Giant GAME NIGHT with Rebecca Zamolo to Win $10,000 (Police Called)

20 feb. 2021
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Rebecca and her best friends host Game night but everything goes wrong...
Rebecca Zamolo uploaded we turned our house into candyland for 24 hours. That was after Matt and Rebecca created there is an evil pig in our house - surprising piggy IRL to host game night. Finally the Game Master Network made hello neighbor in real life to win game night. Now it is finally game night and whoever wins the mysterious masquerade party wins $10,000. All of the players arrive at the house at night and we realize one of them is our best friend. Paige is sus when she tries to trick us with her disguise. Miss L looks like an undercover hacker from the masquerade ball and clue in real life. Rebecca and her best friends begin the game night challenges with a real food vs mini brands challenge. The mystery man is eliminated when the police are called. Next the squad moves to a truth or drink challenge in the kitchen. A lie detector test will reveal if you are telling the truth or are a liar. After we discover that one person is out we hear a noise and try sneaking into movie theater escape room. Once we escape Matts best friend is missing. Everyone vents and arrives in the studio upstairs in our new house. The floor is lave is the final challenge and the mystery person with no name loses and an rhs is in our house. Who put on this giant game night in our new house? Do you think there will be a battle Royale or is everyone safe? There has to be a clue to solve this mystery. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Her crush is on Rayn.

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  • Mr e is agent d

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  • So here what happened: when Daniel gave kingpin the crystal sphere Mr. X used his cane on kingpin, well that's what Mr. X meant to do but it hit Daniel instead and Kingpin jabbed the crystal sphere in the back of Mr. X's head

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  • 18:05

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  • 18:5 Daniel forgot to bark

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  • What what so king pin and game master and mrs x are siblings and I remember in the candy store it is king pin

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  • The jach is ajnd D

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  • Miss l is from the red hood ball that Rebecca went to as miss white

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  • The code is 3489

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  • clue and

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  • The girl that swars she never saw you she was mes green but she was much more peppier

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  • rebecca the judge is agent D because he says lunar ly lunar low that what he says is in THE gamemaster and mr X and yeah ty hope I get a shout out

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    • ya he has the same body shape

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  • that black person is kingpin

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  • fun

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  • ok ok is daniel ok

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  • mrs p :HES DEAD Everyone:*gasps 8:47

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  • Mr.X Died and Daniel and Rick Noah

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  • i love your videos i am your biggest fan.

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