Hollow Knight Boss Discussion - Hive Knight

29 jan. 2019
112 199 Weergaven

What's going on Noobs? Today's the day I talk about the buzziest boss of Hollow Knight: Hive Knight.
Hive Knight's Attacks: [0:56]
My Tactics (really just my first Hive Knight victory): [5:01]
Other Tactics: [5:50]
Hive Knight Defeated and Lore: [13:47]
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Hollow Knight is an independently-developed game developed by Team Cherry Games. Hollow Knight is a 2D side-scrolling game mixing Metroidvania-style gameplay and Dark Souls-style story and atmosphere. The player takes the role of the silent protagonist investigating what has happened to the kingdom of Hallownest, discovering its secrets while exploring a vast world.
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  • I hate the hive. Not because it dosent look cool or dosent have a cool item, its just literal hell. Walking around the hive is hell, and i hate it. Plz send therapy from reprecusions of bee torture

    Cooper DiazCooper Diaz2 dagen geleden
  • There aren't infinite bees; there's just 12. You could call it the Dozen Buzzin'.

    Paramecium 13Paramecium 134 dagen geleden
  • the hive knight and the mantis lords were both my favourite bosses mainly because they felt most fair even though the hive knight was the boss i died most to

    meteorismeteoris8 dagen geleden
  • I like how the hive knight is optional, because then I can decide I don't want to fight them. Seriously all the bees in the hive are adorable in their passive state.

    FBIFBI12 dagen geleden
  • The shade cloak turns him into a joke

    Superish Star WarriahSuperish Star Warriah14 dagen geleden
  • Just like everytime I watch one of your guides and beat the boss after immediately

    Mr MikutomeMr Mikutome14 dagen geleden
  • Me: I love hive knight Hive knight: thank you! Both: *sees a roblox noob* Noob: hi can I join *Me and hive knight* beats up the noob and stuffs him in honey* Noob: that sus

    koonbat 495koonbat 49522 dagen geleden
  • Hive knight has one of the best themes in the game change my hivemind

    FBI Agent RC-1262FBI Agent RC-126223 dagen geleden
  • I'll be 100% honest here, I don't think I have ever equipped the heavy blow charm, closed my inventory, and left the bench I was at in my entire life.

    Not_A_GamerNot_A_GamerMaand geleden
  • I found you from the wiki boss discussions.

    AdminDestroyer1AdminDestroyer1Maand geleden

    Kai MerryKai MerryMaand geleden
  • Am i the only one who kinda struggled with this fight? A lot of people say this one is easy. Then again, I beat watcher knights my second try so I think different people struggle with different types of bosses.

    Lord FawfulLord FawfulMaand geleden
    • @Perpetual Noob Exactly, this game is definitely one of my favorites i've played. I just finished the white palace, and I'm gonna try path of pain tomorrow. Wish me luck! Thanks for replying btw, you helped me tremendously on my playthrough.

      Lord FawfulLord FawfulMaand geleden
    • That's what's so great about this game: everyone experiences it differently. :)

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobMaand geleden
  • I love how much personality that Team Cherry puts into most of their bosses, especially the Hive Knight and Dung and White Defender. I just wish Hive Knight was harder. Unfortunately, all it takes is a strength charm and the Shade Cloak to take him down within 30 seconds.

    Electroshock GamerElectroshock Gamer2 maanden geleden
  • I think I would've struggled more with Hive Knight if I hadn't beaten 3 iterations of Grey Prince Zote and also gotten the Pure Nail. Grey Prince does NOT MESS. I felt kinda bad for hitting something so adorable too.

    NeilNeil3 maanden geleden
    • @Perpetual Noob Does anyone else want a hive knight plush?

      NeilNeil2 maanden geleden
    • Yeah, fair. :)

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob2 maanden geleden
  • How do people find this boss hard, all you have to do is stay close to him and just attack attack and attack

    AroAro3 maanden geleden
    • Perpetual Noob also you are still replying even after a year

      AroAro2 maanden geleden
    • Perpetual Noob welp yea I guess so I mean I was stuck on soul master and alot of people find soul master super easy

      AroAro2 maanden geleden
    • Everyone experiences video games differently. :)

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob2 maanden geleden
  • you could use skill and win or you can do what I did and use stalwart shell quick focus thorns of agony grubsong spore shroom and defenders crest and turn your brain off just walking up to him and attacking and healing when you take damage making the fight extremely easy

    Michael TannenbaumMichael Tannenbaum3 maanden geleden
    • That works too. :)

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob2 maanden geleden
  • You missed the opportunity to call the infinite bees attack "NOT THE BEES!"

    InciniumVGCInciniumVGC3 maanden geleden
  • I think hive knight is the prince of the hive or son of vespa.

    Desiree Montalvo-DobaoDesiree Montalvo-Dobao3 maanden geleden
    • Definitely possible. 🙂

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob3 maanden geleden
  • Hive Knight is a guy.

    NateBobNateBob3 maanden geleden
  • I also bullied my way throught, with slightly less health, less charms and a worse nail. Took me a couple tries but in the end spells are just too strong.

    legrandliseur trilegrandliseur tri3 maanden geleden
  • Ya like jazz? They should have made the hive blood charm into jazz, that will be a much better reason the bees don’t attack you

    Tony995Tony9954 maanden geleden
  • According to all known laws of aviation, there should be no way a bee should be able to fly.

    Landon KuntzmanLandon Kuntzman4 maanden geleden
  • hive knight is a great character, and I found his fight a lot of fun

    Nico NicoNico Nico4 maanden geleden
  • Bastard is easily made 1.5x harder by the length of time you have to travel from the bench to get to his ass

    djmixnmagicdjmixnmagic4 maanden geleden
  • If you ever feel different, Remember, Hive Knight has no wings, so he makes the buzzing sounds with his mouth

    Windows negative editionWindows negative edition4 maanden geleden
  • my fav boss tbh

    carpcarp4 maanden geleden
  • I always equip my long nail

    KittenGaming 3000KittenGaming 30004 maanden geleden
  • I ship this theme to Hive Knight m.nlworld.info/key/video/tZmrq9y9e6ybb4A

    Achilles The teen vesselAchilles The teen vessel4 maanden geleden
  • hive knight has no wings meaning all the buzz noises hes making with his mouth

    Alexander wahlAlexander wahl4 maanden geleden
  • 4:26 full of *B E E Z*

    Orange PeelOrange Peel4 maanden geleden

    Christian ElaineChristian Elaine5 maanden geleden
  • Hive knight: has no wings to make the bee noises Me: questioning how he make the buzzing noise anyway *REALIZATION THAT HE MAKES THE NOISE WITH HIS MOUTH*

    DraKaleel 18DraKaleel 185 maanden geleden
  • 7:41 Knight: Dad I'm scared!...

    Nicolás LópezNicolás López5 maanden geleden
  • I like the fact that u call us noobs too lol.

    Soham Singh MANGARAJSoham Singh MANGARAJ5 maanden geleden
  • Hive knight is using a tooth pick Boss idea: a boss we need to chase though hollow nest

    shadow knightshadow knight5 maanden geleden
  • The Hive Knight just spits the bees so hard 5 of them get stuck and the rest come down cuz they're fat and can't fly Btw Hive Knight's theme is one of my favorite, if not my favorite boss theme

    Gage StovallGage Stovall6 maanden geleden
    • 😂 I love that idea.

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob5 maanden geleden
  • So summery of this fight: ELEGANT TUMBLES

    Aiden BrevansAiden Brevans6 maanden geleden
  • The sound effects make him a very enjoyable fight.

    Lord DorogothLord Dorogoth6 maanden geleden
  • He leaps in the air like zote but actually lethal

    BAK Robert JohnstonBAK Robert Johnston6 maanden geleden
  • What's this? The hive has no boss fights? A large influx of B E E S oughtta put a stop to that

    Random red PyroRandom red Pyro6 maanden geleden
  • poor bee man :(

    SpoonSpoon6 maanden geleden
    • Yeah. 😞

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob5 maanden geleden
  • the hive is the worst area in hollow knight

    moth_the_drummermoth_the_drummer6 maanden geleden
  • Why do I only hear him say 'yeet'?

    Aule AlteAule Alte6 maanden geleden
  • Is it just me or is his needle look more like a metal toothpick

    Aieris FrostAieris Frost6 maanden geleden
  • It's hip to fight bees.

    Atomic TarantulaAtomic Tarantula6 maanden geleden
  • That's pretty nice. It's a cool vid Perpetual Noob. I analyzed his attacks to defeat him from this video.

    Lil Smarties Rants and MusicLil Smarties Rants and Music6 maanden geleden
  • According to christopher larkin, he thinks that the hive knights brown fuzz might have a pillowy, silky feeling

    Mister FisterMister Fister6 maanden geleden
    • I can believe that. 🙂

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob6 maanden geleden
  • 2:20 HE DABS!!!! HE DABBED!!!!!!!!! BEST BOSS 2:21 for better look without the slash

    Aiden BrevansAiden Brevans7 maanden geleden

      Aiden BrevansAiden Brevans7 maanden geleden
  • I’ve already beaten hive knight. Idk what I’m doing here

    Maizily MaisieMaizily Maisie7 maanden geleden
  • When u fight HK for the first time and u have so much good stuff ur a demigod: YA LIKE JAZZ?

    LIAM KIRTSLIAM KIRTS7 maanden geleden
  • Dream Hive Knight fight idea First of all, bees would rain down EVERY time he knocked down, this would last for around 10 seconds Second of all, his attacks would have less telegraph time and be faster, while his orbs would be more numerous, and explode faster after spawning, and having more needles coming out than normal. Third of all, double damage, I decided this would be ok because this fight doesn't have so many things going on at the same time. Hive knight would also have 1/3 more health than he had in the first fight. Also, after the infinite need attack, he would NOT have a set pattern, but not being able to do that attack until it ends. If you dash through/over hive knight while he is doing a lunge attack, he will turn around almost instantly and do the same attack (like NKG.) This can only happen once per lunge. Well, that's all the ideas I have so far Edit : infinite bees, not needs, I mean, hive knight needs a better fight, but not an attack

    Jim- bobJim- bob7 maanden geleden
    • Only hive knight himself and the start of his bee attack (while going up.)

      Jim- bobJim- bob7 maanden geleden
    • I like a lot of this idea. That would be an intense fight. 🙂 Quick question: would everything do double damage or just Hive Knight? I think with all of the extra bees and spikes, it'd be a bit more balanced if only Hive Knight did double damage but everything else was still at 1. And I'm only making that suggestion because there may be a modder looking at this and mulling the idea over. 😆

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob7 maanden geleden
  • Me while experiencing the infinite bees attack “OH GOD NOT THE BEES”

    Hans MercrediHans Mercredi8 maanden geleden
  • I truly hate the run up to this boss

    ScopedTiger R6ScopedTiger R68 maanden geleden
  • Anyone noticed that one of the charms looks like sans?

    James the GreatJames the Great8 maanden geleden
  • First try bois :D

    Lara Gilodi-JohnsonLara Gilodi-Johnson8 maanden geleden
  • Just equip sharp shadow, Like he just gets destroyed by it.

    Th4t DwayneeeTh4t Dwayneee9 maanden geleden
  • 'Surprise Slash' poo poo it should be the 'NANI' attack

    Potato_Cult_Unit 1Potato_Cult_Unit 19 maanden geleden
  • I beat him with quick slash and unbreakable strength... Please don't do that, after the fight I felt like I cheated ;-;

    Tangerine-chanTangerine-chan9 maanden geleden
    • Oh, okay. Well, I still think you legitimately beat him.

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob9 maanden geleden

    PachyLordTaco 21PachyLordTaco 219 maanden geleden
  • I hate the hive area Change my mind

    Aidan DillmanAidan Dillman9 maanden geleden
    • I get it. The Hive for me is one of those areas that I have to change my pace. I either go through it meticulously, slowly taking down every enemy I encounter. Or I do my best to race through it as fast as possible, dodging everything so I can beat Hive Knight, get Hiveblood, and Save and Quit out. It's a very unique area.

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob9 maanden geleden

    An I GuyAn I Guy9 maanden geleden
    • :0 thank you for the heart!

      An I GuyAn I Guy9 maanden geleden
  • Who would win? MY WHOLE ENTIRE STEEL SOUL RUN OR one hive boi

    ᚺ 7ᚺ 79 maanden geleden
    • Oop.

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob9 maanden geleden
  • hive knight use a stinger. I will call this needle the poisonous needle. FuN fAcT: stingers produces poison to its foe.

    UwU G A M I N GUwU G A M I N G9 maanden geleden
  • God seeker is watching the bee movie

    UwU G A M I N GUwU G A M I N G10 maanden geleden
  • Plot twist- hive knight’s needle is its stinger

    Egg BoiEgg Boi10 maanden geleden
  • renaming time! lunge> hornets sting. not the character tho. honey spikes attack>honey of harm. infinite bees attack >call to arms.

    SimonSimon10 maanden geleden
  • i'm noob . i died like 6 times to this

    Kawaii memeKawaii meme10 maanden geleden
    • Woo! Congratulations! :D

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob10 maanden geleden
    • i won :D

      Kawaii memeKawaii meme10 maanden geleden
  • I'm pretty sure that the bees *are* infected, since I do think I remember something talking about how the Radiance's hivemind was so close to theirs that they adapted to the change easily. What I think happened tho is that because they accepted her rule so easily, they essentially still function like bees and thus are not harmed by the infection or majorly influenced by it. We don't know how well Radiance sees us through the eyes of the bugs she controls, or how much instinct or will wins out over her control (well enough apparently, if you're desperate; looking at you Hollow), so it's possible that the bees 'see' you by scent and you putting on the hiveblood charm makes them 'see' you as a bee, thus tricking the Radiance into not being hostile as she can only sense what they sense. Also, for the Hive Knight? He makes those sounds with his mouth. It's adorable

    ruthlesslistenerruthlesslistener10 maanden geleden
    • Very possible that's how it all works. Good points. 🙂

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob10 maanden geleden
  • I actually lost to this guy 3 times before I managed to beat him, only because he just kept jumping in a random pattern and I just kept dashing under him and getting hit...

    Khalid AmrKhalid Amr11 maanden geleden
    • It happens. 🙂

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual Noob11 maanden geleden
  • Did not expect eddie izzard xD absolutely died

    KellyKellyJaar geleden
  • Hiveknight and hollowknight. Two bosses that completly get shutdown when you get the shade cloak. Theyre either really frustrating or really huge pushovers. No in between

    blind tree manblind tree manJaar geleden
  • He make me loose 9000 geo so killing him was so satisfying

    Darius TănaseDarius TănaseJaar geleden
  • and yeah most of the bosses counter tactics are easy in theory, but the practice is just not really for people like me, my hands are pretty dumb with slow reaction, I need to improve that thought

    Nelson ShamNelson ShamJaar geleden
  • I affraid more about the huge ass Berserker bee than the Hive Knight, cuz that one deal 2 damage everything it ram you, also the previous room has 2 of them(maybe 3), then I really suffer serious panic about that, I lose to Hive knight the first time to learn his move set, but looks easy tought, mostly tank him and heal, not a clever tactics, but I suck dodging, is not their move speed issue, I can dodge fast attacks but dodging then attack is a headache for me and I do need more times to learn about it, so I focus on attack only, but seriously, those floating honey orbs didn't hit me once in my secong try, and beat him wasn't that hard... I think I really suck facing a berserk type of boss

    Nelson ShamNelson ShamJaar geleden
    • Understandable: those large bees are really tough and the walk back to Hive Knight can be so frustrating.

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobJaar geleden
  • Is it weird that I defeated him before Soul Master?

    SlitherSlitherJaar geleden
    • Nah. Thanks to this game's map, there are lots of different routes we can take. :)

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobJaar geleden
  • Who else just pogod off a bee to get up

    KeeceeKeeceeJaar geleden
  • can using weaver song + grubsong and sprintmaster be useful against the hive knight?

    Milan!! XDMilan!! XDJaar geleden
    • @Perpetual Noob I ectually got the hang of his attack patterns and beat him with quick slash, mark of pride. I may have used glowing womb with defenders chrest too for extra dps and ditched the weaver song strategy all together.

      Milan!! XDMilan!! XDJaar geleden
    • Yeah. That's not the most efficient way to fight Hive Knight but it is a perfectly valid strategy.

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobJaar geleden
  • I love him wtf

    MoonWolf 12MoonWolf 12Jaar geleden
  • *_BUZZAH!_*

    CursedBotCursedBotJaar geleden
  • Do you particularly enjoy jazz music?

    EricX TrueEricX TrueJaar geleden
  • Aw man whats all the BUZZ about

    Dhduejf With other gamesDhduejf With other gamesJaar geleden
  • I love that when you stagger Hive Knight he makes sad buzzing noises, plus he's probably doing that with his mouth which is funnier

    ociNNicoociNNicoJaar geleden
  • Thank you Minecraft and Hollow Knight. Without you, i would've never loved bees this much ever.

    BluprintBluprintJaar geleden
  • Lost 4k ffs

    Jiaxi TseJiaxi TseJaar geleden
    • Oof!

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobJaar geleden
  • Is he buzzbo

    Mystic AlexisMystic AlexisJaar geleden
  • Tom Ska: hey hive knight why are you so bloated? Hive knight: BEEEEEEEEEEES

    Tykaru LobanoTykaru LobanoJaar geleden
  • Definitely my favorite boss lol

    Jarin OxborrowJarin OxborrowJaar geleden
  • Seriously, when I watch these discussion videos and see what charms, abilities and so are recommendable, I can't help but laughing (not in a mocking way), because I only had one or two nail uploads and just a few charm notches. Of course, it took lots of tries. By the way, it's not absolutely necesary the monarch wings, when I defeated the Hive Knight I hadn't even discovered you could upload your abilities and didn't even have the Crystal heart. To enter the Hive, you can use the bees coming out of the husk (or the husk itself) to get a boost by hitting them from above (I don't know if I'm explaining myself correctly).

    Mary Neko-chanMary Neko-chanJaar geleden
  • *BUZZAH!*

    Diogo Santos SilvaDiogo Santos SilvaJaar geleden
  • I want to help this poor buzz buzz

    Sawdust SoupSawdust SoupJaar geleden
  • The bees are infected. They resisted the infection for a long time but when Vespa died (for unknown and possibly unrelated reasons) they succumbed to it.

    Christopher HerreraChristopher HerreraJaar geleden
    • Ah. Okay.

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobJaar geleden
  • Spore Shroom Quick Focus Quick Slash Sharp Shadow Dash Master Perfect Charm set imo. Beat him incredibly easy with it.

    Lucas AponteLucas AponteJaar geleden
  • Finally a guide on Buzzbo

    Nope None YaNope None YaJaar geleden
  • I have only 2 words for hive knight: sssST! F*k. very fun, but boy did he overload my capacity to react to what I was seeing on screen when I tried him first.

    XenomorphsWrathXenomorphsWrathJaar geleden
    • Understandable.

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobJaar geleden
  • lunge crosses about 85%, not 65% and the swipe is probably 10

    Madeline BernalMadeline BernalJaar geleden
  • I like Heavy Blow to defeat Hornet in Greenpath, Kingdom' s Edge and Godhome.

    RoquiProRoquiProJaar geleden
    • Okay. Cool. :)

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobJaar geleden
  • How about fury of the fallen🎲

    original infantryoriginal infantryJaar geleden
  • I beat him first try and found him on accident and the charms I had where quick slash quick focus wayward compass gathering swarm and unbreakable greed and beat him first try lol ( well I did have the pure nail)

    SekenōSekenōJaar geleden
    • Who walks around with quick focus?!! It's only good for boss battles.

      legrandliseur trilegrandliseur tri3 maanden geleden
    • Pure Nail definitely helps and so does Wayward Compass. That charm is too strong. ;)

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobJaar geleden
  • Well...you could have brought up the Hunter's notes, which essentially describe the Hive Knight as a slave who fights for Honor.

    Pagoro the ShovelgodPagoro the ShovelgodJaar geleden
    • Yes. I touch on Hive Knight's sad existence of fighting despite the queen being dead. And the Hunter's Notes only note that Hive Knight is flightless. There is no answer about buzzing which in real world bees, the buzzing comes from them beating their wings so I ask again, "How does Hive Knight buzz when they have no wings?"

      Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobJaar geleden
    • Plus his winglessness is mentioned there aswell.

      Pagoro the ShovelgodPagoro the ShovelgodJaar geleden
  • Cursed Boss Idea: Hive knight but the Infinite Bees is actually Infinite (screen immediately and completely fills with bees)

    Aeden AbramAeden AbramJaar geleden
    • How are u supposed see the fluffy bee knight ready to stab ur ass

      koonbat 495koonbat 49521 dag geleden
    • That’s how fighting watcher knight felt but with spike balls

      I hate BritainI hate Britain5 maanden geleden

      specimen 2specimen 25 maanden geleden
    • ... *remembers godmaster* I blame you

      Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardiaTsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia6 maanden geleden
    • This could be made to a mod

      Leirton EriLeirton Eri6 maanden geleden