SyntheticSyntheticDag geleden
    • @Synthetic I asked one question. My question still is why don't meteorites propagate from the horizon upwards. You never answered and you can't provide me with a citation or link. You keep whistling past the graveyard and asking straw man questions. I get why you do that. You don't have the answer and neither do I.

      Slow-Mo Moon BuggySlow-Mo Moon BuggyDag geleden
    • @Slow-Mo Moon Buggy Why was my answer unsatisfactory? If you think BBT is based on speculation alone without a shred of supporting evidence over the last half a century, then I don't know how to help you. I can link you to scientific papers all day, but apparently the lynch pin that made it all fall apart in your mind is meteors not conforming with your expectations. You can take your geocentrist agenda somewhere else. It's been really obvious. If you really think that studying the trajectories of meteors is interesting and relevant to BBT, then come back when you've published your findings for peer review.

      SyntheticSyntheticDag geleden
    • @Synthetic I see that my questions that you have not been able to answer is bothering you. I am not here to upset you. That's not my objective. My only objective is to question current scientific narratives that is built on nothing but speculation. I will bid you farewell and I wish you the best for 2021.

      Slow-Mo Moon BuggySlow-Mo Moon BuggyDag geleden
  • the earth moves like a special beam cannon?

    nae naenae nae6 dagen geleden
    • Synthetic its a joke about the thumbnail but ok

      nae naenae nae5 dagen geleden
    • The point is that motion is relative, so the same motion can look different if you're in a different frame of reference.

      SyntheticSynthetic5 dagen geleden
  • I been rewatching this specific video since at least the last 7 years. It always blows my mind!

    Raul Benavides LeonRaul Benavides Leon6 dagen geleden
  • indian calendar system is very accurate (inspite being the ancient).

    Sandeep ChatterjeeSandeep Chatterjee6 dagen geleden
  • The nine slope descriptively add because select weekly order from a uneven love. melodic, receptive use

    Nikki KickxNikki Kickx6 dagen geleden
  • Interesting

    gururaj kulkarnigururaj kulkarni6 dagen geleden
  • This is possibly the best video you have ever released!

    Jager1726Jager17266 dagen geleden
  • The Flat earth folks are not listening.

    wonderful beeswonderful bees6 dagen geleden
  • Tesla: Quantum Physics is bs! As for the other issue: Do your own research! I'm not here too do it for you lazy bastards! I gave references of FACT! Now its time for you globetards too READ!

    Randal FracasseRandal Fracasse6 dagen geleden
    • You really need to stop quoting people who not only would disagree with you, but who have been dead for over 50 years. These scientists are not revered saints to be held up as having perfect knowledge, either. Science didn't stop when Tesla or Einstein died. You also need to better than quoting pop-science articles, which are very over-simplified for "popular" consumption, and start presenting actual research.

      SyntheticSynthetic5 dagen geleden
    • @Randal Fracasse you flat earth theory has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. I could give you a bunch of situations that happen in real life and you would fail to give a logical awnser. Wake up flattard

      Jack evansJack evans6 dagen geleden
    • @Randal Fracasse LOL.. Then why are you unable to present *EVIDENCE* for a flat earth?? We have the proof and the evidence for the globe. That you refuse to look at is is only YOUR problem. You can't debunk it.

      Frankie and Benjy MouseFrankie and Benjy Mouse6 dagen geleden
    • @max5250 you don't quit do you? Your statement "cherry pick" means im correct! What part of me talking about movement do you not understand? Not talking about your damn ball! Thats another topic you Globetards can't prove! Now: Go Away! I care not what you think or believe!

      Randal FracasseRandal Fracasse6 dagen geleden
    • @Randal Fracasse Cherry picking only parts that suites your ignorance, and denying obvious things, will not make you any more credible.

      max5250max52506 dagen geleden
  • Dude go through the indian calender

    show me how toshow me how to6 dagen geleden
  • fact: no flat earther has ever watched this whole video.

    Don LeeDon Lee7 dagen geleden
    • What is a "flat earther"?

      Roger LoquiturRoger Loquitur7 uur geleden
  • The subsolar point doesn't add up dude. If the sun is 109 times larger than the earth and projecting light onto it from 93 million miles away there is no way there is just one specific area that gets light the way you are describing. That would only work with a localized sun smaller than the earth. Think about it, shine a flashlight on a marble and show me the subsolar point. Common sense just destroyed your cool story bro.

    JA GEJA GE7 dagen geleden
    • @Aorta Vin JA GE is either a troll or an idiot. No sense in engaging with him.

      Throwaway AVClubberThrowaway AVClubber4 dagen geleden
    • @JA GE it would be the same if he used a flashlight. When objects point directly towards the sun they can no shadow because its not blocking any light. It's the same as eclipses. There's a point in an eclipse where the sun is completely blocked out. If you don't believe me there's videos of a total eclipse.

      Jack evansJack evans6 dagen geleden
    • @JA GE "So, if the sun is supposedly 109 times larger than the earth and 93 million miles away how can there be a point which is directly over a particular spot on earth?" That happens because we live on a spherically shaped planet, while the Sun, being 93 million miles away, casts its sunray almost parallel to the Earth (angle of incoming light varies from 89.75° to 90.25°), and, as a result, sun rays are falling at 90° angle (in both east-west, and north-south axis) on a very small area of surface of the Earth (it is called subsolar point, but that "point" is more like a region 70 miles in diameter) directly below the centre of the Sun. If you can't understand that, your common sense it seriously lacking some basic knowledge of geometry. "You can see clearly everyday using your own 2 eyes through basic observation that this is not how the light from the sun works, thats just ridiculous." Actually, it is quite ridiculous you think you are so smart, yet you are missing some basic knowledge of science. Some simple everyday observations, using our two eyes, tells us we are living on a spherically shaped surface. " The only way Lahaina Noon would be possible is if the sun were smaller and localized because then it actually could be directly over a particular point on earth." If that was the case, it would be pretty obvious since the Sun would change both it's size and shape throughout the day, but that doesn't happen. Not to mention that people on different locations on Earth could see different sunspots while observing the Sun at the same exact time, yet, it doesn't happen either.

      max5250max52507 dagen geleden
    • @JA GE The sub solar point is below the CENTER of the sun. Now.. try again. Prove there is a local sun.

      Frankie and Benjy MouseFrankie and Benjy Mouse7 dagen geleden
    • @Aorta Vin You keep asking for evidence without understanding the argument I am making. I will try my best to explain better for you. At 03:17 dude goes into explaining the subsolar point and how it is the reason for the Lahaina Noon phenomenon. He then goes to say the subsolar point is the point on earth that is directly below the sun. So, if the sun is supposedly 109 times larger than the earth and 93 million miles away how can there be a point which is directly over a particular spot on earth? In his fun little graphics he shows the sun like its a deathstar shooting a laser beam of light down onto the earth claiming this is the subsolar point 04:37 . You can see clearly everyday using your own 2 eyes through basic observation that this is not how the light from the sun works, thats just ridiculous. The only way Lahaina Noon would be possible is if the sun were smaller and localized because then it actually could be directly over a particular point on earth. I hope that helps explain better.

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      Frankie and Benjy MouseFrankie and Benjy Mouse7 dagen geleden
    • @Frankie and Benjy Mouse : Drop your mouse bs and research: Michelson\Morley experiment! Too include: NAGSAC (Govt), Davis, Tesla, and countless others of the time! "The Earth is NOT moving in any way other then Earthquakes!" So again: Proof! Now : Believe what you want, but STOP your ignorant futile attempts too convince me! Go away TROLL!

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    • @Frankie and Benjy Mouse well i see you keep asking question without any regards to my answers, hope you have a fine day :)

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    • @Abilo x And there you go again, Interpretation and context. Your prophet is very bad at making his points clear. Why is that?? It is always, but but.. context and but but... my interpretation. No winder you muslims fight amongst each other who is right or wrong. If you got it sorted out, try again. Till then, Just go away with your BS.

      Frankie and Benjy MouseFrankie and Benjy Mouse4 dagen geleden
    • @Frankie and Benjy Mouse I see you're intelligent and critical person. you don't really need any interpretation my guess would've been that you haven't read the whole surah to understand the context. im just clarifying what you have misunderstood from a clear cut story. if you read it, you would understand its context, It's stated in the second Chapter Al Baqara (The Cow) in The Qur'an, "This is the Book. this is a guide for those that are "Mindfull" " My personal opinion would be on this verse that if such Bold claims are made in a book it should be definitely read critically and rigorously, in order to falsify its claim. So Far none has been able to disprove its claim of authenticity and truth. here a video on how the Qur'an is revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

      Abilo xAbilo x4 dagen geleden
    • @Abilo x If some story needs "interpretation" then that story is badly written. That happens a lot with "holy" books. That is why we know we can not trust them.

      Frankie and Benjy MouseFrankie and Benjy Mouse4 dagen geleden
    • @Frankie and Benjy Mouse funny story I just came across the surah you are talking about its Surah Al Kahf (Chapter 18) the part you're referring to is (verse 86) a story about a righteous Person that is referred in the Qur'an as "the man with two horns" the significance of this story is that, it's told in the perspective of this man the way he saw it. he was a traveler and was on course following the sun until it reached a (murky/ muddy water) meaning the sunset, in the perspective of that man. if you read the Qur'an holistically then it starts to make sense because it becomes coherent, and it doesn't contradict itself, this part/story is not about science or astronomy. hopefully my answer resolves the misunderstanding of the sun going down in a muddy stream.

      Abilo xAbilo x4 dagen geleden
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      Randal FracasseRandal Fracasse6 dagen geleden
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      RavaxrRavaxr10 dagen geleden
    • @Frankie and Benjy Mouse Yes, we believe that the Qur’an is the word of God, but where is the problem if we interpret the verses with a logical and convincing explanation? If we apply the rule of non-interpretation, we will not be able to understand mathematics, physics, philosophy, or any science ... Please tell me what is wrong with this interpretation in this video

      Fares NaouiFares Naoui10 dagen geleden
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      Frankie and Benjy MouseFrankie and Benjy Mouse10 dagen geleden
    • ​@Frankie and Benjy Mouse You are free brother. I just wanted to show you how we Muslims interpret this verse ... and it is a logical interpretation

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  • Michael is the only person who can coherently link the gregorian calendar to cosmic background radiation

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    NICK MERIXNICK MERIX12 dagen geleden
    • @NICK MERIX actually he suggested the big bang theory was incorrect, he supported the idea of redshifting

      Jack evansJack evans5 dagen geleden
    • Jack evans the astronomer Halton Arp disproved with his observations the association of red shift to distance.

      NICK MERIXNICK MERIX5 dagen geleden
    • Actually there is. The way nasa measure stars to see if they are moving closer or further away from us is by the colour it makes. The faster the light waves the more red they are, the slower the light waves the more blue they are. Using this they can track trajectory of stars. If certain stars are more blue than on one side it shows that either the entirety of space to moving and we're completely still, or were moving and so is the stars. However motion cannot be measured without a starting point and unfortunately there isn't such thing in space we can measure other than ourselves

      Jack evansJack evans6 dagen geleden
    • @NICK MERIX Sagnac rotated his apparatus at 2 RPS and used as large a ring of light with as large an area as he could fit on the table. Michelson and Morley split the light in narrow crosses with a very small area and slowly rotated 90 degrees since it was fixed to a huge granite block floating in a mercury trough. Even with the much faster rotation, the phase shift Sagnac observed was pretty subtle. Going back to Willoughby's earlier comment, Michelson and Morley were trying to measure with a largely inertial reference frame compared to Sagnac, whose experiment was nothing but a rotating frame. The issue remains that aether has been thoroughly disproven with the above and numerous other experiments, and special and general relativity have been shown to be accurate with every test thrown at them. GPS would not be nearly as accurate as it is without relativity, for example. Once you lose aether, and find that all inertial frames behave the same, you can't use those types of optical experiments to show earth's movement. You have to use other methods like redshift, which we regularly observe.

      RavaxrRavaxr10 dagen geleden
    • Willoughby Krenzteinburg im the drop out but it seems you are the one having issues understanding . Read what i wrote again . Since you want to use unicorns both the eather and length contraction fit that description since no-one has ever seen either

      NICK MERIXNICK MERIX11 dagen geleden
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      Геннадій КарускевичГеннадій Карускевич12 dagen geleden
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