Horizon Zero Dawn Review | The Completionist

8 dec. 2017
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Horizon Zero Dawn has been on my radar for a long time, and now that the Horizon DLC The Frozen Wilds is out, I better sit down to review and complete!
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Aloy is a nimble and deadly accurate ranger in this strange world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Humans live in tribes while robotic beasts rule the land. As an outcast with mysterious origins, you travel the world seeking answers and, of course, loot! Raised by your father figure Rost, he teaches you from your first hunt to preparing for the Proving. But, the secrets of the All-Mother are starting to unfold when you come across a piece of technology that shows you a new way of looking at the world and the metal beasts.
What you'll notice in my Horizon Zero Dawn review is that the gameplay is amazingly fluid. You dissect and predict attacks from enemies using your bow with all the arrow combinations and playstyles you have equipped as you fight in real time.
The Frozen Wilds is the first Horizon Zero Dawn DLC and you go beyond the mountains into the territory of the Banuk with new weapons and creatures. Also new in The Frozen Wilds, the skill tree has been updated with more utility options that really can help you with your resources. Horizon Zero Dawn is a PS4 exclusive by Guerilla Games.
Let me know what you thought of my Horizon Zero Dawn review!
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  • As an update to this video - minutes after it went live, I was given access to the Horizon Zero Dawn theme for getting platinum trophy. I ended up having to create a new game save file to get the achievements to proc.

    The CompletionistThe Completionist3 jaar geleden
    • I got to level 60 before beating the game like I think before the bandit camp sylens has you go to I also beat a thunderjaw before reaching meridian but I also killed like 100+ sawtooths never fast traveled and always fought what I saw and I learned to hate sparkers fav machine rock breakers fun to fight fun to barely dodge a freight train with teeth I enjoy challenges just like the best bl2 charcter zer0

      Chris MorrisChris Morris9 maanden geleden
    • @Colton Van Driesen You have to get the platinum which is really hard to get

      AlyaAlya10 maanden geleden
    • @Claudiu Schinteie Nothing.

      angelbless45angelbless4510 maanden geleden
    • I liked the game, but sometimes the world felt kinda "empty" on some cases. And for the sequel I'd REALLY like them to tone down the whole "minoritites/LGBT/Pro Feminazi/anti white male" political script, by the end of the game it was getting too ridiculous to the point of a parody.

      PirateChestPirateChest10 maanden geleden
    • angelbless45 Because I got the platinum yesterday and I was thinking if I can still grt the theme

      Claudiu SchinteieClaudiu Schinteie10 maanden geleden
  • your intro is amazing

    mattmanmv13mattmanmv1312 uur geleden
  • What I also like about Aloy, is she isn't a butch woke lesbian. This is how you do a strong female lead.

    Dusk AngelDusk Angel2 dagen geleden
  • There's No Better Feeling Than Killing A Frigging Thunderjaw . Well , I Am Wrong . There IS A Better Feeling Than Killing Thunderjaw , Killing The REDMAW

    INFØ PIYUSHINFØ PIYUSH4 dagen geleden
  • Redhead Redemption

    Disco VolanteDisco Volante4 dagen geleden
  • To fans of HZD, i recommend Pinhead9's combat reels.Fancy fighting and you'll the gameplay mechanics taken to the maximum.

    leonardleonard5 dagen geleden
  • Played the game and I loved it alot but I really dislike the facial features. Characters that try to be emotional and show it in face are welp they still have cold stone faces. If there screaming or being angry sad or whatever it doesn't show unless its an important quest or the main mission. The rest is just meh. Small complain., the game is great to me cx

    jonathan mendezjonathan mendez7 dagen geleden
  • shame on me.. i figured out on the end of my new game + ultra hardmode run that the collectibles were shown on the compass if you were near them

    NeniNeni8 dagen geleden
  • I played the game through once, didn't platinum it yet and have maybe 3/4 of the datalogs and my end time was a little over 129 hours... Lol I'm slow

    ranes fallranes fall9 dagen geleden
  • no guns lol. within like, 40m you're wielding a chaingun.

    Perfect_RainPerfect_Rain10 dagen geleden
  • I'm not a fan of this game.

    King Quan GamingKing Quan Gaming12 dagen geleden
  • They should have used Marilyn Manson's "Mechanical Animals" for the soundtrack of this game 🤣🤣

    Mack in BlackMack in Black19 dagen geleden
  • The PBG shirt

    TheBlueSuperDudeTheBlueSuperDude19 dagen geleden
  • This game just didnt hold me, I played for 40 hours and just forgot what the story was even about. Hunting bots was annoying because everything is aim based, theres no killing animations that allow close combat and that narrowed the engagements to constant shooting. The lack of a companion in this large of a game is extremely lackluster. It feel likes Monster Hunter but with a more lengthy story and less mobility. Id honestly sell my copy, if it wasnt digital.

    The Great BergamoThe Great Bergamo20 dagen geleden
  • Wat do u mean she nailed it, she sounds so generic, nothing bad but nothing unique either. Sounds like anyone else

    L .BL .B20 dagen geleden
  • From 2 weeks ago i begin playing this game on PC finally this game come to pc for the people who dont have playstation

    Big Boy AnimationBig Boy Animation22 dagen geleden
  • I love that dk country theme sing plays during a video on guerilla games

    Kyle AckersonKyle Ackerson22 dagen geleden
  • When in doubt about which weapon to use for which beast... use a slingshot with grenades... many grenades :)

    Razvan ZamfirRazvan Zamfir23 dagen geleden
  • Don't get me wrong HZD is my favorite game pretty much ever but I don't think anything is wrong with games that have fan service

    MTG 102MTG 10226 dagen geleden
  • Dont use cheat or traine, u ll lost the adrenalin

    bod4 gamebod4 game27 dagen geleden
  • I watched part of this vid a year ago, I decided to finish it though. Immediately I heard this: 3:43

    ratonheliumratonhelium29 dagen geleden
  • I don’t own a ps4 but I am planning on getting a ps5 and I will get this game with it

    Blaziken KnightBlaziken KnightMaand geleden
  • I just finished this game, and just wow. This story is so thought provoking. The gameplay(besides the horse riding) is so freaking good. The set pieces are incredible. The world is beautiful and begs to be explored. Top 3 games of all time for me.

    Regeneration NationRegeneration NationMaand geleden
  • The completionist: She is very deep. Borat: very niceee

    J HJ HMaand geleden
  • 6:50 "her skills are questioned because of her gender." Really? I've finished 50% of the game so far and I've not noticed much of that. More instances of "I don't know you, thus I question your skills" than anything. And even a good bit of "oh, we know who you are, that's why we're talking to you." Thrown in. Most I've seen was from the Hunters Lodge and that was just the one guy. There's occasional npc talk of "a woman leading the lodge now?!" But that's it. Admittedly I'm only about half way through and there may be more, but so far there's barely anything there. Unless you're referring to people calling her "girl" what seems like a majority of the time. But I don't see that as a "your skills are in question because of your gender."

    rainynight02rainynight02Maand geleden
  • "and there's no guns?!" So... you didn't Actually PLAY the game?

    LooniperLooniperMaand geleden
  • Games like this and RDR2 I feel don't get the hype they deserve. I mean hype like Minecraft or GTA. It's sad. 😔

    VorcefulSynceVorcefulSynceMaand geleden
  • Shame he didn't carry the squirrel bones joke through the entire video.

    Jordan VieiraJordan VieiraMaand geleden
  • The combat is fantastic, but the story is predictable and Aloy is a Mary Sue

    KeatonKingKeatonKingMaand geleden
    • Oh here we go again. How did Neo, Anakin Skywalker and John Wick earn their tremendous power? Lots more Gary Stus in Western media than Mary Sues.

      Jason NesmithJason NesmithMaand geleden
  • my two most recent games are two PC ports, RDR2 and HZD. I can't decide which is more beautiful, and have settled on the fact that one is realism natural ambient beautiful, the other is eye popping fantasy extravaganza beautiful. I love games.

    kshamwhizzlekshamwhizzleMaand geleden
  • I have to say... watching this in 2020 I dont think the gripe about Aloy talking to herself is valid as I've recently found out that if you spend a lot of time by yourself that habit tends to develop naturally.

    Germz4UGermz4UMaand geleden
  • When you consider that the actress who played Ygritte is also Scottish nobility, you can probably throw in Merida (red haired Scottish royalty who's into archery) to make a red haired female archer trifecta.

    Caldad ExtraCaldad ExtraMaand geleden
  • "And the fact that theres a strong female protagonist thats not *overtly sexualized*" bruh do u see how thiccc they made Aloy's ass? I get hard every time I play Horizen because of it

    deadly jeffdeadly jeffMaand geleden
  • Most people talking about Thunderjaws and Rockbreakers but guys Fireclaws are the thing!!!

    Zeeshan KadriZeeshan KadriMaand geleden
  • He lookin real dummy bout the sequel now

    Rugger BoyRugger BoyMaand geleden
  • What I like about this protagonist is that she has dimensions,you can tell that she wasn't just thrown into the game so that the gaming company could get oppression points,she's not a Rey or a Captain Marvel she's an actually interesting character that just so happens to be a female...

    mr slashermr slasherMaand geleden
  • I love Zelda BOTW and all.. But I wished HZD, if not both, won the GOTY for 2017. Although I guess those small, sometimes hidden details and gameplay mechanics nintendo placed in the game made all the difference why they won. But story and gameplay/combat wise I have to go with HZD.

    Rai ChanRai ChanMaand geleden
  • 8:40 you didnt see the post credits cutscene

    Martin SMartin S2 maanden geleden
  • Talking to my sister about this game, she clued me in to the fact that, somehow, most of her friends that finished this game viewed Sobek as the villain. I couldn't wrap my brain around where they would come to that conclusion. The concept broke me.

    Silence BurnsSilence Burns2 maanden geleden
  • I always through Aloy more resembled Evangeline Lilly’s Tauriel character from The Hobbit movies.

    Doomy McDoomersonDoomy McDoomerson2 maanden geleden
  • Favorite platinum I’ve ever got. So hyped for forbidden west

    Dan BruechertDan Bruechert2 maanden geleden
  • wait.... Aloy and Tiny Tina are the same voice actor? How did I not notice this before????!!!!

    Matthew BriffaMatthew Briffa2 maanden geleden
  • My favourite thing about thr game is.. you have to walk 10 thousand miles just to talk to a NPC. And also you always feel unwanted by the villagers in the game, u can't kill them either.

    Sirish GiSirish Gi2 maanden geleden
  • Mam, ets just me bow!

    ClicintClicint2 maanden geleden
  • Aloy talking to herself was easily the most annoying part of this game. She has something to say every time you take a step, and when you do missions with NPCs... "Hey, do this. Do this. Do this. Do this. Hey, don't forget to do this. You haven't done this yet. Do this." I constantly felt like the game thought i was too stupid to remember I need to hack THE GIANT GLOWING DOOR WITH THE MAP MARKER ON IT and had to remind me every ten seconds to make sure I don't forget. Besides that, amazing game. So happy it's on PC and I can finally play it.

    HoiPolloiNtertainsHoiPolloiNtertains2 maanden geleden
  • The only issue I have with this game is how Aloy and the AI characters move. Aloy on foot or riding a machine is tricky at best, not very fluid. The AI characters you need to follow during missions seem to not know where they are going or move too slow. The loading time when fast traveling on my PS4 Pro is at a snails pace and I cant wait to see how the PS5 handles the newest installment. Should be interesting.

    Jub JubJub Jub2 maanden geleden
  • My Aloy is a good person, but I killed that Olin asshole when the time came to decide his fate. His actions caused the death of Rost and I cannot abide the murder of my foster dad.

    Jub JubJub Jub2 maanden geleden
  • I would love a Killzone remake of the original games...I love and miss them.

    Jub JubJub Jub2 maanden geleden
  • Who still looks at reviews, after buying n playing it?

    Carl HIRSTCarl HIRST2 maanden geleden
  • So I am currently playing this game, got it to prolly 55-60% completed storywise only. I really wanted to like this game. Combat is engaging but the boring and costant exposition is very boring and uninspired. The lore and the story istelf is actually quite interesting but it's just the way it's given to the player that I find conventional and just... Meh. The camera angles during interactions with NPCs also feel generic, not very engaging. Having said that, I am enjoying the game, but it's just that's something missing. Can't quite put my finger on it

    Leandro RLeandro R2 maanden geleden
  • Completionist: “and no guns!” Vala and Bast: hmmm... well this is awkward...

    BassPower13BassPower133 maanden geleden
  • RIP Ted :(

    LeafairLeafair3 maanden geleden
  • That's kind of weird about the trophies, I didn't have any issues with any unlocking and I ended up with the Platinum on this game. Its one of the only 4 Platinum's I've gotten in 14 years of PS3 and PS4, and considering the difficulty of the game itself, I'm surprised I was able to get it. I'm just thankful the developers didn't make collecting all the data a trophy, that would have been a deal breaker. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, even if it did have a few little nit picky issues for me, mainly the close quarter combat a bit lacking and the ability of the machines to close gaps super fast and you get trapped rolling out of the way into some walls or something and when you try to use your bow in close quarters you get camera issues on the terrain. You definitely got to keep your distance from machines. That and a few little pacing issues with too many machines right on the road in the starter areas too. Road is supposed to be a safe zone (mostly) and yet it almost never is in this game.

    lwvmobilelwvmobile3 maanden geleden
  • This past week I finally completed Horizon Zero Dawn. I probably never would have even played it without this video. Thanks for the great content Mr. Complitionist

    Simon HarvarionSimon Harvarion3 maanden geleden
  • Ok let me be clear. I love all the consoles, I'm not tryna choose sides. I think you should keep a handheld Nintendo console, a pc or laptop to play pc only games, and choose either an Xbox or PS. I love Xbox because they have Halo and fable, that's about it. I love ps4 for all the better and more exclusives it has against xbox, and I prefer their controller. So if it were my decision I would have an xbox, ps4, switch, and PC. But if your on a budget then get a ps4, switch only.

    Big CatBig Cat3 maanden geleden
  • I'm having masive amounts of trouble with this game. I feel like I'm getting absolutely dominated by everything I fight. Humans included. I can't keep track of where the weak points are on every enemy, which arrows to use, how to effective dodge. I don't even feel like I'm learning how to fight better. I'm just utterly confused.

    Michael BugnerMichael Bugner3 maanden geleden
  • Two people in the entire game dismiss her capabilites as a warrior because of her sex. Talking about making an elephant out of a mosquito...

    IllustrathorIllustrathor3 maanden geleden
  • Late, but, if you get good stealth mods for the Banuk stealth gear, you become practically invisible even right next to machines and people. It is insane how sneaky you become.

    blarrrggblarrrgg3 maanden geleden
  • There are no squirrels in this game noob.

    Papaver Somniferum ?Papaver Somniferum ?3 maanden geleden
  • Again I don’t know how many people said this but I still wish that the sequel was for the PlayStation 4 but it’s not ☹️

    Jacob AdamsJacob Adams3 maanden geleden
  • Tearblasts do damage. Corruption doesnt you're right humans were intnetionally designed to be less threatening than the machines so there could be greater focus on the derangement. there was even a scrapped concept to have enemies ride machines but devs felt that too would take away from how imposing the machines are. here's hoping they revive the concept in forbidden west also always interesting to see different playstyles. i found the forager skill tree least useful beyond the first couple last thing, i have the complete edition which came with the dlc, extra skill tree and a maxed out level cap right from the start. didn't realize until almost the endgame, where i already had everything that the last row of the skill tree and levels beyond 50 were not native to the base game. wonder how the experience would differ for those who got the game near launch and had to return for the dlc. especially since i did the dlc about 3/4 through the main game making for a major challenge, but upon beating it, making me super OP by the time i got to the final boss lol

    Max IsenbergMax Isenberg3 maanden geleden
  • The ending is pretty much open. After credit scene? Anyone?

    kashkash3 maanden geleden
  • Lol Nora the explorer

    Evanx373Evanx3733 maanden geleden
  • 4k on the pro? this video is false advertising. just so everyone is informed... Buy on pc but be warned you will nee 2080ti for 4k 60fps

    B SB S3 maanden geleden
  • Talking to yourself isn't that unusual for some. As long as you're just thinking out load and aren't hearing another voice, you're good.

    Bthsr71Bthsr713 maanden geleden
  • The humans are numerous though, and easy enough to actually sneak up on. When I try to sneak up on machines it can turn into a dog pile.

    Bthsr71Bthsr713 maanden geleden
  • Yeah the only thing I hated was the continuous animal murder. When the animals are so boring to kill and so hard to get the thing you want out of it's very tedious

    Spoons McGee JrSpoons McGee Jr3 maanden geleden
  • I didnt like this game it was so repetitive and a mixed of many games also I hate alloy.

    Antonio SanfuentesAntonio Sanfuentes3 maanden geleden
    • @Nasty Bedazzler I don't know she was like so mean and flat

      Antonio SanfuentesAntonio Sanfuentes3 maanden geleden
    • You hate alloy? That's such a weird thing to hate.

      Nasty BedazzlerNasty Bedazzler3 maanden geleden
  • 1) That is a perfectly normal way to make a PB&J. 2) My definition of fan service *is* a bare midriff.

    Jeff PaxtonJeff Paxton3 maanden geleden
  • Who's excited for the sequel?

    Dara FlahertyDara Flaherty3 maanden geleden
  • Admittedly, I loved the set pieces more than the gameplay or story. I'm with you, Jirard.

    Elijah CarodanElijah Carodan4 maanden geleden
  • 2:44 *Samus crying in the corner*

    Oliver TWISTOliver TWIST4 maanden geleden

    HypnøsHypnøs4 maanden geleden
  • Oh my God, this game is so FUCKING good!

    Rommel GamingRommel Gaming4 maanden geleden
  • Don't talk shit about battlebots

    Joseph AbdillaJoseph Abdilla4 maanden geleden
  • gt live

    carol monteirocarol monteiro4 maanden geleden
  • Zoids the video game.... sigh.....

    GogoGogo4 maanden geleden
  • I don't have a PS4 , I would like to play horizon zero dawn on the ps5 and then the forbidden West. Should I?

    EchoEcho4 maanden geleden
    • It's coming out on PC soon :) The game is definitely a must-play

      Andrea LHAndrea LH4 maanden geleden
  • “Robo Jehovah😭 “ wow I have neverrrrrr heard that phrase before

    DesembaDesemba4 maanden geleden
  • This was the type of Metal Gear machines I wanted to face. It was so satisfying. It wasn't flawless, but it was fun.

    Jacob LuckJacob Luck4 maanden geleden
  • Now on GLORIOUS PC. I musta mumbled to myself a dozen times during my complete play through "This would be SO GOOD on my PC". Now I don't have to dream any more: store.steampowered.com/app/1151640/Horizon_Zero_Dawn_Complete_Edition/

    Derek DDerek D4 maanden geleden
  • This review is full of spoilers. Waste of my time.

    Gurjinder SinghGurjinder Singh5 maanden geleden
  • Am i crazy for playing ultra hard without new game plus

    Tank MasterTank Master5 maanden geleden
    • Tank Master lol your not. Started realizing that I’m not forced to use stealth or other tactics in games at normal difficulty. Like where’s the challenge in that?

      Josh CJosh C4 maanden geleden
    • @Josh C nice to know I'm not crazy

      Tank MasterTank Master4 maanden geleden
    • Tank Master I’d probably play at hard settings. Normal is too easy nowadays

      Josh CJosh C4 maanden geleden
    • The empty inventory might be your biggest hurdle, high level combat requires a metric shit ton of resources. But as long as you don't end up hating the game, I'm sure you can power through!

      Andrea LHAndrea LH4 maanden geleden
  • Fun fact: It's possible to kill a Thunderjaw using nothing but Tearblast arrows. Every successful part broken does damage.

    Ryan ColwellRyan Colwell5 maanden geleden
  • I feel like im the only clown that got FAR into the game with ONLY 2 types of arrows.. 😅😅 dont ask how i killed a thunderjaw it was fun to say the least.

    KATKAT5 maanden geleden
  • Is anybody else rewatching this after the reveal of Forbidden West

    George AshleyGeorge Ashley5 maanden geleden
    • I'm just watching so I don't have to play this before the sequel

      Breadtube_KingBreadtube_King5 maanden geleden
  • Yeah this game is boring

    Volker PuttmannVolker Puttmann5 maanden geleden
  • When I bought this game a few years ago I expected to hate it. I only got it because it was cheap and NOTHING appealed to me at the store. This didnt either, I dont care for arrow based combat, and the dinobot enemy was not interesting to me but Id heard so much about it I thought itd be worth the $12. I could not have foreseen it being in my top 3 games of all time. Im really stoked about 2

    Whovian GamerWhovian Gamer5 maanden geleden
  • I absolutely adore this game and even though I am by no means normally a completionist I ended up finishing the main campaign on ultra hard mode just for an excuse to play more of it. I actually didn't find it outrageously difficult considering all of the armor and heath item options you get, until Frozen Wilds. Frozen Wilds on Ultra hard mode is a nightmare.

    blueisasomedancerblueisasomedancer5 maanden geleden
  • My review: I love it, I even cared about the story, which was nice cause I got to saw the unraveling which when got unraveled It felt epic and destined, so it makes sense I got game of the year and even top 10 lists!!

    AlexisAlexis5 maanden geleden
  • I don't think this game was marketed right, because there are so many people who love games like Far Cry and open world shooters etc, but I think this game was perceived to be more for RPG lovers, people who like The Witcher etc. This game has such an insanely fast, frantic pace, it's one of those games that I forced myself to learn to play on a higher sensitivity because of how fast I needed to be able to look around and aim for different spots on different robots. You can get into some fights and in your attempt to kite the robots or get breathing room away from them, you run into another group of robots, and it can just get insane. The Tearblast arrow is the most fun thing I have had in any archery game, the noise it makes before it goes off is so awesome, especcialy when it's a Ravager or Sawtooth charging straight at you and just before they pounce, you see half their armor blow off and they go sliding and rolling into the dirt, it looks so amazing and once you force yourself to learn the systems, use the traps and trip-ropes or the bomb sling, and you get your loadout built up a bit, this game could be enjoyed by anyone from a fortnite/call of duty fan, to a witcher/world of warcraft fan. Very much worth a buy, give it time, get past the slow chapter 1 start and into the full size world and get your bearings... you won't regret it and you'll see how much fun you can make out of this game.

    g h o s T . 3 2g h o s T . 3 25 maanden geleden
  • There’s no better feeling than taking down your first thunderjaw

    Cult of GooseCult of Goose5 maanden geleden
    • @Jacob Brewer i did it already in my 20 lvl game. it gave me ´´best weapons´´.

      Kayra ŞenolKayra ŞenolDag geleden
    • @Jacob Brewer oh yeah that’s pretty good, I had to do that for the plat

      Cult of GooseCult of GooseDag geleden
    • @Rith Panhapich theres a spot where you can hack one and have it kill the other then finish it of to form them.

      Jacob BrewerJacob BrewerDag geleden
    • Beating all the proving grounds with blazing suns?

      Jacob BrewerJacob BrewerDag geleden
    • Who here also remembers there second deathbringer?

      Grey WolfGrey Wolf8 dagen geleden
  • Easy man do not talk shit about battlebots lol

    Mr. MichaelMr. Michael5 maanden geleden
  • the god damn eyes in this game are nuts

    Bob TillichBob Tillich5 maanden geleden
  • The first time I saw a thunder jaw on my way to meridian, I could barely move without fear of being spotted, now, in the end game if Ng+, there about as threatening as a fly.

    Jimbo McSpyJimbo McSpy5 maanden geleden
  • This is still sitting on my shelf. I’ve been meaning to play it but I’ve been busy and it requires a large amount of time to appreciate.

    xxBad_Acidxx 007xxBad_Acidxx 0076 maanden geleden
  • ...this game ...got so goddamn heavy handed so quickly it was nuts

    Stev da WizardStev da Wizard6 maanden geleden
  • When I saw that first sawtooth I thought it was so huge and terrifying and now they are so easy next to all the other huge machines that demolish me 😫

    Cameron DeVriesCameron DeVries6 maanden geleden
  • Whoever made glinthawks needs to get taught a lesson

    Swampass The heroSwampass The hero6 maanden geleden
  • Ik what’s gna happen in the sequel...Sylens is going to become the antagonist and Rost is going to show up..remember me