Going to New York

7 nov. 2019
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Filmed in September 2019.
The water around Manhattan is much better than people think. This is from The New York Times, 2018:
Filmed with Canon Legria HF G25, external microphone (Canon DM-100) and a tripod + Gopro. Edited in iMovie.

  • If this had 10 views, people would skip. Since there are a million views, people: "I find this so enjoyable". Pisses me off!

    lukedukeylukedukey3 dagen geleden
    • You are a sad, strange little man.

      mastermike7000mastermike700013 uur geleden
    • I would watch if no one did if i found it either way

      Ass ManAss ManDag geleden
    • @apetor hello to you from Russia, I also like to drink well sometimes

      Fallgor NoralsFallgor NoralsDag geleden
    • @Rainer Mägi Of course I know about the bacterias:D

      apetorapetorDag geleden
    • @apetor i dont think you have much brain about how many bacteria can be on rocks and leaves. no offense.

      Rainer MägiRainer MägiDag geleden
  • Чувак тупо бухает в свое удовольствие и косит бабки на рекламе водки)))

    роман греджевроман греджев5 uur geleden
  • I died laughing when Apetor drank the usual sip of vodka in public (from what I know thats illegal lol) xD the way people were looking OMG xD

    TristanTristan13 uur geleden
  • охуенный мужик

    Fallgor NoralsFallgor NoralsDag geleden
  • Not many people today dare to be what they truly are, but you are one of them. stay true Tor, do what makes you happy, and dont listen to haters.

    SinnaKjellSinnaKjellDag geleden
    • I will stay true👍🏽 I don’t listen to them, I listen to all you other good guys.

      apetorapetorDag geleden
  • when are you going on tour? you should come to meryland and meet my homies in the crib

  • Great vid 😊. From Mexico City

    Sn00py XLSn00py XL2 dagen geleden
  • imagine seeing this man and not knowing who he was

    olafelolafel3 dagen geleden
  • Hiiii apetooor!!!

    Va1tsVa1ts3 dagen geleden
  • Yes he found the vodka!!!

    OwenMeadows'sOwenMeadows's4 dagen geleden
    • Yes! Vodka at Manhatten is as expensive as in Norway😃

      apetorapetor3 dagen geleden

    OsAmarc0 HoFErOsAmarc0 HoFEr4 dagen geleden
  • 1.06M views and 1.06M subscribers - found the ultimate apetor video ;)

    Joka NaanJoka Naan4 dagen geleden
    • Haha great;)

      apetorapetor4 dagen geleden
  • Revel!

    Adam WodałaAdam Wodała4 dagen geleden
  • eep eep!

    WestCoastIrkWestCoastIrk4 dagen geleden
  • my summer car in real life

    Choi DumplingChoi Dumpling4 dagen geleden
  • Every video on this Chanel is an art that I respect

    The_benjestorf JThe_benjestorf J5 dagen geleden
    • Thank you

      apetorapetor3 dagen geleden
  • Az kaldı abicim biraz daha içsen diyer tarafi boylarsin

    T ŞzT Şz5 dagen geleden
  • This is amazing 😁👍

    C_TC_T5 dagen geleden
  • Worst place to go in America. The state is beautiful. The cities are full of crack heads.

    Dunder MifflinDunder Mifflin7 dagen geleden
  • You are cool

    Александр ВолохаАлександр Волоха7 dagen geleden
  • 🤦‍♂️

    lenar bogrovlenar bogrov8 dagen geleden
  • The weather is dirty af

    HGYV- Eren küçükHGYV- Eren küçük10 dagen geleden
  • Why does he lick rocks lmfao?!

    Angry ArchieAngry Archie10 dagen geleden
  • 'I went to New York and licked the salt off rocks in Central Plark bruhp bruhp.' Thank you for sharing your wonderful, eccentric goat spirit journey(s) spreading seeds of happiness as you go. Like a pigme, goat pixie. 😂

    Richard HallRichard Hall10 dagen geleden
    • @apetor when this whole Covid thing is over, I'm driving to Norway in my Volvo and we drink lots of Vodka, make fire and go murp blurhp 🤪 🔥 mep mep

      Richard HallRichard Hall10 dagen geleden
    • You are welcome:D

      apetorapetor10 dagen geleden
  • The best video but its sad because he is alone

    Luca OpreanLuca Oprean12 dagen geleden
  • How's the vodka? 😁😁

    Ildar GanievIldar Ganiev13 dagen geleden
  • I’ve been wanting to go all my life

    zxīîīpzxīîīp14 dagen geleden
  • best fim about new york

    Marek WęglarczykMarek Węglarczyk14 dagen geleden
  • Bro when he started swimming in the water in New York He most definitely smelled like shit

    Adam /21Adam /2114 dagen geleden
    • The water was not bad, see videodescription

      apetorapetor14 dagen geleden
  • The tunnel is central park, is that the same one from Home Alone 2?

    ScrimjawScrimjaw15 dagen geleden
  • Slav york

    matas zybmatas zyb16 dagen geleden
  • Черт! Мне нравится этот чувак! Похоже его главная цель была бухнуть в Нью-Йорке и искупаться в Гудзоне.

    Teddy DanielsTeddy Daniels17 dagen geleden
  • beip beip luego bebe y ahhhh jajaja perfecto lame piedras jajaja

    tom sollertom soller17 dagen geleden
  • Come to Azerbaijan ... Apetor please. Corona: 😏

    ENDORPHINENDORPHIN17 dagen geleden
  • Every sipp of vodka ... a billion dollar commercial for free for those vendors 😍

    BBLADDU KBBLADDU K17 dagen geleden
  • 2:55 Coble stone issue 👀

    YourChannelYourChannel17 dagen geleden
  • Apetitor pretty much looks like Mr.Bean

    VITIOK CHANNEL1337VITIOK CHANNEL133717 dagen geleden
  • He’s probably the guy who made the aaaahhh when he has a sip of his drink. Also I still haven’t figured out why these are soo entertaining XD

    DeluxeZoid GamesDeluxeZoid Games18 dagen geleden
  • My mans needs all the vaccines known to man after swimming in that river

    Jack HorsemanJack Horseman19 dagen geleden
  • Ah the good ol Mohicantuck! I remember when I was just a young boy swimming down not to far from the old Tappan Zee Bridge. Now that bridge is gone and I'm one thousand miles away, but my home will always be there on that riverfront. Thank you for such a beautiful showcase of my home area.

    BlueJaoBlueJao19 dagen geleden
  • 平和やな〜

    かなりえずきかなりえずき19 dagen geleden
  • He looks like mr. Beans

    Blazing tekalespBlazing tekalesp20 dagen geleden
  • go to czech republik pease

    Kovieu _Kovieu _20 dagen geleden
  • You are hilarious mate 😂😂

    John BrierleyJohn Brierley20 dagen geleden
  • 3:23 someone was watching him

    Γιώργος ΣταυρόπουλοςΓιώργος Σταυρόπουλος20 dagen geleden
  • Love how you record the NYPD then cut to a scene of you drinking in public🤣

    gefilte fishgefilte fish20 dagen geleden
  • Come to Berlin, it's not that far away from norway

    J D.J D.21 dag geleden
  • Есть русские?

    ANOMUMOANOMUMO21 dag geleden
  • Nope. Never.

    MorrisMorris22 dagen geleden
  • how much liquor does it take to get drunk apetor?

    MrSlavebreedMrSlavebreed22 dagen geleden
  • wpadnij do Warszawy:D

    Emil EmilEmil Emil22 dagen geleden
  • ohhh

    HydactHydact22 dagen geleden
  • 3:26 mad man

    조동우조동우22 dagen geleden
  • It's a bit late, Tor...but Welcome to America! So weird seeing you in a City setting vs a Nature setting. Really great video, definitely see your fingerprints all over the video despite the 'fish out of water' of you being in a city instead of a frozen landscape.

    M McGM McG23 dagen geleden
  • Thank god they cleaned up the east river. Do you want some lexivan?

    Tor AlstadTor Alstad23 dagen geleden
  • 改めてアメリカって多様性の国なんだな~って

    DARUMA GAMESDARUMA GAMES23 dagen geleden
  • This is what NLworld was originally meant for. This dude deserved this trip and I hope he gets many more so I’m aboutta watch all his ads on his videos

    QuenzyQuenzy23 dagen geleden
    • @apetor omg you replied you bloody legend

      QuenzyQuenzy23 dagen geleden
    • Haha thank you🙏🏽

      apetorapetor23 dagen geleden
  • I knew you would post a vid like this! You’re such a beautiful person who takes care of the nature and lives healthy

    Edkri07Edkri0723 dagen geleden
  • I've just found this channel, and I quite like it.

    Bwalston910Bwalston91023 dagen geleden
  • You can swim in any water you want... BUT DON'T SWIM IN THAT WATER!

    Ob OrdOb Ord25 dagen geleden
  • Anyone get bad vibes from the dude at 3:24

    Mason LoupMason Loup25 dagen geleden
  • He swim in shitwater 🤮

    Raynor WinklaarRaynor Winklaar25 dagen geleden
  • That was water in those bottles (infinite)% sure of that. Anyway a great sense of humour prevails!

    ilove napalmilove napalm26 dagen geleden
  • Drinkin Rakija when watching your videos. Cheers. Your da best

    sWiZzErOsWiZzErO26 dagen geleden
  • wait isnt drinking in public in the entire usa forbidden xD ?

    keykicker4keykicker426 dagen geleden
  • Please explain me this blood profile photo :)

    Mate PavlovicMate PavlovicMaand geleden
  • Do you have some 10min video on your channel ? :))

    Mate PavlovicMate PavlovicMaand geleden
  • Come to Turkey Apetor! The most beautiful seas on the world

    mrpalmiyemrpalmiyeMaand geleden
  • Why do you lick everything in videos? Please 🙏 I’ve almost broken my head 🤯

    Александр КуприянАлександр КуприянMaand geleden
    • @apetor now it’s clear 😅 I thought, that it’s connected with immunity. Good luck!

      Александр КуприянАлександр КуприянMaand geleden
    • I don’t know really, maybe for doing something weired😃

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • This is the antidote to Casey Neistat... Big love.

    fцику мцикуfцику мцикуMaand geleden
  • That water's gonna make you radioactive, kind sir. But I am sure the fresh ice and snow of your home country will work it's magic and reverse it. Much love from Texas!

    FlowerGirlPowerFlowerGirlPowerMaand geleden
  • 1:22 apetor found his long lost brother

    Pamela MayPamela MayMaand geleden
  • Normal people in NYC: OMG Apetor in NYC: drinking vodka

    Philip RønningPhilip RønningMaand geleden
  • I love how this man just enjoys everything its so awesome

    nannygoatnannygoatMaand geleden
  • 4:48 Brooklyn Bridge, the place where Gwen died...

    Knud KnudsenKnud KnudsenMaand geleden
  • I love the fact that the first think he did is to buy Vodka.

    Alexander StoichevAlexander StoichevMaand geleden
  • This is how every vlog should look like.

    kaueklakaueklaMaand geleden
  • τι ωραία δουλειά κύριε χωρίς καν να μοιάζει με δουλειά χωρίς καμία υστεροβουλια με παιδική αθωωτητα αλλά όχι παιδική στην υγεία σας κύριε apetor

    Derf FunremoDerf FunremoMaand geleden
  • То апеторе Србине.

    Славиша ТоманићСлавиша ТоманићMaand geleden
  • Where are you from???

  • Come to Austria! It's like Norway but great!

    Michael HirschmuglMichael HirschmuglMaand geleden
  • wasn't the river too warm for you?

    Vassil VassilevVassil VassilevMaand geleden
    • No, no problem, I could handle it:D

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • Apetor is the best hhhhhhahhahahhahahhhhhhhhh

    CsNoelCsNoelMaand geleden
  • Uh that traffic

    Dorijan Vivid LovrencicDorijan Vivid LovrencicMaand geleden
  • This guy is so good he makes me laugh really hard

    Evan DickinsEvan DickinsMaand geleden
  • Man...you are very talented, I swear. Bwup BwupBwup 🥃🥃🥃Haaaaa.

    ArchangelArchangelMaand geleden
  • don't eat New York xd

    MoonWalkMoonWalkMaand geleden
  • Русские есть?

    NeonDemonNeonDemonMaand geleden
  • Can i go with you to Tokyo apetor ?

    racoonfuneralracoonfuneralMaand geleden
  • Everybody: Wow New York is awesome New York: Wow Apetor is here

    N. van H.N. van H.Maand geleden
  • He's happier under the bridge. Big cities aren't for everyone.

    Gaming PowerGaming PowerMaand geleden
  • 2:52, i too like to lick stones, feel earth energy

    Imo BimoImo BimoMaand geleden
    • Some homeless dude pissed on that rock night before

      asdasdMaand geleden
  • ip ip

    Jackter SVKJackter SVKMaand geleden
  • it would kill me to see this man sad

    Glorified PotatoGlorified PotatoMaand geleden
  • This is some type of Mr.Bean comedy

    Emil YEmil YMaand geleden
  • This man will swim anywhere he wants

    colombilatuscolombilatusMaand geleden
  • you are lonely ???

    & Sa1der && Sa1der &Maand geleden
  • you not gonna drink on the airplane?😂😂😂

    Jeep USAJeep USAMaand geleden
    • @apetor 😂😂

      Jeep USAJeep USAMaand geleden
    • Oh yes😂

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • Ngomong apasih gak jelas lu

    FauzanFauzanMaand geleden
  • 2019.... we miss you so hard

    I3iei K3krllrI3iei K3krllrMaand geleden