Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds - New Mechanical Beast +7 Facts YOU Should Know!!!

7 nov. 2017
79 256 Weergaven

The Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn is out today and promises more twists and turns for Aloy as she seeks to restore her world. Join the leaderboard as we explore some updates to gameplay, unpack the story (WARNING SPOILERS) the new setting, bigger machines and much more in 7 Horizon Zero dawn facts you should know.

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Researched by: Brandon Tyrie
Written by: Brandon Tyrie
Host: Darrian P. Mack
Edited by: David Lowe-Bianco
Graphics and Thumbnail by: Lauren Emory, Alexandria Batchelor
Programming Manager: Darrian P. Mack
Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury
Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen
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  • Boi i already finished my horizon zero dawn and the frozen wilds

    Roland Dheyn MerculioRoland Dheyn Merculio10 uur geleden
  • Its not a bear its Yetti

    Michael's ExplorationsMichael's Explorations15 dagen geleden
  • Not Lake POW-EL with two syllables, one long syllable, pronounced POWL. Sorry, not sorry

    Adam BlackAdam Black3 maanden geleden
  • Says 7 facts .. but gets the facts completely wrong

    noblackthundernoblackthunder3 maanden geleden
    • noblackthunder yeah because it wasn’t out yet

      Cookie CatCookie Cat2 maanden geleden
    • @Cookie Cat has nothing with dlc s todo.. he cleary made that video beforw he even played it

      noblackthundernoblackthunder3 maanden geleden
    • noblackthunder I believe this was made before the dlc came out. He got a surprising amount of this right though.

      Cookie CatCookie Cat3 maanden geleden
  • I only started playing Horizon Zero Dawn a few weeks ago and for the most part i'm really enjoying it. also £10 for the complete edition is such a awesome deal it was near impossible to resist

    Peter CalcuttPeter Calcutt6 maanden geleden
  • When you play frozen wilds the game doesn’t consider your game over because you still have a option to do the final mission

    SwimFreak 4SwimFreak 47 maanden geleden
  • First and last

    Bidz KhattabBidz Khattab7 maanden geleden
  • "Measly Human Prey"! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Da HTown HustlaDa HTown Hustla7 maanden geleden
  • The Thunderjaw is cute, and I have no problem taking it down. But *SPOILER* That Fireclaw is tough, and I’m level 67! (Max level plus 7 ghost levels)

    Matthew BerryMatthew Berry8 maanden geleden
  • Jezus like mission. Uhh no offence but if anything Aloy has nothing with religion. That is more then often shown. Especially during this DLC. Where she basically can choose to say to can the religious crap LOL. And you do get the Symbolism between the Thunderjaw and The Most powerfull machine in there right? Godzilla,Mecha godzilla and King Kong. Oops..never mind. Too soon lol.

    Marty WittenbergMarty Wittenberg8 maanden geleden
  • I think there will be 2 more expansions taking place in the "Forbidden West" of Shadow Carja and second "The Claim" of Oseram .

    INFØ PIYUSHINFØ PIYUSH8 maanden geleden
    • Forbidden west is a sequel, not expansion

      raul rojasraul rojas3 maanden geleden
  • Its funny I didnt know my game had frozen wilds included. So when I ended up in the doc when I wasn't even done with the game I was pretty excited. Now im well prepared for all the normal beast with my new bow and outfits hehe

    RoseWolfRoseWolf10 maanden geleden
  • I got the Complete Edition for $15 around 5 months ago

    Slidy OctaneSlidy Octane11 maanden geleden
  • The map is fckin huge...

    uselessuselessJaar geleden
  • I just wish for the possibility to own a house and decorate it with trophies, like parts of the machines. And the possibility to call overwrite machines to move around a little, since now they stay and don't help much.

    AlfredussAlfredussJaar geleden
  • I wonder how other remaining people all over the world deals with surviving along with the machines other than the descendant of the "Americans"

    Tambay SuhvahaiTambay SuhvahaiJaar geleden
  • It's a bear

    djisdemonicdjisdemonicJaar geleden
  • This game rocks

    Jose HernandezJose HernandezJaar geleden
  • Your review was fun to watch. However one misnomer, the springs are not deadly if Aloy were to go swimming in them. The rest of it was accurate. I can't stop playing the game.

    Sylenz FSylenz FJaar geleden
  • I got the game of the year edition new at GameStop for 20 bucks and it’s so worth it!

    Adam CisnerosAdam CisnerosJaar geleden
  • But they already have bear like machines in the game

    cook ryan11cook ryan11Jaar geleden
  • That machines called a "frozenclaw"

    James StoufferJames StoufferJaar geleden
  • You are awesome! Thank you, to always share your knowledge with us

    Felipe MartinsFelipe MartinsJaar geleden
  • They are not dinosaurs. Only one is shaped like a dinosaur. The rest are shaped like animals.

    Al BrownAl Brown2 jaar geleden
  • You gave no useful info, just a geography lesson dude...

    Mia KayMia Kay2 jaar geleden
  • No-one 100% this in two days.

    Atom StormAtom Storm2 jaar geleden
  • Scorchers, Frostpaws, and specially the FIRECLAWS is a massive pain in the ass!!!

    Xyrticius Yloien DiswardXyrticius Yloien Disward2 jaar geleden
  • I bought it last summer for 40 sold it on ebay for 30. Now I just bought the complete edition for 20 bucks lol

    ArtyCuzArtyCuz2 jaar geleden
  • It a fire claw it has more health then a thunder jaw and no weapon you can shoot off it is really strong

    Kevin TranKevin Tran2 jaar geleden
  • Watching while extremely hyped for the rest of the game (holding off on story missions while doing all the side-stuff). Thanks for the spoiler warning, much appreciated :D

    LegendaryLegendary2 jaar geleden
  • I think it’s time for a little more DLC. I can’t wait 2 more years for HZD 2!

    Kelly PaganoKelly Pagano2 jaar geleden
  • "Unsolved by the base game" That is factually incorrect. It is explained & solved.

    Gamer RantGamer Rant2 jaar geleden
  • For a Dutch developer they sure ace their American geography!

    IntermezzoIntermezzo2 jaar geleden
  • Also ya know it literally says Yellowstone in game multiple times throughout the journey

    Apparently AtomApparently Atom2 jaar geleden
  • not only does the complete edition save them money and get them frozen wilds, they also receive two armor sets for Aloy and other bonus content..... I bought Horizon while it was still 79.99 CAD. Plus the Frozen Wilds.... TT--TT

    SnowxXxAngelSnowxXxAngel2 jaar geleden
  • Brilliant video! Subbed xoxo

    Jasmine CawthorneJasmine Cawthorne2 jaar geleden
  • Good video! Nerd alert moment though; Hephaestus and the other functions were not AIs. The mysterious signal that corrupted Hades into an AI of a chaotic nature and did the same to the other functions. Without Gaia, as an AI, to tell Hephaestus to behave and let humans do as they do, Hephaestus can only follow its primitive design; make machines as instructed and do everything to protect them. It doesn’t view humans like a disease to the planet, only as a threat to its machines, which is why it works to eliminate them. *promptly sits in the loneliest corner of HZD Nerdom*

    Connor NortonConnor Norton3 jaar geleden
  • It's clearly a bear

    Shogun FuryShogun Fury3 jaar geleden
    • Ida Rosnes It's a machine, not a animal, any machine could jump this high

      HBDiniz _10HBDiniz _102 jaar geleden
    • Ida Rosnes No it's shape is like a bear. It doesn't resemble a frog in any aspect. It even stands on it's hind legs. Which a bear does & frogs can't. As for jumping; bears can, but the game exaggerates it like 300%.

      Gamer RantGamer Rant2 jaar geleden
    • No its. Clearly a frog i play the game and have 100 on the achievments and the game and dlc and hvy couldnt he see tath it jumped very hig a bear probably couldnt do tath or could it :():()

      Ida RosnesIda Rosnes2 jaar geleden
  • I completed Frozen wilds and I was happy with it. As the Leaderboard said, I was happy with the substance in this. For example most the time I pay 15.00 to get some random missions and maybe some weapons added to a original game. However the Frozen Wilds added a new section of the map. Because of this I have made a NG+ in very hard and am going to run the entire game over again with this new content. (New Game + loadout is also a very neat idea that I was happy with.) I can play the game again as many times as I want and I can keep the items and time I put into Aloy's levels and weapons, armor, mods etc... Horizon (Zero Dawn) was probably one of my favorite original storylines I have seen in a LONG time! Honestly If they wanted to keep releasing these new area's I would keep getting all of them. The game leaves so many questions unanswered and so many people still in peril. I believe this game could keep on going for a long time to come. As long as they wanna keep adding to the story I will keep updating it. What can I say, I am hooked on this game.

    Sheldon CollinsSheldon Collins3 jaar geleden
    • reminds me of the dragonborn and dawnguard dlc's they add new areas (solstheim and the soul carin) aswell as a huge storyline, the ability to become a vampire and heaps of weapons The Frozen Wilds is really good for a dlc of its price

      OndirOndir2 jaar geleden
    • Sheldon Collins ive been on the fence about the dlc but everyone says its amazing so i think ill get it as i absolutely love the base game

      Pvt. PrinnyPvt. Prinny2 jaar geleden
  • im sad this is the first and only dlc but that means hzd 2

    Ironic CookiesIronic Cookies3 jaar geleden
    • Ironic Cookies yeah i hope it will still be on ps4 i dont think these amazing graphics need much improving anytime soon

      Pvt. PrinnyPvt. Prinny2 jaar geleden
  • just fyi aloy will mention the dlc during some story missions in the base game

    wanneswannes3 jaar geleden
  • Ngl, the DLC was not good as the base game. Just feels like a go to X get Y kill Z quest with a new hunting ground. Also, SPOILER ALERT, the base game did a great job explaining Aloy's past, you just weren't paying attention because it tells you everything closer to the end. You were created by GAIA to stop Hades from destroying the planet. Zero Dawn and Gaia was created to allow life to exist after the Faro robots are disabled. Elizabet Sobek was the lead director of Zero Dawn and she gave her life so that life itself could prevail after the Faro robots destroy the planet and Gaia repopulates the biosphere. It tells you everything about Aloy's past and origin. Not Sylens though and other characters as well

    Slav3_EdgeSlav3_Edge3 jaar geleden
  • The machine is a fireclaw or a frostclaw

    ducky duckducky duck3 jaar geleden
  • Can anyone confirm if you get a different experience if you don’t play this DLC post-game? I lost my final save game and was forced to access and complete this DLC from a new game plus session without completing the core game. I ask because certain elements are not familiar to Aloy because in my game she hadn’t run into the Banuk, or solved the big mystery and had no knowledge of Project Zero Dawn when she ventured into this new region at the earliest opportunity.

    lambo2655lambo26553 jaar geleden
    • The DLC is rated for level 30+. So any save you have from that time frame will work. It doesn't have to be the auto-save on the road to Meridian.

      Shawn GilloglyShawn Gillogly3 jaar geleden
  • LMAO!! did you just prounce lake Powell as "pow well"? Hahahaha you must not be from Arizona. It's pronounced Pow-wool.

    Matt JMatt J3 jaar geleden
  • Devils-tower is an ancien tree. Pre-flood

    Milio CaboMilio Cabo3 jaar geleden
  • Only the thunderjaw is shaped like a dinosaur -_-

    LyncLync3 jaar geleden
    • bellowback? everything except the large sack on its back is similar to a baryonyx

      OndirOndir2 jaar geleden
    • Shawn Gillogly and the tallneck which is based on a sauropod without a tail.

      Luis RiveraLuis Rivera2 jaar geleden
    • Watchers are Raptors. Snapmaws are based on reptiles that are virtually unchanged from that era (save their size was larger).

      Shawn GilloglyShawn Gillogly3 jaar geleden
  • Also...as a Horizon veteran, I would think you would understand why the Thunderjaws and nastier machines were made. He didn't decide that humanity was a disease. When GAIA destroyed herself it caused the Derangement which saw machines becoming more ferocious. This causes humans to attack them more, which lead to Hephaestus to make more aggressive machines such as the Sawtooth and Thunderjaw to defend the machines made to remake the environment. He didn't just decide humanity was worth destroying, there were events going into it. That is why the records of the Sawtooth are only two decades old, because they started right after the Derangement. This is what contributed to the Sun King raiding and sacrificing more in the Red Raids, because he sought to appease the new machines and their hostility by offering sacrifices to the Sun.

    blutosam12blutosam123 jaar geleden
    • That is incorrect. Hepheastus took action when it saw Humans destroying the machines it was building. The Derangement is not a derangement at all. That is how primitive humanity sees it. Not knowing the AI's even exist. It is Hepheastus designing the robots to kill humans to protect the machines. Humans except for Aloy & perhaps Sylens are aware of that. For the rest they are ingrained into their very culture. Not knowing they are part of maintaining the earths ecosystem. Apollo was destroyed containing all of human history and culture. When the other sub system were set free from Gaia through Hades they basically became their own masters. Cyan explains that Hepheastus was trying to take over Cauldrons to make machines to hunt humans. The Sawtooth was simply one of the first machines designed to protect other machines and hunt humans. But it does not want to see Humanity exterminated like Hades does. Gaia was the prime system overseeing the others making sure they worked properly. When they were set free they started to deviate and spin out of control. Still not all of them are evil nor good. They are AI's and it is proven they understand the concept of emotions. Hate,Fear,Love etc. And the Sun King had gone insane.

      Marty WittenbergMarty Wittenberg8 maanden geleden
  • What about her past was unsolved from the base game? You learned who her "Mother" was. What she is. Why she is born. What the hope was in having her alive. I thought the base game answered this really nicely.

    blutosam12blutosam123 jaar geleden
    • @Mia Kay nope there's what the signal that activated Hades

      TenakuTenaku4 maanden geleden
    • None.

      Mia KayMia Kay2 jaar geleden
    • Agreed, I would like to know this as well. If OP is talking about something I don't know yet, I would LIKE to know. Which questions remained unanswered?

      LegendaryLegendary2 jaar geleden
  • Its Yellowstone.

    Angry Birdz6Angry Birdz63 jaar geleden
  • I live in Canada and I spent 97$ for the game and 32$ for the dlc

    Tarik BensalemTarik Bensalem3 jaar geleden
    • MeSaDrums mah dude this was a Walmart 😂😫

      Tarik BensalemTarik Bensalem3 jaar geleden
    • Well you got ripped off then, cause I paid nothing close to that

      MeSaDrumsMeSaDrums3 jaar geleden
  • Those Fireclaws are serious!! I jumped right into the Frozen Wilds on my previous new game+ ultra hard save. Damn did I make sure I was getting a challenge! I've got to the point where I have done everything except Ikrie's Challenge and the hunting trials because these are absolutely insane on ultra hard mode. Gonna take some time to clear them. One big bit of advice for those getting whacked hard by the Claws.. use hardpoint and tearblast arrows from range to knock off the freeze/fire sacs on their bellies, then you can get in closer and use high impact blast weapons like the new weapons or the blast slings etc. Works a treat. Amazing dlc for the money. Even with the full package release next month, I don't begrudge paying what I have so far. Had the main game at launch and the dlc preordered, and will say I have had many times my money's worth already.

    St mDSt mD3 jaar geleden
  • One of the best games of the past years

    Paulo Briff CadoPaulo Briff Cado3 jaar geleden
  • Really hoping for a second dlc as this was amazing and worth every penny

    tom kartom kar3 jaar geleden
    • tom kar i think the next will be horizon 2 because they already released complete edition with this dlc

      Pvt. PrinnyPvt. Prinny2 jaar geleden
  • Dude aloys past was explained clearly during the base game I think you mean Elizabeth Sobeck who is I guess you could say aloys previous life

    Bhakti ShikiBhakti Shiki3 jaar geleden
    • Master Zexus thats not what he talks about. He says that aloys past wasnt explained fully in the base game, which is completely wrong. You find out exactly who she is and why she was created, and this whole jesus quest thing he talks about is so off the mark its insulting to that fairy tale

      BitchFit GamerBitchFit Gamer3 jaar geleden
    • Yeah thats for Sylens and Hades. But the mystery behind Aloy and her past WAS answered in the base game. I thought the same when he made that comment in the video.

      blutosam12blutosam123 jaar geleden
    • Bhakti Shiki We were left on a cliffhanger at the end of the game with Hades and Sylens. The game isn't finished as we can see since there's many questions to be answered.

      Mr_ValdusMr_Valdus3 jaar geleden
  • I've heard it's the ONLY expansion they are gonna do.... Which makes me sad.

    wesley adamswesley adams3 jaar geleden
    • wesley adams don't be sad ..they will bring a second game

      Vasilis MVasilis M3 jaar geleden
  • that devils tower thing looks like a tree stump wait was it a tree stump

    Roosting-ChickenRoosting-Chicken3 jaar geleden
  • Minerva isn't a Greek Goddess, she's Roman

    MythicLadyMythicLady3 jaar geleden
    • Yeah you're right. The Greek Goddess equivalent is Athena.

      Original493Original4932 jaar geleden
  • D

    Tiffany MagwoodTiffany Magwood3 jaar geleden
  • i buyed it but selled it again becaus i neded mony but mayby i just buy the complet edition at some point in january

    Pascal FernandesPascal Fernandes3 jaar geleden
    • I think you should first buy a dictionary.

      Original493Original4932 jaar geleden
  • I knew it would be Yellowstone. Especially when they said it would be to the north

    Kelly PaganoKelly Pagano3 jaar geleden
  • Aloy is one of my favorite characters of the last 10 years.

    Kelly PaganoKelly Pagano3 jaar geleden
    • Keri Harguess don’t forget Charles

      ImamazingImamazing6 maanden geleden
    • @Kelly Pagano Aloy and Rost, Ellie and Joel, and Arthur Morgan!

      Keri HarguessKeri Harguess7 maanden geleden
  • You wont die from swimming in the springs in the game

    Sim YHannSim YHann3 jaar geleden
    • Cuz its a game... maybe it isn't as hot after however many centuries had passed?

      SnowxXxAngelSnowxXxAngel2 jaar geleden
    • Sim Yian Hann if it's too hot

      Denis PasilanDenis Pasilan3 jaar geleden
    • In the game you can find data points that explains that the springs was cooled down with a method that keeps the iconic discoloration.

      Márk VágvölgyiMárk Vágvölgyi3 jaar geleden
  • Machines can’t taste blood

    CliffTurboCliffTurbo3 jaar geleden
  • precious info thnx man.

    Francesco SpycherFrancesco Spycher3 jaar geleden
  • You sir are smart, LOL

    Marlon RodriguezMarlon Rodriguez3 jaar geleden
  • 2nd

    OG The VampireOG The Vampire3 jaar geleden
  • This is top notch research and presentation of said research. Both of you should be proud. The wealth of knowledge and presentation of that knowledge had me hooked only a few minutes into the video. Great work, all.

    gilgocogilgoco3 jaar geleden
    • He could do better. He got some pretty vital information wrong in this video that I wouldn't expect from a self styled "veteran." Aloy's past is answered thoroughly in the base game. You know who her mother is, why she is alive, what the hope for her was, why she didn't have a mother, what her relation to the past is, etc. The cliffhangers of the first game are not revolved around Aloy. They are: Who sent the signal to make GAIA's subroutines self aware? What is Sylens going to do with HADES? How was he able to get HADES to the lantern (was it through his spear modification or...?). Is Sylens going to repeat the same issues for the sake of knowledge? (He alludes to this in the base game saying he'd do things again just with more safeguards). So it leads to wondering will Sylens become an antagonist in some manner. Also, the reason for creation of the more ferocious machines is completely wrong in his summation. Hephaestus didn't just decide humanity was a disease to destroy. Hephaestus performed its subroutine as planned. When GAIA destroyed herself, it caused the Derangement, which lead to the machines becoming more hostile. This increased hostility lead to humans attacking the machines more, which then in turn lead Hephaestus to creating more combat machines to PROTECT the environment machines. That is why the records of the Sawtooth are only two decades old, because they started right after the Derangement. This is what contributed to the Sun King raiding and sacrificing more in the Red Raids, because he sought to appease the new machines and their hostility by offering sacrifices to the Sun.

      blutosam12blutosam123 jaar geleden
  • Listen to the audio file, characters from the old world actually say Yellowstone several times

    Stuyan TStuyan T3 jaar geleden
  • When you get a frozen wilds ad on a frozen wilds video.

    TronikkTronikk3 jaar geleden
  • Anyone want to buy my standard copy so that I can afford the game of the year version?

    Cody MavickCody Mavick3 jaar geleden
  • It's also not getting anymore dlc 🤷‍♂️

    Malcolm PiggottMalcolm Piggott3 jaar geleden
  • I'll watch after I complete. Thanks for the spoiler warning. All I need to know is if it's still awesome

    lisquidsnakelisquidsnake3 jaar geleden
    • I've played it and actually, I didn't think there was a lot of spoilers. If you dealt with the Babuk during a side quest in the Banuk camp on the main map you kinda knew what they were like. Even more so if you struck up conversations with the Banuk just standing around. According to them, they were all great machine hunters, cultist and story tellers.

      BillrBillr3 jaar geleden
  • I see yellowstones on horizon zero dawn and I see volcano it was so big volcano 🌋 I want there on the frozen wilds

    Sade RaiderMcgriffSade RaiderMcgriff3 jaar geleden
  • Yes! More lore to soak up!

    RoseOfTheNight4444RoseOfTheNight44443 jaar geleden
  • I'm going to be one of those late adopters. So excited to play it though :)

    Josef BarkerJosef Barker3 jaar geleden
    • Josef Plays Games this is the only game I've cared to platinum. The game is great man.

      RoRo3 jaar geleden
  • 99th

    cup_ the_godcup_ the_god3 jaar geleden
  • Got platinum and beat it on ultra-hard mode. Can’t wait to complete this DLC to 100%

    JoanneJoanne3 jaar geleden
  • 11th

    CSW 0CSW 03 jaar geleden
  • a mecha yogi and mecha boo boo

    space marinespace marine3 jaar geleden
  • I just purchased the base game 2 days ago and it's finally finished downloading (ugh I hate how long you have to wait to play modern games) and I'm about to dive into it. If it's good I may get the expansion. I love the concept so it'll probably depend on how the game feels to play for whether or not I'm down for an extended stay.

    Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite -Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite -3 jaar geleden
    • am you could just have bought the physical copy. right?

      John Carl De los SantosJohn Carl De los Santos3 jaar geleden
    • The game is smooth and beautiful. Don't forget to play around with the photo mode.

      BillrBillr3 jaar geleden
  • All this expansion dlc for 20$ thats rare!

    • JEDI MASTER YODA I paid $14.99 for it and it has 15-20 plus hours of DLC...! StarWars BF2 has 4-5 hours of a campaign mode and it cost $60 bucks and loot boxes

      Born AgainBorn Again3 jaar geleden
    • 15 bucks if you preordered.

      BillrBillr3 jaar geleden
    • JEDI MASTER YODA This and Witcher 3 have the best dlc for the price. Now just waiting for the BOTW $20 expansion and see if that is a value as well.

      ND 84ND 843 jaar geleden
  • Ha ha jk 2nd

    Vinnie EngelVinnie Engel3 jaar geleden
  • 4th

    Vinnie EngelVinnie Engel3 jaar geleden
  • Are you excited to continue Aloy's journey??? Sound off in comments below and don’t forget to tell us which game you want us to cover next!! You can continue the conversation with us on Discord (The Leaderboard Fam): discord.gg/ddnfPwH

    The LeaderboardThe Leaderboard3 jaar geleden
    • The Leaderboard Aloy find out she is a clone of the one created the AI to save the life on the planet

      DanjusticeDanjustice2 jaar geleden
    • The Leaderboard just wanna point out hephestis wasn't the one responsible for creating the evil machines. It was HADES please check your facts!!!

      Terry SmithTerry Smith2 jaar geleden
    • The Leaderboard I have a question how big is the map for this dlc?

      JB GamingJB Gaming3 jaar geleden
  • First

    thatonecosmonautthatonecosmonaut3 jaar geleden