Hollow Knight - Hive Knight (No Upgrades)

24 mrt. 2018
20 945 Weergaven

The fight with Hive Knight for the Lifeblood beta using the old nail and no charms. This guy is a lot of fun! It is nice to see the Hive get a boss in there so that it's not just a quick waltz for the Hiveblood Charm.

  • I beat him on my second try, but i did have all upgrades and 7 masks

    CT 4040 CutupCT 4040 Cutup3 maanden geleden

    Rednat frotRednat frot3 maanden geleden
  • oh my god hive knight's staggered sprite and the sad bee noises he makes is adorable

    iifiiiifii4 maanden geleden
    • And the fact that he canonically has no wings and is making those noises himself

      yeet hitteryeet hitter15 dagen geleden
  • I can’t beat him even with upgrades =(

    Weston MorrahWeston Morrah6 maanden geleden
  • the final boss is alot easier than this one

    masmasJaar geleden
  • Dude you obviously is using upgrades i literally fought him with the fully upgraded nail and it took more time to kill him than in the video

    Dan CapDan CapJaar geleden
    • Mkay

      Dan CapDan CapJaar geleden
    • With the pure nail and charms it takes less than a minute to beat Hive Knight.

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplarJaar geleden
  • So r the bees infected or not? I cant tell

    Fried RiceFried RiceJaar geleden
    • @Fried Rice doesn't he give out shit, not infection?

      cabbageablecabbageableJaar geleden
    • @Fried Rice And if you wear the hiveblood the bees wouldn't attack you, which convince me the bees was sane.

      seph rothseph rothJaar geleden
    • sniper and plus, even dung defender gives out yellow blood

      Fried RiceFried RiceJaar geleden
    • sniper but they dont have orange eyes and they dont attack when u have hiveblood, and in game, they tell you that hive was never part of the hollownest like *FUXXNEST* , and u can tell that even some bugs that were not infected were still hostile to u, remember, when u get infected, u attack no matter what

      Fried RiceFried RiceJaar geleden
    • i think so yes. when you hit them orange comes out and thats infection

      scisscisJaar geleden
  • I beat the watcher knights first try, yet i still suck when i fight them in the hall of gods

    JuniibeeJuniibeeJaar geleden
    • Mintor94 oh shit

      JuniibeeJuniibeeJaar geleden
    • They have almost tripple of health on ascended or radiant.

      Mintor94Mintor94Jaar geleden
  • this looks like such a fun fight, too bad that by the time i got to him i was so overpowered i killed him with hardly any effort

    GajhinaGajhinaJaar geleden
  • But I have trouble

    Yap-Ley Shared E-mailYap-Ley Shared E-mailJaar geleden
  • I beat him in first try

    Yap-Ley Shared E-mailYap-Ley Shared E-mailJaar geleden
  • Wow this dude is really easy with shade cloak, sharp shadow, and quick focus

    TaffyMattTaffyMatt2 jaar geleden
    • TaffyMatt unfortunately, i had none when i fought him

      Fried RiceFried RiceJaar geleden
  • wtf how many stages was that i doubt i can even get through the first one ;-;

    Bug ;-;Bug ;-;2 jaar geleden
    • Bug ;-; they’re just staggers. Since the player didn’t have upgrades, he hit the HK a lot, so he staggered a lot.

      Nestor ValenzuelaNestor ValenzuelaJaar geleden

    Nathaniel SwitzerNathaniel Switzer2 jaar geleden
    • You need vengeful spirit to get to the hive

      collisioncollisionJaar geleden
    • Yeah, which was not upgraded.

      MeatmanMeatman2 jaar geleden
  • This boss is the hardest if you take into account the horrible journey you have to make through those bees from the bench, if you die. Man screw those bees

    Deepak KDeepak K2 jaar geleden
    • I can do trailer lord

      BlankBlank16 dagen geleden
    • Excuse me This is *my* hive How dare you say something like that to Gerald

      ChezStixChezStix26 dagen geleden
    • @E E Mantis Lords were horrible

      Piccolan PasalanPiccolan PasalanMaand geleden
    • I fought him, and on my way to collect my soul, lost 1100 Geo to those fucks! I was so close to getting the unbreakable mask charm! Fuck the chunky bees:(

      Jessyboi Ican'tputemojisJessyboi Ican'tputemojis5 maanden geleden
    • Deepak K This is easily the worst run-up to a boss I've encountered so far in this game. It can take 5 minutes or more to get back to this guy. What the hell were they thinking? Put the bench closer or include a more direct shortcut.

      bizmonkey007bizmonkey007Jaar geleden
  • Just the area alone ass rapes me

    「ザ • ワルド」「ザ • ワルド」2 jaar geleden

    DatMeltyBoiDatMeltyBoi2 jaar geleden
  • Its the first boss im having real trouble against. Im not even sure why, but he hits me almost every time with the spike grenades!

    Juan Segundo RibéJuan Segundo Ribé2 jaar geleden
    • I got hit by them a lot in this video (including stupid mistakes of jumping into the spines). The explosion pattern is the same so the best advice is just trying to position slightly to the left or right of one cluster to avoid it and try to dodge the remaining ones. If you have the shade cloak it should allow for me leeway.

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplar2 jaar geleden
  • 0_0

    ivany facundo3ivany facundo32 jaar geleden
  • Hey, well done mate ! I did another run of hollow knight yesterday but couldn't make this guy spawn. Do you have a solution per chance ?

    Saint NerdSaint Nerd2 jaar geleden
    • I see what you did there, and it was amazing. Thanks for the quick answer !

      Saint NerdSaint Nerd2 jaar geleden
    • That's odd, he should spawn if you enter his room. Is your game patched to have Lifeblood installed? If so, that might be a bug that shouldn't be present in Hallownest.

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplar2 jaar geleden
  • I died 15 times on him, with all upgrades and 8 hearths...

    Sushi355Sushi3552 jaar geleden
    • @Mintor94 shut up he doesn't suck plus you have more masks than him you have no place to say

      WinterBlox GamingWinterBlox Gaming24 dagen geleden
    • @Sushi355 I was about to turn back when I saw I needed the Monarch Wings in the first room but I saw a bee flying near and I decided to try my luck with trying to jump off of it to reach the next room. Got lucky and managed to do the jump first try

      CoReVCoReV2 maanden geleden
    • @CoReV Nice

      Sushi355Sushi3552 maanden geleden
    • I managed to do it myself today with Lv.3 Nail, 7 masks, without using spells and no Monarch Wings or Shade Cloak but having to go through the hive for every attempt was kinda frustrating

      CoReVCoReV2 maanden geleden
    • Sushi355 yikes, it’s sure something

      DarkDark5 maanden geleden
  • I would love fighting this guy with only the old nail and no uppgrades as i found him a little bit too easy when i fought him. Allthough how would you get to kingdoms edge with no uppgrades? (No mantis claw or monarch wing)

    NightmareprinnyNightmareprinny2 jaar geleden
    • You would need the mantis claw to get here I believe. When I say no upgrades I mean the old nail, no charms, no health/soul upgrades, and avoiding unnecessary movement upgrades (I.e. the shade cloak except for the three bosses requiring it). Technically monarch wings aren't needed to get here. I didn't think about it at the time and just used my NKG kill save to get over and try the fight. So that was a bit of a goof on my part.

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplar2 jaar geleden
  • This is incredible I love the character design but my character is better....

    GrimmGrimm2 jaar geleden
    • CrankyTemplar heh nightmares

      GrimmGrimm2 jaar geleden
    • Well, Grimm is the character of our dreams. Or at least our nightmares.

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplar2 jaar geleden
  • Um .... do you only have grimm child ( update ) ? 4:09

    Pudely RancherPudely Rancher2 jaar geleden
    • Pudely Rancher j

      Anthony BendettoAnthony Bendetto2 jaar geleden
    • Yeah, there's two reasons for that: 1) If you don't have any charms you don't have a charms tab, which makes it slightly harder to show I have no charms equipped, and 2) the save I had that allowed me quickest access to Hive Knight had beaten Nightmare King Grimm already since I collected the flame from the Hive. It's mostly for practicality. I don't actually use Grimmchild for bosses.

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplar2 jaar geleden
  • I beat him without the monarch wings with few upgrades really fun fight when done early!

    Vivi BlueVivi Blue2 jaar geleden
    • You need monarch wings to reach him tho

      Bryce GBryce GJaar geleden
  • *h o w*

    HH2 jaar geleden
    • Very carefully!

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplar2 jaar geleden
  • Uh-oh, he left a corpse behind. Dream battle in the next update?

    i eat sandi eat sand2 jaar geleden
    • Sadly but nope(

      AsCenDAsCenD8 maanden geleden
    • a dream version of that would probably be pretty cool for him to just be a bit faster and you have to move fast to keep up something like pure vessel or hornet (2nd fight) would be cool

      Sem AmsingSem Amsing2 jaar geleden
    • hope he's not actually dead tbh

      Squid?Squid?2 jaar geleden
    • Unless... dream boss duo with many, many small bees.

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplar2 jaar geleden
    • There's Vespa's dream ghost right next to the corpse so I doubt it.

      AwalysAwalys2 jaar geleden
  • wait, at 2:40 you use vengeful spirit, isn't that an upgrade?

    heyitsgeorgieheyitsgeorgie2 jaar geleden
    • yes it is

      Nathaniel SwitzerNathaniel Switzer2 jaar geleden
    • +HeyItsGeorgie You start the game with healing, it is definitely not an upgrade.

      Noodles 258Noodles 2582 jaar geleden
    • Not necessarily, as some folks do no damage/no healing challenges too. Besides, folks might disagree on what's an upgrade that invalidates the challenge, or that it's not challenging enough. I'm usually open to suggestions for new challenges, but I'm not particularly good at dodging so usually I end up needing to heal unless the fight is designed where healing isn't possible. Something to work on for next time!

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplar2 jaar geleden
    • ohh, i get what you mean. if i was following my previous logic healing wouldn't be allowed either since you don't start with it, but that'd just be stupid.

      heyitsgeorgieheyitsgeorgie2 jaar geleden
    • Certainly. By no upgrades I generally mean using the old nail, no charms, no mask/soul upgrades, and only the upgrades needed to reach the boss. Since vengeful spirit is a necessary upgrade I don't consider it all that problematic to use (and on some of these challenge videos have specified "no magic" for when I do it without using even vengeful spirit). Your mileage may vary as to whether you feel that invalidates the challenge. Once Lifeblood releases with the updates to bosses being smarter I will do more of these videos and will just exclude magic entirely.

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplar2 jaar geleden
  • what recording software do you use and what operating system, i would like to record hollow knight with in game audio too

    Matej SpisakMatej Spisak2 jaar geleden
    • I use GeForce Experience that came with my computer for Windows. I've been recommended OBS by a friend, so I may try that out.

      CrankyTemplarCrankyTemplar2 jaar geleden
  • Great Job dude! (Wait am I first? How?)

    FoldingPapersFoldingPapers2 jaar geleden
    • Pudely Rancher I meant like the comment. It was the first comment at the time I think

      FoldingPapersFoldingPapers2 jaar geleden
    • x XxGAm3rG0DxX x nope you are not

      Pudely RancherPudely Rancher2 jaar geleden