Hermitcraft S7 Ep 35: The DIAMONDS ARE BACK!

18 okt. 2020
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Hermitcraft season 7 episode 35, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to fight back against the mycelium resistance with the HEP. Tango and I go on a daring heist to get the diamond thrown back. Now that the diamonds are back we rebuild the diamond throne. Also, we going on a fake treasure hunt from Grian's mystery box at the barge. Finally, we start the mycelium buyback to remove it from the shopping district. Hope you like this crazy episode of Hermitcraft!
Previous Hermitcraft episode: nlworld.info/key/video/sZKqac6Va3Cgi4w
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    GoodTimesWithScarGoodTimesWithScarMaand geleden
    • @Commander Miguel don’t take this seriously

      Sage KriewaldSage Kriewald8 dagen geleden
    • Scar

      United Lego'sUnited Lego's27 dagen geleden
    • RIP Scar 2020

      Megan LivingstonMegan Livingston27 dagen geleden
    • i question your intelligence because of the mycellium buyback offer

      haja ahaja a28 dagen geleden
    • Grian " im going to end this whole mans carer, or just his fundings

      Landon MancarellaLandon Mancarella29 dagen geleden
  • Your speech was great. Keep it up!

  • Thats speech changed my mind on the resistance

    Six Gun ShaneSix Gun ShaneDag geleden
  • I wonder how Bdubs will react to Jellie's seat by the throne being higher than his.

    Reyna Avila Ramirez-ArellanoReyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano3 dagen geleden
  • 😄😄😄😄😀😀😀

    madhav Neupanemadhav Neupane4 dagen geleden
  • The most entertaining episode Ever!

    HérreroHérrero7 dagen geleden
  • If hep protects the environment and micelym is part of the environment then..........

    david murdochdavid murdoch10 dagen geleden
  • Grian trolled u so hard. you trolled Tango so hard. Hamburgler. :D

    TehKazlehoffTehKazlehoff10 dagen geleden
  • "Mycelium Buy Back" The Resistance: You Fool

    Dan D. Lion94Dan D. Lion9411 dagen geleden
  • Grian was like wtf thought u said no more sticks of Shulkershells

    Nate JohnsonNate Johnson14 dagen geleden
  • The mycelium buyback thing is like when England had rat problems and put bounties on rat tails. It worked for a little while until people started breeding rats and selling their tails. Eventually the bounties stopped because people weren't actually killing the rats that were causing problems so everyone released the rats they had been breeding and the problem just got worse.

    IndigoGollumIndigoGollum15 dagen geleden
  • You can not fight the my mycelyum!!!!!!!!!! #LongLiveGorgousMycelyum

    Eric ZhangEric Zhang15 dagen geleden
  • That's the worst idea for getting the mycelium from the resistance because they will take the throne by giving all the mycelium they have

    Baby a AgarwalBaby a Agarwal15 dagen geleden
  • Just imagine how many minutes of content the hermitcraft challenge brought up for every hermit starting from giving grian the challenge chicken then grian using UNO card till this

    Lakarius LitzLakarius Litz16 dagen geleden
  • This is funny XD

    Philipp CanamaPhilipp Canama16 dagen geleden

    Tim NeuTim Neu17 dagen geleden
  • R u sure that plan isn’t from an oceans movie

    Purple_things TPurple_things T17 dagen geleden
  • Yeah.. im totally with HEP... *totally...*

    MyceliumAgent_ZMyceliumAgent_Z18 dagen geleden
  • when 2 american hermits talk mcdonalds

    Coleman PerrinColeman Perrin19 dagen geleden
  • "The mycelium buy back is a really good idea" oh buddy...

    Captain AliethCaptain Alieth20 dagen geleden
  • It’s kinda unfair tho they spent ages getting the mycelium and they fairLy got the diamonds

    Fiona NguyenFiona Nguyen20 dagen geleden
  • the mayor stole the diamonds! impeach impeach!

    TheAbbyusTheAbbyus21 dag geleden
  • Hail the Mycelium Resistance!

    SuperDriveSuperDrive21 dag geleden
  • Keralis should be named ClickBait

    Niko WeimerNiko Weimer23 dagen geleden
  • So, you give the resistance a source of steady income? They grow and farm mycelium, so it should be easy for them to use a little bit of it to sell it to you and still have enough to fill the island.

    AppolyonAppolyon23 dagen geleden
  • The real treasure was the journey to reach it.

    AppolyonAppolyon23 dagen geleden

    CiceroCicero23 dagen geleden
  • I hate grass i love purple mycelium

    Zoya 123Zoya 12324 dagen geleden
  • Random Question - who is responsible for the Skeleton Horse in Grian's Barge? How did it get there?

    Misty MontyMisty Monty24 dagen geleden
  • I don't like how he just took it, it's not very fair since they kinda spent time digging up a whole mooshroom island

    Vukadin MCVukadin MC24 dagen geleden
  • The horse thing was so smooth

    LordOfSuburbiaLordOfSuburbia24 dagen geleden
  • I feel bad that he forgot to use the nether to divide the length of that trip by 8.

    Conner DuncanConner Duncan25 dagen geleden
  • Bruh Grian making scar go back and forth 😭😭😭😭

    GraphiGraphi25 dagen geleden
  • Scar:The furnace minecart tingy was never used Grian: Uses furnace minecart to travel villager easily

    Frosty Dragon405 TMFrosty Dragon405 TM25 dagen geleden
  • scar: says no to 12 bamboo Mumbo and iskall:Wait that's illegal

    the bomberthe bomber25 dagen geleden
  • Everyone elses grian box adventures: *fun* Scars:

    Mud FoxMud Fox25 dagen geleden
  • Lol

    Ethan HechterEthan Hechter25 dagen geleden
  • I'm liking the video just because of that landing on the skele horse

    Jamall MarshallJamall Marshall25 dagen geleden
  • Or dig through the stone on the side of the volt door, technically u didn't break the door or the volt

    Gold GlareGold Glare25 dagen geleden

    DAnGR OnKaRDAnGR OnKaR25 dagen geleden
  • Grian after a week , well Bout the diamond throne

    Arda BakiArda Baki25 dagen geleden
  • good job infiltrateing THE DECOY BASE ]

    Rylend DennisonRylend Dennison25 dagen geleden
  • not just the barge BUY THE ENTIRE SHOPING DISTRICT

    Rylend DennisonRylend Dennison25 dagen geleden
  • did anyone else fell sad for scar i so sry for him D:

    IICringeCa6tii LlIICringeCa6tii Ll26 dagen geleden
  • Your plan doesn’t work... they inter by a hole. Remember, if mumbo was the leader there would be redstone

    The salmon TreeThe salmon Tree26 dagen geleden
  • grass

    zakir hussainzakir hussain26 dagen geleden
  • Tango, that was some serious spy work. Well done!

    Andy MirAndy Mir26 dagen geleden
  • hey scar im on the miseleom rezistons side buuuttt i with you and the HEP a grait season!!!!!!!

    lunar eclipselunar eclipse26 dagen geleden
  • I wish you would make a jelly jelly mould

    quantum noodlequantum noodle26 dagen geleden
  • Hah anybody here after their gone again😂

    muhammad saadmuhammad saad26 dagen geleden
  • I love that this video came out before grians video of stealing it

    Furious JacksonFurious Jackson26 dagen geleden
  • Horse

    Roct Xyruss GanialongoRoct Xyruss Ganialongo26 dagen geleden
  • Precision Insertion Guidance System Precisio Insertio Guidanc Syste Precisi Inserti Guidan Syst Precis Insert Guida Sys Preci Inser Guid Sy Prec Inse Gui S Pre Ins Gu S Pr In G S P I G S

    smol Boismol Boi27 dagen geleden
  • Go, green grass, go! Or Grow, green grass, grow, LOL, this episode! Tango trek = Mission Impossible! \o/ Remember, Secret Pig!

    Joe MooreJoe Moore27 dagen geleden
  • Counter with 12 bamboo next time! :)

    Joe MooreJoe Moore27 dagen geleden
  • It was this day Scar realized his fatal error

    RiekaRieka27 dagen geleden
  • lol

    Grace WilkinsGrace Wilkins27 dagen geleden
  • I think you should release limited edition merch at the end/beginning of the month because that’s when a lot of people get paid and it could result in more sales :)

    Being BaeBeing Bae27 dagen geleden
  • ok

    ok okok ok27 dagen geleden
  • Kinda upset, I was looking forward to your treasure hunt

    EmEm28 dagen geleden
  • and he STILL put out the greatestestest vids in the entier hermitcraft server.(im not trying to start an argument) dont correct my autograph it sucks ik

    superdan harveyqlucksuperdan harveyqluck28 dagen geleden
    • and he STILL put out the greatestestest vids in the entier hermitcraft server.(im not trying to start an argument) dont correct my autograph it sucks ik

      superdan harveyqlucksuperdan harveyqluck28 dagen geleden
  • Me watching this a week late... Ooo

    Glimer Girl GamingGlimer Girl Gaming28 dagen geleden
  • Classic grian

    SE StyleSE Style28 dagen geleden
  • ah i like wars in games

    raileyjay gamadraileyjay gamad28 dagen geleden
  • This poor innocent man has been FRAMED. Pun 10/10

    Ian StullIan Stull28 dagen geleden
  • Omg i clicked when it was 999k views now it is 1 milloon i made i 1 million it

    Boogey ManBoogey Man28 dagen geleden
  • what if you make half of hermit craft mycelium and the other half grass

    NumberPlayzNumberPlayz28 dagen geleden
  • You stinky pooped hep

    RojolianRojolian28 dagen geleden
  • Are we seriously gonna overlook the fact that scar said the word butt 3 times in a row?!?😂😂😂 1:16

    DarkMustang 13DarkMustang 1328 dagen geleden
  • For the pig memorial, add him to mount scarmor!

    Coffee Ranger892Coffee Ranger89228 dagen geleden
  • G...sus?!

    K DogK Dog28 dagen geleden
  • They werent back for long

    TobyToby28 dagen geleden
  • You Fool It's Gone Again But This Time It Was. . . Legal

    Fiery AlexFiery Alex28 dagen geleden
  • Ah yes the throne is "back"

    A_DreamerA_Dreamer28 dagen geleden
  • Grian pranked you so good

    PirateWhole WhoPirateWhole Who29 dagen geleden
  • Scar: The diamonds are back The resistance: reverse card(In a legal way)

    Javier YeoJavier Yeo29 dagen geleden
  • Its weird how much things are done under grians barge with out him knowing

    Conor FlynnConor Flynn29 dagen geleden
  • When you realize he got the throne back just for it to be stolen again this way through legitimate means

    phoenixfirehuntphoenixfirehunt29 dagen geleden
    • I said legitimate means

      phoenixfirehuntphoenixfirehunt28 dagen geleden
    • It wasn't stolen. It was purchased with mycelium

      BSHAE 19BSHAE 1928 dagen geleden
  • SCAR DID U ACTUALLY GIVE GRIAN AN IOU BROOOOO REALLY BAD DECISION And Grian is the best memester of all time his prank of scar was the best thing I've seen

    Maxsilverfish GamingMaxsilverfish Gaming29 dagen geleden
  • and the resistence harvested their mycelium and bought the throne and still has a lot of mycelium

    Lorenz CabangonLorenz Cabangon29 dagen geleden
  • Scar: gets the throne back Grian: *SIKE*

    Playboy PiccoloPlayboy Piccolo29 dagen geleden
  • scar no my thorn is gone nvm its back nvm that nvm its gone reeeee

    twohalftwohalf29 dagen geleden
  • Grian " im going to end this whole mans carer, or just his fundings"

    Landon MancarellaLandon Mancarella29 dagen geleden
  • It's gone again you fool

    #myceliumresistance inreallife#myceliumresistance inreallife29 dagen geleden
  • I would be so angry with that “treasure” hunt it’s about the principle

    EleMeNTaL_PyroXEleMeNTaL_PyroX29 dagen geleden
  • little did he know...

    HamsterStudiosHamsterStudios29 dagen geleden
  • Grian sus

    SirGala YTSirGala YT29 dagen geleden
  • India would like to have a word about buy back programs and unintended consequences. They made one for cobras. People started raising cobras to make an income off the buy back program instead of getting them from the wild, basically making the program ineffective. So they cancelled the buy back program. So the cobra farmers released their stock into the wild and made the problem worse than when the program started.

    IsYitzachIsYitzach29 dagen geleden
  • Not for long

    Lukalo The Funni ManLukalo The Funni Man29 dagen geleden
  • Eat your cereal please guys

    I eat CEREAL!!!I eat CEREAL!!!29 dagen geleden
    • @Teawna Grove I said EAT YOUR CEREAL

      I eat CEREAL!!!I eat CEREAL!!!29 dagen geleden
    • No

      Teawna GroveTeawna Grove29 dagen geleden
  • Once Scar said mycelium buy back I knew scar was in trouble lol

    NighthawxxNighthawxx29 dagen geleden
  • scar: 12 bamboo is worth everything?! mumbo: I AM GOD!!! (get it? he has a massive bamboo farm :))

    lezhi zenglezhi zeng29 dagen geleden
  • This may be the single greatest hermitcraft episode I've ever watched!

    Birdman 393Birdman 39329 dagen geleden
  • GG Tango and Scar!❤️

    Mark JabonMark Jabon29 dagen geleden
  • The notification appeard now

    Balão Voa VoaBalão Voa VoaMaand geleden
  • What a show!

    Gustavo BorbaGustavo BorbaMaand geleden
  • Gready major

    Filip PietruczukFilip PietruczukMaand geleden
  • yes grian is a memeber of the resistance but mumbo tells him to do that stuff because mumbo wants people to think he's not the leader but he actually is, which is why he stole the throne. Scar needs to know this.

    Omri KanetskyOmri KanetskyMaand geleden
  • Finally you noticed

    Mayravee SeemavijaiMayravee SeemavijaiMaand geleden
  • Scar...my wholesome boi...HEP WILL NEVER WIN

    Araththearcher2Araththearcher2Maand geleden