Golden State Warriors look to trade for Bradley Beal to dethrone LeBron's Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

21 okt. 2020
796 860 Weergaven

The Golden State Warriors will be back to full strength next season with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson returning from injury. They also may have another star joining them, with reports saying that Golden State could look to make a deal to acquire the Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal. Beal averaged more than 30 points and 6 assists last season for Washington. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the proposed trade and what it means for LeBron James.
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Golden State Warriors look to trade for Bradley Beal to dethrone LeBron's Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Would Bradley Beal and Steph Curry be enough to dethrone LeBron's Lakers?

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDSkip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDMaand geleden
    • If the clippers would have won , it would have been real Skip ?

      Atrain973 main4life386Atrain973 main4life3863 dagen geleden
    • @YouLikeKrabbyPattiesDontYouSquidward who on GSW can gaurd AD

      Devonta CosbyDevonta Cosby10 dagen geleden
    • They don’t need a scoring guard they need a big

      gotigers961gotigers96115 dagen geleden
    • Would Bradley Beal and Steph Curry be enough to dethrone LeBron's Lakers?

      Hwa HoodHwa Hood20 dagen geleden
    • Warriors can beat the lakers this next opener 😂

      emcop ksmithemcop ksmith21 dag geleden
  • All you skip haters are legit stupid

    black outblack outDag geleden
  • Lebron WILL NOT win more than 5 chips. All i have to say is 6-0

    William SlykerWilliam Slyker5 dagen geleden
  • Whose here after Klay got injured again?

    RAW BEERAW BEE6 dagen geleden
  • James Wiseman will guard AD

    Star Films GamingStar Films Gaming7 dagen geleden
  • Warriors need talented forwards and centers right now, I think they have enough guards for now

    LoliconLolicon8 dagen geleden
  • Warriors Go Run DMC... 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Virgil RVirgil R9 dagen geleden
  • The Lakers don't want to see that Blue and Gold💙💛💪🏾

    BATMAN - DBATMAN - D9 dagen geleden
  • I hate how Skip gives the Clippers a pass because they gave up. In the real world if I don't want to take a test and give up its not another person's fault that they got an A and I got a 0. I really hate his stupid way of thinking so much 😤

    Omar RuanoOmar Ruano9 dagen geleden
  • Did every white commentator contract Tourette syndrome during the BLM movement. All I hear is these uncontrollable Ums and Ahs! I can tolerate from my aunties but not from Skip and Ari Melber! Stop it! It's so f'n annoying!

    isac haydenisac hayden9 dagen geleden
  • Same old Shannon Lebron James Super fan! Lol!

    James LandiJames Landi9 dagen geleden
  • They can't trade for Beal. How should they pay them under the salary cap? When they had KD, they only paid 12 million dollar to Steph. Now he makes over 40 mill.

    BenKenobiBenKenobi9 dagen geleden
  • Gobblemup... Skip... Skip... Dont Do That...

    nathan robinsonnathan robinson10 dagen geleden
  • Why would they get Bradley Beal? Surely a good big is much more important to acquire for Golden state if they want to compete for a ring

    Parsa RathernotsayParsa Rathernotsay10 dagen geleden
  • @4:39 lmaooooo

    R 34R 3410 dagen geleden
  • No.

    Zachary MitchellZachary Mitchell11 dagen geleden
  • Sha sha funny af 🤣 😂

    Shawty Hoss SavageShawty Hoss Savage11 dagen geleden
  • I think the warriors will out score them. Hard to say, but will be tough. Curry is a team player, so not really need that much touches

    Adrian TAdrian T12 dagen geleden
  • Peeps act like the bubble became a football field. Still a basketball ball court

    Adrian TAdrian T12 dagen geleden
  • Man said “I think Kavan Looney is pretty nice.” with his whole chest😂😂😂😂

    • “We Wasn’t Getting In Each Other Way. 👀Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh”😂😂😂😂😂

      Rodney BruceRodney Bruce5 dagen geleden
  • I guess lebron can score 1 hundred

    Herbert GarriquesHerbert Garriques13 dagen geleden
  • Love shanon man

    Ot NunoOt Nuno13 dagen geleden
  • WE DA GOAT🐐🐐🐐😂🤣

    Ot NunoOt Nuno13 dagen geleden
  • I love how Shannon makes up a scenario and then it becomes reality in his mind hahahahah. LeBron has 7 titles! In 13 tries?! He's the goat. He has a losing record in the finals. Lollll . bruh the Lakers beat a banged up Miami team that wasn't even supposed to make the playoffs let alone finals. 2/3 best players injured. No KD in the league this year. No splash brothers this year. Need to take it down a notch and come back to reality Unc.

    Sameer MehtaSameer Mehta15 dagen geleden
  • This was the same convo before Kd came .... touches .... who gone get the touches ..... sleep on the warriors then

    Mugiwara ReaperMugiwara Reaper15 dagen geleden
  • Everybody is sleeping on Dallas I see. Well, Luka will show'em how it's done :D

    Rok KovačičRok Kovačič15 dagen geleden
  • Skip a hater lol! Lebron won "The Covid Championship". Lolol

    lion Heartlion Heart16 dagen geleden
  • Beal is Not going to.the warriors

    The Light KnightThe Light Knight16 dagen geleden
  • That's why magic and Kareem works so good together 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    james jacksonjames jackson16 dagen geleden
  • Beal will do nothing for golden state

    juvie gilljuvie gill16 dagen geleden
  • Shannon needs to put the bottle down. JORDAN is the GOAT!

    juvie gilljuvie gill16 dagen geleden
  • Purple and gold versus blue and gold I like the sound of this already 😁 I've been itching to see my warriors face LeBron again this will be fun

    King MightKing Might16 dagen geleden
  • Skip still sour about his clippers choking lol

    Dane RouseDane Rouse16 dagen geleden
  • Can't wait for the 20-21 season to start.

    F JacksF Jacks17 dagen geleden
  • in 2 years we gonna pass “kareem abdul jabar” Shannon is comedy 😭

    CAI XIAN CHENCAI XIAN CHEN17 dagen geleden
  • Everyone just know skip said Michael Kidd gilchrist should be drafted over Anthony Davis and Bradley Beal

    Timmy NguyenTimmy Nguyen17 dagen geleden
  • Would shawntay tell MJ in his face lbg is the goat?

    Victor ChavezVictor Chavez18 dagen geleden
  • “You’re going to have a problem, because they are going to rain threes on you”

    Panzerkampfwagen 1Panzerkampfwagen 118 dagen geleden
  • Mj the 🐐 shannon

    Caleb PearsonCaleb Pearson18 dagen geleden
  • Skip frustrates me, I really don't know why I keep on clicking on these videos.

    Tk mpsTk mps18 dagen geleden
  • Bradley beal good pick up i feel Chris Paul or true holiday

    Kaleef ShabazzKaleef Shabazz18 dagen geleden
  • Imagine lebron wins another rings next year. That will be skip’s retirement.

    jimmy wadejimmy wade18 dagen geleden
  • i am just loving this... low key punches...

    Nitin SharmaNitin Sharma18 dagen geleden
  • Would Bradley Beal and Steph Curry be enough to dethrone LeBron's Lakers?

    Marco NgMarco Ng18 dagen geleden
  • Brooooooo Golden state got a good center and they getting wiseman from Kentucky do your research Shannon

    Bladi305_ TvBladi305_ Tv18 dagen geleden
  • Bad deal ☺️

    Click ItClick It19 dagen geleden
  • COVID championship 😂😂😂😂

    Janeen KufflerJaneen Kuffler19 dagen geleden
  • “Skip who guarding Lebron and AD?” Skip: 😔😑........... Kevon Looney 🤷🏽‍♂️

    posren delkanposren delkan19 dagen geleden
  • "7/13" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    James ParkJames Park19 dagen geleden
  • Bradley beal would a great addition to the warriors but no big man that's a problem. And who's stopping A. D.

    Team Solid gamingTeam Solid gaming19 dagen geleden
  • Shannon that English?

    9cvp99cvp920 dagen geleden
  • I love how skip said if the warriors got Beal they would be the best 3pt shooting team of all time, they had KD are u serious 🤣

    tec738caf ;dik'factec738caf ;dik'fac20 dagen geleden
  • 8:02 got me CRYING!!!!!

    LaiddBack ZachLaiddBack Zach20 dagen geleden
  • Shannon: Do you really think 6’6 Draymond Green can guard Anthony Davis?! Skip: “pauses” .. I think Kevon Looney is pretty good 🤣 no further questions your honor!

    Hwa HoodHwa Hood20 dagen geleden
  • I love how skip said if the warriors got Beal they would be the best 3pt shooting team of all time, they had KD are u serious 🤣

    Hwa HoodHwa Hood20 dagen geleden
  • “ Covid Championship”

    Kb YtKb Yt20 dagen geleden
  • Skip Bayless is a full-time Lebron James hatter!!! Best believe Lebron James has payback on his mind when he goes up against Golden State. Going 1-3 against GSW in the 4 straight NBA Finals matchups.

    MrZiggler1980MrZiggler198021 dag geleden
  • Shannon uses 'we' way too much. He isn't Lebron. Sharpe wasn't even the greatest TE in NFL history...dude stop.

    Rajeev SharmaRajeev Sharma21 dag geleden
  • “Skip who guarding Lebron and AD?” Skip: 😔😑........... Kevon Looney 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Mike RoseMike Rose21 dag geleden
  • Put rondo on curry I bet curry won't score as much.

    Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman smithArmani aka hops 90,s jumpman smith22 dagen geleden
  • LeBron is NOT the goat ! Just stop If you actually saw Jordan play and not just highlights you would know that Jordan is the true and only goat .... LeBron is not even better than Kobe so stop with the goat talk

    louie echevarrialouie echevarria22 dagen geleden
  • Jimmer invented the deep ball 3...don't disrespect JIMMER

    Zach PolkZach Polk22 dagen geleden

    andrew hudsonandrew hudson22 dagen geleden
  • I wonder if the Warriors will ever try to beat Lebron without stacking as much star power as they can

    Gary The SnailGary The Snail22 dagen geleden
  • bro they already beat lebron with lebron

    Chameleon chatChameleon chat22 dagen geleden

    RG4LRG4L22 dagen geleden
  • This sounds crazy but GSW isn't GSW no real bench for the playoffs yes I know the Rotation gets shorter but having Beal puts the team defensively at a disadvantage Curry n Klay couldn't be off the court at the same time because that bench wouldn't be able to carry(if they keep the same bench and lose Wiggins)

    LiLKELiRLiLKELiR23 dagen geleden
  • Lakers are trash. Straight trash. They played nobody in the playoffs and still had a tough time. Mavs don’t lose Porzingas Lakers doesn’t even make the finals.

    js59695js5969523 dagen geleden
  • The warriors are the best team in the NBA. I like how all of a sudden people are acting like the warriors are the blazers or something

    James maceJames mace23 dagen geleden
  • i like shannonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Verson CarlosVerson Carlos23 dagen geleden
  • If lebron is" the 🐐" then being the 🐐 ain't much!

    jblood5starjblood5star23 dagen geleden
  • He got gentlemen swept and swept the year later. That's shut down Shannon he didn't win a game "You got the COVID championship congratulations" Skip is a fool 😂😂😂

    DJQuan718DJQuan71823 dagen geleden
  • Lol, Skip has already jumped off the Clippers band wagon 🤣 This guy is cooked.

    Jim JonesJim Jones23 dagen geleden
  • The speed and 3s will be too much for lakers if the splash brothers stay healthy you will eat your words...lebron will never be the goat...AD carried him...

    Conics AlviorConics Alvior23 dagen geleden
  • happier

    Angel DevilAngel Devil24 dagen geleden
  • Skip is always saying nothing but pure facts

    ASAP SantanaASAP Santana24 dagen geleden
  • shannon be on lebron hard lol

    Tommie Hamlet JrTommie Hamlet Jr24 dagen geleden
  • what is they get beal and then they draft james wisman

    Tommie Hamlet JrTommie Hamlet Jr24 dagen geleden
  • We have played AD before stop talking like AD is from another planet We have played Lebron more than any other team and beat him more. Real announcers who were basketball players are saying the following about Steph Curry, he is going get revenge on the NBA. Also, who are we Mr. Sharpe...Stop talking like this title mops the Golden State Warriors. I love the Lakers and Lebron but the Golden State Warriors are not the Lakers scrubs...

    SharrieffSharrieff24 dagen geleden
  • Unk: we got a move u dont know about yet Skip: what, LeBron's gonna get younger? LMFAO!!!!! I gotta give it up to skip for that one 🤣 💀

    sojiro Bsojiro B24 dagen geleden
  • Lebron has obviously told Shannon about a trade in the summer of 2021 I believe

    Twin Hart’sTwin Hart’s24 dagen geleden
  • As a Warriors Fan, Skip Bayless is such a hater against Lebron. So annoying.

    J GJ G25 dagen geleden
  • bro skips going mental ever since lebrons won a 4rth ring

    Omarahmad tvOmarahmad tv25 dagen geleden
  • The LA Lakers need to go out and get that young man from Indiana that's leaving the Pacers. He felt in to the New Improve Lakers . Lakers need to also get a high 3 point shooting guard .

    L. McGeeL. McGee25 dagen geleden
  • They need andre Drummond

    C. C.C. C.25 dagen geleden
  • Lebron isn’t the goat 🐐

    Paul WilliamsPaul Williams25 dagen geleden
  • If Warriors do get beal their defense will be terrible 💀💀💀

    OMC DjOMC Dj25 dagen geleden
  • Sacq??

    bobaslave16bobaslave1626 dagen geleden
  • gsw really need a big man to win a ring next season.

    Jfams foreverJfams forever26 dagen geleden
  • Skip just has hate for Lebron winning a title. It’s honestly sad at this point just enjoy his greatness an move on skip

    Greg LialiosGreg Lialios26 dagen geleden
  • MJ > Lebron and thats just how that turned out.

    Dumb DumberDumb Dumber27 dagen geleden
  • Damn Shannon he gotta play 30 seasons to be the goat and get 7 championships 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    justin westjustin west27 dagen geleden
  • Stats don't matter if you lose

    j Kingj King27 dagen geleden
  • Lebron fans living in fantasy land. This is his last championship

    j Kingj King27 dagen geleden
  • Don't sleep on Golden State

    Orlando MooreOrlando Moore27 dagen geleden
  • Klay is a phenomenal player, but we haven’t seen the guy? What?

    Fly CrippinFly Crippin27 dagen geleden
  • news

    lucy luulucy luu27 dagen geleden
  • I love Shannon, man and I don't even agree with him lmao

    Marcelo SichonanyMarcelo Sichonany27 dagen geleden
  • Shannon can play the Joker I’m convinced

    Kameron HinesKameron Hines28 dagen geleden
  • Skip: You got the COVID Championship, congratulations 😂

    Njimi DailyNjimi Daily28 dagen geleden