Harry Potter Owl Post | A GIANT P.O. Box Unboxing!

3 apr. 2021
36 047 Weergaven

Many owls delivered a bunch of goodies from YOU, The Potter Collector community! Let's read and see what letters and packages you sent! Thank you, everyone! :)
The equipment I use:
Canon Powershot Mark iii g7x: amzn.to/2skMhvz
Canon Rebel T7i: amzn.to/2UaWHH5
Canon EF-S 10-18mm Lens: amzn.to/2XtvYrx
Canon EF 50mm Lens: amzn.to/2IHnslm
Rode VideoMic Pro: amzn.to/2IFXZZi
Rode VideoMicro: amzn.to/2rxLurf
K&F Concept 62" Tripod: amzn.to/2ECyOTt
Want to write? Direct the owl to:
The Potter Collector
PO Box 71
Winfield, IL 60190-0071
United States

  • I'm half and half me dads Irish mums American.

    Pogchamp2021Pogchamp20212 dagen geleden
  • and I would love a potter collector community shirt (hufflepuff)!!!!! make it happen, Peter!

    Elizabeth VallejoElizabeth Vallejo5 dagen geleden
  • can we get a link to the fragrances?

    Elizabeth VallejoElizabeth Vallejo5 dagen geleden
  • you could seriously pull off snape!!! definitely hope you do that soon!

    Elizabeth VallejoElizabeth Vallejo5 dagen geleden
  • Discovered this channel yesterday and already love it. Wasn't that big Harry Potter fan but decided to watch all movie series again and if can find, start reading books hopefully.

    RunnerRunner5 dagen geleden
  • Hello I'm emma from Essex in england I'm a big potter fan since my 20s now old lol. Hagrid is my favourite character and I'm also a collect a small amount in comparison to yours.

    emma macleanemma maclean7 dagen geleden
  • can we take a moment and count how many different versions of harry potter he has behind him

    Agata ZawadzkaAgata Zawadzka7 dagen geleden
    • He has almost 2,000 different Harry Potter books. 😉

      The Potter CollectorThe Potter Collector7 dagen geleden
  • I'm always curious what you have

    Wilford Royce FresnidoWilford Royce Fresnido9 dagen geleden
  • That person with Valentine is the same as me lol. I’m a slytherin too and Cedric is my all time favourite character as well haha

    AtlantaG1912AtlantaG191211 dagen geleden
  • I’ve got a doe Petronas , what’s everyone else’s

    Marcus BarkerMarcus Barker11 dagen geleden
  • Your the best Peter thank you for all the hard work you do on your channel

    Luis AlvarezLuis Alvarez12 dagen geleden
  • I'm 46 and last year my husband and I got married on Harry's birthday, lol. Our bedroom is a fun mix of vintage Mid-Century Modern Harry Potter, lol. There's no age cap to loving Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. Peter's video's make the world a better place 💕

    Kneppwood at HomeKneppwood at Home14 dagen geleden
  • Peter you're awesome! I absolutely love everything about your channel! I seem to have a better day after watching you!🤗 Thank you!!!

    Rachel YeaRachel Yea16 dagen geleden
  • I have that thestral pin too. PS: A tip for collectors. Check stores at Halloween. I picked up several very cool potion bottles and ceramic lighted book sets that look like they came from the wizarding world.

    toodlescaetoodlescae18 dagen geleden

    Hufflepuff editsHufflepuff edits19 dagen geleden
  • My Petronius is a wolf

    I bring a srormI bring a srorm19 dagen geleden
  • -28.07 ... so true. Thanks for these videos Peter. Ive always loved the series but never thought of collecting. Ive just always read, listened and watched. So last year i started collecting. Thank you

    MyFleetingFanciesMyFleetingFancies20 dagen geleden
  • You're just so nice, I love how much you care about your fans 🥰

    FiaahFiaah21 dag geleden
  • That fragrance package at the end was insane! I need to get one of them. Such beautiful packaging 😍😍

    IncompetentISUIncompetentISU24 dagen geleden
  • im in michigan which are you in peter

    Miriam ZuroffMiriam Zuroff25 dagen geleden
  • I love thisss

    Azka ZFAzka ZF25 dagen geleden
  • Do you ever get annoyed at people when they say something bad about Harry Potter series? I do, not in a mean way. It's just my favorite series.

    Sonia CarollSonia Caroll25 dagen geleden
  • How do I find the Potter Collector store

    Charles RussellCharles Russell26 dagen geleden
  • I might have to get that cologne

    Kyler BornKyler Born27 dagen geleden
  • We enjoy your NLworld channel. My husband is in his '60s and I'm right behind him. We watch Harry Potter when they came out on disc with our oldest grandchild and our youngest. And still watch today.

    Tim GadwaTim Gadwa29 dagen geleden
  • FYI: Fragical has a defination in Urban Dictionary online. " A magical, but very fragile item."

    Maria SchadeMaria Schade29 dagen geleden
    • so famous

      Elizabeth VallejoElizabeth Vallejo5 dagen geleden
    • Yep! Pretty awesome, isn’t it? A Potter Community member submitted it for me. 😄

      The Potter CollectorThe Potter Collector29 dagen geleden
  • MY FAVE CHARACTER IS TONKS TOO (9:52) We are a rare breed, Adelynn xD

    Anne LindeAnne Linde29 dagen geleden
  • Peter, you got some Great Cards, Letters, Packages and Gifts in this Haul - Awesome. I LOVE the Potter Collector Shirt you Received. It is a really Great Shirt :) - Keep Collecting Everyone :)

    Darlene StoudtDarlene StoudtMaand geleden
  • Geak gear has a have sending made Winner snake wand😁 and I want it haha

    Metalvampy WeulinkMetalvampy WeulinkMaand geleden
  • I want to write you a letter Peter, but how I am supposed to when I'm from the Philippines 😵😵

    Bless beljBless beljMaand geleden
  • Jees

    Shayan ChowdhuryShayan ChowdhuryMaand geleden
  • I have that harry potter pencil case! Look at this time of the video 23:55

    BOTWAssassinBOTWAssassinMaand geleden
  • Peter! Thank you for sharing this videos. It makes me happy to see you share the love the potter collector community has for you and for HP!!!!!! Keep Collecting💛🖤💛

    Tomaza CenicerosTomaza CenicerosMaand geleden
  • Wow! Can’t believe my keychains made it in this! Didn’t expect that at all! You rock, Peter!

    Tracen FitzpatrickTracen FitzpatrickMaand geleden
  • I love your videos and keep Collecting.

    Meghan SleeperMeghan SleeperMaand geleden
  • Love it. I love you 😍 💗. Enjoyed watching you. I can wait for next one.

    patricia O'Neillpatricia O'NeillMaand geleden
  • Did you read other books of jk rowling

    Parikshith GinnaParikshith GinnaMaand geleden
  • We 'll take the lot

    Parikshith GinnaParikshith GinnaMaand geleden
  • 34:28 love the colouring to the W envelope ✉️ too like the colour textures

    Neela SharmaNeela SharmaMaand geleden
  • 32:42 wow amazing 😉 card like an envelope

    Neela SharmaNeela SharmaMaand geleden
  • You would love to live around here. We live near where AirHeads are made by Perfetti vanMelle USA here in Northern Kentucky. They are very generous, always donating product to the hospital staff where I work and to various charitable groups.

    tdrgraphics1tdrgraphics1Maand geleden
  • Love the green t shirt the colour suits you pale green not too showy not too bright the right fit too

    Neela SharmaNeela SharmaMaand geleden
  • Wow I was extremely impressed by the wands I love the casing the green one came in very we’ll hand made sometimes hand made is best. I loved the poach.

    Neela SharmaNeela SharmaMaand geleden
  • I wanted to send a letter to you since last year, but Malaysia Airmail still haven't opened for UK and US delivery. I'm so sad rn.

    Shifanah 1509Shifanah 1509Maand geleden
  • Did you the Hindi collection behind his right ear 👂 look clearly am so surprised 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳💜💜

    Gurik SinghGurik SinghMaand geleden
  • Looks at the Hogwarts crest poster!! **gets angry in Ravenclaw** 😡🦅

    Lolly DyerLolly DyerMaand geleden
  • I know I’m late but I have a question. For the dining places like three broomsticks do you have to make a reservation a couple months ahead? Or can you just walk in? I’m going in a couple months for the first time so can you please tell me?

    Toca ButterflyToca ButterflyMaand geleden
  • I want to know peoples hogwarts house mine is huffelpuff but come on mine and say your hogwarts house if Peter likes or replies to this I will be in shock Peter I know I have said a lot but you are the reason that I like Harry Potter you have made me so happy and I love your vids

    Panda GirlPanda GirlMaand geleden
  • Not “mason” but ‘may-zon’ it is French for ‘House Magic’ I love how supportive and kind you are to your young followers.

    NanaBeccyNanaBeccyMaand geleden
  • Do you have the illustrated editions?

    Gerber ChrissieGerber ChrissieMaand geleden

    Jamie PackerJamie PackerMaand geleden
  • Love the video 😀

    sakura sansakura sanMaand geleden
  • Omg the wands are gorgeous 🥰

    Weirdo FunWeirdo FunMaand geleden
  • This whole video was wonderful from start to finish but those perfumes at the end were absolutely stunning! 😍😍

    Emma CosgroveEmma CosgroveMaand geleden
  • Went to universal this weekend, tried the hot butter beer and it was excellent...

    Mr SpiccoliMr SpiccoliMaand geleden
  • "At least when I Slither-in a sister... she isn't MINE!" Harry Potter to Luke Skywalker.

    1 21 2Maand geleden
  • Peter, this was so amazing! Your love and passion for your community shines. You are so caring, and bring such lumos to us all.

    Robin SnellRobin SnellMaand geleden
  • I’m a proud Hufflepuff

    WizardianWizardianMaand geleden
  • Holly cricket you are the Potter collector

    Sirigon025Sirigon025Maand geleden
  • "Including" person what does that even mean >.

    Eggy EggEggy EggMaand geleden
  • I wish I joined this channel earlier this is so good 👍 😭 🤩

    SHACHI MSHACHI MMaand geleden
  • Peter - I swear you're just amazing.

    The505RavenThe505RavenMaand geleden
  • Man you have the most positive attitude. Anytime I'm in a bad mood I can watch one of your videos and feel better. Love how you interact with your followers, especially the younger kids. Love your channel and thank you for sharing. Keep it up.

    Tony JohnstonTony JohnstonMaand geleden
  • I’m going to universal studios Orlando tomorrow and will experience the wizarding world for the first time! Just finished the books last year and been super excited to go ever since. Hoping I’ll get lucky and see you there!

    omar mahmoudomar mahmoudMaand geleden
  • I believe its Maison, French for house, like House of Magic.

    balletteacher621balletteacher621Maand geleden
  • Happy Easter Peter. My favourite book is Goblet of Fire and Order of Phoenix book my house is Hufflepuff my favourite character is Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger and Tonks and Snape and Dumbledore and Ron and Harry and Newt and Bellatrix and Draco Malfoy and Hagrid and Molly and Arthur and Remus and Moody and Slughorn. And Fred and George I am from South Australia. Have a Harry Potter museum in my bedroom have Harry Potter funk pops

    Bianca RoweBianca RoweMaand geleden
  • Potter collector Pls can you say... M

    Prithvi Baba ShortsPrithvi Baba ShortsMaand geleden
  • Hey Peter can you kindly do a wand collection video on 15 because it's my 9th birthday. Aarav Bothra. India

    priya parakhpriya parakhMaand geleden
    • Aarav Bothra

      priya parakhpriya parakhMaand geleden
  • Hi Peter, Very soon your package from India will be arrving

    Rᴏʏᴀʟ LᴇɢᴇɴᴅsRᴏʏᴀʟ LᴇɢᴇɴᴅsMaand geleden
  • Hi Peter, just watched this video of the Giant Owl Unboxing, when you mentioned about not to be ashamed of being a Harry Potter fan, just wanted to say thank you. I loved Harry Potter when the movies came out even collected the DVDs and Blue rays of all 8 movies then when I started watching your videos last year it inspired me too to start collecting again Harry Potter related, some of it are a bit hard to get being in New Zealand but I checked Trade Me here(it's like Ebay there in the US) and learned there were a lot of collectors here especially wands from the WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER in either Orlando Florida or California. They bought it there and took them home here but wanted to sell them on Trade Me and got them at good prices. Would you believe I even got a 2020 Collector's Edition interactive wand but the lady who formerly owned it got it at Hogsmeade in Wizarding World in California. Sorry for rambling but because at my age they might think I'm kookoo for collecting Harry Potter Wands and collectibles. I'm 57 years old but I'm not like men my age to be doing like fishing or doing old men stuff, I like to collect, at first people look at me strange when I talk about my collection of Harry Potter memorabilias so I don't talk about it much but then when I started watching your videos it help me to feel better about my collecting, thank you for being a big part of our community. May the Lord continue to pour you with his Blessings, Happy Easter and Keep Collecting. Kind regards, Alfonso Serrano A Filipino in New Zealand. 🐰🐇😊

    Alfonso SerranoAlfonso SerranoMaand geleden
  • I'm in Griffindor! I'm going to to Harry Potter World for my birthday. My favourite thing is Harry Potter, my favourite character is Ginerva(Ginny) Weasly and my least favourite characters are Bellatrix Lestrange, Dolores Umbridge, Fennir Greyback and all death eaters(I can't decide)! I'm a new subscriber. My patronus is a horse. THIS IS SOME SPEECH FROM THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE: Mcgonagal:Why is it when there's trouble it's always you three? Ron:Belive me miss I've been asking myself the same question for six years! My favourite film and book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, then the Deathly Hallows pt1, then the Deathly Hallows pt2, then the Chamber of Secrets, then the Philosopher's Stone, then the Prisoner of Azkaban, then the Half Blood Prince, then the Goblet of fire. I hope your gran got better. I hope your birthday was magical. My favourite animal is a hippogriff I'm so sorry I couldn't send mail so please if you see this comment please can you read it in your next video. P.S: I love your videos!

    Aleah BrkicAleah BrkicMaand geleden
  • Peter thank you. Your channel and insta are both so full of positivity- something we all need nowadays.

    Fliss RoseFliss RoseMaand geleden
  • It was so awesome to see you open your bday card and goodies on the big screen! 🥰 - T

    murpthVLOGSmurpthVLOGSMaand geleden
  • What an absolutely delightful unboxing!

    Sarah GrecoSarah GrecoMaand geleden
  • Your shirt reminds me of legends of the hidden temple

    OMGiGiOMGiGiMaand geleden
    • That show was THE BEST!

      The Potter CollectorThe Potter CollectorMaand geleden
  • I'm A Raven Claw, My Petronous is a Dog, My Wand Is Ash @ Dragon Heartstrings, My O.W.L. is Outstanding, My N.E.W.T. i Got 94%, You and Cherry Started Me On Harry Potter. Still Do Not Have a Proper Wand, first Time i Saw you was The First Time you went to Universal Studio Of Harry Potter I Think it was 2018.

    Larry ankenman jrLarry ankenman jrMaand geleden
  • Peter not freaking out about the gold boxes from the perfumes makes me doublethink him being a niffler. Lol. 😂

    Gladys Angel EncarnadoGladys Angel EncarnadoMaand geleden
  • Who would be embarrassed for liking Harry Potter. It is loved by millions of people around the world. Does Peter respond or read the comments?

    LizzieSnowBriteLizzieSnowBriteMaand geleden
    • He most certainly does... when he can!

      The Potter CollectorThe Potter CollectorMaand geleden
  • What is the website for the perfume???

    Alicia CAlicia CMaand geleden
  • I want those perfumes!! I’m in NZ tho 😔

    Jo GifkinsJo GifkinsMaand geleden
  • Can you do a tour

    Danilisse RiosDanilisse RiosMaand geleden
  • I have just opened a Etsy store and going to send u a package next week.

    kash leighkash leighMaand geleden
  • If you move room do it on cam

    JP RJP RMaand geleden
  • 100% need that running club in the UK!

    Gib-GabGib-GabMaand geleden
  • I am just blown away by how talented the Potter Collector Community is! This video made me so happy!

    Heather BourdonHeather BourdonMaand geleden
  • Hey bro can you give me a Harry potter wand and ron wand plsssssssss😯😞😯😞😯😞

    Steven ToribioSteven ToribioMaand geleden
  • Me........... Patrons: Stag House: Gryfindor Character: Harry Potter Also me: I'm girl Harry Potter a.k.a. Haily Potter Please see this. If you do please heart it so I know!

    Jamie LiuJamie LiuMaand geleden
  • Now I have to ask, do you play Pokémon go?!

    wrestling with disneywrestling with disneyMaand geleden
  • Thanks for helping me get through this hard time. I'm already depressed, but you help me become a dreamer.

    Marilyn SniderMarilyn SniderMaand geleden
  • That double envelope is seriously genuis! All my years as a pen pal and that never occurred to me

    lazy homebodylazy homebodyMaand geleden
  • I also like Pokemon too!

    Chloe jenniferChloe jenniferMaand geleden
  • Nice :D

    idieyoungidieyoungMaand geleden
  • You are so kind to each and every person that sent you something. 🥺🤍

    Jo K.Jo K.Maand geleden
  • You're my favorite NLworldr. I watching every videos from you.

    Vojta BulkaVojta BulkaMaand geleden
  • What an amazing community you’ve built! ❤️❤️ Can you post or comment the name of the fragrance company? They sound wonderful ❤️⚡️

    Jodi WJodi WMaand geleden
  • Hello Peter, Thank you for reading my letter, I have sent a package by Owl, I hope he gets there safely. Thanks again Moony

    Scar's QueenScar's QueenMaand geleden
  • Hi from the UK, love your enthusiasm and your book collection, I was just wondering what do you do with the art work that you are sent? And when will you be showing your potions and top of your shelves?

    Jane ReganJane ReganMaand geleden
  • Thank Your for taking time to read the letters . Your so kind and truly care about your fans

    Rachel DoxeyRachel DoxeyMaand geleden
  • Never mind.....im gonna quite right now......🤦‍♀️

    Janet BowersoxJanet BowersoxMaand geleden
  • Sorry....what that was supposed to read was...."would not happen" without you. Oops!😁

    Janet BowersoxJanet BowersoxMaand geleden