FULL MATCH - Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Triple H & Stephanie: WrestleMania 34

28 mrt. 2020
47 358 566 Weergaven

Ronda Rousey makes her WWE in-ring debut when she teams with Kurt Angle against Triple H & Stephanie McMahon: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • Omgggg ronda Rousey I love u for ever ur the best keep doing what U should do okay love u and btw I am 9 years old byee love u

    Samia ElboukiliSamia ElboukiliUur geleden
  • I like ronda forever and shasha banks😍😍😍😍😍

    Liya AyuLiya Ayu2 uur geleden

    Destiny WilliamsonDestiny Williamson2 uur geleden
  • Ronda is hot, that's for sure!

    Scott StevensScott Stevens3 uur geleden
  • I heard in the background that someone saying everyone saying Kurt Angle suck

    Lukael PrilloLukael Prillo3 uur geleden
  • Oi WWE

    Marlene FrancsicaMarlene Francsica4 uur geleden
  • La chaba del 3 h

    José Manuel CifuentesJosé Manuel Cifuentes4 uur geleden
  • Se mete pero huye

    José Manuel CifuentesJosé Manuel Cifuentes4 uur geleden
  • Good

    Adrianne EscalaAdrianne Escala5 uur geleden
    • I love you Kurt angle and Ronda rousey

      Adrianne EscalaAdrianne Escala5 uur geleden
  • Quality match

    SamsungLGSamsungLG6 uur geleden
  • this was a good match

    James UrenaJames Urena6 uur geleden
  • I love you ronda❤❤❤❤

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    nisreen abdonisreen abdo8 uur geleden
  • 😊👍👍👍👍❤❤

    Brawl starsBrawl stars10 uur geleden
  • Hello

    Ana OliveiraAna Oliveira11 uur geleden
  • the meniist is the samtig of badist

    Deborah BradleyDeborah Bradley11 uur geleden
  • she and he he old

    Kurd KirkukKurd Kirkuk11 uur geleden
  • Come everybody admit it, we miss Ronda

    ernest hairstonernest hairston12 uur geleden
  • Yes again Is win Rousy♥️♥️

    Marie CionováMarie Cionová14 uur geleden
  • I was cheering for meet and Sands the hole time!!

    Nar TabNar Tab15 uur geleden
  • The amount of ads

    HydroMittenHydroMitten16 uur geleden
  • I Iove my way home from the hospital and I don't know Tipile h Kttae Aggglie is anywhere Rooder Rosjjziz stttpttnnsmenncbm

    장화영장화영16 uur geleden
  • ses tros bein tute la famille eme

    Foune TraoreFoune Traore16 uur geleden
  • Ronda 💪💪💪💪💪💪

    Трайко ПетровТрайко Петров16 uur geleden
  • Honestly one of my favorite wrestlemania matches ever. Idk if you’d consider rousey a “celebrity match” but this is just as good if not better than the bad bunny one.

    Andy SodaAndy Soda16 uur geleden
  • ронда роузи Молодец настоящий боец не когда спатешка не делает пакасти

    владимир отсусвладимир отсус17 uur geleden
  • Oii

    Josimaria RodriguesJosimaria Rodrigues17 uur geleden
  • bravo curo ti i tvoj patmer ste najboji na cjelom bankanu ali ti si najboja

    Nejra ČolakovićNejra Čolaković18 uur geleden
  • I love Ronda

    รัตน์สุดา คํารังรัตน์สุดา คํารัง18 uur geleden
  • superste

    Nejra ČolakovićNejra Čolaković18 uur geleden
  • superste pobjednici

    Nejra ČolakovićNejra Čolaković18 uur geleden
  • 21:14 OMG so cringe

    Blaster GamesBlaster Games19 uur geleden
  • 4:06 what??

    Drake PadillaDrake Padilla20 uur geleden
  • Rowndy

    Κατερινα ΠαππαΚατερινα Παππα20 uur geleden
  • Fenomenal. Hace años que no veía una pelea de WWE. Que bien lo hace Ronda.

    Aldo BobadillaAldo Bobadilla21 uur geleden
  • The only one who realy need to get punched is the refree

    erwin aratorerwin arator23 uur geleden
  • Me is on rousey team

  • Let’s be honest nobody expected this match to be as good as it is. 🔥🔥🔥

    Careesha PleaseCareesha PleaseDag geleden
  • No megusta la trampa

    Emili Torres HidalgoEmili Torres HidalgoDag geleden
  • I literally get ad every two minute wtf

    Won JungWon JungDag geleden
  • Wtf they killing all legends with a Corona matchs

    Video EDlVideo EDlDag geleden
  • I love your channel Can you make a video of a video of a marriage

    Izabelly OliveiraIzabelly OliveiraDag geleden
  • 💯💯💯💯💯

    DJ PapizLexi Royalty BreezyDJ PapizLexi Royalty BreezyDag geleden
  • Rousey champion california super star wwe

    Sydmustfa HsynySydmustfa HsynyDag geleden

    UnicornGamezUnicornGamezDag geleden
  • I love ronda but i hate alls

    nefeli panagiotinefeli panagiotiDag geleden
  • damn ronda is soo good at wrestling, khabib is lucky that he is retired -joe rogan

    JaqueHovertJaqueHovertDag geleden
  • I know yall see them hits dont come together.

    Lauren AndersonLauren AndersonDag geleden
  • damn I've watched this like 20 times and it's still a really good match I wish ronda was still in wrestling if she was I'd watch this more often

    koltin gerberkoltin gerberDag geleden
  • Stephanie was kinda funny

    lightningred 77lightningred 77Dag geleden
  • أنا معا للبنت

    Gorry AliGorry AliDag geleden
  • Good game Ronda, i like you

    Yustia NikiYustia NikiDag geleden
  • Go Ronda Rousey😍

    Toniann NewlandToniann NewlandDag geleden

    lil niggletlil niggletDag geleden
  • Ronda is a good actor.

    Gimmix89Gimmix89Dag geleden
  • Nu mă🥳🥳🥳

    Dudea MinelDudea MinelDag geleden
  • ronda rousey vs manny paquiow

    Ruzzelle RamosRuzzelle Ramos2 dagen geleden
  • I love green and almost my favorite color

    Sergio da. silva. santosSergio da. silva. santos2 dagen geleden
  • Yes rondas

    Karina e Julia CarvalhoKarina e Julia Carvalho2 dagen geleden
  • For actions loose their jobs

    Davids walkers videosDavids walkers videos2 dagen geleden
  • Complaint steaahnie mscman

    Davids walkers videosDavids walkers videos2 dagen geleden
  • Triple hb as well is very volient

    Davids walkers videosDavids walkers videos2 dagen geleden
  • Find Stephanie to be really nasty

    Davids walkers videosDavids walkers videos2 dagen geleden
  • Ronda rousey

    Aislaine VieiraAislaine Vieira2 dagen geleden
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    • Sometimes I wonder if she's used magic power trade I've never heard or seen any of her clients complain of Lost....I think she's just too perfect

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      Mike GeorgeMike George6 uur geleden
    • She really made name for herself

      Marcus AmhedMarcus Amhed10 uur geleden
  • Stephenie is frickin cheater

    David FloresDavid Flores2 dagen geleden

    Viviane ViviViviane Vivi2 dagen geleden
  • MsH zianzoccx

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden
  • Iga sembols

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden
  • Ocp ocp PIS ENDS red DP nanxc🎉

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden
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    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden
  • NM TNT ❤️❤️🙏😭😭😭 THUS

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden
  • Iimmdt❤️❤️🙏👍👍👍

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden
  • Loop OO lings supir

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden
  • Up otm ENDS allmp wese ketomps 🙏🙏❤️👍👍👍

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden
  • Pspr kersj 👍👍🙏❤️❤️❤️ 🇮🇩🆘 APALAGI DALINGS 🔜🔚 OOGS BIFORE

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden
  • UPC 🙏🙏❤️👍👍👍 PANTAS

    Kepin MartaKepin Marta2 dagen geleden
  • Girl I love you Lana Rosie

    dameliah Paynedameliah Payne2 dagen geleden
  • WOW

    Pim NanaPim Nana2 dagen geleden
  • I bet I'm not the only one who watched this many times

    Trish SarabiaTrish Sarabia2 dagen geleden
    • I been watching this like almost everyday

      James UrenaJames Urena6 uur geleden
    • Yes, you are not the only one

      مـنوعات ʝσʝσمـنوعات ʝσʝσ6 uur geleden
  • 28:58 Little bit surprise to see Dana White here.. **When your (ex) boss watching,, then you should win the match....Ronda ❤❤

    natu otemusunatu otemusu2 dagen geleden
  • where is stephanies dad?

    Kipsoi KigenKipsoi Kigen2 dagen geleden
  • Ronda rousey the lioness

    Okloloise Blessing choiceOkloloise Blessing choice2 dagen geleden
  • tikes on trikes.

    James WilliamsJames Williams2 dagen geleden
  • And when she couldn't take the heat, Rousey quit..again. Talk about a crybaby.

    rasengan2289rasengan22892 dagen geleden
  • Go Gieland hahahaha🤣🤣🤣

    Jamaica Joy PadiJamaica Joy Padi2 dagen geleden
  • Pov: vc esta procurando algm brasileiro

    Mihh MihhMihh Mihh3 dagen geleden
  • Ronda Rousey The Debestt

    Rizky RDRizky RD3 dagen geleden
  • Yes

    Badzk _ IyBadzk _ Iy3 dagen geleden
  • Ronda is the best ❤

    Jocelyn BailloJocelyn Baillo3 dagen geleden
    • Triple H is better

      MontanaBlackMontanaBlack2 dagen geleden
  • It would have been so embarrassing if HHH tap to Rousey

    Nash ThomasNash Thomas3 dagen geleden
  • 4:00-4:08 HHH skinny leg dance/floppy breasts

    Adam BoydAdam Boyd3 dagen geleden
  • Ggjytgij Dght

    Gefson CardosoGefson Cardoso3 dagen geleden
  • Gf

    Blerim LikaBlerim Lika3 dagen geleden
  • Stephanie could definitely get it! Dam she's hot..

    Elvis PresleyElvis Presley3 dagen geleden
  • 14:56 i thank rondy said come on b**ch

    Robert ClarkRobert Clark3 dagen geleden
  • Ronda👍👍👍👍👍❤

    Данил Ютубер 2Данил Ютубер 23 dagen geleden
  • Ig

    Senayt NerieSenayt Nerie3 dagen geleden