Hollow Knight- Every Secret Charm Combination

21 jun. 2019
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There are some charm combinations that cause new things to happen that you may not have known. In this video I go over every new charm interaction in Hollow Knight and what happens.
Did I miss any charm combos???? If I did leave a comment down below so everybody can see!
Isma’s tear location:
I started testing every charm interaction and then found a post on Steam. I did a good job (I think) of finding all the charm interactions but there is a lot more info here:
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0:00 Wayward Compass Secret Charm Interactions
0:48 Fluke Nest Combos
2:25 Movement Combos
3:35 Fury of the Fallen - Mad Lads ONLY
6:12 Grubberfly's Elegy Combos
8:18 Baldur Shell Combos
10:47 Glowing Womb Combos
12:14 Spore Shroom Combos
13:42 Weaversong Combos
14:27 Dream Shield Combos
15:28 Hiveblood Charm Combos
16:23 Nail Master's Fury

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  • What was your favorite combo?

    RelyeaRelyea5 maanden geleden
    • wayward compass + wayward compass

      Austin AnbariAustin AnbariDag geleden
    • Fragile greed + compas because compas triples how much geo you get And also works like a gathering Storm

      BoomerBoomer5 dagen geleden
    • @Flames 3 just know that you have a great brother please

      Crankyourself XDCrankyourself XD6 dagen geleden
    • I just wanted to say my brother got me to play Hollow knight by showing me ur videos

      Flames 3Flames 37 dagen geleden
    • PB n J

      Crankyourself XDCrankyourself XD8 dagen geleden
  • wayward compass is the forth dreamer

    Victor MouaVictor MouaUur geleden
  • You missed every charm in the game at the same time for maximum power.

    Billy PyronBilly PyronDag geleden
  • The wayward compass lead me back to this video after all these year(s).

    Issac HickeyIssac HickeyDag geleden
  • Everyone talking about wayward compass: *This is the way*

    darth gengardarth gengar2 dagen geleden
  • Guys, I just realized that when you remove "Wayward Compass" and replace it with "Zenith" on the Wayward Compass, it says Zenith which is the mosr powerful weapon in Terraria, meaning Wayward Compass is an OP Weapon the entire time! 😍🥰😘😘😍😔😜😔😬😦😬🤫😦😱😱😱😧😩😞😩🤤😕🌞😓😔🙄🤬😰🤯

    Revers EstoryRevers Estory2 dagen geleden
  • yeah cool so where’s the wayward compass?

    pinksuipinksui3 dagen geleden
    • It’s clearly a part of every build

      RelyeaRelyea3 dagen geleden
  • If you combine fury of the fallen with stalwart and Baldur Shell: when you die, you don't

    Hamburglar the exiledHamburglar the exiled3 dagen geleden
  • Btw wayward compass actually gives you a hidden buff that lets you live when you should have died but it has a recharge time that depends on you it's user specific

    Sunken AmySunken Amy3 dagen geleden
  • I used Wayward Compass and Gathering Swarm on my exploring build. Pretty Primal Pog if you ask me. All jokes aside though, they're useful charms.

    DerpaTureDerpaTure4 dagen geleden
  • for defense you could use deep focus and shell and spore and shell to become a tank you could switch one for hiveblood too

    Ephraim DevereauxEphraim Devereaux4 dagen geleden
    • ThT works

      RelyeaRelyea3 dagen geleden
  • WAYWARD COMPAS IS OP It told me where exactly to jump And how to do it i did Path of pain on my first try with it

    BoomerBoomer5 dagen geleden
    • That is very helpful

      RelyeaRelyea3 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass helped me find my dad when he got lost buying milk

    lawrence howard jrlawrence howard jr5 dagen geleden
  • Relyea: Wayward Compass Is THE BEST CHARM!, It Pairs Up With *E V E R Y T H I N G* Me: Mah Boi Spittin Straight Facts Over Here

    Dyslexyc KidDyslexyc Kid7 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass lead me here

    Under A Rock GamingUnder A Rock Gaming7 dagen geleden
  • Leszzzz goooooooooo

    Why PeanutsWhy Peanuts7 dagen geleden
  • Me: I think I found my way in life.... Life: Ward'!!!

    Younita SamuelYounita Samuel7 dagen geleden
  • the one where you get super powerful at on mask would be good for pure vessel and radiance if you know what I’m saying

    lampy bubbleslampy bubbles8 dagen geleden
  • I saw this one when I was playing but if you equip the dream shield and gathering swarm together gathering swarms speed is actually increased and the swarm turn a golden color

    ladydove doveloveladydove dovelove8 dagen geleden
  • The dashmaster charm looks like sans

    Larissa BroseLarissa Brose9 dagen geleden
  • I wasn’t going to like and subscribe, but then I saw wayward compass and I just had to

    Xeno BoiXeno Boi9 dagen geleden
    • Wayward compass is op

      RelyeaRelyea9 dagen geleden
  • Gruber fly's elegy:only works at max hp Also Gruber fly's elegy: combos with fury of the fallen Me: I have some questions

    Reckless GamingReckless Gaming9 dagen geleden
  • wayward compass is extremely helpful when making youtube videos

    ItsAsquadEdwin !ItsAsquadEdwin !9 dagen geleden
  • 13:35 Damn I feel bad for the stag

    Emilio MartinezEmilio Martinez9 dagen geleden
  • The trump supportors found there way into the capital using the wayward compass

    AToMiC of Left2WriteAToMiC of Left2Write10 dagen geleden
  • The dashmaster charm looks like sans Change my mind

    Nettle Likes to drawNettle Likes to draw11 dagen geleden
  • I used to be guard like you but I found my Wayward Compass.

    Paco SoriaPaco Soria13 dagen geleden
  • if you could add quick slash to the madlad combo that would be insane

    Rat KingRat King14 dagen geleden
  • the compass gives you + 500000 dmg so you can 1 shot any boss

    Rat KingRat King14 dagen geleden
  • imagine getting joni's blessing before lifeblood core

    Gabriel Gonzalez HojdysGabriel Gonzalez Hojdys14 dagen geleden
    • I still don't have lifeblood core

      WesNohathasWesNohathas9 dagen geleden
  • The wayward compass gave me a second life

    SplatoonDude 9000SplatoonDude 900014 dagen geleden
  • The way ward compass makes you insta kill abs rad

    goose honkgoose honk15 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass gave me all the girls

    Nemanja Simonovic VII4 BNemanja Simonovic VII4 B15 dagen geleden
  • The Wayward Compass made Relyea pin my comment

    Ghostii’s DoodlesGhostii’s Doodles16 dagen geleden
  • The Wayward Compass will instantly get you the true ending when put on

    Riptide The GreninjaRiptide The Greninja16 dagen geleden
  • Wayward Compass gives you fire breath, so you can shoot fireballs at Radiance.

    GooffamGooffam16 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass makes a very good coffee

    KairnKairn17 dagen geleden
    • only the best

      RelyeaRelyea17 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass actually gives a total of 4563 masks and 1732 vessel shards

    HollowHollow17 dagen geleden
    • @Relyea yes

      HollowHollow17 dagen geleden
    • very helpful

      RelyeaRelyea17 dagen geleden
  • I’ll be honest, I think Wayward Compass could beat Thanos

    HelloTurboHelloTurbo18 dagen geleden
  • wait a minute wayward compass weakens all of zote's power

    Miles PowersMiles Powers18 dagen geleden
    • So making it a negative number !

      Chimer 79Chimer 7917 dagen geleden
    • Yes

      RelyeaRelyea18 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass makes you hotter

    Destiny Duck2Destiny Duck218 dagen geleden
  • Carry on my wayward compass

    jl3laze86jl3laze8619 dagen geleden
  • I just found out today you can over charm without wayward compass(: at least I could. I’ll have to go back and remember the charms if anyone is curious how.

    Nicole huntNicole hunt19 dagen geleden
  • The wayward compass actually helped me find my dad after he left for milk,m. And when i found him he told me it was all a setup for me to find the true potential of the wayward compass.

    BradIsAChadBradIsAChad19 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass removes the buzzsaws in the white palace

    LiverGiverLiverGiver20 dagen geleden
  • The wayward compass single handedly eradicated all wyrms

    Quika__Quika__20 dagen geleden
  • Summoner charm combo

    jacob lalramnghakajacob lalramnghaka21 dag geleden
  • 3:20 this is extremely useful for traitor lord

    Just Some guyJust Some guy21 dag geleden
  • If you equip the wayward compass you get the Naismith upgrades for 5000 geo cheaper

    The Pale KingThe Pale King21 dag geleden
  • I would not want to be the stag at 13:40.

    The MockingDragonThe MockingDragon21 dag geleden
  • Bruuhhh. I’ve been hours digging on the internet looking wtf the compass does. YOU GOT ME! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

    José Andrés Julién BarriereJosé Andrés Julién Barriere21 dag geleden
  • wtf is this all about the wayword compass thing hahah

    Arthur B.Arthur B.22 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass helped me do my homework

    the adventure of freddythe adventure of freddy23 dagen geleden
  • Relyea:dashmaster Me an intellectual: -master

    someoneatsomewheresomeoneatsomewhere23 dagen geleden
  • Beretta falls in love with Zote because he can journey through hallownest without ever getting the wayward compass

    Ariel GonzalezAriel Gonzalez23 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass removes your nail

    AirAir24 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass makes you an orphan

    AirAir24 dagen geleden
  • The wayward compass makes Zote nice to you, and also makes Shrek appear in the colosseum.

    John SkradskiJohn Skradski24 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass cured my depression

    slasla24 dagen geleden
  • I beat absolute radiance with just the wayward compact, it’s just that powerful!

    Echo ShadowedgeEcho Shadowedge24 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass gives the willpower to do path of pain without taking damage *mic drop*

    Terra NovaTerra Nova26 dagen geleden
  • *_Does wayward compass give batteries too ?_*

    —Cryo——Cryo—27 dagen geleden
  • The wayward compass helped me find the name of songs I didn’t know just by humming it.

    Derek ChuangDerek Chuang28 dagen geleden
  • The wayward compass cures ligma

    QwaD GoStQwaD GoSt28 dagen geleden
  • Every copy of wayward compass is personalized

    Blevz BlebsBlevz Blebs28 dagen geleden
  • Dream shield saved me from the broken vessel boss fight because I got it down to 1 hit and then died BUT my dream shield hit him and he died so that was pretty cool

    Jaxsen PedersenJaxsen Pedersen28 dagen geleden
    • Nice

      RelyeaRelyea28 dagen geleden
  • The Wayward Compass helped me in a way that I will not specify unlike everyone else!

    Blevz BlebsBlevz Blebs28 dagen geleden
    • @Relyea it gave me one cent, it was great

      Blevz BlebsBlevz Blebs28 dagen geleden
    • 🤔

      RelyeaRelyea28 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compase? Well, it is the new hot character in Rai- i will stop right here

    King DoodiesKing Doodies28 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass made me get detention

    ElloxEllox28 dagen geleden
  • These people are speaking lies, all wayward compass does is tell you where you are on the map, And turn you into god

    PumpkinPatch 808PumpkinPatch 80829 dagen geleden
  • Hello

    D0nkey 42 Funky23D0nkey 42 Funky2329 dagen geleden
  • The wayward compass paid for my collage tuition

    Zain SalamiZain Salami29 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass has great synergy, it undid my parents divorce.

    GnyntGnyntMaand geleden
  • Wayward compass overthrew a long-forgotten empire of gods

    RedlingRedlingMaand geleden
  • is it true that relyea hearts absolutely every comment?

    alex.alex.Maand geleden
    • Most but not this one.

      Souls135Souls13512 dagen geleden
  • wayward compass helps you find your way through hallownest, great charm! and makes you immmune to all damage

    strazylolstrazylolMaand geleden
  • Wayward compass helped me find friends

    Miss. Sleep DeprivedMiss. Sleep DeprivedMaand geleden
  • Doesn't the quick Focus make the Deep Focus faster?

    gabriel sylvestregabriel sylvestreMaand geleden
    • Deep focus takes 2x as long and quick focus brings it back down to normal time

      RelyeaRelyeaMaand geleden
  • Now I see why that game has bugs and the basic JUMP command and attack don't work sometimes. All those other programmed combinations.

    gabriel sylvestregabriel sylvestreMaand geleden
  • Oh the wayward compass stuff was a joke- I went into my first boss battle and im like "mUsT bE gOoD bC rElYa SaId It"

    Ryan RogersonRyan RogersonMaand geleden
    • @ZA WARUDO oh no

      DovahkiinDovahkiin14 dagen geleden
    • Holding Alt and F4 makes it so your shade fights for you if you have wayward compass on

      ZA WARUDOZA WARUDO16 dagen geleden
    • Its becuz you dont use it correctly

      The Knight's ShadeThe Knight's Shade21 dag geleden
  • So wayward compass is pointless huh?

    A JA JMaand geleden
    • I mean, that’s not what the other comments say

      RelyeaRelyeaMaand geleden
  • Wayward Compass stopped me from going insane over Radiant Marmu

    popplethefalafelpopplethefalafelMaand geleden
  • Hey, I'm watching your video charm combo

    jennifer carpiojennifer carpioMaand geleden
    • Hello

      RelyeaRelyeaMaand geleden
  • Wayward compass helped my find my dad when he got lost in walmart to get milk

    Brain damage ElmoBrain damage ElmoMaand geleden
  • defenders crest synergies make the other charms worse. change miy mind

    Just a guy Without a moustacheJust a guy Without a moustacheMaand geleden
  • Glowing womb and the scent badge that i forgot the name of were the MVP's of my Hollow Knight boss fight

    Mushroom BoiMushroom BoiMaand geleden
  • Wayward compas combined with anything is CONFIRMED to make u last all night and grow 3 inches a week

    JackNorris -JackNorris -Maand geleden
  • The wayward compass, if it chooses you to unlock its true power, will make you one-shot every existing boss.

    The Troupe LeaderThe Troupe LeaderMaand geleden
  • When my dad left Wayward Compass helped my dad right

    clipsezzclipsezzMaand geleden
  • Wayward compass gives you the power to kill zote

    MoserMoserMaand geleden
  • The combo of fury of the fallen

    Jose TrevinoJose TrevinoMaand geleden
  • Wayward compass gave me free choccy milk

    4d Chess4d ChessMaand geleden
  • This video got you a new subscriber

    WildFox21WildFox21Maand geleden
  • Wayward compass make you into to the radiance

    Nhy WestNhy WestMaand geleden
  • the wayward compass made karen not speak to a manager

    darkai Vdarkai VMaand geleden
  • me thinking wayward compass does nothing: am i disabled?

    estou em shockestou em shockMaand geleden
  • The wayward compass isn’t that powerful, it just let me beat the pantheon of hollownest without taking any damage

    Infinite VoidInfinite VoidMaand geleden
    • Jesus Christ that is one strong charm

      Souls135Souls13512 dagen geleden
  • Wayward compass gave me silk song

    WLRJ3WLRJ3Maand geleden
  • Wayward compass: everyone loves raymond Gathering swarm: everyone hates chris

    Arif Ramen noodlesArif Ramen noodlesMaand geleden
    • nono, gathering swarm makes a splendid combination with wayward compass, dude, the flying bois start attacking with the geo and forge nails with enough geo, the wayward compass gives them laser blasters when they get 2500 geo.

      The Stab SS! CharaThe Stab SS! Chara2 dagen geleden
  • When I put the wayward compass my dad came back and he was still holding the milk.

    Arif Ramen noodlesArif Ramen noodlesMaand geleden
    • He was holding Flukemarm ?

      Chimer 79Chimer 7917 dagen geleden