Hollow Knight.37 Hive Knight Boss

1 jan. 2020
165 Weergaven

Holy crap this evil hive had better be worth cutting our way through!
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  • Dear Alex, hello, it's me, now I know it's kinda funny that I remember this but it was today 2 years ago that I mailed out a copy of pokemon pearl to you, it's been a nice long while since then I know but it's been very nice to watch the channel grow and me as well, I cant believe I was 14 when I sent that and I'm almost 17 now, time really flies am I right, but getting to the point of this you should be receiving about 3 letters from me sometime in the near future so have fun with those, or I may just make it 1 large letter who knows lol, I'm so happy to have been here for so long with the channel and it's been a great 2 years and I hope that there'll be many more to comeđź’™ James

    Silph. CoSilph. CoJaar geleden
    • That's so nice James! I'll be sure to make a video of that :)

      HamsterBombHamsterBombJaar geleden
  • The struggle was real with this episode, both for Hamster and my lunges xD

    Twisted IrisTwisted IrisJaar geleden
  • Happy new year!!! This was a fun video for this morning!!

    Amanda WhittenAmanda WhittenJaar geleden
    • happy new year amanda!

      HamsterBombHamsterBombJaar geleden