'HEROIC' Sergio Busquets saved Lionel Messi's blushes on penalty miss vs. Valencia | ESPN FC

2 mei. 2021
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ESPN FC's Alejandro Moreno joins Dan Thomas to break down Barcelona's 3-1 win vs. Valencia at the Mestalla.
0:00 Moreno credits Sergio Busquets for keeping the play alive on Lionel Messi's penalty miss, allowing the Blaugrana star to tap in from close range.
2:10 Moreno shares his thoughts on the title race in La Liga, with Atletico Madrid set to visit Barca at Camp Nou next weekend.
3:31 The guys discuss Lionel Messi's performance in the second half, including his picture-perfect free kick from distance. Moreno says Messi will have to be at his "absolute best" for Barca to have a chance at winning La Liga.
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  • Ronaldo fans will claim that Messi is finished because he missed the penalty despite scoring 2 goals.

    Richard JRichard JDag geleden
  • ESPN is a Joke!

    Asta BakastaAsta BakastaDag geleden
  • The disrespect that someone like Ale Moreno shows to Messi.

    Peter JosephPeter JosephDag geleden
  • Pessi is finished, bottles every big games.

    Last NevermoreLast Nevermore2 dagen geleden
  • busquets has been a man posessed

    Kon ZarosKon Zaros2 dagen geleden
  • Barcelona won 3-2 right, not 3-1

    Sporting DirectorSporting Director2 dagen geleden
  • Ale you jealousy old dude who cares what yhu talking No team have beaten Valencia in Mastella in 2021 so get yha facts!!!!

    Antoine Grizzy7Antoine Grizzy72 dagen geleden
  • Let's slaughter atm this weekend barca

    Barcelona foreverBarcelona forever2 dagen geleden
  • hahhaha ale is irght all teams were literally just there surviving the loss

    Levine AkampaLevine Akampa2 dagen geleden
  • Puh-lease

    Haitham AlallamHaitham Alallam2 dagen geleden
  • I believe that's 2 consecutive missed pk from messi. please give that job to someone else. lol

    uchibenkeiuchibenkei2 dagen geleden
  • Has extra time stopped ??

    Emmanuel TandohEmmanuel Tandoh2 dagen geleden
  • The keeper was way off his line to save that pen so it would have been retaken had the rebound not been scored

    Ollie SammonOllie Sammon2 dagen geleden
  • can we just appreciate the Griezmann,Messi and Pedri combo lately...especially in yesterday's game!

    Darryl SeaneDarryl Seane2 dagen geleden
  • Messi is on 28 goals in la liga, why do they keep putting up incorrect stats

    rupaul livingstonrupaul livingston2 dagen geleden
  • He took tips from Cadiz

    Ahmad Al BakriAhmad Al Bakri2 dagen geleden
  • The lunatic level ESPN is insane What a stupid title!!! This is football not tennis It's a team sport.

    Kwame NkrumahKwame Nkrumah2 dagen geleden
  • Pessilona back at it

    Honest VARcelona FanHonest VARcelona Fan2 dagen geleden
    • But he missed the penalty tho????

      BlitzBlitz2 dagen geleden
  • Hey Ali Moreno when you say "yet another penalty miss by messi" understand he scored more goals via pen than you did in your whole life, childhood included.

    Jose VargasJose Vargas2 dagen geleden
  • I used to play like Frankie. Just constantly be a guy who out hustles you and throw your body no matter how small it is around. He's my unsung hero of barca

    AndrewAndrew2 dagen geleden

    YotaichioYotaichio2 dagen geleden
  • *C H O K E R S*

    স্টক বাংলাস্টক বাংলা2 dagen geleden

    Romeoz06Romeoz062 dagen geleden
  • Da pena ver lo que hace la envidia en algunas personas, y lo peor es que para que tipos asi existan hay un ejercito de haters que le dan de comer. Con todo respeto Alejandro, pero te pagan para basurear a Messi? Hablas con esas "botas de oro" de fondo con una autoridad que te da que? haber metido dos dobletes en toda tu carrera en la competitiva liga de USA allá por 2007? Que sabrás de presión vos? Sos uno más de los que comen alimentando el odio y la envidia a Messi ya que tiene muchos adeptos. La verdad no se como gente como vos trabaja de generar discordia y odio, y no me creo que no seas consciente de ello.

    TheSangolioTheSangolio2 dagen geleden
  • Ale is one of the most disturbing individuals, inside and out. bully.

    OT SOT S2 dagen geleden
  • Busquets has been playing well all season but you only start giving him credit when he contributes to a goal and gives you a reason to discredit messi

    EarthEarth2 dagen geleden
  • Scoreline was 3-2 ESPN!!!! Watch the matches!!!!!!!!!

    Ripudaman Singh ThakurRipudaman Singh Thakur2 dagen geleden
  • If we are to live in the world of imaginations, then we would have scored many goals..so stop critisizing messi for missing a penalty and busquetts helping out...

    gabriel balogungabriel balogun2 dagen geleden
  • So many years, still depend on two old players! Poor! Barc.😭😭

    SK LawSK Law2 dagen geleden
  • Fact is "Era of Cr7 and Messi" is over. New generations are emerging.

    Jim GurungJim Gurung2 dagen geleden
  • Villareal Sevilla will help Barca.😀

    sunandkssunandks2 dagen geleden
  • The tiki taka was insane wow😨😲😍

    Jeremie NlanduJeremie Nlandu2 dagen geleden
  • What kind of expert is he? He says we had difficulty braking down Valencia.. we had 3 clear goal chances in the first half and about 2-3 crosses that no one was at the end of.. when we went down in and around minute 50 we had to be patient and look for an opening that was an opening for frenkie that wasa deliberate hand ball for which lato should have been sent off which he wasn't.. also cillassen was off his line it would have been retaken u are just gonna ignore that fact,

    Krishnakant TiwariKrishnakant Tiwari2 dagen geleden
  • I still think winner of Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid will take home the title.

    Keen ObserverKeen Observer2 dagen geleden
  • I do not understand this. how is Barcelona 3rd and Madrid second while Barca has better GD 47 AND MADRID 34.

    FallingskysFallingskys2 dagen geleden
  • That makes it Sergio Busquet 1 Lio Messi 579

    pabloalarroyopabloalarroyo2 dagen geleden
  • Messi only misses when the Keepers cheat😒

    KïÑG MüLâKïÑG MüLâ2 dagen geleden
  • Them stats just blatantly wrong at 4 mins ESPN are rubbish

    Bradley BeaumontBradley Beaumont2 dagen geleden
  • I wouldn’t say Barcelona has built character but the teams they have played simply respect them too much 😂.Barcelona has been average this year ,Messi has been the only functional person in the team

    casey douglascasey douglas2 dagen geleden
  • how is barcelona 3rd?? they have the same amount of points as real madrid but barca have more goal difference. so barca should be second

    Abraham AmanuelAbraham Amanuel2 dagen geleden
  • Well, penalties are tough. It is easy for us keyboard warriors to criticize players like Ronnie, Bruno, etc for missing them.

    shubhshubh2 dagen geleden
  • Alanjandro plz dont mention Barca will win this laliga 😂..if u mention that then they loss the very next match too.. 😂😂plz support Madrid clubs 😉

    Georjo PiusGeorjo Pius2 dagen geleden
  • Moreno is from Venezuela. Almost every South American has something against Argentinians/Brazilians. That’s just they way, it’s not even something bad. It’s just the culture. Football there is a religion.

    Perceptionist /Perceptionist /2 dagen geleden
  • It's a team sport? 🤷‍♂️, I do my job on the attacking end, you do your job on the defensive end, and that's why it's a team sport❗

    Samuel SaimSamuel Saim2 dagen geleden

    Aymaan .TAymaan .T2 dagen geleden
  • why are u not posting on twitter

    Damilola DareDamilola Dare2 dagen geleden
    • Coz Twitter is full of shits

      Raj07 rrRaj07 rr2 dagen geleden
  • Busquets has to be Messi's real homie. I never saw him run that fast in his whole career.

    Neon TouhedulNeon Touhedul2 dagen geleden
  • Cillesen had anyways stepped over the line so if it had went out the penalty would have been retaken.

    Arin MittalArin Mittal2 dagen geleden
  • Yall gonna ignore the fact how sevilla is in the race too with 1 extra game to play They gonna be in spitting distance if they beat real madrid Wake up lol

    Jaun MirzaJaun Mirza2 dagen geleden
  • Why Real Madrid is above Barca?? We have better GD and more wins!!!!

    Aarush KaswanAarush Kaswan2 dagen geleden
  • So Bale has a good and espn is quiet. Hmmm!?

    Wandile MolefeWandile Molefe2 dagen geleden
  • I hope ale doesn't jinx us again

    Amin MansourAmin Mansour2 dagen geleden
  • If they haven't scored ,the penalty would have been retaken becuz the keeper was out of his line clearly

    Mang KipgenMang Kipgen2 dagen geleden
  • Ale is the most sarcastic expert in this world 😂😂❤️

    Soumalya NandySoumalya Nandy2 dagen geleden
  • The goat who can’t score a penalty to save his life or win an international trophy to put a star on his national jersey:(

    Marc BaMarc Ba2 dagen geleden
  • 🤩 what a game especially the 2nd half, Saturday Atletico vs Barcelona and Seville vs Real Madrid! La Liga will be decided.

    Мартин БранковМартин Бранков2 dagen geleden
  • I have a feeling that barca will win the league for real

    Fikile MkhizeFikile Mkhize3 dagen geleden
  • Less go, the final showdown Adetovar vs adetovar

    Mishael JulianMishael Julian3 dagen geleden
  • I cant stand these two...on to the next vid

    LuckyMeLuckyMe3 dagen geleden
  • If the penalty kick had been retaken Messi would have missed again and the score would have been a tie . (My comment is based on most of the "retaken" comments)

    Carlos VelasquezCarlos Velasquez3 dagen geleden
  • Ronaldo brace help juve to be in third table n messi brace help them to be in third table goat for a reason always copycat one another if one subs n win the game for the team next time the other do the same so many similar incident this two has

    Wily kathWily kath3 dagen geleden
  • I really don't like ESPN analysis as they're bias, but boy oh boy does it feel good to watch them talk giberish when Barca wins 😂😂😂🤗

    Shaun-Douglas MasangoShaun-Douglas Masango3 dagen geleden
  • Imagine Sevilla winning the la liga. That'd be the biggest plot twist of the season.

    Scorpio SnakeScorpio Snake3 dagen geleden
    • It's possible. Why not?

      Marchel SugiMarchel Sugi2 dagen geleden
    • That would be crazy. They are a fun team to watch, Lopetegui is such a good coach

      Karim ZakariaKarim Zakaria3 dagen geleden
  • As a Madrid fan I'm rooting for a Barcelona win against Atletico this weekend. WOW!! Football can be funny sometimes!!😅🤣

    BATMAN94BATMAN943 dagen geleden
  • No, if Busquets doesen't jump on that ball and they get it in, then the penalty should definitly have been played again as Cillessen didn't have any foot even on the line.

    JizerJizer3 dagen geleden
  • It's crazy that messi does not get any hate for missing penalties after penalties 😂🤦🏽‍♂️. And others? They're given death threats just for lil defensive errors.

    Parth ChavdaParth Chavda3 dagen geleden
  • The guys at espn are really stupid

    oj vicoj vic3 dagen geleden
  • Messi and Ronaldo showing why they are the best

    Anubhav KumarAnubhav Kumar3 dagen geleden
  • This is the best title run in Europe

    Da NewDay LimpopoDa NewDay Limpopo3 dagen geleden
  • Mr Ale. Disappearing act...... Common man time n again he proved who is d boss. We football fans r really gifted to watch this little genius. Pls pls don't ever criticize him. There will be a odd day for anyone. ESPN hates messi. Yyyyyyyyy????

    Henry ManuelHenry Manuel3 dagen geleden
  • That penalty was worst ever from messi. That freekick tho. 3 away from cracking top 10 free kick list of all time.

    Stian W. DanielsenStian W. Danielsen3 dagen geleden
  • Did he saw the match ...even if it was not goal the penalty would have been retaken as the Keeper was off the line.

    parth pratim raiparth pratim rai3 dagen geleden
  • Busquets just made it harder to score because the penalty would have easily been retaken

    Bianto NgisBianto Ngis3 dagen geleden
  • What happened to extra time

    IshmaelIshmael3 dagen geleden
  • As a barca fan when I see pique starting these days I actually get worried. He needs to stop starting

    1V 1V1V 1V3 dagen geleden
  • Barca fans your situation is not as bad as Juventus and that's Facts!

    Ree BokRee Bok3 dagen geleden
  • Question: why is Barcelona on third? When they should be on second, more matches won, more goals scored, more GD. 🤔

    HB initialsHB initials3 dagen geleden
  • it was anyways gonna be retaken

    Rohit BinuRohit Binu3 dagen geleden
  • that penalty would have been taken again

    emkil konemkil kon3 dagen geleden
  • Even if it was saved, Cillesen was off his line so it would have been retaken...

    Manas JhaManas Jha3 dagen geleden
    • @Manas Jha I'm assuming we're going to say that the penalty is going to be delivered well right? then yes it would be retaken, but if it was like a weak kick, then ig it wouldn't.

      Abdus Samad FarooqiAbdus Samad FarooqiDag geleden
    • @Abdus Samad Farooqi then what would you say if Jan Oblak saved that pen against Elche it won't be retaken?

      Manas JhaManas JhaDag geleden
    • the rules r different now, if the goalkeeper didn't need to do much to make the save or in other words, if the penalty was pre bad, then it doesn't matter if the gk came off his line. Messi's pen was pre horrible, so it wouldn't have been retaken. Phil Schoen mentioned this.

      Abdus Samad FarooqiAbdus Samad FarooqiDag geleden
    • he was 6 inches in front of the line when contact with the ball was made. no pk is going to be retaken for that. where are all these idiots getting this idea from?

      uchibenkeiuchibenkei2 dagen geleden
  • HOW BARCA IS 2nd Place GD is much higher then Real🤔🤔 are u gys are trying to put Barca Down😏😏

    Arnov BorahArnov Borah3 dagen geleden
  • Messi be like I only score open play goals I have already scored a lot in the start gears change

    MR.SMART?MR.SMART?3 dagen geleden
  • Why he even take penalty

    Anil PokhrelAnil Pokhrel3 dagen geleden
  • By the way that panelty gonna takken again Because goalkeepar was out of line

    HIT musicHIT music3 dagen geleden
  • I love you Ale

    Apex ConcreteApex Concrete3 dagen geleden
  • Barca doesn't need a no 9 they need better defenders... Guess who are the leaders of la Liga in terms of scoring goals? Atletico - 61 Real--58 Barca-80 Sevilla-49 The numbers don't lie we have clearly no problems regarding goalscoring ... And this is without Fati or Coutinho.. Defensively however we concede way too many goals and that's where I call out on the management to sign better defenders first and then look elsewhere. Deep down you and I both know that Dest, Araujo, and Mingueza are the only 3 defenders who have quality and will only get better with time ...all of the remaining get into form for 20 minutes or one or 2 games once in a while, which is not acceptable at least for me. Gerard, Alba, Roberto, Lenglet, Umtiti, Firpo all need to go. Almost 120 to 150 million right there on the table. Not only will this mean more funds for further signings but also for academy players to get more minutes and shine.

    Soumya KonerSoumya Koner3 dagen geleden
  • Does Ale have something against Messi ow? He keeps saying Messi got bailed out. Well for one he deserves it. It's about time. And secondly he bailed himself out from just under 30 yards LOL

    SAM SAMSAM SAM3 dagen geleden
  • This team have the worst difference .with this difference they can win the title

    Navid SafwanNavid Safwan3 dagen geleden
  • This team have the worst difference .with this difference they can win the title

    Navid SafwanNavid Safwan3 dagen geleden
  • This team have the worst difference .with this difference they can win the title

    Navid SafwanNavid Safwan3 dagen geleden
  • This team have the worst difference .with this difference they can win the title

    Navid SafwanNavid Safwan3 dagen geleden
  • This team have the worst difference .with this difference they can win the title

    Navid SafwanNavid Safwan3 dagen geleden
  • This team have the worst difference .with this difference they can win the title

    Navid SafwanNavid Safwan3 dagen geleden
  • This team have the worst difference .with this difference they can win the title

    Navid SafwanNavid Safwan3 dagen geleden
  • This team have the worst difference .with this difference they can win the title

    Navid SafwanNavid Safwan3 dagen geleden
  • This people hate Messi so much .... Can't you start with MESSI scored a stunning freejick

    Obasola ObafolajimiObasola Obafolajimi3 dagen geleden
  • Penalty would have retaken anyway if he didn't scored!!

    alive4sciencealive4science3 dagen geleden
  • How was that a penalty save? It would have been retaken in case it was not scored on rebound. Cilessen was off his line.

    indumadhab chandaindumadhab chanda3 dagen geleden
  • Do you know Pep predicted Messi and Ronaldo in psg. Why does he say this ?

    DonDon3 dagen geleden
  • it is simply weird... the guy is from another planet and hits free kicks with such an accuracy and pace and then so often goes for soft penalties and gets unlucky. Why doesnt he hit them harder?? I mean.. he has the skill.

    timberhofftimberhoff3 dagen geleden