Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 28 "The Looming Shadow - FINALE" (Let's Play)

16 mrt. 2017
14 456 Weergaven

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  • Anyone here after Horizon: Forbidden West was revealed?

    Ian CastroIan Castro5 maanden geleden
    • Me I canโ€™t wait

      Hamid MehrdadHamid MehrdadMaand geleden
  • This fight was way too easy to be the final one, as saying this as a dark souls veteran

    Dark SoulDark SoulJaar geleden
    • As a dark souls veteran? So everything's going to be tOo eAsy

      Jaylee MittensJaylee Mittens9 maanden geleden
  • The story here was meh and it bothered me how aloy barely showed any emotion when talking, looked like a robot lol, but the game was good, my score for it was a 7/10, but to each their own ๐Ÿ‘

    Flaming PhoenixFlaming Phoenix2 jaar geleden
  • 10/10? Damn thatโ€™s some praise, I would say 7/10 personally, good game tho

    Flaming PhoenixFlaming Phoenix2 jaar geleden
  • Bro i swear your commentary is better than any freaking shit in the world i love yah

  • Game of the decade for me

    Logan MLogan M3 jaar geleden
  • Great series Goldy. I'll have to grab PS5 when it comes out after this for the future exclusives.

    Tonal MeatTonal Meat3 jaar geleden
  • Finally finished this series! trying to catch up on MLB series you got lol. Amazing game and was a lot of fun to watch. The care you get for the characters reminded me of gears of war. Thanks for the series.

    SotoSpitsFireSotoSpitsFire3 jaar geleden
  • Thank you man I really enjoyed watching your playing .

    majed734majed7343 jaar geleden
  • I love how you got so invested in this - great playthrough!

    uberantouberanto3 jaar geleden
  • Awesome lets play goldy

    Uncal SheepUncal Sheep3 jaar geleden
  • This was one hell of a ride. I picked this game up and was fucking astounded by literally every single thing. The music is beautiful, characters are great and gameplay/story where utterly fantastic. Amazing experience all around.

    Last AtlasLast Atlas3 jaar geleden
  • Finally binge watched the rest of the episodes, awesome let's play Goldy! :D

    Matthew EvansMatthew Evans3 jaar geleden
  • I did the end section with the shield weaver armor. Made me feeling like a fucking badass.

    Chess RedEagleChess RedEagle3 jaar geleden
  • As someone who doesn't have a PS4, I really enjoyed being able to take this journey by proxy. Thanks for putting this up for those of us who didn't catch the stream, because that was a hell of a ride.

    KataronKataron3 jaar geleden
  • damn i feel so bad for these peoples that decided not to watch this let's play!

    Christian FernandesChristian Fernandes3 jaar geleden
  • damn! i wish the adventure would continue so sad right now :(

    Christian FernandesChristian Fernandes3 jaar geleden
  • Do the side quests and get the armor suit!

    mrhoot23mrhoot233 jaar geleden
  • this was absolute awesomeness

  • Do u have to do all side quest and stuff befor tgis?

    Night GoddessNight Goddess3 jaar geleden
  • Bet you $15, goldy, that ted kept fucking things up and he's the one who woke HADES.

    Andrew KamphausAndrew Kamphaus3 jaar geleden
  • This game was incredible! So unique, the storyline had me hooked from the very start to that very last cut scene; I am so pumped for the sequel. Fuck Sylens he was so sus from the beginning!!

    shiroshiro3 jaar geleden
  • So now it's over what do I do?

    charlie pricecharlie price3 jaar geleden
  • Bravo, this game looks amazing and seeing you get so hyped up about it while playing it was awesome

    Ben HBen H3 jaar geleden
  • The world is ending but I'll loot everything anyway

    ashley pressashley press3 jaar geleden
  • FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE LAST CUTSCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ian TraffordIan Trafford3 jaar geleden
  • This game is the first game that I have watched start to finish in a long time

    Alejandro SotoAlejandro Soto3 jaar geleden
  • 38:48 to 38:57 lmao I watched it like 10 times :D 41:00 to 41:05 I swear he makes the most hilarious faces ive ever seen

    Jordan CoverdellJordan Coverdell3 jaar geleden
  • goldy will take any dlc. anything to fill the addiction

    ponymangameingponymangameing3 jaar geleden
  • Streaming it maybe not as fun to watch. But you can allways put it on NLworld. So if they want to see you continue people can.

    donkers125donkers1253 jaar geleden
  • I would love to see you go back and get the last power cell and get the ancient armor

    Joshua MessierJoshua Messier3 jaar geleden
  • Awesome game, even better with Goldy commentary :)

    miikapekkamiikapekka3 jaar geleden
  • Fantastic game. Great commentary.

    Robert QuinnRobert Quinn3 jaar geleden
  • To bad he didn't get the ancient armor :/

    MrMadassassinMrMadassassin3 jaar geleden
  • Playstation sure knows how to make a great exclusive

    kxltxnkxltxn3 jaar geleden
  • More story content confirmed today!

    MPHPhotographyMPHPhotography3 jaar geleden
  • Wow!

    MPHPhotographyMPHPhotography3 jaar geleden
  • Great Commentary dude

    MindOfW FIFA Virtual Pro LookalikesMindOfW FIFA Virtual Pro Lookalikes3 jaar geleden
  • Are you going to do the side quests?

    Austin StormAustin Storm3 jaar geleden
  • When does he stream this game?

    SadhandsSadhands3 jaar geleden
    • he does that with every game he plays. he did that with mass effect, nba 2k, mlb, just about every game he plays, he streams and then puts them out on youtube afterwards

      electro dynamoelectro dynamo3 jaar geleden
    • Bit late for that now

      DevonRDevonR3 jaar geleden
  • DAD!?

    Jesse LykinsJesse Lykins3 jaar geleden
  • I love yout content man, been here for 2 years, thanks for being awesome this whole time, and putting a smile on your face

    Kevin WrightKevin Wright3 jaar geleden
  • Goldy I think you sold the power cell

    Sandra IbanezSandra Ibanez3 jaar geleden
    • Sandra Ibanez you can't sell them, they're quest items, he needs to go back to the ruins aloy went in as a child to get the last one he needs

      Matthew GlasgowMatthew Glasgow3 jaar geleden
    • nah he missed one at all mothers bunker

      electro dynamoelectro dynamo3 jaar geleden