Hollow Knight Godmaster - Pantheon of Hallownest cleared (Full game boss rush + new bosses)

24 aug. 2018
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Far from perfect (lol Markoth) but I just wanted to upload a video to potentially help out anyone else trying to clear the whole thing. The credits and beyond are identical to any other ending, just kept them in the video to be complete.
I used these charms: Mark of Pride, Soul Catcher, Unbreakable Strength, Unbreakable Heart, Grubsong.
0:37 - Vengefly King
1:15 - Gruz Mother
1:38 - False Knight
2:16 - Massive Moss Charger
2:40 - Hornet 1
3:14 - Gorb
3:57 - Dung Defender
4:40 - Soul Warrior
5:13 - Tiso (lol)
5:19 - Brooding Mawlek
5:44 - Nailmaster Oro
6:05 - Brothers Oro & Mato
7:20 - Xero
7:59 - Crystal Guardian
8:19 - Soul Master
9:26 - Oblobbles
10:06 - Mantis Lords
10:30 - Sisters of Battle
11:52 - Marmu
12:13 - Flukemarm
12:34 - Broken Vessel
13:05 - Galien
13:29 - Paintmaster Sheo
14:30 - Hive Knight
15:00 - Elder Hu
15:28 - The Collector
16:24 - God Tamer
17:15 - Troupe Master Grimm
19:15 - Watcher Knight
20:33 - Uumuu
21:53 - Nosk (Winged)
22:58 - Great Nailsage Sly
24:08 - Hornet 2
24:46 - Enraged Guardian
25:06 - Lost Kin
25:52 - No Eyes
26:25 - Traitor Lord
26:54 - White Defender
28:04 - Soul Tyrant
29:35 - Markoth
30:15 - Invincible Fearless Sensual Mysterious Enchanting Vigorous Diligent Overwhelming Gorgeous Passionate Terrifying Beautiful Powerful Grey Prince Zote
31:40 - Failed Champion
32:32 - Nightmare King Grimm
34:54 - Pure Vessel
36:57 - Absolute Radiance
39:27 - Ending

  • Great job!! Did u use both mark of pride and longnail?

    Luigi GarzianoLuigi Garziano14 dagen geleden
  • Me seeing this:it's no so hard Me trying:😧😧😧

    Maximo PaezMaximo Paez19 dagen geleden
  • GG very good video

    Bruno IBruno I26 dagen geleden
  • How dare he not respect Grimm

    Spring TrapSpring Trap28 dagen geleden
  • what is your charm combo because i’m trying to complete the pantheon of the sage (the one with sly)

    chaz boonchaz boonMaand geleden
  • LMAO imagine being able to do this 🥲

    Neils_ 999Neils_ 999Maand geleden
  • 27:54, oh yes, you really need a bath, after THIS fight, trust me, Ghost.

    Elena De diegoElena De diegoMaand geleden
  • 45 minute fight? Games are supposed to be fun and teach moral lessons.

    Yeop AzmanYeop AzmanMaand geleden
  • Just finished the game with 90% completion and no voidheart charm. Damn.. what a relief. And what a game! I will never try this masoquist Pantheon nonsense, thats for sure.

    José Marcelo AlquéresJosé Marcelo AlquéresMaand geleden
  • How do pantheons work? You play the bosses one after another? And if you die you need to start all over? Thanks, also how to open Phanteon doors? Thanks again

    Diego RamosDiego RamosMaand geleden
  • Nosk is disguised is hornet why? Should it be the knight?

    Florecita RokeraFlorecita RokeraMaand geleden
  • I got all the way to nkg and died

    Yeetjutsu417 。Yeetjutsu417 。Maand geleden
  • U deserve more subs

    arshma rahmanarshma rahmanMaand geleden
  • I was like ‘Oh so tiso is a boss and than no!’

    Sunny ChiangSunny ChiangMaand geleden
  • I wasn't even playing and I was anxious at watching you fight abs rad. Hats off and major respect to you!

    Ryland SeánRyland SeánMaand geleden
  • I feel slightly offended you hit Grimm while he bowed.

    Not ReallyNot ReallyMaand geleden
  • You hit Grimm? You fucking monster.

    ZenonZenon2 maanden geleden
  • I got to the nightmare king and died without knowing that I was so close.. Literally 2 boss close.

    The Cool RockThe Cool Rock2 maanden geleden
  • wow!!!!just wow!!!

    Peyman Y.APeyman Y.A2 maanden geleden
  • Ascend with gorb!!

    Adia AudAdia Aud2 maanden geleden
  • Hay puntos de controles después de matar ciertos jefes o no me lo voy a pasar en la vida? Xd

    • Jajajajajaja No.

      Sergio GarezSergio Garez3 dagen geleden
  • What charms did you use for this?

    krizwatcherkrizwatcher3 maanden geleden
    • @krizwatcher Ah my bad!

      Hydreigon5466Hydreigon54662 maanden geleden
    • @Hydreigon5466 Sorry, I didn't see the "Show More" prompt before

      krizwatcherkrizwatcher2 maanden geleden
    • He lists them in the description

      Hydreigon5466Hydreigon54662 maanden geleden
  • why does gorb look like a godmaster

    laundry basket gamerslaundry basket gamers3 maanden geleden
  • This is insane, especially considering it was pretty much all nail. What charm build did you use?

    Ranjit SinghRanjit Singh3 maanden geleden
  • Ok. Now do it without the Wayward Compass

    XxLuizKrat0sxXXxLuizKrat0sxX3 maanden geleden
  • 4 hours and half to finish it

    Fares KtariFares Ktari3 maanden geleden
  • The fact that the massive moss charger is a god

    Anton LadanAnton Ladan3 maanden geleden
  • "Hey Paintmaster Sheo, what primer do you recommend for paintings?" Paintmaster Sheo: 13:32

    KatarisKataris4 maanden geleden
  • I’m stuck on uumuu rn because the acsended arena is very hard for me

    Joe BananaJoe Banana4 maanden geleden
  • Bruh...props.

    Mockturtlesoup1Mockturtlesoup14 maanden geleden
  • Bro tiso must be pretty strong to make it to godhome

    dottydotty4 maanden geleden
  • Tell me how someone who has cleared the pantheon hollownest and has the vivid only has 206 su b s wtf that none of the hardest clears in gaming

    Paul MartinPaul Martin4 maanden geleden
  • i left a dislike because you hot grimm during his bow. shameful.

    da1trugamrda1trugamr4 maanden geleden
  • Today after many tries, I finally beat the Pantheon of Hallownest and I feel like the king of the world!!! To anyone who is strangling with this don't worry you will make it!!!

    GreezGreez5 maanden geleden
  • Surprising lack of spells used. Of course, still excellently done

    EmissaryOfSmeagolEmissaryOfSmeagol5 maanden geleden
  • Who would win: The Gods Of Hallownest Or A baby vessel

    Reaper XReaper X5 maanden geleden
  • Every boss in the game? *Every boss* Oh lord I cant even beat lost kin

    dazzlingshadowkaid 1dazzlingshadowkaid 15 maanden geleden
  • You did not have to put Zote's entire title

    derrick danielsderrick daniels5 maanden geleden
    • @Stone The Gamer I meant in the description

      derrick danielsderrick daniels4 maanden geleden
    • derrick daniels the game does that

      Stone The GamerStone The Gamer5 maanden geleden
  • Radiance; "I DO NOT FEAR YOU" (Knight corners her, restrains her with the void, then fuses with the void to create a skyscraper sized monstrosity that rips the Radiance's face open) Radiance; ...Gulp...

    GrahGrah5 maanden geleden
  • Game looks amazing and I haven’t even played it

    thedon2005thedon20055 maanden geleden
  • why u no bow?

    SoftySofty5 maanden geleden
  • As somebody who never beat hollow Knight and just watched lore videos instead I love the sisters of battle boss fight so much. Their patterns make it look like they're almost dancing with each other, and they create this really smooth rhythm you can follow

    Noah DavisNoah Davis5 maanden geleden
  • When the Shade Lord kept slashing at the Radiance, I repeatedly yelled “THIS IS FOR QUIRREL!” as I repeatedly mashed the button. For Quirrel. And nobody else.

    Archus: The Dual-Wielding LightArchus: The Dual-Wielding Light6 maanden geleden
  • Poor moss charger 💀

    Jackson DanleyJackson Danley6 maanden geleden
  • 10:32 this is just epic, fight me.

    Job RuijtenJob Ruijten7 maanden geleden
  • How is one able to beat Watcher Knights with so much ease

    Sakura!!Sakura!!7 maanden geleden
  • Man I suck at this game... The furthes I can get is traitor lord...

    Voldy356Voldy3567 maanden geleden
  • I'm honestly concerned about the people that actually go through this torture.

    IthereosIthereos8 maanden geleden
    • I currently am and die at around 23:27

      Spring TrapSpring Trap28 dagen geleden
  • I like this presentation of the rush. Not an 'All bindings on, Hitless, with Old Nail, One-hand-tied-behind-my-back' kind of presentation. One where you get hit, make mistakes, but you still do it. Makes me think the victory is not as hard to get to as I previously thought.

    Louis DesitterLouis Desitter8 maanden geleden
  • Please tell me this shit is optional for the good ending. Please.

    djmixnmagicdjmixnmagic8 maanden geleden
  • when you loose two hearts from marmu /;

    JAYFOX 101JAYFOX 1019 maanden geleden
  • So, also human beings can do the Pantheon of Hallownest. You know, this is extremely encouraging and the most useful video out there, because all these speedruns, no-hit runs and all, make it look really impossible. This makes me think... ok, it's hard but I can do it.

    LordZaamusLordZaamus9 maanden geleden
  • When you sit at the seat to rest, is that a save point?

    John KellyJohn Kelly9 maanden geleden
    • I know this is 1 month late, but no, if you die, you have to start over all the way back.

      LoganXavierGaming • 22 years agoLoganXavierGaming • 22 years ago8 maanden geleden
  • You know I was led to believe you could only get the godmaster ending if you do the pantheon of Hollownest with all bindings on. Thank god that’s not the case!

    Jinx198Jinx1989 maanden geleden
    • Seems like I was not the only one... The pure kill easy, the only thing you have to do its jump, every time you hit him, stay back and wait, but jump. Thats make u think better... Try it.

      Jose Ramon Barron AlvarezJose Ramon Barron Alvarez8 maanden geleden
  • On my first run, I did not bad. I beat most of the Pantheon, but I lost to Markoth. He and the rest of the dream warriors are absolutely BS.

    megasean 3000megasean 300010 maanden geleden
    • Same, having to fight in their ascended arenas totally messed me up. I'm trying to clear the pantheon but it seems No Eyes and Markoth are my biggest issue so far because of their arenas. (btw love your pfp)

      Pancake DroidPancake Droid9 maanden geleden
  • Why do you never use charge hits, you nearly died again Pure Vessel because you never charge slashed him

    KurasakiBleachigo1KurasakiBleachigo110 maanden geleden
  • This is for MYLA!

    The SnatcherThe Snatcher11 maanden geleden
  • Oooooo so it’s impossible that’s cool

    Swegy_ Eggy123Swegy_ Eggy12311 maanden geleden
  • 37:13 The moth‘s revenge

    Pepe GGPepe GGJaar geleden
  • This is how you let a player insane.

    ZerøZerøJaar geleden
  • Hey bro! I have a question, whats charms already you use? Thanks! And congratulations from México!

    Aaron Bladimir Galvan RamosAaron Bladimir Galvan RamosJaar geleden
  • You’re not using abbys shriek

    Noek RiveraNoek RiveraJaar geleden
  • If you're gonna rush bosses down do it with quickslash

    BallistXBallistXJaar geleden
  • If i use fragile charms in this, he's gonna break?

    Kaique MeiasKaique MeiasJaar geleden
    • Nope, Godhome's a dream, so the fragile charms don't break if you "die" there.

      PetruciosXD {ƤΔŘΔǤỮΔƗ}PetruciosXD {ƤΔŘΔǤỮΔƗ}Jaar geleden
  • Damb where r theme timestamps for hot springs?!

    J rJ rJaar geleden
  • You know, I tried. I put my mind into it and grinded until I came to Absolute Radiance. And then... I gave up. I don't know why or what happened, but I just couldn't defeat her. I grinded for longer than with Pure Vessel and Nightmare King Grimm without making any progress at all, and never even making it further than her second phase. Even looking up guides and changing my charm set didn't help. So I wasn't able to complete Pantheon of Hallownest, which sucks because Hollow Knight is probably my all time favorite game and I would have just loved to 100% complete everything, not just counting the requirements for 112%, but all the achivements as well. Which is why you should get mad credit for actually pushing through with it and beating Absolute Radiance and the Pantheon of Hallownest, good job!

    StjarnflickaStjarnflickaJaar geleden
  • My hand hurts just to see this.

    Adriana GalvanAdriana GalvanJaar geleden
  • While this is certainly impressive, it’s still very rude that you didn’t bow to Troupe master Grimm.

    Jacob GrigleyJacob GrigleyJaar geleden
  • Master P showed me your video and thinks your a beast, he's right about that.

    Anonymous 1776Anonymous 1776Jaar geleden
  • Bom video, a pesar de que faço em 35 min, são poucas falhas que acontecem mas não deixa de ser uma grande conquista.

    Pedro HenriquePedro HenriqueJaar geleden
  • Finally, unlocked Pantheon of Hallownest but died from Wing Nosk first time and second time NKG (so close)

    PrizMatexPrizMatexJaar geleden
  • i want my mom

    Le ComédienLe ComédienJaar geleden
  • Man I sure do hate Nightmare Prince Zote wait-

    Fluffy BeanFluffy BeanJaar geleden
  • まって上手すぎひんか?

    ちゃちゃJaar geleden
  • I like how Sheo was just painting, only to then notice where he was

    Allecs GautAllecs GautJaar geleden
  • I wasnt expecting the mantis lords to be like that I died

    IbbyIbbyJaar geleden
  • 5:16 well tiso didn't have a great start (i hope he's alive)

    LoureinzeLoureinzeJaar geleden
    • @Alex :-(

      LoureinzeLoureinzeJaar geleden
    • Nope, he's dead

      AlexAlexJaar geleden
  • Does anyone knows the music on the background at the beginning?

    WallnutWallnutJaar geleden
  • Please don't tell me I'm the only one that died to No Eyes

    Spider NinjaSpider NinjaJaar geleden
  • Great. Now do it with your eyes closed and put all bindings

    J0hann¿J0hann¿Jaar geleden

    Lol LolLol LolJaar geleden
  • Tiso was the hardest boss

    kimikimkim kimkimkimkimikimkim kimkimkimJaar geleden

    ElcotonexElcotonexJaar geleden
  • It’s sad that I died at the hornet #2 because I’m super good at it but I choked. That was my 2nd try on this

    Grub oGrub oJaar geleden
  • Lmao I didn’t know i had to go up from the pool to get there. I feel stupid

    Grub oGrub oJaar geleden
  • I’d say there’s been at least 10 deaths to brooding mawlek because people were too busy laughing

    Nicholas AliNicholas AliJaar geleden
  • what build you use? i still stuck in this pantheon

    fabio acevedofabio acevedoJaar geleden
  • So many taken damage on nightmare king... Uhh,it hurts my heart((

    HapperXHapperXJaar geleden
  • The poor Tiso, i liked him

    SG-H -HNSG-H -HNJaar geleden
  • This seems impossible.

    Jhonatan TojinJhonatan TojinJaar geleden
  • the way up to the little hot spring is blocked for me, do I need to beat all other pantheons first?

    belugaval14belugaval14Jaar geleden
    • Exactly

      Swift footSwift footJaar geleden
  • Sad tiso

    KiwiKiwiJaar geleden
  • I wonder how many tries it took for this person because i almost beat it at my first try and then i beat it on my second try

    Ebtissam AbdulazizEbtissam AbdulazizJaar geleden
  • How does he have 11 masks? I thought there was only a total of 9...

    Grilled MonkeyGrilled MonkeyJaar geleden
    • Fragile/unbreakable heart

      Swift footSwift footJaar geleden
  • the dung ball at 27:14 is a mood

    AaxozAaxozJaar geleden
  • is this higher being merg true form

    kiritolightningkiritolightningJaar geleden
  • Well now I know what I'll spend my summer on...

    Voldy356Voldy356Jaar geleden
  • I'm just finishing it last week after 80h (yeah I'm discovering this piece of heaven later). You're training so much on Radiance, but one question, are you angry with pogo? You can use it sooooo many times (just looking for Grimm/Vessel and Radiance), don't underestimate it, you can finish so fastly your battle. Good Game, first I won't believe I'm capable of finishing it but I know how much satisfaction it grants :)

    KatokunKatokunJaar geleden
    • 0:13. i cant get up there why please??

      bsjdneibsjdneiJaar geleden
  • Oh God you did that. Man I couldn't even pass the first Pantheon with bindings or without. Man I couldn't pass the second trial of fools. Man I couldn't kill Grim until I smashed my head so hard my brain instinctively bended from all the deaths and pissed me off. Point being I'm bad.

    RainbowZRainbowZJaar geleden
  • You know its really frustrating for me; i can fight the vessel nearly perfectly, yet i always die at stuff like radiant no eyes and idiot things like that

    Rafaela ScheiwillerRafaela ScheiwillerJaar geleden