HOW Did I Pull THE RAREST Trading Card?! | Opening a FULL Vintage Goblet of Fire Box by Artbox

16 mrt. 2021
55 399 Weergaven

Congratulations to Patrick Pilon! You have won the cards! Please leave a comment below with your email address. I will then email you for your info to send your cards. 😄
The Harry Potter Trading Card unboxing series is BACK WITH A BANG I CAN'T BELIEVE I PULLED THE RAREST CARD in the (no spoilers) category from this set... and another too! Let's open a very rare sealed box of Harry Potter trading cards by Artbox and see what we find! This is the Goblet of Fire set!
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  • WHY ARE YOU SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!

    Nehemia Marie EbonaNehemia Marie Ebona2 dagen geleden
  • Gary oldman did not play sirius black from prisoner od azkahban to deathly hallows, he died in order of the phoenix!!!!!!!!!

    Meliah CorbettMeliah Corbett9 dagen geleden
  • I like when he says “if you are new to the channel” because I am new and I had know idea what these cards are. 😁 thank you

    Maggie OrillionMaggie Orillion11 dagen geleden
    • Thank you.

      Maggie OrillionMaggie Orillion11 dagen geleden
    • Welcome!

      The Potter CollectorThe Potter Collector11 dagen geleden
  • You are so lucky. Gary Oldman is one of my all-time favorite actors!!

    Monker4444Monker444413 dagen geleden
  • You better frame that Gary Oldman card!!

    Bus Driver IanBus Driver Ian14 dagen geleden
  • I love his reaction when he pulls a special card 💪💪💪

    Steven KroonSteven Kroon15 dagen geleden
  • i wish you kinda layer out all the character and scene cards and just lanes over them it’d be cute :)

    Mercedes GazdaMercedes Gazda16 dagen geleden
    • laid out*

      Mercedes GazdaMercedes Gazda16 dagen geleden
  • happy for you king

    Mercedes GazdaMercedes Gazda16 dagen geleden
  • I’d definitely throw something if I pulled the Gary Oldman card

    Carlie PearcyCarlie Pearcy17 dagen geleden
  • Where do you get them at?

    Collin BCollin B19 dagen geleden
  • That looks so cool! I’m really curious where you got it? If you reply please do put the link in the reply!

    Willa LiWilla Li21 dag geleden
  • This is so exciting! Congrats Peter! I have Gary's autograph as well! He signed a photo (as Sirius) for me.

    H BH B23 dagen geleden
  • I have like 150+ sealed packs from Chamber of Secrets I've had for years, if you're interested. They came directly from sealed boxes, and they should have prop, auto and film cel hits. I bought several boxes a few years ago trying to hit a certain costume card (the only card in the set preventing me from having a master set), so I just opened the pack with the costume in each box (the costume is almost always in the same spot in the CoS set) and left the second hit. So there should be 8 or so hits left in the remaining packs, no costumes but props, autos, cels. Could make for a good video or videos as boxes are so hard to find and so expensive.

    Lando CalrissianLando Calrissian24 dagen geleden
    • @The Potter Collector No problem. I will send an email your way this upcoming weekend.

      Lando CalrissianLando Calrissian23 dagen geleden
    • Thank you for the offer! Can you email me here: or message me on Instagram @thepottercollector?

      The Potter CollectorThe Potter Collector24 dagen geleden
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  • 14:33 Thank me later

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  • 14:33 Thank me later

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  • 14:33 Thank me later

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  • I really hope I win this giveaway

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  • Are these in Australia

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  • Kind of BS that he couldn't be bothered to write an ACTUAL signature but instead just scribbled some nonsense. How lazy. Sweet pull though lol

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  • This is so much fun, I'm going to try and get my hands on one of these boxes

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  • Friendly reminder to post the giveaway winner! ⚡

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  • Some of those packs have the same cards in a similar order as other packs. It's not even that there's a bunch of duplicate cards, it's that there's almost duplicate packs.

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  • I hope I win the giveaway! Just binged the whole series lol. Keep up the good content!

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  • So glad you got an autographed card from Gary Oldman. It was so hard waiting from the 1st pack with the costume cars to the 2nd to last pack with the autograph card.

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  • Happy the use of my Liquid Luck was worth it😁🍀

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  • I have just started collecting Harry Potter. I am 54 yrs. young and love this channel. Oh... Thank you for your videos, they made my first Trip to Universal Studio's Harry Potter such a success. I love the package pickup service they have. I was a buying fool and that made it so convenient to shop or.. over shop.

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  • Hi! At Christmas I opened an artbox Goblet of Fire and got a Harry Potter film card and a Costume card of Emma Watson's costume, her beige pants she wore with her pink hoodie! We love your videos! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay Safe EVERYONE!!!!!!!

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