9 nov. 2020
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November 9, 2019 -- KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 from Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.
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  • now that i think of it, i actually think it was another draw

    asapkevinasapkevin22 minuten geleden
  • How are Americans cheering more for KSI looool

    T DawgT Dawg48 minuten geleden
  • Worst fight I ever watched

    ShivaShivaUur geleden

    robert probert p2 uur geleden
  • Smogger for fireing

    oppo tacooppo taco2 uur geleden
  • thats what u get for not going to church logan

    pedro benitezpedro benitez3 uur geleden
  • Manny Pacquiao joined the boxing.

    JaMiRoJaMiRo3 uur geleden
  • Logan was the only one able to throw a clean punch was able to put him on his knee 😂😭

    David MaciasDavid Macias3 uur geleden
  • This dude is gonna fight Mayweather....

    Divyansh KhareDivyansh Khare8 uur geleden
  • The cute uzbekistan philosophically rain because chronometer clasically admire absent a mushy dead. direful, unable grape

    stauf miastauf mia9 uur geleden
  • I like the aggression of ksi but he hit too much on the back of the head and hitting while clinching more than logan paul.

    KeNyTro GamingKeNyTro Gaming10 uur geleden
  • 18:25 was he aloud to hold ksi head

    Martin TarangoMartin Tarango12 uur geleden
  • Only people born on April 23 will find this comment Shoutout to you

    Jack GuerreroJack Guerrero14 uur geleden
  • Ksi can't stand strong in the last round,😂😂😂😂

    Steven ChawSteven Chaw14 uur geleden
  • Logan Paul will have no chance with Mayweather...

    kimonk2kimonk215 uur geleden
  • I rather take my son to watch wwe than these weak foos

    fatboy Gfatboy G16 uur geleden
  • Referee is a joke 🤣🤣🤣

    Brian SnyderBrian Snyder17 uur geleden
  • Round 1 Ksi: 10 Logan Paul: 9 Round 2 Ksi: 10 Logan Paul: 9 Round 3 Ksi: 10 Logan Paul: 8 Round 4 Ksi: 10 Logan Paul: 8 Round 5 Ksi: 9 Logan Paul: 10 Round 6 Ksi: 10 Logan Paul: 9 Final: KSI: 59 Logan Paul: 53 My opinion

    Jaa DuJaa Du19 uur geleden
  • Bruh there are dudes thinking this can beat Floyd i am literaly crying😂😂😂

    - 23- 23Dag geleden
  • Boxing is in a terrible condition 🤢

    w!1d3rw!1d3rDag geleden
  • The way ksi swings ☠️

    CTR ERACTR ERADag geleden
  • POV: this wasn’t recommended to you

    LoomlyLoomlyDag geleden
  • 7:19 harry looking nice in that clothes

    He Turns Himself Into A PickleHe Turns Himself Into A PickleDag geleden
  • I hate Logan but now that I’m seeing the fight. It looks like Logan kinda won

    Katie HattKatie HattDag geleden
    • Nah

      *Ash**Ash*9 uur geleden
  • This is what happens when you take babatunde's water supply

    OLEVENOLEVENDag geleden
  • Considering Ryan cheated on his pregnant girlfriend I now understand why he thought that Logan’s knock down on jj was “without a doubt” a knockdown

    Josh StephensJosh StephensDag geleden
  • no one harry *being dinosaur* 30:12

    UcupUcupDag geleden
  • You can clearly tell how the sneeze effective his performance, if it wasn’t for that he would of won.

    Jard PipeJard PipeDag geleden
  • Logan clinched more than punching back....... smh

    Arjun DethArjun DethDag geleden
  • Ref stole two points.

    Marius1 D.Marius1 D.Dag geleden
  • terrible ref

    Yusuf GocmenYusuf GocmenDag geleden
  • Yo who still uses v recorder

    david Alvarezdavid AlvarezDag geleden
  • I see 2 people who I dislike getting hit. I never cared about who will win.

    Just DrewJust DrewDag geleden
  • I like how I just see nelk sitting in the crowd randomly

    Braedyn Brill7Braedyn Brill7Dag geleden
    • Sup... we all love this match

      NibbsPlayzNibbsPlayzDag geleden
  • I dont know rick this look so fakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :V

    carolina betancourthcarolina betancourthDag geleden
  • No Technique for any of this dudes

    sonia munozq. H qsonia munozq. H qDag geleden
  • Still can’t believe these dummies where the main event on a card with Devin Haney🤨

    Feyenoord Till I DieFeyenoord Till I DieDag geleden
  • When he was sparring Logan looked better. I wonder why

    Alex HerreraAlex Herrera2 dagen geleden
    • Because he had no head gear this time, and also the gloves were lighter which means the punches are heavier

      Dark FlamesDark Flames17 uur geleden
  • KSI wanted it more. Logan never even tried to throw the hard punches he needed to win. I think he was intimidated

    Millennial FalconMillennial Falcon2 dagen geleden
  • us in 2021 imaging jake was logan

    Hydro Nova1012Hydro Nova10122 dagen geleden
  • 2 point deduction balances out the missed knockdown they didn't give to ksi earlier. I could see the fight be a draw or going either way. But some of the judges scores be WILLLLLLLLD

    imGoof E.imGoof E.2 dagen geleden
  • como puede esta poronga tener mas visitas que la pelea de ruiz vs joshua por ejemplo...

    nazareno rodrigueznazareno rodriguez2 dagen geleden
  • This ain’t boxing, how embarrassing

    alex marcialalex marcial2 dagen geleden
    • Facts 😂😂😂

      gacha noobgacha noobDag geleden
  • Plot Twist: Everyone’s watching this because COVID-19

    2 Dragons 1 world2 Dragons 1 world2 dagen geleden

    Kalusha KatjaimoKalusha Katjaimo2 dagen geleden
  • I wonder where RENG SAIYED IS

    omega kankolongoomega kankolongo2 dagen geleden
  • Who saw Reng Sayeed🤣

  • KSI didn't win that fight.

    Corz IllaCorz Illa2 dagen geleden
    • @Corz Illa so happy to see your no longer living in denial

      CharlieCharlieDag geleden
    • @Charlie funny guy.

      Corz IllaCorz IllaDag geleden
    • Go to 32:43 and see for yourself

      CharlieCharlie2 dagen geleden
    • well he did so stop crying

      Game MapsGame Maps2 dagen geleden
  • Der Weisse Boxer hätte gewonnen wenn der nicht im Schwarzen Boxer auf den Hinter Kopf geschlagen hätte wo der auf den Boden gegangen ist.

    Willy AmportWilly Amport2 dagen geleden
  • Celebrity death match irl

    Cap_n AightdenCap_n Aightden2 dagen geleden
  • Logan is a legend even though he did not win

    Purna SripadaPurna Sripada2 dagen geleden
    • Long lost legend

      hello therehello thereDag geleden
  • Logan

    Mosaab S.AlBannaiMosaab S.AlBannai2 dagen geleden
  • Logan

    Mosaab S.AlBannaiMosaab S.AlBannai2 dagen geleden
  • Logan

    Mosaab S.AlBannaiMosaab S.AlBannai2 dagen geleden
  • lol ryan is just a sell out man🤣

    Abagnale SullivanAbagnale Sullivan2 dagen geleden
  • WTH🤬🤬..this kind of fight is 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️..where is THERE maskS on everyone ..No type of social distance..Covid 19 Strikes AGAIN

    Daniel Carrion JrDaniel Carrion Jr2 dagen geleden
  • Floyd could take all 3 ksi Logan and Jake back to back

    Dennis HarrisDennis Harris2 dagen geleden
  • Jesus this makes boxing look bad they should just quit

    Dennis HarrisDennis Harris2 dagen geleden
  • What an amateur fight! Not pros at all

    TboneTbone2 dagen geleden
  • KSI wanted it more, plain and simple, in terms of pure skill they are very even, but KSI is the one who came to fight

    ShommyShommy2 dagen geleden
  • It was a racist decision look where ther at

    Charles KeilCharles Keil2 dagen geleden
    • It wasn't a racist decision you saltboy

      hello therehello thereDag geleden
  • “From The United Kingdom”. Once the crowd heard that tho. Still Gives me goosebumps everytime

    2 Dope2 Dope2 dagen geleden
  • Paul did hold him by the back of the head to land the uppercut. Cheap shot

    d.u.g. Drillyd.u.g. Drilly2 dagen geleden
  • Why are all Americans so obsessed with their country

    Layhla GraceLayhla Grace2 dagen geleden
  • i’m a sidemen fan, but i think logan might have got robbed...

    travis lafountaintravis lafountain2 dagen geleden
    • Nope he didn't get robbed it was fair and square

      hello therehello thereDag geleden
  • Anybody watching in 2021?

    mzh Euvmzh Euv3 dagen geleden
  • I think that was scored fairly (minus the two point hit) and the winner deserved

    cantbsdavecantbsdave3 dagen geleden
  • I'm down like that yeah down like that oh wow I love KFI music down like that

    KhalilKhalil3 dagen geleden
  • Y does Logan keeping hugging jj during the fight u got a hug after the game chill bro..

    GGIshaanOpGGIshaanOp3 dagen geleden
  • Lol Logan’s gotta hit....not like a school girl eother

    Patrick LaviolettePatrick Laviolette3 dagen geleden
  • Freezy and Harry LETSSSSSS GOOOOO JJ, Simon OH NO WHAT HAPPENS IF JJ LOSE, josh and tobi 😐 7:18

    mrstealyourgirl99 Opmrstealyourgirl99 Op3 dagen geleden
  • What a nice guy both of them, they love to hug 😀

    Iyaz RozaimiIyaz Rozaimi3 dagen geleden
  • Who won

  • Hahahaaa, Logan smoke ski with a big uppercut, the guy gets a 5 min breather?! Laughable! Bs

    Renier BrielRenier Briel3 dagen geleden
    • KSI got a knockdown over Logan but he didn't count that as a knockdown so whatever the ref says

      hello therehello thereDag geleden
  • Calfreezy: 👁 👁 👃 👄

    Alamgeer AzamAlamgeer Azam3 dagen geleden
    • @Alamgeer Azam wagwaaaan my g

      GGIshaanOpGGIshaanOp6 uur geleden
    • @GGIshaanOp ye

      Alamgeer AzamAlamgeer Azam23 uur geleden
    • U came from jj’s recent Reddit video didn’t u....

      GGIshaanOpGGIshaanOp3 dagen geleden
  • Floyd is going to MOP up Logan 🤣

    Josh HJosh H3 dagen geleden
  • Ksi = Ps5 Logan Paul = XboxSeriesX Bigger numbers but worse performance.

    ultra stintictultra stintict3 dagen geleden
  • logan won

    jayden jarrettjayden jarrett3 dagen geleden
  • Logan, didn't throw the right hardly at all.. what in the world

    Radio ManRadio Man3 dagen geleden
  • I feel bad for whoever paid to see this garbage.. I've seen more action in a friendly sparring session than whatever this is..

    Ryan LapradeRyan Laprade3 dagen geleden
  • Look at all the desperate-for-fame people in attendance to watch fake boxers. This might be humanity's worst moment.

    Scott MatternScott Mattern3 dagen geleden
  • logan poul come on you got this bro then next jake paul gots this

    Clayton DavisClayton Davis3 dagen geleden
  • Logan Paul was robbed plain and simple

    Omega Iceman ComethOmega Iceman Cometh3 dagen geleden
    • @Charlie Then you don't understand how boxing works or you're blind.

      Omega Iceman ComethOmega Iceman Cometh2 dagen geleden
    • @Omega Iceman Cometh I have multiple times and he wasn’t

      CharlieCharlie2 dagen geleden
    • @Charlie sure he was, re watch the video in full

      Omega Iceman ComethOmega Iceman Cometh2 dagen geleden
    • No he wasn’t

      CharlieCharlie2 dagen geleden
  • Draw

    Danny woodburyDanny woodbury3 dagen geleden
  • 32:42 HAHAHHHAHA

    Kyo _Kyo _3 dagen geleden
  • More then a year on and I’m still watching this, and still shaking

    Kyo _Kyo _3 dagen geleden
    • A comment from two days ago... we all love this match dont we

      NibbsPlayzNibbsPlayzDag geleden
  • Lol.

    Theswedishfish _fishTheswedishfish _fish3 dagen geleden
  • They should fight again i think those two points taken away was not fair and the other people said it but ksi should not fight jake I'm warning him.

    Theswedishfish _fishTheswedishfish _fish3 dagen geleden
  • KSI’s knockdown against Logan Paul Commentator: yeah that was a knockdown, but we have to go with what the referee says. Logan’s knockdown against KSI Commentator: well we think that 2pts is harsh and KSI won the fight because of it

    Keefe YokumKeefe Yokum3 dagen geleden
    • @Duje Nejašmić troll

      Keefe YokumKeefe Yokum3 dagen geleden
    • cry

      Duje NejašmićDuje Nejašmić3 dagen geleden
  • ok

    Kawai StreamKawai Stream3 dagen geleden
  • Not a Loganstar but I think he should have won

    Gabriela KoceskaGabriela Koceska4 dagen geleden
  • Logan could have won bro dodge the crazy overhand and throw a big punch this what Shanon should have said

    Kunal Rampal0pKunal Rampal0p4 dagen geleden
  • This was the worst fight ever....

    Utsav AvaiyaUtsav Avaiya4 dagen geleden
    • How

      TerrydonTerrydon3 dagen geleden
  • You came to this video in 2021 cuz ur bored

    Zen Does ZRZen Does ZR4 dagen geleden
  • So, I’m a bit slow here? Who is this Logan Paul ? Whats he done to be famous? Who’s watching this?? Absolutely nothing to learn here? Except : 2amateurs trying to land a punch, Or a bunch🤣😂 what? I think the 15mins has run its course?Anyone? Much ado about nothing really?! Thnk you,

    Krillin RoshiKrillin Roshi4 dagen geleden
    • @Krillin Roshi judging by your name, your clearly a dragon ball z fan so I can’t say anything bad about you but I still think your lying. If I didn’t know who someone was, my immediate reaction would be to search him up. But if your too lazy to do even that, then maybe the internet ain’t for you.

      S HS H22 uur geleden
    • S H Thts cute; too funny But really? Who is he? Im from down-under and he only comes through my recommendations which i never watch except?!? Hahaha Fan? I still dont know who he is? Whats he famous for?

      Krillin RoshiKrillin Roshi22 uur geleden
    • Be quiet your clearly a fan

      S HS H2 dagen geleden
  • ryan was soooooo biased towards logan.

    fireman66fireman664 dagen geleden
  • Paul won

    nathaniel hnathaniel h4 dagen geleden
    • @nathaniel h what time in the video does he win? The judges said he didn’t win. I’d listen to the judges rather than some salty Logan Paul fan

      CharlieCharlie2 dagen geleden
    • @Charlie Paul won.

      nathaniel hnathaniel h2 dagen geleden
    • Go to 32:43

      CharlieCharlie2 dagen geleden
  • This is garbage.

    Lu BellLu Bell4 dagen geleden
  • rice gum

    Rashard DavisRashard Davis4 dagen geleden
  • bruh i just seen the ace fam

    Rashard DavisRashard Davis4 dagen geleden