Have Wizarding World Loot Crates Improved?

3 apr. 2021
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⁂ Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:44 Before we get started...
02:06 Shipping Delays
03:33 Unboxing
13:55 Cheat Sheet
17:56 Thoughts
20:07 The Welcome Box
23:53 Conclusion
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  • Yeah they still owe me 3 boxes they took the money never gave me the boxes. When I went to ask I was cursed out by one of there employees. Not once but twice

    Chelsea RiceChelsea Rice13 uur geleden

    FindingAnnaFindingAnnaDag geleden
  • I remember when you stoped unboxing these boxs I cant not belive its 3 years ago!!

    CCCCDag geleden
  • Pin nice but if you think about it it doesn’t have a WOW! Feeling it’s just hedwig with no pupils sitting on a trunk cute though

    Shazo GamerShazo GamerDag geleden
  • Cant find these pls help i want some

    ChristinaChristinaDag geleden
  • having watched Cherry for so long i can immediately tell her opinions on something she sees before she even says anything is so cute i love her so much & these are my fav videos of hers to watch

    Zoie LedouxZoie Ledoux2 dagen geleden
  • Well that was kinda a let down. What magical box would you recommend? I've never ordered one.

    Northeast Ohio Beekeeping with RyanNortheast Ohio Beekeeping with Ryan2 dagen geleden
  • That’s a headphone case not a coin purse 👛❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Br0ken D0llBr0ken D0ll3 dagen geleden
  • Roll20 is dnd online. Haven’t tried it tho D:

    Ailin BeatriceAilin Beatrice4 dagen geleden
  • Loot Crate was never my favorite magical subscription box, when it first came out and it was the only one of course I wanted it. But, as soon as others came on the market I realized how much better they were. Also, I don’t like that Loot Crate has official licensed products. With everything going on with She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, I refuse to buy official merch so I don’t support her monetarily.

    Eternal Sailor HufflepuffEternal Sailor Hufflepuff4 dagen geleden
  • It’s Tighe nimbests 2001

    Ninja kids cats and dogsNinja kids cats and dogs4 dagen geleden
  • I had the exact same issue with delivery but I never got my welcome box and ended up cancelling it after 5 months, mine was a welcome to the wiziarding world crate though

    Charlene ReevesCharlene Reeves5 dagen geleden
  • I would like to see the next box but I agree that it’s still not very good.

    Tennille NagelTennille Nagel5 dagen geleden
  • You have gorgeous hair and gorgeous eyes

    Sarah’s VideosSarah’s Videos6 dagen geleden
  • Hi great video I ordered a loot crate in February it's now April and still waiting for my first box and they taken the money out for this month so I hope there two boxes when and if they come lol

    graham briggs adventures day'sgraham briggs adventures day's6 dagen geleden
  • i've had mixed results with the boxes. sometimes i get some cool stuff, sometimes i get some stuff i'd call filler unboxings on my page :)

    Magician12345Magician123457 dagen geleden
  • Definitely a little disappointing - though the brolly and travel tag seemed lovely :) some of the other items seemed to be similar to things I could see in the shops so not necessarily exclusive. The pin was nicely done, but likely something I wouldn't wear... personally, I really didn't like the tin - wish they'd done a small box for receipt keeping that said "tickets please!" or something? I think that may have been nicer and more usable? As for the welcome box, I can understand it being more generalised, but that can be a marmite idea... Would love any instructions on how to start getting into D&D myself 🤭 always been intrigued but no idea where to start! 🖤

    Amber Clare Hawley )O(Amber Clare Hawley )O(7 dagen geleden
  • Glad to see LootCrate hasn't got better over the years. Also, they used to have a shop where you could just buy all that extra stock without having to buy the whole box. But they got rid of it... maybe one day LC will actually listen to their consumers

    ChlosterSaysChlosterSays7 dagen geleden
  • You don’t need to film the loot crate but it’s good you gave it a go

    Neela SharmaNeela Sharma7 dagen geleden
  • I’d love the Hagrid umbrella! The rest is meh, love your enthusiasm despite it being meh haha

    LvoecloudLvoecloud7 dagen geleden
  • I would like to see the next box just to be sure! Hi by the way! New subscriber officially today!! I really enjoyed your review and appreciated how descriptive, detailed, and honest you were! Can’t wait to watch your past & future videos!!

    Kaylee WillisKaylee Willis8 dagen geleden
  • That umbrella is everything!

    Sabrina CarusoSabrina Caruso8 dagen geleden
  • I think that was a headphone case btw cause that wouldn’t be the best for coins cause they can fall out to easy

    Ashleigh WitherspoonAshleigh Witherspoon8 dagen geleden
  • I like the umbrella on this crate that is ALL it’s nah

    Neela SharmaNeela Sharma8 dagen geleden
  • Cherry: Hello frends wizards, witche- Person: ugh wizards and witches and are not real ugh Cherry and everyone: GET HIM AHHHHHHHHH Person: oh my-

    MihaelaPlaysMihaelaPlays8 dagen geleden
  • TRacK mY bOX

    MihaelaPlaysMihaelaPlays8 dagen geleden
  • Roll20 is a good way to start dnd

    Enya BondEnya Bond9 dagen geleden
  • I get another Loot Crate box and yup its 3 months late. Multiple people have these problems. They just have not gotten any better with there shipping. I have to say I just want to cancel.

    Chelsea GulbransonChelsea Gulbranson9 dagen geleden
  • Not gonna lie I live through you in all your unboxing videos cuz as much as I want to buy subscription boxes I can't even begin to afford them 😢

    India AlvimIndia Alvim9 dagen geleden
  • And I agree too the fact that the welcome box wasn't really a welcome box just a "Here, lets give you some junk" box is a turn off totally.

    juliem_1986juliem_19869 dagen geleden
  • I was thinking the same thing. The laugage tag I felt like should have been made better. It shouldn't have been easy to take off.

    juliem_1986juliem_19869 dagen geleden
  • Please don't waste your money on this crate. We had it for a couple months and I agree, the quality dropped off. Not to mention that the crates kept coming later and later. Not worth it.

    Juju JJuju J10 dagen geleden
  • The caricature on the hat is Astro boy

    Pearl MeredithPearl Meredith10 dagen geleden
  • I love the pin

    Amanda Le RouxAmanda Le Roux10 dagen geleden
  • Should be called an unwelcome box! I would be sooooo disappointed and would have thought it would at least correlate to your chosen box/theme!

    Julie McJulie Mc10 dagen geleden
  • Hedwig is actually a girl

    Student Akira KWOK Wing LamStudent Akira KWOK Wing Lam10 dagen geleden
  • My biggest problem with lootcrate is that the items are not really exclusive. You will ALWAYS see the stuff popping up elsewhere. Also, as a pin collector - the pins suck & no one wants them anymore. You can't trade them.

    Sara's MonikerSara's Moniker11 dagen geleden
  • What would you say is the best subscription box to get?

    Robin GandertonRobin Ganderton11 dagen geleden
  • I ripped mine too! I had the same thoughts.

    LeaAnn MaynardLeaAnn Maynard11 dagen geleden
  • The welcome box would’ve disappointed me so much if I received it 🙈 not into any of it, only interested in magical stuff ✨ however, the travel tag, umbrella and lunch/storage box of the subscription box are actually quite nice. I don’t like pins in general. I’d just never use them, so I don’t know why they are always put into subscription boxes. It’s always like a filler to me 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Steffi 94Steffi 9411 dagen geleden
  • I wish I can have even the box.. I don't have money to buy anything... They are so expensive

    Pramodya ErandiPramodya Erandi11 dagen geleden
  • When I bought the umbrella I got told it was waterproof

    Josh WoolleyJosh Woolley11 dagen geleden
  • I stopped getting loot crate in 2017 after they started being late all the time and the quality started going down. I don’t think it’s worth the price or the wait for it to come.

    Mischiefmaurader22Mischiefmaurader2212 dagen geleden
  • hey, how was your day? my name is haven and I'm a Slytherin. loves your videos.

    haven tweedyhaven tweedy12 dagen geleden
  • Yeah the scarf is “meh” bc while obvi BROOMS are transportation, quidditch is a GAME, so it would have been better off to create something surrounding the brooms themselves as opposed to the game.

    Jennifer Nicole CanterburyJennifer Nicole Canterbury12 dagen geleden
  • I got the same box. I was really happy with the pin and the scarf. I've been wanting a hp scarf for so long, but they were to expansive as a buy on their own. So this was great! I love the umbrella too and the bus was a nice addition. The headphone case wasn't great, and mine was printed wrong too (I will get a replacement). Also the suitcase tag, wasn't great. It looks really cute at first, but like you said. They didn't think it trough, when in use. The welcome box had a very nice bag, but it was griffondor and not slytherin. So that was a litlle dissapointed. (I have to admit that I use the bag all the time, but it's sad that's the wrong house) I got another umbrella. A very very pretty and well made one! A beautifull shirt and a niffler fannypack. The fannypack looks really cute, but I'm not gonna use or keep. So overal the boxes where nice, but not great. Have a great day, and sending you lots of love ❤

    Chantal VeekeChantal Veeke12 dagen geleden
  • I started watching when you were opening these still. I bought one a few months ago and I was still disappointed..

    AngelRose90AngelRose9012 dagen geleden
  • Could you give the cost in US dollars also? We here over the pond care too!

    Annette MalaskiAnnette Malaski12 dagen geleden
  • The hat from the welcome box has Astro Boy on it(anime/video game character), and the pin is Metal Sonic.

    PassionsQuietRagePassionsQuietRage12 dagen geleden
  • Yes. Film it when and if it comes.

    Joy WilsonJoy Wilson12 dagen geleden
  • I did the same thing and tore the luggage tag piece. it totally looks like it would be made to move. I agree. it should have been stitched down!

    Emily DeVriesEmily DeVries12 dagen geleden
  • Overall for a Loot Crate, I think this box was pretty good. Love the tin and the umbrella especially, and the scarf did look like a rather good quality scarf compared to some I’ve seen. I used to get Loot Crates for several years and I ended up cancelling because so many of the items were just display type things, and tbh I ran out of shelf space. I’m happy to see they’ve included more useful items rather than so many items that are just figures and things to display. It definitely didn’t have the wow factor of some of the other boxes you’ve received, but I do think I would actually USE all the items in this box, so I would have to say that’s an improvement in my mind. As far as the welcome box goes...that dice tower is pretty sweet. I would have likely donated everything except the bottle opener and dice tower as well. My kid might have read the comic book but it would have still been donated after. A themed box would have been much better.

    Stephanie EricksonStephanie Erickson12 dagen geleden
  • Let's see the second box please. I love your reactions 🤩🥰 I think you're right, & I'd never mistake this for a collectors box. Definitely stock stuffers 😂 I think that was Astro Boy on your hat😍

    Mandy RobinsonMandy Robinson12 dagen geleden
  • Hi Cherry, i orded a box in march 2020 and it still hasn't arrived. I contacted Lootcrate several times. For about 9 months they kept telling oh it will show up just be patient. Then they told me they would ship a new box cause yeah it was taking a bit too long. Never got a new shipment code or any other form of information. Waiting a year for a box is a bit ridiculous no matter what the content is.

    KellyKelly12 dagen geleden
  • That’s not a coin purse

    Felix FeliciusFelix Felicius12 dagen geleden
  • Honestly.. none of the items in this crate makes me want to buy one. Compared to the other boxes, that you usually unbox, this is a really boring box, which is disappointing. 😔 Also yes, I want to see the next one.

    MalansaurMalansaur12 dagen geleden
  • I would be scared to take a good umbrella out incase it blew inside out or I lost it.

    Alisha xAlisha x12 dagen geleden
  • But let's go, cause I ordered this in November. Hhahahahhhahahahehehehehhehihihih, I just can't

    Tilda KaartoTilda Kaarto12 dagen geleden
  • I wonder if these people who makes this go out and survey true fans like you. I never liked these HP merchandise, not just because I can't afford it. But I was never able to pin point why exactly, sometimes it was the material and finishes that just don't feel authentic. Until you mentioned how it feels like some of the items are like random objects with HP related graphics slapped on it. I get why that baggage tag is your favourite it's an object that's relevant to the theme. Like a beer jug with hogsmeade graphics or a coaster etc. I really like that Hagrid's umbrella that you didn't open, even the pink seems nicer, the smaller umbrella had a pink that seems too vibrant to be in the HP world.

    holohuloloholohulolo12 dagen geleden
  • Yes this crate wasn’t cute but I would love to see the last one they seem really hit or miss

    JordynLagaceJordynLagace12 dagen geleden
  • Will you ever have your own box again? Like an Ordinary Owl box that also has different creators in it like you did before? 🤔

    SabbyRoSabbyRo12 dagen geleden
  • No

    Cecilia LopeZCecilia LopeZ12 dagen geleden
  • My favorites are the luggage tag,nightbus tin and umbrella

    Breanna RobinetteBreanna Robinette13 dagen geleden

    Parvina RadjabovaParvina Radjabova13 dagen geleden
  • Film the next unboxing too!

    Zen SayerZen Sayer13 dagen geleden
  • I absolutely love the umbrella but all the other things are just I don't know... they just don't give me the feeling of : ,,Yeah that is super cool I really want to buy this." I think there are other boxes that are worthier of investing your money in.😉

    Emy IceEmy Ice13 dagen geleden
  • still kind of blah. Not totally impressed anymore with the loot crate boxes.

    Kristian BrownKristian Brown13 dagen geleden
  • I would like to see you open the next box and I was quite disappointed for you when you opened the welcome box and it was full of random bits from other boxes

    Samantha MayneSamantha Mayne13 dagen geleden
  • Total waste of your time and money! Sooo sooooo disapointed! I feel sorry for you, for having to spend money on that Cherry✌

    LestatTheDivaKingLestatTheDivaKing13 dagen geleden
  • No.

    Lendz ElliottLendz Elliott13 dagen geleden
  • 3:34 for unboxing

    Paul DiamondPaul Diamond13 dagen geleden
  • i need these

    maddy whitcombmaddy whitcomb13 dagen geleden
  • If you started a Wizarding world subscription box, I would definitely buy it

    Rosemary AlkemadeRosemary Alkemade13 dagen geleden
  • Character on cap is Astro Boy. You are too young to know him even though there was a movie made a while ago. Do the next box as well just because 🙄

    Leanne HullLeanne Hull13 dagen geleden
  • There is an app called D&D beyond is a character app

    Kim RowlinsonKim Rowlinson13 dagen geleden
  • Put Velcro on the luggage tab to fix it

    Kim RowlinsonKim Rowlinson13 dagen geleden
  • The character on the cap is AstroBoy! How do you not know AstroBoy?

    Gabby NeillGabby Neill13 dagen geleden
  • I am honestly so obsessed with Harry Potter and none of my friends really like it. I wish I had someone I could share my Harry Potter obsession with!! I wish I knew you in person Cherry!!! I love your videos so much!!

    Taylor JonesTaylor Jones14 dagen geleden
  • That welcome box was sad 😔

    Jessica TeeterJessica Teeter14 dagen geleden
  • Its a meh 😶 box, if the items were in a shop ready to by they would be the things put in the clearance section the end of the year coz you wouldn't want to spend your money on them.

    lscuk2004lscuk200414 dagen geleden
  • I wanna see the next box too! I like when you unbox stuff:)

    Miraculous SamuelMiraculous Samuel14 dagen geleden
  • Don't waste your money. 😾

    Jean MurdockJean Murdock14 dagen geleden
  • I received my first Loot Crate last month. A friend gave me a 3-month subscription (ordered in November). So yeah, mine took awhile to arrive too! I'm a Ravenclaw, so I accept my scarf reluctantly (book colors > film colors). It's soft, though, so I'll definitely wear it next winter. I love the umbrella. The luggage tag is cute, but I currently have unicorn tags on my suitcases. I plan on giving away in the pin and the little case. I didn't get a Welcome box :(

    HPWitchesUniteHPWitchesUnite14 dagen geleden
  • Not defending LC, but U.S. mail has sucked really bad for a while (I was waiting on a package for 3 months from a company only 6 hrs away). Also, the senders can't track it any better than you can. Heck, even the actual U.S.P.S. can't track things properly when I have had to file a lost package claim.

    Luscious Lady 911Luscious Lady 91114 dagen geleden
  • I was disappointed with the scarf as I wouldn't consider Quidditch to be a form of Magical Transportation...there are so many other items that could have been included, even if they wanted to do something for broomsticks (like the broomstick repair kit). And imo the Headphone case is too big and bulky for most wired headphones. A very lame link to the Hogwarts Express.

    Beverley BagshawBeverley Bagshaw14 dagen geleden
  • Funny enough I subscribed to the box before this because it was the Yule Ball box (my favourite magical event). I had a similar experience...took forever to arrive, though I did have regular communication from one of the staff members...no welcome box for me though (it was my first ever subscription). I was hugely disappointed with the Yule Ball Box. Several items were revealed in advertising by the company which spoiled the reveal. And then the items were just a bit naff. But as the box didn't arrive until after the next box was released I still paid for this Transportation box too before cancelling. I preferred this box, which is saying something! I liked the umbrella and the luggage tag, but was disappointed with the rest. I won't be in any rush to subscribe to Loot Crate again. What a shame 😞

    Beverley BagshawBeverley Bagshaw14 dagen geleden
  • I think, if one compares this box, to the other boxes that you’re opening, it’s really boring. And either way, I wouldn’t buy it. To little items compared to the cost and the boring items 😊

    KikalutiKikaluti14 dagen geleden
  • If they make that umbrella bigger and much better quality i would buy it in a heartbeat.

    Dobby is a free elfDobby is a free elf14 dagen geleden
  • That´s not just a boring coin purse! It is obviously something you use while sitting in a train on a long ride (hence the print). And what do you on a long train-ride? Listen to music or your favorite podcast. Or watch youtube-videos. And what do you need for that? Headphones! it´s a case for your headphones once the train ride is over

    RiaRia14 dagen geleden
  • A parcel that arrived from the Department of Magical Transportation, late? Which owl got lost?

    Fenris WolfFenris Wolf14 dagen geleden
  • Please film the next box to

    brinagotsuedbrinagotsued14 dagen geleden
  • Sonic, Packman, Astro boy..... You got a lot of unexpected goods which are from Japan😂😂😂

    むーむーむーむー14 dagen geleden
  • I'm not going to lie, when my box FINALLY arrived, i did try to open the luggage tag that way. 🤣

    MolliePurserMolliePurser14 dagen geleden
  • I feel this video of yours is more authentic and open about your thoughts than the ones sent to you for free, part of sponsorsing. No hate. Ofcourse sponsorship is important and ofcourse your videos are amazing ❤️ and I love them but this video feels more open, honest and more authentic

    Debbie LawrenceDebbie Lawrence14 dagen geleden
    • Even the sponsored ones, I’m paid for an honest review and all opinions are mine. If I don’t like something I say.

      Cherry WallisCherry Wallis13 dagen geleden
  • The downfall of WW Loot Crate boxes was so devastating, I got them long enough to get all the horcrux pins, but it was probably for the best that it went down hill so fast because I really couldn't dedicate $40-$50 every two months on a bunch of HP merch that I didn't need. I noticed that after a while a lot of the "exclusive" items were later being mass produced and sold in stores in America, so that left a bad taste in my mouth as well. And the shipping delays were equally bad for Americans. After months of delays, the package would still take 10 days to ship across the country to me, which is insanely long. I could have driven to LA myself in less time. I honestly thought that they had stopped sending them out because the company went bankrupt and they had said something a bit ago about cutting back on their crates and they got rid of the Loot Vault where you could purchase certain items from the old crates. I thought the company was basically finished, so I can't believe it's held on for so long.

    KatherineKatherine14 dagen geleden
  • Best Harry Potter channel ⚡🌙🖤

    Jessalen SanassyJessalen Sanassy14 dagen geleden
  • I think you should have looked at the luggage tag more closely then you wouldn’t have made that mistake

    SomeoneSomeone14 dagen geleden
  • Wow I have some of those Loot Crate horcrux pins from back in the day and omg the difference in design quality between those and that Hedwig pin is unbelievable.

    Jessica CoraJessica Cora14 dagen geleden
  • So for December they did a yule ball theme and they added an hogwarts light up ice sculpture and this beautiful yule ball glass plate i think u should check em out online :)!

    astrid perezastrid perez14 dagen geleden
  • it's a pouch for earphones and a phone charger maybe? think it's pretty practical but you can buy them real cheap on wish

    Jolien IsseléeJolien Isselée14 dagen geleden