Hades Vault - A BETTER Prison than Poseidons Vault (inescapable)

31 mrt. 2021
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►This is a truly inescapable Prison. Hades Vault is an upgrade of Poseidons Vault which again is an upgrade to Pandora's Vault on the Dream SMP server, where they built a nearly inescapable prison trap. Keyword: nearly. So i decided to upgrade Poseidons Vault so it is absolutely secure and you cant break out of it. THIS is Hades Vault. I just upgraded Pandoras Vault
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00:00 A better Prison than Poseidons Vault
00:30 Hades Vault - The inescapable Prison
01:14 TheDeafCreeper
01:39 How to enter the Prison
04:25 What makes Hades Vault so secure?
06:57 Escape Plans that WONT work
09:05 Outro
09:44 veri funni Bloopers

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  • Join my Discord: discord.com/invite/BYhFJxN6yb We also have some extra text channels just for prison related stuff

    SeenSvenSeenSven21 dag geleden
    • I may not be a master mind but I have things that can fix this is *Hopper floors: Make a kill chamber with a hopper floors or have all floor switch hoppers so they can't throw items down to snuggle without the guards seeing *Have chain pillars all over the cobblestone so it takes longer to break the chains than cobblestone *Surround the prison in lava and make a second wall around the prison with obsidian, lava and water *Kill them with thunder or tnt so items they try to smuggle will be destroyed. If command blocks could be used, hen I will say my ideas later but for now, these are some tips that can help you in the next prison, *The Zeus Vault*

      Meachy1Meachy14 dagen geleden
    • Work in mcpe

      Alexander RosarioAlexander Rosario4 dagen geleden
    • hi anyone can u help me firefox skip ad fly idk why then i tried download it don't let me can anyone help

      Imad NurhafizImad Nurhafiz4 dagen geleden
    • @Chaos that could work

      the enchanted diamond of allthe enchanted diamond of all7 dagen geleden
    • Try using the new block the sound block

      ChaosChaos7 dagen geleden
  • When Mythrodak saw this: I'm about to end this whole mans career

    Ricky OsbornRicky OsbornUur geleden
  • Well now we're getting creative

    Jasmine ElrikJasmine ElrikUur geleden
  • What if they use the creative glitch as well as the undying glitch does it can still do a creative glitch under water all they need is a bed

    Random StuffRandom Stuff4 uur geleden
  • and yet MythordakTV still escaped it... not gonna lie tho it looks impossible to escape. good job on it

    Klortik TerraKlortik Terra5 uur geleden
  • o tartarus vault

    extremeproblemsextremeproblems6 uur geleden
  • i think th hades vauit is better then this

    LeoLeo7 uur geleden
  • Mythrodak be like: wrong lever placement :)

    SUPER Bread GamingSUPER Bread Gaming13 uur geleden
  • Someone escaped *solo*

    ItsHazzaDudeItsHazzaDude16 uur geleden
  • Me over here downloading this and having no idea how to use it....

    TheTrueNubTheTrueNub21 uur geleden
  • He aked 5000 but he gets 156k likes he desrve it

  • Hahaha bedrock wither more powerfull

    Jhon Ryann LunaJhon Ryann LunaDag geleden
  • how make the prison cell regen

    ValjeetValjeetDag geleden
  • ugly... UGLY!?!?!? poseidons vault looked so badass

    Donovan GoodmanDonovan GoodmanDag geleden
  • Breaking The Bed Then Going Back To Prison?? You're Going To Escape

    Neil LiNeil LiDag geleden
    • Unless You Bring In Items

      Neil LiNeil Li7 uur geleden
    • You can't break the bed though

      SeenSvenSeenSvenDag geleden
  • "that no one, will ever escape" Mythrodak: and I took that personally

    CattCattDag geleden
  • someone film hes self escaping hes yt is MythrodakTV

    H4mz0x GamingH4mz0x GamingDag geleden
  • After zeus’ valt I thing Kronos ( the father of poseidon,Hades, and zeus) will be the next name

    mads meijermads meijerDag geleden
  • Dude put hoppers on the floor to stop the throwing and hiding items on the ground

    Budgie Boy27Budgie Boy27Dag geleden
  • Or just use barriers and bedrock

    Gaming with TrevGaming with TrevDag geleden
  • Impossible escape

    among us charlesamong us charlesDag geleden
  • um well i am using world edit to copy and paste it into my Origin - SMP Multiplayer and u can be phantom so yeah

    SloothToiseSloothToiseDag geleden
  • just go into creayive mode bruh

    Jason NguyenJason NguyenDag geleden
  • Plssss build the Executions S' vault

    F O K U SF O K U SDag geleden
  • Welp it’s better than Poseidon’s vault but not inescapable lol

    ChickenChuggetsChickenChuggetsDag geleden
  • 5000 likes more like 113k likes lol

    BruhGaming9158BruhGaming9158Dag geleden
  • wait if you break the bed wouldn't that kill the prisoner and spawn them at the worldspawnpoint taking into perspective that they have more than one canon life

    BruhGaming9158BruhGaming9158Dag geleden
  • i want to see a reaction video of seensven reacting to escaping the hades vault by MythrodakTV

    BruhGaming9158BruhGaming9158Dag geleden
  • Does anyone know the Exact blocks For the Sword and The Reaper Statue? Not the prison just the entrance to the prison it's self I just want to know so I don't have to spend 5 hours counting

    Noah GrrNoah GrrDag geleden
  • Seen sven : Most inescapable prison mythrodak : :)

    Jakub HolicJakub HolicDag geleden
  • Hey

    Sienna CabellonSienna CabellonDag geleden
  • you know who can escape MythrodakTV

  • well they said that about Alcatraz too but we all know what happened with that

    Officer ZibbertrinOfficer Zibbertrin2 dagen geleden
  • Now. Make a prison better then this one. Since it was my birthday on March 29.

    OfficialUniOfficialUni2 dagen geleden
    • @SeenSven I'm trying to help by giving you ideas rn.

      OfficialUniOfficialUni2 dagen geleden
    • @SeenSven probably.

      OfficialUniOfficialUni2 dagen geleden
    • Who knows, maybe in alread making one ;)

      SeenSvenSeenSven2 dagen geleden
  • Well now you gotta cha ge that title

    ProMonster MedinaProMonster Medina2 dagen geleden
  • Anyone gonna sayhow cool it looks from outisde

    Medatation VideosMedatation Videos2 dagen geleden
  • Hey I bet next up is zuezes vault

    rexyrexy2 dagen geleden
  • Why would you kill the prisoner if their bed is broken???

    TuxfelipeTuxfelipe2 dagen geleden
  • i looks like balls sprouting hairs

    HOW TO CUBE !HOW TO CUBE !2 dagen geleden
  • Please make a prison that can make us like us who have it and if you are happy you can imprison our friends who try to break the rules

    Narendra Dwi prayogaNarendra Dwi prayoga2 dagen geleden
  • i bet you the next one is gonna be Zeus’s Vault

    Zuper Zeb ZebastianZuper Zeb Zebastian2 dagen geleden
    • cus TODAY in school i learned about Gaia and stuff

      Zuper Zeb ZebastianZuper Zeb Zebastian2 dagen geleden
  • Someone escaped your prison create next

    DominyxPlaysDominyxPlays2 dagen geleden
  • Major flaw: the lava and water you can spawn withers in there I have tested this many times and it has worked But you need to get rid of water with sponges this causes you to be able to to get to the cell and get the prisoner out The way you can fix this: make a 2 X 2 area in the lava and water place in every 2 by 2 you can find I hope you can fix this to make this place really inescapable and you can never spawn withers Also if you can make a lockdown for any sponges placed I hoped this helped

    CreamyCreamy2 dagen geleden
  • Some things to make it truly inescapable: First of all, if there would be a kill check with lava, items would be destroyed, so you can't smuggle anything inside. Breaking a bed shouldn't trigger a lockdown, because this would kill the prisoner, who would respawn outside, since he doesn't have a respawn point anymore. Also, the guards could force the prisoner to throw an ender pearl in an enderpearl stasis thingy, so he can get teleported back.

    Affe3000Affe30002 dagen geleden
  • They broke out. Make Zeus vault pls~

    IsagatchagamezIsagatchagamez2 dagen geleden
  • Next video title be like: this is the god of god's vault

    dodoy vlogsdodoy vlogs2 dagen geleden

    ridwan bukhori indonesiaridwan bukhori indonesia2 dagen geleden
  • you need to have the prisoner have an ender pearl stasis chamber so that if they escape you can teleport them back

    ToasterToaster3 dagen geleden
    • Reseting serwer won't deactivate pearls? Sorry for bad english but i am from Poland

      Franek BartoszkoFranek Bartoszko2 dagen geleden
  • Almost*

    Brandon KleppertBrandon Kleppert3 dagen geleden
  • I'm currently building a prison, and one thing I have not seen people use is pufferfish player detectors in the walls, you can detect when a player is near, and if you put enough of them you can make it much more difficult to break in without triggering alarms

    LuckyfezLuckyfez3 dagen geleden
  • make a hole near the kill checks to hear the player and turn on subtitles it says item plops if they pick up something then the tactic that mythrodak did won't work

    meh societymeh society3 dagen geleden
  • Jesus' Vault just a room made of barrier blocks

    NONO3 dagen geleden
  • Zeus Vault: A bedrock box

    Joaquin FiumanoJoaquin Fiumano3 dagen geleden
  • Wow thats cool! Im also looking forward to see what the next is... Zeus vault maybe? or Thors vault?

    dmokdmok3 dagen geleden
  • Nobody: Yoshie Shiratori: *laughs in prison break magician*

    OwnedBucketOwnedBucket3 dagen geleden
  • I know a way to make sure noone escape like MythrodakTV, just put a minecart hopper under the block where he smuggled his item. And maybe put a chest underneath for extra storage.

    robbie auliarobbie aulia3 dagen geleden
  • If it rains, the lava at the top of the vault will turn to obsidian 😂

    Monkie !Monkie !3 dagen geleden
    • Rain does not affect lava :)

      SeenSvenSeenSven3 dagen geleden
  • But what about placing a sign in the place of the broken cobblestone?

    Samed AlizadeSamed Alizade3 dagen geleden
  • hey, I have a tip for you Why not build the next prison up in the sky such that even if someone escapes they gotta find a way to get down safely?

    Pradyumna APradyumna A3 dagen geleden
  • If someone were to get inside/escape I suggest you make ZEUS'S VAULT it would be so pog

    FirstSpinjitzuFirstSpinjitzu3 dagen geleden
  • How do you build the nether portal that can take you to two places?

    Loan LizLoan Liz4 dagen geleden
  • Except you can't possibly build it in survival in a reasonable amount of time.

    Okay ButWhyThoughOkay ButWhyThough4 dagen geleden
  • I think you should remove the water in the cell because i have been making people in my minecraft server try to escape it and they only break one block because they can swim out trough a one block gap so no water means they have to break 2 blocks

    AnonymousAnonymous4 dagen geleden
  • Download doesnt work anymore

    Myh PlaysMyh Plays4 dagen geleden
  • This vault has already been escaped...

    Cas CasCas Cas4 dagen geleden
  • Zeus' vault when?

    VaneVane4 dagen geleden
  • Everybody gangsta until Mrbeast donates to him 100M dollars and builds the God of all gods Vault

    Gameplay KiddoGameplay Kiddo4 dagen geleden
    • Ah yes MrBiest

      I love VVSSCI love VVSSC3 dagen geleden
    • @MrBiest tisten to him lmao

      SeenSvenSeenSven4 dagen geleden
  • i'm sorry, but didn't i just see a video on *how to escape this very vault?*

    Fabulous OnwudebeFabulous Onwudebe4 dagen geleden
  • So the posidans vault and the hades vault have been escaped... You should make the ultimate vault 🌩 Zues's Vault 🌩 Just to go with the Greek gods theme

    TheAirWarriorTheAirWarrior4 dagen geleden
  • when they find out you can go above the nether and then put a nether portal trap there :o

    PenguinsCanFlyPenguinsCanFly4 dagen geleden
  • I may not be a master mind but I have things that can fix this is *Hopper floors: Make a kill chamber with a hopper floors or have all floor switch hoppers so they can't throw items down to snuggle without the guards seeing *Have chain pillars all over the cobblestone so it takes longer to break the chains than cobblestone *Surround the prison in lava and make a second wall around the prison with obsidian, lava and water *Kill them with thunder or tnt so items they try to smuggle will be destroyed. If command blocks could be used, hen I will say my ideas later but for now, these are some tips that can help you in the next prison, *The Zeus Vault*

    Meachy1Meachy14 dagen geleden
  • Kratos Vault

    Endo VerlordEndo Verlord4 dagen geleden
  • At least pandoras was made in survival

    Rona June ClaracayRona June Claracay4 dagen geleden
  • What's Next? Bedrock Prison?

    The Man DudeThe Man Dude4 dagen geleden
  • I like how it looks like it came from hell but its actually just a cobblestone generator. WITH ONE BILLION SAFETY MEASURES

    Yalın ÜnerYalın Üner4 dagen geleden
  • Make a new Vault ( Zeus Vault or Phoenix Vault )

    Mr. BrumBrumMr. BrumBrum4 dagen geleden
  • Hey the downpoad website down

    Akib MochlasAkib Mochlas4 dagen geleden
  • How do you download it into a world?

    James EdmundsJames Edmunds4 dagen geleden
  • No matter the creation there is always a flaw - me

    Guerra Adam R.Guerra Adam R.4 dagen geleden
  • it wont let me download, is there an alternate link?

    Zachary BoyceZachary Boyce4 dagen geleden
  • If you guys want to stop people from breaking out you have to put minecarts with hoppers underneath beds to pick up items so they can’t pick them up. No need to make whole new prisons.

    Kingoskong YTKingoskong YT4 dagen geleden
  • everyone giving money to you by watching ad fly me: skip ad fly by using firefox

    Imad NurhafizImad Nurhafiz4 dagen geleden
  • SeenSven: I've made Poseidons Vault. It's the ultimate prison. Prisoner: escapes by exploiting some minor flaws in the prison design. SeenSven: I've made Hades Vault. It's inescapable, I fixed all the problems that the previous one had. Prisoner: You've forced me to play my ultimate card. *downloads a hacked client*

    BarlennanBarlennan5 dagen geleden
  • dud when are you going to make Zeus's vault the guy that beat the posideon's vault beat your Hades vault-like billion years ago

    boom itboom it5 dagen geleden
  • 1by1 bedrock is easier just saying

    Deelay-on-ytDeelay-on-yt5 dagen geleden
  • imagine making a nearly inescapable prison just to capture a green guy lol

    ConanConan5 dagen geleden
  • Everyone gangsta until Seensven makes "gods vualt"

    Aleksander MazurkiewiczAleksander Mazurkiewicz5 dagen geleden
  • zEuS vaUulLt

    Jorge82mk2 AnimationsJorge82mk2 Animations5 dagen geleden
  • it would be possable if the ender dragon just torn though everything

    😎😎😎Orangedummy😎😎😎😎😎😎Orangedummy😎😎😎5 dagen geleden
    • @SeenSven creative?

      😎😎😎Orangedummy😎😎😎😎😎😎Orangedummy😎😎😎5 dagen geleden
    • @SeenSven dunno

      😎😎😎Orangedummy😎😎😎😎😎😎Orangedummy😎😎😎5 dagen geleden
    • How do you get him into the overworld lol

      SeenSvenSeenSven5 dagen geleden
  • just raid it with 10000 people

    alejandro Lopez montejoalejandro Lopez montejo5 dagen geleden
  • It cant be evry thing maded of netherite blocks thats impossible.

    Nikola256 JerkovicNikola256 Jerkovic5 dagen geleden
  • Nex tvideo jesus's vault

    michał Pro kotełmichał Pro koteł5 dagen geleden
  • SeenSven: no one can escape this hades vault Mytrodak: Hold up. Wait a minute. Send my way!

  • How do I access the guard controls

    ItzEndyItzEndy5 dagen geleden
  • Can you make this map for bedrock

    CYBORG CREEPER-GamesCYBORG CREEPER-Games5 dagen geleden
  • You can put an ender pearl from the prisoner so incase he managed to escape then just drop his ender pearl

    JayleJayle5 dagen geleden
  • Hate to be that guy but Hades while it sounds like hell isn't hell it's just the ancient Greek afterlife

    Squid-BoySquid-Boy5 dagen geleden
  • Mans has to call mumbo jumbo because Mythrodak broke out This went from dream to mythrodak

    WhatYouLookinAtWhatYouLookinAt6 dagen geleden
  • We need mumbo jumbo Zeus vault

    WhatYouLookinAtWhatYouLookinAt6 dagen geleden
  • It should have been saitans vault

    terrifying tyranitarterrifying tyranitar6 dagen geleden