Harrison vs Hurkacz; Norrie vs Korda | Delray Beach Open 2021 Semi-Final Highlights

12 jan. 2021
115 276 Weergaven

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  • Is Jason Genova playing?

    imgoinbowmontimgoinbowmontMaand geleden
  • Norrie has the shittiest backhand of tennis.

    R kR kMaand geleden
  • Very good striking from Harrison. That backhand is one very fine stroke

    Ivan AndreevIvan AndreevMaand geleden
  • Korda gamestyle reminds me a lot of Berdych

    Juleduto97Juleduto97Maand geleden
  • And when in final i would have to beat only myself!!!

    black mambablack mambaMaand geleden
  • I should have played in semifinal. I would beat them both!!!

    black mambablack mambaMaand geleden
  • harrison will win more than pole

    szs vocszs vocMaand geleden
  • Harrison has a very nice backhand.

    IvanAndreevichIvanAndreevichMaand geleden
  • I think Korda is the best of the next generation Americans.

    Johnnybgood 11Johnnybgood 11Maand geleden
  • Hurkacz, ist that Andy Murray under cover ?

    Niels OhlsenNiels OhlsenMaand geleden
  • Hurzack tennis definitely got better

    Random TennisRandom TennisMaand geleden
  • Go HUBI

    chrisjmitchrisjmitMaand geleden
  • Korda looks impressive. Very fluid tennis. Penetrating strokes. Hurkacz will have his hands full in the finals and will need to be very crafty to come out on top.

    Ruben KogelRuben KogelMaand geleden
  • 2021

    RealHipHop2020RealHipHop2020Maand geleden
  • Hurkacz plays so easy. a joy to watch

    ziiizzzoooziiizzzoooMaand geleden
  • I love C Harrison's backhand. such deep rotation.

    Kevin ChangKevin ChangMaand geleden
  • great match, Korda!

    tenn1s1p1ayer1tenn1s1p1ayer1Maand geleden
  • Wonder how these guys will do when they play the higher ranked players.

    TJ GTJ GMaand geleden
  • Norrie's backhand is like Arjen Robben's right foot

    Markus JansenMarkus JansenMaand geleden
  • Korda’s forehand is Berdych-like at times 😍

    JJ LJJ LMaand geleden
  • Thank you Hurkacz for beating the trumpkin

    Skeeter McTavishSkeeter McTavishMaand geleden
  • Norrie literally does not have a backhand.

    Rishi NatarajanRishi NatarajanMaand geleden
  • Live rankings put Korda at number 103 in ATP rankings. Hope for American tennis!

    Evan KaplanEvan KaplanMaand geleden
  • Norrie needs to be more flat on his forehand. And shorter back swing on forehand.

    Legan Thomas!!!Legan Thomas!!!Maand geleden
  • Obviously these guys are great players, but they kinda suck at the same time

    jakefan77jakefan77Maand geleden
  • C. Harrison could be the one, but he is way too comfortable at the baseline. He needs to seek the opportunity to come in and finish at the net. Also, he is way too defensive on the backhand and only looks to attack from that side when he can hit a forehand. That strategy will not work against a big three player because they now attack with their backhands. But overall I am impressed with him as an excellent prospect for U.S. Tennis.

    Kerry JohnsonKerry JohnsonMaand geleden
  • Wow go Korda!

    rvg002sunrvg002sunMaand geleden
  • Norris is a spoilt brat, like a 5 year old child!

    Paul JohnsonPaul JohnsonMaand geleden
  • Hurkacz is really fast for a big tall guy. Norrie’s backhand is a mess. Korda is building on from his RG 2020 fairytale.

    Haajir YabreHaajir YabreMaand geleden
  • This video quality is horendous. Not 1080 at all

    Tareq AbdulrasoulTareq AbdulrasoulMaand geleden
  • Ivan Lendl has noticed Seb Korda some years ago and say he has improved . Now Agassi necessarily think in the same way : he has the qualities of a great tennis player. So , no doubt : we are going to see this player tease the greatest very quickly. When 2 huge champions that were Lendl and Agassi think in these terms, the future for you brightens. www.tennis.com/pro-game/2020/10/can-korda-achieve-something-no-other-male-player-has-managed/91234/ i hope he doesn't fall for the lowest of cheating like his father did in the 90s. Taken for testosterone doping. Sad for Marcelo Rios who would certainly have won the Australian Open instead of Petr Korda. This devalues ​​all the matches as much as Korda Sr. could win. May he learn from the past. eu.usatoday.com/story/sports/tennis/2015/03/05/former-no-1-rios-asks-for-doping-check-of-korda-from-1998/24452211/

    Relax MaxRelax MaxMaand geleden
  • Any next gen who shows some resilience to Nadal especially in FO, has a guaranteed future to some extent

    Wreckless GWreckless GMaand geleden
    • Nobody reach Rafa’s level in RG.

      高田ケンスケ高田ケンスケMaand geleden
  • I have a question , if anyone knows it will be appreciated to answer. Why the top 10 guys did not participate in these first tournaments for an easy title ? Im curious because if I was Nadal I would sure have liked to reach Roger's 103 titles and these tourneys sure look like an easy bait for the top guys . Is there a restriction for them to not play in smaller tournaments for the moment being ? Enlighten me...(Also Korda ftw)

    Ermis HatziantoniouErmis HatziantoniouMaand geleden
    • They generally only play the small tournaments that pay them to be there, or ones that have some sort of value to them (multiple titles, home). Especially the older guys, they dont play too many tournaments so that they can reduce risk of injury (dont want to miss out on grand slams or 1000s).

      MontansoMontansoMaand geleden
  • go hubi ✨

    stream troye sivanstream troye sivanMaand geleden
  • What a shame we had to watch so much of ryan and so little of christian over the years.

    tvtotalforevertvtotalforeverMaand geleden
  • Korda's game is so smooth. One to watch.

    Francesco MonnoFrancesco MonnoMaand geleden
  • Korda is like Zverev their strokes r really alike

    Ethan VongEthan VongMaand geleden
    • Nah I would say that Korda has the better forehand and Zverev has the better backhand

      Krishnasai ChalasaniKrishnasai ChalasaniMaand geleden
  • WHy is there no one in the stands? Florida has no mask mandate, why am I seeing them?

    glock22357glock22357Maand geleden
    • @MrMarvellous79 So they're not allowing people in, and forcing masks, when there's not such mandates in Florida? It's the tournament officials or the ATP?

      glock22357glock22357Maand geleden
    • Because it's common sense?

      MrMarvellous79MrMarvellous79Maand geleden
  • Is that a bimmer? doesn't look like a typical bmw.

    Kwansik KimKwansik KimMaand geleden
  • Like father like son ! Petr Korda is one of my all time favorites and I wish Sebastian all the best in his young career even though between Hurkacz and Korda I have no preference, they both play great modern tennis

    renaud daniererenaud daniereMaand geleden
  • What is Korda wearing in his hair?😁

    Jimmy HeJimmy HeMaand geleden
    • never seen dolgopolov, eh? question, why is a cotton device perfectly fine and a plastic one not?

      DanielBoonelightDanielBoonelightMaand geleden
  • Korda's got his father's forehand.

    Kwansik KimKwansik KimMaand geleden
  • Hurkacz pisses me off so much. Such a passive stuckup player. Run around chasin balls some more

    the maldthe maldMaand geleden
  • It is awesome

    Jeremia SimorangkirJeremia SimorangkirMaand geleden
  • Hurkacz genius

    Armen HovhannisyanArmen HovhannisyanMaand geleden
  • Ther Harrison and Kurkacz highlights looked like the final to me.

    J. HernandezJ. HernandezMaand geleden
  • i remember when little harrison was skinnier than a pole boy really put on some man weight huh girls

    JJMaand geleden
  • hope that Hurkacz will be more consistent this year

    Victor LupasVictor LupasMaand geleden
  • Korda!

    KhepriKhepriMaand geleden
  • Norrie's backhand 🤐🤐🤐

    Arman KArman KMaand geleden
  • Please keep doing these titles, I love not seeing the spoilers

    Rob WellmonRob WellmonMaand geleden
  • Nice highlights but where is the update on beach dog?

    softmachinesoftmachineMaand geleden
  • Norrie might have the ugliest backhand I have ever seen

    Ozan SevikOzan SevikMaand geleden
    • It looks so stiff and uncomfortable lol

      skad00shdudeskad00shdudeMaand geleden
    • But very efficient

      Rolin TiRolin TiMaand geleden
    • True. Almost feels like Delbonis'.

      Praveen KPraveen KMaand geleden
    • That’s a trend for a lot of lefty’s nowadays, not ugly but they have left hand forehands with a lot of spin and they have a very flat backhand like nishioka. But yeah cam’s is a bit ugly

      WhataboutgimpWhataboutgimpMaand geleden
  • If you try to hit your opponent in close distance, at least don’t apologize and be the bad guy till the end

    Luca AntonelliLuca AntonelliMaand geleden
    • He didn't even give a proper handshake

      A Google UserA Google UserMaand geleden
    • Yeah. Norrie has no respect. None.

      A Google UserA Google UserMaand geleden
  • 1:35 amazing defensive point

    Antoine LAntoine LMaand geleden
  • Korda is turning into a really good tenniser just like his dad 👍

    Oliver McCallOliver McCallMaand geleden
    • and st fu

      szs vocszs vocMaand geleden
    • @DanielBoonelight canceers umom ug ly qow

      szs vocszs vocMaand geleden
    • @szs voc no thanks on conspiracy-gossip-bs. you're a cancer, but cool try.

      DanielBoonelightDanielBoonelightMaand geleden
    • @DanielBoonelight quid pro quo baby

      szs vocszs vocMaand geleden
    • @szs voc any actual evidence whatsoever for your baseless claim, or you just like to invent things and write them on the internet?

      DanielBoonelightDanielBoonelightMaand geleden
  • I really like Korda’a tennis.

    atsumi mdatsumi mdMaand geleden
  • Great final between Sebastian Korda and Hurcacz

    Stefano TraversoStefano TraversoMaand geleden
    • @Md Babul Syal , nope, like I said, easy straight set, injury or not.

      Steve Just SayingSteve Just SayingMaand geleden
    • Although I am polish i see big chances for Korda. 2-1 for Czech. If Hurkacz wins i won't complain.

      Rafal MireckiRafal MireckiMaand geleden
    • Korda improving a lot but should be Hurcacz handily I think.

      Bee JBee JMaand geleden
    • Hurkacz

      高田ケンスケ高田ケンスケMaand geleden
    • Hope harkacz win in two sets

      高田ケンスケ高田ケンスケMaand geleden
  • Hurkacz is underrated tbh

    Sam WitSam WitMaand geleden
    • eh. he plays pretty 'safe' and the long points aren't getting a ton of tv exposure, that's part of why.

      DanielBoonelightDanielBoonelightMaand geleden
  • Christian Harrison doing so well, hope he continues like this

    Charles III BrucaliereCharles III BrucaliereMaand geleden
  • Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

    ieri KathlTeseieri KathlTeseMaand geleden
    • Good.

      Carleton ClementsCarleton ClementsMaand geleden
  • Was really pumped for the Harrison rise through the ranks until I saw his mask BS. Cmon man can’t there be one sane American player besides Mackie McD?

    Richard OrtizRichard OrtizMaand geleden
    • @PK pewp

      Richard OrtizRichard OrtizMaand geleden
    • Tiafoe, McDonald, Young, Nakashima... pretty much all of the minority players are sane.

      Oliver McCallOliver McCallMaand geleden
    • Tiafoe is probably sane

      Delta FalconDelta FalconMaand geleden
    • @PK Wearing a mask isn't a political issue, it's a public health issue

      kh2freekkh2freekMaand geleden
    • Stop equating sports with political opinions. Keep your biases at the door please

      PKPKMaand geleden
  • Hurkacz moves really well for a big man. He has a bright future ahead him. I hope he improves his serve a bit though.

    Su SaSu SaMaand geleden
    • @Rafal Mirecki and in 2021? There is no limits. 6 footers need not apply. Only 7 feet basketball centers will be playing tennis.

      AQAQMaand geleden
    • @Rafal Mirecki check your maths lol

      Bee JBee JMaand geleden
    • @AQ In the mid 2000s it was perfect to be tennis player like 183cm or better (6ft) in the 2010s it was like 185cm (6'2"). Now it is very appreciable to be 188cm (6'4") or more but less than (6'5")

      Rafal MireckiRafal MireckiMaand geleden
    • @AM Wait what? Did you just call Berdych thin? Have you ever seen the guy or what

      Jan VeraartJan VeraartMaand geleden
    • And his forehand under pressure must improve. He gets really pushy with that shot when somebody attacks it.

      tvtotalforevertvtotalforeverMaand geleden
  • Who else is watching these cool shots between their online meetings?! 😁😉😉

    Ñishant Soman 彡 ツÑishant Soman 彡 ツMaand geleden
    • yes thats what i do

      max maccormackmax maccormackMaand geleden
  • Man, Norrie really struggles to generate any sort of pace on his backhand. The lack of topspin means it's not exactly a safe shot either.

    Darren ChewDarren ChewMaand geleden
    • @Seehud Good point.

      A Google UserA Google UserMaand geleden
    • @A Google User he is a a nice guy, but some sort of pressure either from his own expectations or those of someone else is getting to him, known him since he was 14, never seen him throw a racket or ball before. He pumps cmons all the time, never used to do that either. He walks around with his fist balled up pumping them like there is no tomorrow. Hope he is all good

      SeehudSeehudMaand geleden
    • @Rolin Ti Because your argument is outrageous.

      A Google UserA Google UserMaand geleden
    • @Rolin Ti You didn't respond to me

      A Google UserA Google UserMaand geleden
    • @tenn1s1p1ayer1 why would I be joking?!?!

      Rolin TiRolin TiMaand geleden
  • Harrison needs to be more patient

    Devin OteroDevin OteroMaand geleden
    • he also needs to start wearing a mask

      SkyreeXScalabarSkyreeXScalabarMaand geleden
  • Although I was pulling for Hurkacz and hope he wins the final, I’ve gained a lot of respect for Christian Harrison after this tournament and would love to see him find some more success on tour. Who knows, one day he may join his brother among the elite ranks of Grand Slam champions!

    Anonymous UserAnonymous UserMaand geleden
    • At least Christian seems to be more technically sound than Ryan was. His backhand is effective (important) and he also has a strong serve and FH. Volley's are decent too. I'll be looking to see his later matches

      Alex FowlerAlex FowlerMaand geleden
    • @Karol Kołodziejczyk sure, but I don't want to root for him at all. Players need to be good off-court as well as on-court for people to like them and be a fan of them.

      YudaiYudaiMaand geleden
    • @Kartik Jay i think he's talking about single grand slam.

      Wattanai JamesWattanai JamesMaand geleden
    • @John Doe Opened for nothing

      Nicolas tgNicolas tgMaand geleden
    • @Yudai Doesn't change the fact that he is good tennis player.

      Karol KołodziejczykKarol KołodziejczykMaand geleden
  • Man, what happened to Norrie there at the end?

    EhCloserLookEhCloserLookMaand geleden
    • @n n Tiafoe definitively won the second set and completely controlled the 3rd set, had a lot of break points.

      ColeColeMaand geleden
    • @Danikboss01 not at all, foe got lucky to take it to 3

      n nn nMaand geleden
    • norrie got lucky winning Foe

      Danikboss01Danikboss01Maand geleden
  • No more spoilers in titles?

    Danny BoussomDanny BoussomMaand geleden
  • USA!!!

    Matt SuddarthMatt SuddarthMaand geleden
    • @Matt Suddarth Lot better than sniffy uncle with his extremist gang. I don't think Biden is actually a problem, the real problem is his gang. Biden is center-left in political spectrum but his gang is extreme left. And the current POTUS is actually good and you will realize he ain't a traitor but a very good administrator. Bad day are coming.

      Siddharth TotlaSiddharth TotlaMaand geleden
    • @Siddharth Totla definitely not, he's a traitor

      Matt SuddarthMatt SuddarthMaand geleden
    • @Siddharth Totla lost ❤️❤️

      stream troye sivanstream troye sivanMaand geleden
    • TRUMP!!!

      Siddharth TotlaSiddharth TotlaMaand geleden
  • Norrie tiene el peor revés que vi en mi vida. No entiendo cómo llegó a ser profesional.

    Mariano Di SantoMariano Di SantoMaand geleden
    • Estoy de acuerdo, sus golpes de fondo duelen de ver

      TeaLoverTeaLoverMaand geleden
    • Cálmete

      Matt SuddarthMatt SuddarthMaand geleden
  • Hope we can have some Antalya highlights as well

    Purple Coffin ManPurple Coffin ManMaand geleden
    • @AMBROSIA FARMS , not worth it. The video quality is terrible.

      Steve Just SayingSteve Just SayingMaand geleden
    • Type in Berrettini and you get highlights from there!

    • There won’t be any because the cameras at Antalya aren’t good enough to broadcast on Tennis Channel

      EstecakeEstecakeMaand geleden
  • not first ;(

    Peiyu (Sam) LuPeiyu (Sam) LuMaand geleden
  • I saw one person asking for no spoilers in titles. Guess their wish is fulfilled

    Aaron DongAaron DongMaand geleden
    • @Tennis TV you are really making some quality stough nowadays, especially the community ones, they are very funny.

      hiren Drallhiren DrallMaand geleden
    • @Malazan if you've noticed sometimes in big matches they put the one that lost, so we never really know.

      ClerisClerisMaand geleden
    • Malazan well don’t spoil it for ppl 🥴

      Tennis TVTennis TVMaand geleden

      Carleton ClementsCarleton ClementsMaand geleden
    • They still show picture of Hurkacz, the winner

      MalazanMalazanMaand geleden
  • Yesman first like

    Ramavadh RaiRamavadh RaiMaand geleden
  • Yeahhhhhh

    Sneha SwamiSneha SwamiMaand geleden
  • 1 st

  • 1st

    Ryan KimRyan KimMaand geleden
  • First

    Fiona TongFiona TongMaand geleden
  • Korda is a soon to be top 50 player

    BruhmanBruhmanMaand geleden