Heat vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA February 20

20 feb. 2021
278 703 Weergaven

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Check out Heat vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Heat beat the Lakers in a slow game 96-94.
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  • Lebron James será uno de los mejores jugadores de la historia de la NBA

    Segundo Angel RamirezSegundo Angel Ramirez5 dagen geleden
  • What’s happening to lakers🤣

    ELWIN CERIAELWIN CERIA5 dagen geleden
  • Everytime Tyler Hero plays, I be jammin Jack Harlow's song in my mind

    Bruno AsokaBruno Asoka5 dagen geleden
  • Oh Caruso, come on! You’re near the win but you didn’t want to get it

    Jose Manuel Poche AJose Manuel Poche A6 dagen geleden
  • Jelly olynek is just gunna be remembered for breaking Kevin loves arm and not for basketball how he gets these minutes

    Qasim Ur rehmanQasim Ur rehman6 dagen geleden
  • AD?

    leecheewai leecheewaileecheewai leecheewai6 dagen geleden
  • We need defence

    Venice WilkinsVenice Wilkins6 dagen geleden
  • That to Proof u no DAVIS No Lakers.Don't be Surprise Miami -Lakers 2021 Final.

    Alfred AltidorAlfred Altidor6 dagen geleden
  • Why didn’t the self proclaimed king take the last shot?

    Donnie CornwellDonnie Cornwell6 dagen geleden
  • gasol is ultimately useless

    夜無常夜無常6 dagen geleden
  • if this was early 2000 Lebron would've gotten called travelled twice

    Jonathan FanJonathan Fan6 dagen geleden
  • lebron niyo pagod na

    Me MeMe Me6 dagen geleden
  • The reason that Lakers and Heats are both struggling is that the summer break is too short.

    hongji huhongji hu6 dagen geleden
  • That game could have been tied up 96 96 smh why go for 3 pointer come on lakers better luck next time

    Darren LespuerDarren Lespuer6 dagen geleden

    chen timchen tim6 dagen geleden
  • Gasol is not a good replace for Dwight

    Gordon WuGordon Wu6 dagen geleden
  • Bro it was two seconds to go, y'all wanted him to take a doubled teamed 3 pointer? Use your brains man caruso was wide open .

    Juwan JamesJuwan James6 dagen geleden
  • 👏👍

    Eduardo PonceEduardo Ponce6 dagen geleden
  • Lakers are not going to the Finals this year. For sure Clippers vs Nets Jazz vs Nets 😆🤣😂

    UFO _vidUFO _vid6 dagen geleden
  • For laker this is the bad day not the bad life.

    Chiriporn SaekwoChiriporn Saekwo6 dagen geleden
  • Caruso might be getting traded

    vKynanvKynan6 dagen geleden
  • Lack of some luck for lakers

    ezio Hezio H6 dagen geleden
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Пэнхуэй ЛиньПэнхуэй Линь6 dagen geleden
  • Can you show the free throws next time?

    Knobi 1505Knobi 15056 dagen geleden
  • LeBum ain't no Goat

    post7rockpost7rock6 dagen geleden
  • Why James does not take the last shot? Even if it's not at 3points, he can go straight to the basket and score at 2!! 4.2sec when he catches the ball.

    g Dg D6 dagen geleden
  • U steal my ring .I steal back your game

    kenny waikenny wai6 dagen geleden
  • No ad no problem... Lbg i nd one more superstar i cant win it w. O 🌟 player

    ERIC REYESERIC REYES6 dagen geleden
  • People slaying LJ for passing out of a double team down stretch. I don’t see anyone else even being doubled. Thats the ultimate respect. You leave him 1v1, you pay the price. LJ had a sub par game by his standards offensively, but 19/9/9 is what you get from him on a bad night. The Lakers went 13/45 from 3, that’s why they lost the game.

    The3pleThreatThe3pleThreat6 dagen geleden
  • Hahaha

    Anthony CalmaAnthony Calma6 dagen geleden
  • Lakers , at the end , still the Champion 👑👑👑👑👑👑

    Edgard TorresEdgard Torres6 dagen geleden
  • No defense - no title chance. Looks like LBJ is saving energy for later. The GOAT should not save energy for latter. GOAT should not complain. LBJ is great but not GOAT.

    Kamber HasanKamber Hasan6 dagen geleden
    • Nor KING, loved that block by Bam!

      John LJohn L6 dagen geleden
  • What happens to lakers

    John cris UdascoJohn cris Udasco6 dagen geleden
  • What happens to lakers

    John cris UdascoJohn cris Udasco6 dagen geleden
  • dwight dwight that aggression missing

    Alieem GreenAlieem Green6 dagen geleden
  • がんばれ レイカーズ

    ケンザケンザ6 dagen geleden
  • 👍👍✊✊🤘🤘🍋🍋🌶🌶🏀🏀❤❤

    Tayfun LoukalTayfun Loukal6 dagen geleden
  • Lebron afraid of taking the last shot again🤣🤣🤣

    jkjkjkjk6 dagen geleden
    • I guess we all can assume you are just braindead. Do you remember those straigh OTs which the lakers won? Yeah, go see who made the last shots.

      Marco FerrazMarco Ferraz6 dagen geleden
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      Пэнхуэй ЛиньПэнхуэй Линь6 dagen geleden
  • The warriors are a better team with steph leading without allstar help ,than lebron leading the lakers without their allstar AD. AND THE LAKERS JUST WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP. LECHOKE AINT NO GOAT THATS FOR SURE.

    Ernest MuricErnest Muric6 dagen geleden
    • @Wan Nazreen Yeah, with AD. You all forget the lakers before AD SHOWED UP. PURE BUMS AND THE WHO,E TEAM WAS TRADED FOR AD.

      Ernest MuricErnest Muric6 dagen geleden
    • @Ernest Muric lol what everygame Laker no 2 seed in the west right now my man

      Wan NazreenWan Nazreen6 dagen geleden
    • @Joshua The lakers are trash without AD. Their already losing every game without him on the court. Their the facts dude. No hate just truth.

      Ernest MuricErnest Muric6 dagen geleden
    • Exactly, they just won the championship, so why you running your mouth cos they lost a regular season game by 2 points to the NBA finals runner up

      JoshuaJoshua6 dagen geleden
    • Exactly

      Chukwuma AkaenyiChukwuma Akaenyi6 dagen geleden
  • 릅탄💣

    화남화남6 dagen geleden
  • Miami didn't win this one. Lakers lost this one.

    empeempe6 dagen geleden
    • Lakers lost and Miami won

      Alexander SavlohtiAlexander Savlohti6 dagen geleden
  • LeBron can score 40pts if he wants... without defense, Lakers are not going anywhere because all teams are now hitting 3pts like nothing. Scoring is the easy part in the current NBA. Defense is Key point. Why did they let Dwight and Rondo go?

    CyriaqueCyriaque6 dagen geleden
    • Our biggest problem has been offense. We allowed less than 100 points and you talking about defence?

      André CardosoAndré Cardoso5 dagen geleden
    • Same thing I'm saying

      Declan OttoDeclan Otto5 dagen geleden
    • No shit Sherlock

      Donnie CornwellDonnie Cornwell6 dagen geleden
    • Sut up

      Joe NjimJoe Njim6 dagen geleden
    • @1eski they meant defense is the differential now, especially because average score has risen

      Rodrigo AbinaderRodrigo Abinader6 dagen geleden
  • Haters wins today.. Get a life.. hahhaha.. Lakers will be 2021-22 Champ..

    Jomari MorishitaJomari Morishita6 dagen geleden
  • 4-3

    Ah FeiAh Fei6 dagen geleden
  • No AD no WINNY

    Vinoe DasmarinasVinoe Dasmarinas6 dagen geleden
  • Love the dual-nerd-candy-color jerseys!!! :)

    ForeverFlame88ForeverFlame886 dagen geleden
    • Me too.

      Tory StreetTory Street6 dagen geleden
  • LeBackboard passed the last shot, no way to be in GOAT conversation

    MrJ9191MrJ91916 dagen geleden
    • I cant stand Lebron but what you just said made zero sense. I'm embarrassed for you

      GmoneyincGmoneyinc5 dagen geleden
    • @Merab Adamia double teamEd? Kobe is laughing 😂 when the game is on the line, I dunt care no shit, I win the game for the team or I lose the game for the team, that is the GOAT mentality. Lehelp ain’t no GOAT, a great all-rounder player though

      NOS AustraliaNOS Australia6 dagen geleden
    • @Merab Adamia he had his chance and he hit the backboard, and he was 1 out of 8 in 3 points, so he knew he had to pass

      MrJ9191MrJ91916 dagen geleden
    • so boring man

      Alberto ZamboniAlberto Zamboni6 dagen geleden
    • He was double teamed wth you wanted him to do ???

      Merab AdamiaMerab Adamia6 dagen geleden
  • Lebron passes up the ball again?!?! This Guy Will never learn.. he Will never be the goat. Almost always chokes and passed up the ball in the last seconds of a close game.. why? Jordan and Kobe would take that Ball and get you the W!

    Robert RijksRobert Rijks7 dagen geleden
    • @Joshua I played for Omniworld It was a dutch basketball club in DBL or nbb .. But i did not play professional so I dont think you Will find my basketball on google or something? Why? And what did you play for then? And what position? I played PG or SG.

      Robert RijksRobert Rijks4 dagen geleden
    • @Robert Rijks again, what league did you paly for?

      JoshuaJoshua4 dagen geleden
    • @Robert Rijks no one called Robert Rijks in that leauge, try again.

      JoshuaJoshua4 dagen geleden
    • @Robert Rijks What league did you play for?

      JoshuaJoshua4 dagen geleden
    • @Joshua I think missing a shot is not equal to choking.. more your mentality ... I have never seen MJ shrink under pressure in 4th quarters...and Lebron far too many Times. And Just this play last night, he gives up the ball again while there is still 5sec left .. you got the ball.. drive right.. by olynyk .. then take your shot.. if he missed ...too bad.. but at least he made the move to take the winning shot. Now passing to a moving Caruso with the close out coming... Just shaking my head over those Plays.

      Robert RijksRobert Rijks6 dagen geleden
  • Tyler Hero -the best white player today

    samir tokicsamir tokic7 dagen geleden
  • Watch "MJ vs Lebron: the BEST Goat comparison" by DANGERProduction. By far the best and most comprehensive comparison that accounts for different eras and positions MJ and LBJ played. You will find MJ is way ahead of LBJ overall, he beats him in personal accolades/statistics/winning/clutchness/eye tests. MJ does not need to jump ships to join with other star players to win chip, he stayed in one team and persevered, unlike LBJ who joined Wade/Bosh/Kyrie/Love/AD etc, not mentioning how many times he needs his teammates to bail him out in the finals (Irving, Allen, etc) In MJ's 13 seasons vs LBJ's 17 seasons, MJ not only had more rings, but he was: 10 times scoring champ (LBJ 1), 9 times all defence 1st team (LBJ 5), 1 time DPOY (LBJ none), 6 times NBA Champ (LBJ 4), 6 times FMVP (LBJ 4), 5 times MVP (LBJ 4), 3 times steals leader (LBJ none), 2 times slamdunk champ (LBJ none), not mentioning his rebounds (in contrary to public belief, MJ's ranking is higher amongst SGs than LBJ's ranking amongst SFs), win shares (MJ number 1), player efficiecny rating (MJ number 1), shooting percentage in clutch time (MJ 50% vs LBJ abysmal 20%) etc, way ahead of LBJ. The differences go on and on. The number of differences here speaks for itself. Oh yes, since some dumb TV personalities such as N Wright, S Sharpe and C Cowherd like to use cumulative stats to push for LBJ's unworthy case (MJ joined NBA at 21 yo while LBJ joined at 18 yo), it would be fairer to include MJ's college accolades including: 1 x NCAA champ, 1 x freshman of the year, 2 x players of the year

    MrJ9191MrJ91917 dagen geleden
    • @Gmoneyinc 1-9 before pippen

      JoshuaJoshua3 dagen geleden
    • @Joshua please dont try and educate me on Jordan's career. I followed him from NC and he was regarded as the best player anyone has ever seen after just his rookie season. He came to a team full of literal crack heads and instantly became the most popular human being on the planet for a reason. And Pippen is one of my favorite players all time but Jordan made him and myself as well as many real fans that whitnessed it first hand know. Theres zero chance you can convince anyone who whitnessed Jordan's career that isnt just a hater that he was nothing w out Pippen. Even before Pippen NBA goats were saying Jordan was the best they ever saw. Bird said he was god. Anyway it's a waste of time trying to convince you young bucks playing telephone. Be easy kid I'm not gonna waste more time on nonsense

      GmoneyincGmoneyinc3 dagen geleden
    • @Gmoneyinc MJ 1-9 in play offs before pippen drafted. just saying.

      JoshuaJoshua3 dagen geleden
    • @Gmoneyinc 6

      JoshuaJoshua5 dagen geleden
    • @Joshua not worth my time. How old are you if I may ask?

      GmoneyincGmoneyinc5 dagen geleden
  • Defensa de agua 😡🥱

    Sorin TovarSorin Tovar7 dagen geleden
  • LBJ can’t win games without help of another all star player

    Brian DwightBrian Dwight7 dagen geleden
    • @giannis. Peidis Of course, MJ was the Key player in Bulls. But MJ stats were already insane before Pippen joined the Bulls. He was already elite scorer and Defender. So why couldn't he win all by himself? Because he just couldn't. This IS a team sport. Even Shaquille O'Neal knows that because he asked Orlando to do anything to get Penny Hardaway. The moment Pippen landed at Chicago, MJ did no longer have to do it all by himself. He could focus on scoring, and have Pippen play the transition part, while being an elite defender like himself. When they added Rodman, this team became unbeatable. That said, MJ is still the GOAT 😎💪💪

      CyriaqueCyriaque5 dagen geleden
    • @prince mimiw ask shaq when pippen show one photo shaq tells that the all bulls champion were by jordan

      giannis. Peidisgiannis. Peidis6 dagen geleden
    • LBJ hater hahahah

      Tui luafituTui luafitu6 dagen geleden
    • Mj did not won his title without the help of his teamate. This is team play not an individual play.

      prince mimiwprince mimiw6 dagen geleden
    • @너는벌레 Remember MJ won 3 champs in a row not 1 but 2 times :|

      Quốc HuyQuốc Huy6 dagen geleden
  • When the score is tie Lebron will take the last shot but once his team is down Lebron will not take the last shot. I know that the attitude of Lebron.

    azrael buzzazrael buzz7 dagen geleden
    • Lol they’ve won two or three games recently because he forced the OT tying the game... you forgot quite fast

      Gustavo MoralesGustavo Morales6 dagen geleden
  • IF the lakers lost its ok ,what is the reason?

    TOCHIBOYTOCHIBOY7 dagen geleden
  • No AD, LeBron Doesn't Win

    Jorge PerezJorge Perez7 dagen geleden
    • @Rodolfo Liwaliw is okc going to the playoffs as the 13th seed 😆😆

      Donnie CornwellDonnie Cornwell5 dagen geleden
    • @Donnie Cornwell is okc not a NBA team?

      Rodolfo LiwaliwRodolfo Liwaliw5 dagen geleden
    • @Rodolfo Liwaliw lmaoooooo okc is an accomplishment??

      Donnie CornwellDonnie Cornwell6 dagen geleden
    • How about winning with OKC twice when AD was out?

      Rodolfo LiwaliwRodolfo Liwaliw7 dagen geleden
  • Ch jersey is scam.

    jialiang KONGjialiang KONG7 dagen geleden
  • Antony when you comback😓

    Emmu FadliEmmu Fadli7 dagen geleden
  • Lots of easy basket in the paint area... Trade Gasol please.

    Rohmz SolRohmz Sol7 dagen geleden
    • Agree, he just stands there as an onlooker. Ridiculous. Not even once has he been starting from the bench to send him a message. From a performance and motivation point of vue, that's total nonsense.

      guywerbguywerb6 dagen geleden
  • Kebnyakan pemaen 2point.jd susah skrang model 3point nan

    angga MBLTSOLOangga MBLTSOLO7 dagen geleden
  • last season yes lakers is a dream team. this season it,s NOT A DREAM TEAM.

    Bakri AbdBakri Abd7 dagen geleden
    • Not true this years team is just as good maybe even better they just have the 2nd and 3rd best players out

      GmoneyincGmoneyinc5 dagen geleden
    • Anthony Davis didn’t play this game

      Y CY C7 dagen geleden
  • When Lakers lose eveybody wins 🤣🤣🤣

    JS2 BroJS2 Bro7 dagen geleden
    • Hahah true

      26southpaw26southpaw6 dagen geleden
    • Lol😄

      Max WADRAK!Max WADRAK!6 dagen geleden
  • Congrats👍sabi ko na nga ba, basta wala c Davis, talo na ang lakers niyo😆😆😆😆

    Sittie Asia PalancaSittie Asia Palanca7 dagen geleden
  • 4:56 in your face ! Byebye james

    Yes I can고시낭인Yes I can고시낭인7 dagen geleden
  • Lakers might go down to no 6 till AD back in shape.

    weirdoweirdo7 dagen geleden
  • out of defense and ad ,they got in the funk

    穆衛生穆衛生7 dagen geleden
  • getting rid of dwight and rondo was the biggest mistake ever lol. They're the reason they won last year

    Hodown21Hodown217 dagen geleden
    • The reason was team effort and the only team that probably played a more older style of basketball where we don't see much these days at all (if I have to be brutal it's like watching college basket :( with a lot of boring 3's). One of them key players was Davis - huge factor of their championhip - which is missing last couple of games and they started to lose. Do the players you mention mattered - of course - again its a team game - are they as important as Davis - don't think so.

      DragoonBGDragoonBG6 dagen geleden
    • @empe name the weak teams?

      Gamba ShagaGamba Shaga6 dagen geleden
    • Nope. Weak teams was the reason they won last year.

      empeempe6 dagen geleden
    • Dwight defensive impact has not been replaced. Blocks, defensive and offensive rebounds, they lost it all.

      CyriaqueCyriaque6 dagen geleden
    • Well I mean they helped them win....they are not the reason they won

      Enza Da-NinoEnza Da-Nino7 dagen geleden
  • Fucking blyat whats wrong with Lakers?.....

    А YermanА Yerman7 dagen geleden
  • Your lebron never defend....he suck so hard!!! Lmao

    Ram NgaihzualaRam Ngaihzuala7 dagen geleden
  • watch out fanboys already blaming Kevin Durant for this lost

    oj ojoj oj7 dagen geleden
    • @Neo Malapane killer

      oj ojoj oj7 dagen geleden
    • @Neo Malapane and u was in the projects killing ppl like ur squad did to Von and Pops

      oj ojoj oj7 dagen geleden
    • We can't blame him because we know he was with you on a date.......

      Neo MalapaneNeo Malapane7 dagen geleden
  • Carushow my ass lols

    26southpaw26southpaw7 dagen geleden
    • tbf I think we were all expecting (including Caruso) that Lebron would want to take the last shot, after all, he is THE KING!

      John LJohn L6 dagen geleden
  • 2018-19 Lakers :D

    Jacky YouJacky You7 dagen geleden
  • Ayw kasi magbuwaya ni lebron

    Dennis YulaDennis Yula7 dagen geleden
  • no AD no party

    Gerry GotamaGerry Gotama7 dagen geleden
  • Kuzma out here trying to increasing his trade value, you ain’t slick ‼️

    Victor Alfredo Capetillo OrtizVictor Alfredo Capetillo Ortiz7 dagen geleden
  • La yall should have went for 2 at end of game 3s wasn't dropping but just wasn't a good game tonight but next time Peace

    JE ManeJE Mane7 dagen geleden

    NickolasY46NickolasY467 dagen geleden