Hollow Knight 112% All Bosses NMG Speedrun - 3:31:37

21 dec. 2018
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Sub 3:30 next!
Decent ~ish run, but still had a lot of mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Do you play on a controller or a keyboard?
A: Keyboard (Not mechanical)
Q: Why do you open your inventory while falling?
A: Increases falling speed + Removes hardfalls.
Q: Weren't inventory drops removed??
A: Not entirely, they're just way more precise. You can only do them as you fall off a ledge. That's why you'll see me use other ways to drop faster, like cyclone drops and dives.
Q: Why is the game in Chinese?
A: Faster text scroll + Less letters in general, saves a good amount of time.
Q: Why are there 2 timers?
A: The upper one is for time without game loading times (loadless), lower one is real time (RTA).
Q: Isn't the Pantheon of Hallownest optional?
A: The category is 112% All Bosses*, which makes it required.
*It's impossible to actually do all bosses with the same save file without returning to it after credits, so we do kinda skip original Hollow Knight and Radiance.
Q: What charms is he using??
A: Colosseum: 2:16:40
Pantheons: 2:58:30

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/monstahler
Hollow Knight on Speedrun.com : www.speedrun.com/hollowknight
Hollow Knight's Discord Server: discord.me/hollowknight

  • Where is dung? That is a boss to and you not beat it

    Overschie TOverschie T9 dagen geleden
  • Speedrun mm good

    костях Аржановскийкостях Аржановский11 dagen geleden
  • 1:30:59 hi mender bug

    só o Bryan '-'só o Bryan '-'18 dagen geleden
  • Why is almost eVERY one of these speed runs done with the Japanese versions??? I know full well the people doing them AREN'T Japanese. So I ask again. WHY THE JAPANESE VERSION? I actually want to read what the characters say; and understand what skills or items are being acquired.

    Captain JackCaptain Jack27 dagen geleden
    • @iatychi Ah thanks! I appreciate the explanation. :-)

      Captain JackCaptain Jack14 dagen geleden
    • i can explain! speedruns are done in chinese (this isnt japanese btw), due to there being less symbols for letters and words, and therefore the dialogue is quicker to get through. speedrunners find every little way to make the runs faster, and this is one of them. if you want to read what the characters say, i recommend looking for a playthrough in english. :)

      iatychiiatychi14 dagen geleden
  • Now I understand why Trump didnt like China

    Lunar VoidLunar Void29 dagen geleden
  • I spent 78 hours for 106%

    Lunar VoidLunar Void29 dagen geleden
  • 1:31:01 menderbug!

    Paola GonzalezPaola GonzalezMaand geleden
  • 2:33 poor elderbug, the heartbreaking noise he makes

    DBS ShadowDBS ShadowMaand geleden
  • what's the "ooh?" sound that plays randomly throughout the video? there's one at 12:35

    Serena FonsecaSerena FonsecaMaand geleden
    • I'm pretty sure it's just something from the game but I might be wrong

      Rybot 5KRybot 5K16 dagen geleden
  • 13

    Jopply _Jopply _Maand geleden
  • 1:35:37

    Iago OliveiraIago OliveiraMaand geleden
  • I woke up after going to bed and this was on don’t know what it is but keep up the good work dude

    NerfShotgunsNerfShotgunsMaand geleden
  • Holy Smokes, someone actually did a run on the updated version. You get my props for being the only HK runner I've seen adapt.

    GetBnGetBnMaand geleden
  • damn this guy took 15 minutes to get mantis claw it took me 10hours

    system notificationssystem notificationsMaand geleden
  • So sad, soooooooo sad. This isn't in at least 1080p and no 60FPS... Why? EVEN if the game is at that resolution (for some reason...........) capture itself mean less visual loss the more bitrate you force... And resolution helps to have less losses after encoding and posting. It sucks because this game is gorgeous and speedruns of it are awesome. It should be obvious why a better quality is always better... Even the splits are just barely readable, too blurry, the whole video is blurry. And it makes me sad.

    jojolafrite90jojolafrite902 maanden geleden
  • よく追悼者やりながらそこいくな…

    旗魚旗魚2 maanden geleden
  • Eres un Dios o que pedo? Jajaja hermoso speed run, tengo 50 hrs jugandolo y llevo el 84% jajaja

    Leonardo ValdiviaLeonardo Valdivia2 maanden geleden
    • Verdad xd

      Paola GonzalezPaola Gonzalez29 dagen geleden
    • Hola bro

  • I feel so stupid after watching this because it took me 3 hours to find out what I was supposed to be doing on forgotten crossroads and 2 more hours to beat hornet

    Billal MohamedBillal Mohamed2 maanden geleden
  • It took me 40hours to finish this game and he finished it in 4 hours :)

    TeevPlaysTeevPlays2 maanden geleden
  • 7:06 what on earth..... ?

    Henning GuHenning Gu2 maanden geleden
  • MonsStahLer: 112% in less than 4 hours. Me: Still hasn't even opened godhome. My Steam Account: You've been playing for more than 50 hours! Would you like to leave a review?

    Derek DunbarDerek Dunbar3 maanden geleden
  • Fucking monster skips elderbug, smh there's no good people left in the world

    JimboPKillerJimboPKiller3 maanden geleden
    • Not even a quick hello

      JimboPKillerJimboPKiller3 maanden geleden
  • My first 112% completion run only took me 105 hours

    clever nameclever name3 maanden geleden
  • Nobody is going to talk about that galien fight?

    Nicolas AlmeidaNicolas Almeida3 maanden geleden
  • 2:07:37 ITS ME

    The CollectorThe Collector3 maanden geleden
  • 3:08:12 Adorable

    Just a RandoJust a Rando3 maanden geleden
  • Asian parents: Now do it hitless.

    Aroga0811Aroga08114 maanden geleden
  • Whelp ....I tried to follow it , however when you super dashed in the dark room , I put my controller down and alt-f4 ed . :-))

    The Grimm LadyThe Grimm Lady4 maanden geleden
  • I fucking hate auto play

    CEO of BirdsCEO of Birds5 maanden geleden
  • Wait, how did he force the extra notches at 7:00?

    Roman PolakRoman Polak5 maanden geleden
    • @YaoiIsMySin Thank you for the explanation!!

      Roman PolakRoman Polak5 maanden geleden
    • It's a game mechanic called Overcharmed. It takes a couple of attempts (I wanna say five but might be wrong) to make it happen when you first try to do it but it will allow equipping a charm you don't have notches for. Doubles all the damage you take while in the state though. Also can't be done if you are using the max amount of charms your notches allow or if you are already in Overcharmed state.

      YaoiIsMySinYaoiIsMySin5 maanden geleden
  • Would love to see 112 in a gdq

    AbeltensorAbeltensor5 maanden geleden
  • I’m trying to beat the game without ever entering the False Knight Boss room so it feels nice watching someone beat the game “Normally”

    Tenack the ForgetfulTenack the Forgetful5 maanden geleden
  • Se que pocos entenderán (porque escribí en español) pero me duele ver este vídeo, veo muchos atajos ya algunas zonas ocultas que no encontré cuando juge al juego xd

    Nicola DannNicola Dann6 maanden geleden
    • A todos nos pasa la primera vez, yo tarde 60 horas en desbloquear el 106%

      Tareas HaredTareas Hared2 maanden geleden
  • ???????????????????????

    Mitdh eufMitdh euf6 maanden geleden
  • Currently 87 hours in and only at 104% good shit man lol

    Zachary WoodfordZachary Woodford6 maanden geleden
  • At 2:56:25 how you do it. Please answer please

    Saliou NiangSaliou Niang6 maanden geleden
  • Didn't speak to elderbug, delete the video

    uncrackedgrapesuncrackedgrapes7 maanden geleden
  • Is it possible to get into The City of Tears without the city crest?

    ZawakariZawakari7 maanden geleden
  • 2:45:49 OMFG!

    Bandito JenkinsBandito Jenkins8 maanden geleden
  • Zote is not needed for 112%, why let him live?

    Bandito JenkinsBandito Jenkins8 maanden geleden
  • no way Menderbug has apeared, that is 2 percent man hahaha

    King FZKing FZ8 maanden geleden
  • 54:56 WTF?

    OlokwOlokw8 maanden geleden
  • 大陸同胞xD

    TokyoCheeseTokyoCheese8 maanden geleden
  • 1:31:01 he met the rare menderbug dude wtf

    Troller el melloiTroller el melloi9 maanden geleden
  • 31:33 ??????????????

    ErmessonErmesson9 maanden geleden
  • I just copied exactly what he did. Got 104% lol

    Alex - Let's Play Games.Alex - Let's Play Games.9 maanden geleden
  • 3:11:49 I can imagine a small child just making howling noises into a microphone

    sircookiesircookie10 maanden geleden
  • Imagine if a level 9 bot did this

    Natalie GibbsNatalie Gibbs10 maanden geleden
  • elderbug is sad, invalid!

    EadbertEadbert10 maanden geleden
  • 27:54 :(

    Berta Elisa Bustos GarzaBerta Elisa Bustos Garza10 maanden geleden
  • 31:32 For anyone from the 3hr speed run Achievement Guide without the Lumafly on leg 5.

    Isaac CereIsaac Cere10 maanden geleden
  • isma's Tears : Nahhh grub first

    dhammapala febriantodhammapala febrianto11 maanden geleden
  • Good, now do it with your eyes closed.

    Cowboy GrubCowboy Grub11 maanden geleden
  • Did I see you force a charm into those slots??

    Eric MaletteEric Malette11 maanden geleden
    • @Eric Malette The negative is that you take double damage.

      JJ AbbottJJ Abbott4 maanden geleden
    • @MonStahLer What's the negative side to it? And what are the limits? How many slots can you exceed the maximum?

      Eric MaletteEric Malette11 maanden geleden
    • Yes, it's an intended mechanic called overcharming

      MonStahLerMonStahLer11 maanden geleden
  • ...妈妈快出来看神仙

    Fei TanFei Tan11 maanden geleden
  • 2:56:30

  • 3:30:01~06 down hits matching vocals LOOOOL

    Haoyu ChenHaoyu ChenJaar geleden
  • Dang I got almost 30 hours in it already and not as far as you in 1 hour

    ImNotStalkingYouImNotStalkingYouJaar geleden
  • 50:10 dorime

    david mockabeedavid mockabeeJaar geleden
  • Hey quick question did you use any glitches in this speed run I’m curious because I’d like to get use to this game some of your movements seem so precise and hard to follow

    Dudley GTDudley GTJaar geleden
  • ı have 157 hours didnt get fift pantehon ı need embrace the voıd thats my last trophy and ı try this trophy since 20 days and ım 112 percent 100 hours

    Burak ÖzçavdarBurak ÖzçavdarJaar geleden
  • 1:31:01 who is this?

    Minutemen_in_ T-60Minutemen_in_ T-60Jaar geleden
  • Sharp shadow just use it!

    Super BooperSuper BooperJaar geleden
  • Everyone: my first spell was vengeful spirit Me: My first spell was crystal heart

    Janice HuntleyJanice HuntleyJaar geleden
  • The way you handled the Lemer quest is just god damn reckless yet you still did it in (many) fewer tries than me.

    Sean EdgingSean EdgingJaar geleden
  • Does this have the path of pain?

    Rauser ExRauser ExJaar geleden
  • 2:02:29

    Mafes CarmonaMafes CarmonaJaar geleden
  • 7:01 all:ok me: WTF

    adluzz LIFadluzz LIFJaar geleden
    • that is a basic thing

      GabGotenGabGotenJaar geleden
  • Thanks a lot, i followed the guide step by step, in some ways the ability of jumps is very hard and i needed to find new ways to back road. The guide help me very much, thanks

    MrJamesklprimeMrJamesklprimeJaar geleden
  • after 3 hours in my first playthrough i had just killed the false knight

    prismancyprismancyJaar geleden
  • Godseeker attuning to you damn

    Smartguy725Smartguy725Jaar geleden
  • *useing japenesss language, but didn't talk to elderbug* What are you? A monster?

    510 67 the god510 67 the godJaar geleden
  • Ppl who skip beginning miss things like this 3:11

    oh okoh okJaar geleden
  • Time Checkpoints :) Entering Places: 2:39 - Forgotten Crossroads 7:33 - Greenpath 12:38 - Fungal Wastes 15:59 - City of Tears 27:49 - Crystal Peak 32:50 - Resting Grounds 40:30 - Royal Waterways 43:43 - Ancient Basin 1:16:31 - Kingdom’s Edge 1:19:48 - The Abyss 1:32:38 - Fog Canyon 1:40:31 / 1:47:07 - Deepnest 1:58:58 - The Hive 2:17:46 - Colosseum of the Fools 2:46:39 - Queens Gardens 2:48:23 - White Palace 3:03:00 - Godhome Bosses: False Knight - 4:26 Vengefly King - 9:28 Hornet 1 - 10:46 Soul Warrior - 18:44 Soul Master - 19:57 Gruz Mother - 25:30 Soul Tyrant - 37:11 Dung Defender - 41:11 Broken Vessel - 45:10 Lost Kin - 46:22 Failed Champion - 50:12 Gorb - 54:49 Crystal Guardian - 1:00:36 Enraged Guardian - 1:01:03 Massive Moss Charger - 1:07:40 No Eyes - 1:09:04 Xero - 1:14:50 Hornet 2 - 1:17:27 Mantis Lords - 1:25:35 Troupe Master Grimm - 1:28:49 Brooding Mawlek- 1:31:48 Elder Hu - 1:33:47 Uumuu- 1:35:43 Marmu - 1:43:28 Traitor Lord - 1:45:15 Galien - 1:50:57 Nosk - 1:54:27 Hive Knight - 2:01:01 Markoth- 2:05:43 The Collector - 2:07:35 Watcher Knights - 2:10:23 White Defender - 2:14:49 Zote T h e M i g h t y - 2:20:52 Oblobbles - 2:25:00 God Tamer - 2:31:47 Grey Prince Zote - 2:36:37 Flukemarm- 3:01:15 Nailmaster Oro / Brothers Oro and Mato - 3:07:30 Paintmaster Sheo - 3:13:14 Great Nailsage Sly - 3:19:23 Pure Vessel - 3:26:25 Nightmare King Grimm - 3:51:45 Absolute Radiance - 3:53:32 Upgrades: Vengeful Spirit - 5:35 Mothwing Cloak - 11:10 Mantis Claw - 14:19 Desolate Dive - 21:22 Crystal Heart - 29:49 Descending Dive - 31:51 Shade Soul - 35:26 Isma’s Tear - 42:52 Monarch Wings - 45:58 Howling Wraiths - 1:11:00 King’s brand - 1:18:25 Abyss Shriek - 1:20:15 Shadow Cloak - 1:20:47 Tram Pass - 1:51:58 Awoken Dream Nail - 2:42:21 Delicate Flower - 2:43:18 Godtuner - 3:02:30 Charms: Fury of The Fallen - 1:47 Soul Catcher - 6:46 Soul Twister - 19:38 Defender’s Crest - 41:40 Glowing Womb - 49:36 Dream Weilder - 52:31 Joni’s Blessing - 56:31 Grimmchild - 57:56 Deep Focus - 59:58 Thorns of Agony - 1:06:10 Dreamshield- 1:13:11 Soul Eater - 1:14:00 Dashmaster - 1:24:28 Mark of Pride - 1:27:03 Spore Shroom - 1:40:21 Weaverlings- 1:50:11 Sharp Shadow - 1:56:09 Hiveblood - 2:01:55 Quickslash - 2:05:25 Shape of Unn - 2:33:16 Baldur’s Shell - 2:34:51 Nailmaster’s Glory - 2:40:25 Gathering Swarm, Steward Shell, Heavy Blow, Sprintmaster - 2:41:29 Lifeblood Heart, Longnail, Quickfocus - 2:44:11 Kingsoul - 2:53:52 Lifeblood Core - 2:55:42 / 2:56:03 Void Heart - 2:57:10 Flukenest - 3:01:28

    WolfieIsAnArtistUwUWolfieIsAnArtistUwUJaar geleden
    • You are god hats off

      SpysidewaysSpysidewaysMaand geleden
    • Wait the route gets Flukenest after Void Heart? That's interesting lol

      Paulo Alberto ValentePaulo Alberto ValenteMaand geleden
    • Do you feel OK, damn bro

      DBS ShadowDBS ShadowMaand geleden
    • Meganath 731 x to doubt it probably took this dude weeks to months to master this speed run, this took me maybe a week

      WolfieIsAnArtistUwUWolfieIsAnArtistUwUMaand geleden
    • Omg you putted more efforts in that than him to do the speedrun, gg respect

      Meganath 731Meganath 731Maand geleden
  • 32:41

    João Vitor ZaniniJoão Vitor ZaniniJaar geleden
  • me after 3 hours 30 minutes: Yeee i beat hornet! Woah i can dash now!

    Big Floppa GamingBig Floppa GamingJaar geleden
    • Same lol

      Augster17Augster176 dagen geleden
    • You guys beat a boss?

      Thiago AmorimThiago Amorim8 dagen geleden
    • me after 115 hrs:yeah I defeated nightmare king Grimm

      doppio the memerdoppio the memer15 dagen geleden

      Not Benjamin FraserNot Benjamin Fraser23 dagen geleden
    • To me took 5 hours ;)

      Unknown YUnknown Y23 dagen geleden
  • I love how he up attacks on the ground, looks so funny

    NABz LastedNABz LastedJaar geleden
  • The best speedrun Hollow knight ever. I like it)))

    Zloy_Kot50Zloy_Kot50Jaar geleden
  • It's done well. blog.naver.com/7heppy7

    게임플레이창조자게임플레이창조자Jaar geleden
  • Verry nice :)

    Peter RadoulovPeter RadoulovJaar geleden
  • this dude is like: lantern my ass

    Thijmen The TurkeyThijmen The TurkeyJaar geleden
  • 1:24:04 yea what hit you?

    Jademonas S2Jademonas S2Jaar geleden
    • One of those flying parasites, glitched in the wall for some reason.

      Ritesh GorkhaliRitesh Gorkhali2 maanden geleden
  • What charms is he using when he entered the pantheons?

    Carey BetsworthCarey BetsworthJaar geleden
  • machine gun knight 3:30:30, poor Hornet, just wanted to protect her beloved kingdom

    AzazelAzazelJaar geleden
  • muy ramdon que cojones ajajaj

    TOMBLERTOMBLERJaar geleden
  • Pro speed runner: dam if I did this complicated move I could have scraped off 0.00000000000000000000000000000302 seconds on my speed run Me: does it mater Speed runner: you doubts my potential

    Bundle of NonsenseBundle of NonsenseJaar geleden
    • Your username makes sense after reading thing

      You'r MomYou'r MomJaar geleden
  • 23:02 tfw u dont know chinese so u just guess

    Jademonas S2Jademonas S2Jaar geleden
    • It's simple. The yes will always be placed at the left and no at the right, otherwise, he also showed that two times which means he accidentally chose no I guess.

      TwinkieTwinkieJaar geleden

    Candida Maceras TorresCandida Maceras TorresJaar geleden
    • Yess

      CEO of comunismCEO of comunism2 maanden geleden
  • guys... i'm a bit terrified by this..

    Clayton HardeeClayton HardeeJaar geleden
  • this is a beefy damn game just started too play it

    megajago990megajago990Jaar geleden
  • having watched for three times on bilibili,now let me watch for three times again,great

    神羽.洛神羽.洛Jaar geleden
  • respect and greet from a Chinese player,like this game so much

    神羽.洛神羽.洛Jaar geleden
  • I just realized thw crystal guardian has godzilla 2014/2019 roar

    Zero Omega2100Zero Omega2100Jaar geleden
  • It takes me an hour when trying to speedrun to get the achievements just to get to CoT. *what even*

    Kyle H.Kyle H.Jaar geleden
  • you beat traitor lord so fast he didn't believe he was dead yet

    VanoverVanoverJaar geleden
  • 3:52:08 look at how they massacred my boy

    Brian McNaryBrian McNaryJaar geleden
  • 1:38:52 nice timing

    phobicpigeonphobicpigeonJaar geleden
  • 14:20 oooo?

    456 chumghei456 chumgheiJaar geleden
  • I had no idea how powerful the spells were against enemies...

    TimothyTimothyJaar geleden
  • 1:31:01 who’s that?

    蒙蒙monmon蒙蒙monmonJaar geleden