Getting My Life Together

6 apr. 2021
106 773 Weergaven

Today I make adult decisions in my day in the life, follow me around vlog! Thank you for watching!
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  • β€œwith peace and love” and mentioning footwiki, i feel like deli has been watching a lot of the frenemies podcast lately.

    Hayley HamlynHayley Hamlyn17 uur geleden
  • omg deli you make me crack up πŸ˜‚ these vlogs are starting to feel like watching a sitcom now!

    chrispybacon3chrispybacon3Dag geleden
  • With peace and love, Deli, I'm not surprised no one wanted your old socks

    Kaitlin WrightKaitlin Wright4 dagen geleden
  • Id like to see you doing your groceries as a vlog and each meal. A part of adulting i need inspiration in.

    BeckiieanneBeckiieanne4 dagen geleden
  • When you said "shopping for adult stuff" I thought "Why would you put that online?!" Then it was household stuff, and "That makes much more sence"

    Charles Alexander YatesCharles Alexander Yates5 dagen geleden
  • I love that y’all are together so much!! Goat couple!!

    Julia GooliaJulia Goolia6 dagen geleden
  • James looks so good!!!

    Team MemberTeam Member6 dagen geleden
  • I realized I was a full blown adult when I got new bamboo sponges and I fell in love with them XD

    Stephanie EylarStephanie Eylar6 dagen geleden
  • Make heat pads or dust cloths with the socks or wear them mismatched. Mismatched is cool, man!!! OR OR OR James is gone have a puppet show!! Boom, show idea!πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚

    Delaney JohnsonDelaney Johnson6 dagen geleden
  • Haha I like them I wear the sock liners all the time

    Rayne HailstormRayne Hailstorm6 dagen geleden
  • first laugh i had all day!! thx. cool pup

    The Muney Mitch Story The MovieThe Muney Mitch Story The Movie8 dagen geleden
  • I have a retiner on my top teeth but still have a retainer for both my top and bottom teeth πŸ˜…

    CameronCameron8 dagen geleden
  • No I Have a container sitting right beside my stove with my garlic in it

    cindy Burdettcindy Burdett8 dagen geleden
  • I would like more vlogs of Bowser interrupting. That's the content I'm here for XD

    Emma-Lee ScottEmma-Lee Scott8 dagen geleden
  • Loving the vlogs & would love to see a behind the scenes vlog of you filming or streaming, a bit like your how to play sims series :)

    Ayla PlaysAyla Plays8 dagen geleden
  • I just wanna hang out with you and we could laugh for hours over dumb stuff

    Radiant JellyfishRadiant Jellyfish8 dagen geleden
  • teddy fresh! 🀘🏻

    gamerchick614gamerchick6149 dagen geleden
  • Deli your haircut is GORGEOUS 😍 you have such Millie Bobbie Brown vibes ❀️ but of course the hair award has to go to Bowser, with peace and love πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

    J HartJ Hart9 dagen geleden
  • I love seeing you domestic together πŸ₯° ya’ll cute. Haku (my Shiba) is shredding too πŸ˜… I didnt know I needed a toilet paper tower until now πŸ˜‚

    TinaDitteTinaDitte9 dagen geleden
  • I am fatter but seriously since anything like you look so much bigger like you said you are more weight Is good but you look fat as lol not good wise fat asf wise

    Luke Dawson-AndrewsLuke Dawson-Andrews9 dagen geleden

    Jacquelyn BuonoJacquelyn Buono9 dagen geleden
    • ❀

      zera0820zera08209 dagen geleden
  • We have a shop called Lakeland in the UK that sells net containers with several shallow pockets to keep socks or delicate scarves apart in the washing machine. Have you something like that in Australia:? Their online shop doesn't show all their range though.

    M ChapmanM Chapman9 dagen geleden
  • Deli let's be friends! I live in Melbourne! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Paige BarrowPaige Barrow9 dagen geleden
  • I remember being sad that they were never together and now I find out they are

    Kay KayKay Kay10 dagen geleden
  • Deli!! Try Bidet instead of using and wasting so much TP. U still dry w TP but much much less.

    Take me to Space 77Take me to Space 7710 dagen geleden
  • I love all and any vlogs from Deli and James ☺️

    Alyssa ChildsAlyssa Childs10 dagen geleden
  • "I'm always tired, because I'm bored." MOOD.

    NannaBananasNannaBananas10 dagen geleden
  • DO I SEE THE TEDDY FRESH MERCH. Peace and love peace and love πŸ˜‚

    Kelle BurkeKelle Burke10 dagen geleden
  • He’s such a good boy when he gets brushed

    TheCarocornExistsTheCarocornExists10 dagen geleden
  • We always put our socks like 11:22 :D

    Koala plays PianoKoala plays Piano10 dagen geleden
  • i need a chow chow

    CookieSimsCookieSims10 dagen geleden
  • watching this reminded me I have a basket full of socks I need to go match up. I've been moving and getting the old house ready to sell so socks have been on the back burner lol

    SherriSherri10 dagen geleden
  • This video just reminded me to wear my retainer. But Imma pretend I didn't see it.

    strawberrylemonadestrawberrylemonade10 dagen geleden
  • Deli! Have a small mini laundry box and label it β€œIn Need of Sole Mate”!!!! ❀️❀️❀️ Only put matching socks in your drawers and put the ones missing in the box above and they will eventually find a match!

    Maria EspinoMaria Espino11 dagen geleden
  • "I'm lactose intolerant, so I get diarrhea a lot." I'm dying XD

    Megan_BehrleMegan_Behrle11 dagen geleden
  • We've got one of that garlic jar thing, but it's in plastic instead. We've also got one for red onions, so it looks like we have a garlic and a red onion

    Beata DahlborgBeata Dahlborg11 dagen geleden
  • I have to buy packs of socks that all look the same. I’ve caught my youngest brother and my mom wearing my socks, I end up losing socks really fast

    DejaDeja11 dagen geleden
  • Keep the chow chow content and info coming we love it

    DejaDeja11 dagen geleden
  • Thank you for the laughs, the way you pronounce diarrhea is too cute lol πŸ’©

    Kellee WaltersKellee Walters11 dagen geleden
  • I got really confused for second because the thumbnail had u looking like Millie Bobby Brown πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

    Zesty BuildsZesty Builds11 dagen geleden
  • What kind of dog is he? He's very plush and handsome.

    Danna McPheronDanna McPheron11 dagen geleden
    • He’s a chow chow

      Lucy MLucy M11 dagen geleden
  • 😭 He’s folding clothes!? I’m going to cry. Wish my husband folded clothes ☹️ Thats a good man you got there. Yaas keep em coming

    AmberAmber11 dagen geleden
  • "getting my life together" video that revolves around managing socks... yes, everyone... this is true adulthood. enjoy your youth while it lasts!!! lmao!

    Noel SullivanNoel Sullivan11 dagen geleden
  • This vlog is SO basic but SO extra at the same time and i love it. πŸ€£πŸ’š Also LOVE you care about less plastic waste, you dont see that often with youtubers omg.

    sirindolsirindol11 dagen geleden
  • I wasn’t expecting this to be about socks... πŸ˜‚

    J0nB0yH88J0nB0yH8811 dagen geleden
  • Salt is used as a preservative, it is not prone to bacteria. If you're worried about putting fingers in the salt cellar you can replace it with one that has a little spoon and a gap in the lid for the spoon handle.

    JinjerellaJinjerella12 dagen geleden
  • Best 4 mins literally watching you guys talk about socks soo adorable I love you guys!!!

    CyatkitenCyatkiten12 dagen geleden
  • Yes I love the vlogs! An apartment tour would be amazing!πŸ’•

    Nathan WallettNathan Wallett12 dagen geleden
  • Literally deli will always some how manage to talk about her period or poo in most of her videos πŸ˜‚

  • I have IBS and mild lactose intolerance so I feel you on the hoarding of toilet paper πŸ’—πŸ˜©

    iamhereiamhere12 dagen geleden
  • Peace and love peace and love

    Alana FennAlana Fenn12 dagen geleden
  • I am warning you with peace and love! Ringo is that you?

    ErinErin12 dagen geleden
  • Hey girl hey, I'm also lactose intolerant and also have IBS. Get your beautiful self a bidet, it'll change your life lol.

    MichelleMichelle12 dagen geleden
  • As a lifelong user of the sock fold, I can verify you will still lose socks forevermore! XD

    MissaMissa12 dagen geleden
  • Ooh I have retainers like that too. Got to wear them until I stop growing because then I can get a permanent fake tooth. The one I have now is something O can’t eat or sleep with so the retainers won’t be necessary when I can get a permanent one. I’m 17 (this year) so it’s gonna be a while

    TheDanishCatGirl :3TheDanishCatGirl :312 dagen geleden
  • Deli, you need to put garlic outside of the fridge! How else would you keep vampires away? 😱

    KarolinaKarolina12 dagen geleden
  • I really love your Vlogs, but I find your audio really quiet! I turn it up loud and then it has random loud spots. Not in your gaming videos, just vlogs, just thought I’d mention it 😊

    Makayla JackMakayla Jack12 dagen geleden
  • We share the sock nightmare. I just wear non matched socks.

    d.d. ucheabbad.d. ucheabba12 dagen geleden
  • Omg I call my dogs backs legs pantaloons too !!!!!!! LOve you all :)

    tunapawtunapaw12 dagen geleden
  • You should buy a bra/sock net for the washer, this way socks dont run away to Narnia

    Anna KolesnikovAnna Kolesnikov12 dagen geleden
  • When my socks get dirty, I directly put them in a laundry bag in my laundry basket. I got tired of losing one of them all the time.

    MilanimaMilanima12 dagen geleden
  • Do you have a H&M in Melbourne? The Sydney one has a textile recycling bin and you even get a 15% off voucher!

    MazmetronMazmetron12 dagen geleden
  • When I spot deli in my scuba jumper...... HHEHEHE

    N L BN L B12 dagen geleden
  • I always recycle my not-good-enough-for-Savers socks and clothes with Upparel (used to be called Manrags) - they're amazing!! Can recommend, great Australian brand.

    Caitlin PhippsCaitlin Phipps12 dagen geleden
  • It was the sound effects for meπŸ˜‚βœ¨

    Livvy AllenLivvy Allen13 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one waiting for the long con "just kidding" for them being in a real relationship and they're just really good roommates lol

    LolliMolly09LolliMolly0913 dagen geleden
  • We need as much pup content as possible

    Katie SquiresKatie Squires13 dagen geleden
  • I just subscribed! I love you and your video’s Deli! You’re very blessed too.

    Katie MillerKatie Miller13 dagen geleden
  • RE: the salt cellar. We keep our cooking salt in a ramekin with no lid. Salts supposed to kill bacteria isn’t it? And as long as our hands are clean it’s not gonna be much of an issue

    Victoria PhilipsVictoria Philips13 dagen geleden
  • Have you ever tried a shedding blade. I loved it when I had my chow chow. Cause they have tree layers of hair

    Deva MarieDeva Marie13 dagen geleden
  • Garlic keeps outside of the fridge, as long as it's still in it's husk, and in a dry place, like the new holder you got.

    CaitlinCaitlin13 dagen geleden
  • I’d love an apartment tour! A daily routine or behind the scenes video could be cool too!

    Meep 58Meep 5813 dagen geleden
  • this is so refreshing, thank you for being you

    CassielleCassielle13 dagen geleden
  • You make me laugh so much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love your vlogs !!

    Juliette GJuliette G13 dagen geleden
  • I LOVE this kind of blog. Streamers in their natural habitat!

    Peggy Stentz CaseyPeggy Stentz Casey13 dagen geleden
  • My daughter in law always wears mismatched socks. lol

    Peggy Stentz CaseyPeggy Stentz Casey13 dagen geleden
  • I love vlogs

    Rat MammaRat Mamma13 dagen geleden
  • Mr. Bowser looks soo good after a brush! so floofy!!

    Nay YellowgirlNay Yellowgirl13 dagen geleden
  • Would love to see more of you doing some cooking! Have quite enjoyed those!

    T LT L13 dagen geleden
  • 12:30

    Princess Pink HeartPrincess Pink Heart13 dagen geleden
  • I need that bobo wall art piece!!!

    Ashley_AyeAshley_Aye13 dagen geleden
  • I genuinely didnt know there were people who dont know how to fold socks πŸ˜… I've been doing it since I could walk lol so just assumed it was something everyone knew how to do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Kippen DaBeastKippen DaBeast13 dagen geleden
  • Wait, so people really don't know how to fold socks?

    Sarah EbbesenSarah Ebbesen13 dagen geleden
  • I didn't expect james to be the mature one who worries about socks.

    William AlexanderWilliam Alexander13 dagen geleden
  • James judging her socks makes me anxious ROFL does my husband silently judge my socks

    Tika AndersonTika Anderson13 dagen geleden
  • i have a wire behind my top teeth

    meddly001meddly00113 dagen geleden
  • I think deli should get an emotion octopus...

    Jasmine FloodJasmine Flood13 dagen geleden
  • I died laughing when she put the sock on bowser. His reaction was priceless

    Granny GramsGranny Grams13 dagen geleden
  • Can you do your office setup please! I really wanna see what you use to make your sims videos

    Jasmine FloodJasmine Flood13 dagen geleden
  • I worked in produce at a super market. The garlic was in a box inside the refrigerator.

    ItavianItavian13 dagen geleden
  • Bowser 😍😍😍 Nose boop on the camera and just standing in front is a mood. Focus on Bowser. Bowser is focus. Only Bowser. No deli.

    KapeoKapeo13 dagen geleden
  • I don't like the idea of the open salt container, either. Not necessarily because it's open, but the idea of reaching into it over and over again while cooking. Are you going to stop and wash your hands between every time you need salt? You could easily cross contaminate it with some kind of bacteria. Just not a fan of that idea. Then the fact that it's open, it also leaves lots of opportunity for things like dog/cat hair to float into it, dust, etc.

    sedriensmorgasbordsedriensmorgasbord13 dagen geleden
  • When the title of a deligracy video says "getting my life together", I should've known that it's absolutely not what I expect the video to be.

    blueblue13 dagen geleden
  • Please do more sims

    Grainne KearyGrainne Keary13 dagen geleden
  • This was a really cute Vlog! I love you guys!

    HRHG9HRHG913 dagen geleden
  • Aw your laugh is so contagious! I was laughing through the whole vlog! πŸ˜‚ love u deli β™₯οΈπŸ˜‚

    LauraLaura13 dagen geleden
  • salt cellars originally went on tables and had matching tiny spoons with them and they got super fancy they had like cut glass ones in the victorian era

    Sarah CoreSarah Core13 dagen geleden
  • I love that Bowser sounds like a cat when deli scratches himπŸ˜‚

    Cara CrabtreeCara Crabtree13 dagen geleden
  • "Getting life together" = "getting new socks", WHO KNEW????

    MOLPE SIMSMOLPE SIMS13 dagen geleden
  • Me at the end of this video, wondering if someone ever took the free socks...πŸ€”

    Katie GarnettKatie Garnett13 dagen geleden