GIANT new RC Rock Racer testing

7 apr. 2021
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This is my fun channel, you'll find everything hobby related, rc cars, monster trucks, supercars, destruction and a bit of business stuff :) Although a lot of my videos are RC Car videos you will also see other stuff like business, Amazon FBA, eBay, Monster truck, Cars, insurance and many other topics.
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  • You are the DESTROYER of all name your full scale monster truck the U.K. DESTROYER 👍🤣👍

  • get a redcat valcano 16

    Everett CauthenEverett CauthenDag geleden
  • Do you have any boats??

    Matthew FerreiraMatthew FerreiraDag geleden
  • Merica 😎

    Just here To commentJust here To commentDag geleden
  • you are going to love it

    raphael scheeljeraphael scheeljeDag geleden
  • get the losi mini t 2.0 brushles

    raphael scheeljeraphael scheeljeDag geleden
  • I told him to get it

    Pigman17 !!!Pigman17 !!!Dag geleden
  • Waiting for your 203 mph RC car

    Rahim HossainRahim HossainDag geleden
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  • Are you going to reach 10 million subscriber

    DomsenDomsenDag geleden
  • I guess your next unboxing we could expect a hpi vorza or traxxas bandit? this thing's been out for years matty. Come on Kev, even the RCKiwis afford latest and greatest and they're brand new. shoot we all can its just more entertaining to watch something newly released get tested than something we've already tested and got rid of and sold. i guess this is why new channels grow and old one's die. it seems like youtubers so often get focused on "youtubing" and become imposters really because they always do this and lose touch with the pulse of the hobby and alienate themselves. look at rcsparks in the end he couldnt even pronounce kraton. sad to see it is happening with you too. it's not just the rc's picked, but its always the same thing in every video like watching groundhog day. I don't know what the answer is, maybe drive the lambo more or something. just trying to be constructive here no worries just thought it would be better for someone to tell you opposed to too late you know. cheers mate

    Mike GMike GDag geleden
  • I am thinking of getting the Arrma Talion. Can you get it and review it to see how it is

    Lando MendozaLando Mendoza2 dagen geleden
  • Saya dari Indonesia apakah saya boleh minta satu rc

    master mothaimaster mothai2 dagen geleden
  • Kasih satu mobil remot

    Retno AksiRetno Aksi2 dagen geleden
  • Boom Kevin:what happened hehe

    Video_GamerBoy12 DreamVideo_GamerBoy12 Dream3 dagen geleden
  • I am 11 and I am n to rc cars I have typhon 3s blx I lov ur video give it a rip

    LandonLandon3 dagen geleden
  • Literally wtf are the thumbnails

    I have a Payne in my AssI have a Payne in my Ass4 dagen geleden
  • Who has had an rc car sent to you and then it falls to the ground and it breaks before you have used it

    Jose RuizJose Ruiz4 dagen geleden
  • You said you where ganna do another rc car

    Nico -Nico -4 dagen geleden
  • My traxxas goes 60 or 70

    Nolan WilsonNolan Wilson4 dagen geleden
    • MPH

      Nolan WilsonNolan Wilson4 dagen geleden
  • english=soda can finnish=limutölkki/ tölkki

    wil bhwil bh4 dagen geleden
  • João Piauí

  • 0:25 keep that going :)

    Urska PirnarUrska Pirnar4 dagen geleden
  • Y'all are driving on the wrong side of the road! 😉

    stormhawk31stormhawk315 dagen geleden
  • He,s tilte is i do rc

    Del RileyDel Riley5 dagen geleden
  • My pop is better

    Del RileyDel Riley5 dagen geleden
  • I spent more time fixing my Losi then I did driving it

    Manny RamosManny Ramos5 dagen geleden
  • Big thumbs up from the US

    Ty BrownTy Brown6 dagen geleden
  • Just a word from the US we watch and we like and I'm not a big fan of the helicopters sorry

    Ty BrownTy Brown6 dagen geleden
  • bener bener penyiksaan😩

    Fariqul MustaqimFariqul Mustaqim6 dagen geleden
  • This guy did not even make it 30 seconds into the video and he already dropped it lool

    ChillinCloudChillinCloud6 dagen geleden
  • Monster truck seems like the perfect project for you

    QuattroStigQuattroStig7 dagen geleden
  • It says a lot about the way our world is being ruled....sad

    Tiago CarreloTiago Carrelo7 dagen geleden
  • Can you buy dromida.

    Nico 345Nico 3457 dagen geleden
  • Yes 🙈👍

    NC MOUNTAINS backyard RC 2377NC MOUNTAINS backyard RC 23778 dagen geleden
  • nion 5:20 nion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The only RC I buy, are the ones Kev DOESN'T break on the first run

    GobyGoby8 dagen geleden
  • That is so true

    Blake FarrellBlake Farrell8 dagen geleden
  • So what's soada called in the UK? We technically have many different names for "soada" my grandparents call it tonic.

    masjuggalomasjuggalo8 dagen geleden
  • Hahah that ending

    Craig BlackburnCraig Blackburn9 dagen geleden
  • thanks !)

    Janette CilliersJanette Cilliers9 dagen geleden
  • oh and i recommend shoegooing the body cause the body wares away realy quickly

    Janette CilliersJanette Cilliers9 dagen geleden
  • hey kev can you do another run with the jlb cheetah cause i have one and i kinda want to know more and trust you alot more than other people

    Janette CilliersJanette Cilliers9 dagen geleden
  • I had the same one... Has insane torque... Horrible servo... I kept it for about 3 months got rid of it just sat didn't drive much... It's a special rc and does well when used the way its intended to be used... 💯

    Brock DieselBrock Diesel9 dagen geleden
  • I want this car please

    Gajendhran GajendhranGajendhran Gajendhran9 dagen geleden
  • That is super cool

    Jefferson HuntJefferson Hunt10 dagen geleden
  • I have been investing in that unit

    Armando OchoaArmando Ochoa10 dagen geleden
  • "guys look what i got" breaks everyone he gets his hands on

    True ClanTrue Clan10 dagen geleden
  • The land rover is a manual?!?!?!?

    Billy HighfillBilly Highfill10 dagen geleden
  • It's got disks breaks

    Lucas WilloughbyLucas Willoughby10 dagen geleden
  • Kev pls buy a xinlenhong 9125 and upgrade it

    Texas driftTexas drift10 dagen geleden
  • Smallest cuts usually hurt badly

    mike stokesmike stokes10 dagen geleden
  • Kevin : owww me: running around screaming

    mike stokesmike stokes10 dagen geleden
  • Who else came here to listen to him talk for 2 hours THEN... Watch the product put to use ¯\_(ツ)_/¯🤣

    Jeffrey KJeffrey K10 dagen geleden
  • INDIA is everywhere ❤️

    Akshay kharviAkshay kharvi10 dagen geleden
  • They all car for sell

    Puneet sharmaPuneet sharma10 dagen geleden
  • Just 16k away

    Rani PJRani PJ10 dagen geleden
  • people subscrib

    William RatliffWilliam Ratliff11 dagen geleden
  • So Kevin Talbot when you have your property and all built up will you except paying customers to run are rc's on your tracks

    Jason ChilsonJason Chilson11 dagen geleden
  • 1:54 🇮🇹

    Andrea SilvestriniAndrea Silvestrini11 dagen geleden
  • I'm just getting into rc cars what would you recommend. ??

    Rich WallisRich Wallis11 dagen geleden
  • Not that it matters but in Oklahoma we say pop instead of soda. I've also heard coke used regardless of what label is on it.

    DailyoklagrowmanDailyoklagrowman11 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Fam. TechFam. Tech11 dagen geleden
  • Loved the quick description of what you get up to. Which year will the offroader be for finished 😆

    gravey07gravey0711 dagen geleden
  • The suspension is literally so good on that thing, I mean I didn’t see it bottom out once the whole video

    BroBro11 dagen geleden
  • This dude is nuts love it pal hope one day I cud meet u for a bash

    RCMADNESSRCMADNESS11 dagen geleden
  • that thing looked amazing... gutted you wrecked it so fast, would be good to see more of it.

    Dean BabisterDean Babister11 dagen geleden
  • Wow I want it..

    DENsTVDENsTV11 dagen geleden
  • Hey Kevin, you should review the losi lasernut

    Landon BlanchardLandon Blanchard11 dagen geleden
  • este coche rc rock rey el unico modelo tan resistente como su nombre lasernut rock rey el resto el plastico es una lastima para kevin lo mejor es coches baratos le saldra mas barato

    juantxo cleverclocks rc crawler mallorcajuantxo cleverclocks rc crawler mallorca11 dagen geleden
  • hay can you get the 1/10 scale of the losi rock ray

    dat boi349dat boi34911 dagen geleden
  • Talves no me entiendan pero me duele ver como los quiebra sin importarle nada yo como persona me cuesta tener las cosas y por ese motivo las aprecio más

    Alberto BadillaAlberto Badilla11 dagen geleden
  • How many cars do you have now ?

    Full throttle RCFull throttle RC11 dagen geleden
  • Kev i am selling those 4amp coolers should is sent you som coolers

    abel borggrevenabel borggreven11 dagen geleden
  • make more video

    Nico 345Nico 34511 dagen geleden
  • Kev gets it..... Kev Breaks it.... lmao

    Adrian PilbeamAdrian Pilbeam11 dagen geleden
  • I live in UK I know a motorsport it's a contact sport and it is called brisca there are three different types of formula f2 stockcars v8 hotstox and f1 stockcars +my dad used to do f1s and f2s my uncle did f2s and right now he is doing v8s

    Extreme racing and farmingExtreme racing and farming11 dagen geleden
  • 🤗

    CEYLAN SARECEYLAN SARE11 dagen geleden
  • Poor that car🥺

    Azman ManzAzman Manz11 dagen geleden
  • buy the traxxas e revo vxl 1/16

    ctc rcctc rc11 dagen geleden
  • Hey Kev u should do a review for the formula gen e rc

    Rob PettifordRob Pettiford11 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully I’ll be getting my first nitro rc car ever! It’s a used 75 quid one that I found on eBay. If that’s a decent price I’m not too sure because I’m used to getting non hobby grade cars. Hopefully I’ll have it though, hopefully 🙏.

    NorthernSprinterNorthernSprinter11 dagen geleden
  • buy hpi bullet flux

    Tobiáš HrouzekTobiáš Hrouzek11 dagen geleden
  • Hi Please make a video with the title of comparing this one with desert buggy XLE 2.0

    erfan _rerfan _r11 dagen geleden
  • Please review the maverick quantum flux

    Keefen WilsonKeefen Wilson12 dagen geleden
  • When r U going to get the Hoss out again?

    Hunter CollinsHunter Collins12 dagen geleden
  • controler falls.. oopsie (hahaha)

    Roman MarinoRoman Marino12 dagen geleden
  • Love your videos bruh gets me through the day when I'm away from my rcs.

    Derek HitchDerek Hitch12 dagen geleden
  • mi idolo

    Parra_elpelinesParra_elpelines12 dagen geleden
  • GO 10 X

    Alan ClarkAlan Clark12 dagen geleden
  • That guy was not walking his dog lol

    Medicated BobcatMedicated Bobcat12 dagen geleden
  • Wooowww

    Imanuel DarungoImanuel Darungo12 dagen geleden
  • IAM your biggest fan

    Racxer BisenioRacxer Bisenio12 dagen geleden
  • Hi Kevin im just wondering what GPS you and Martin use.

    Tommy ButtramTommy Buttram12 dagen geleden
  • You should try rc airplanes

    vlad dezhnvlad dezhn12 dagen geleden
  • You know these companies are going to keep making them breakable the make a fortune.

    Podno LejPodno Lej12 dagen geleden
  • Jdr no te duran los coches ni 30 minutos

    miguelito2471miguelito247112 dagen geleden
  • I have to pauze the video because I love to hear the news you are look for a new property to do all of the things wel love to see and you love to do. Normally I don’t write something. Keep up the good video’s

    mikestr100mikestr10012 dagen geleden