Fredo - Money Talks Ft. Dave (Official Video)

28 jan. 2021
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Produced by Santan
Video Directed by Edem Wornoo
Production Company: Lowkey Films
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©️ 2021 Dave / Neighbourhood Recordings

  • Go back on live!!!

    Dom CDom C4 uur geleden
  • He got copyrighted

    VBully _VBully _4 uur geleden
  • POV your here from the guy who is streaming Jake Paul vs Ben askren

    Bryan CortezBryan Cortez4 uur geleden
  • Shit it got taken down post the fight again

    Joe eJoe e4 uur geleden
  • Yo when’s the Jake vs Ben fight

    Team LethalTeam Lethal4 uur geleden
    • @NOLIMITEMB we all are

      CheavenCheaven4 uur geleden
    • You here from there too??


    LAN ScoutLAN Scout8 uur geleden
  • gaddaim

    Armstrong Muller HetiArmstrong Muller Heti8 uur geleden
  • The only thing I don’t like is there biting so much money that some people could use but everything else is calm

    Tony ObrienTony Obrien9 uur geleden
  • Feckin chooon

    Allan PimblettAllan Pimblett9 uur geleden
  • Damm 0:44 hes really flexing hard SHEESHHHHHH

    derek eboderek ebo10 uur geleden
  • Good music

    K RK R11 uur geleden
  • I can’t be the only one that thinks this would be 1000 times better if it was just dave and credo fucked off back to his boyfriend?

    Wayne KerrWayne Kerr17 uur geleden

    3 D3 DDag geleden
  • The dude in church snorts. Smh.

    Erica GErica GDag geleden
  • shit tune

    Dexter ManleyDexter ManleyDag geleden
  • Fredo

    Millie SmithMillie SmithDag geleden
  • Leave my phone alone

    Millie SmithMillie SmithDag geleden
  • “Before black ops, we had zombies” Ahh them good old black ops zombies days Also that was a cold bar

    G2G22 dagen geleden
    • Ita wordplay on his 'Black' Ops and 'Black Ops'

      Ryan EllisRyan Ellis18 uur geleden
  • fredo x dave mixtape is a must

    Remby 02Remby 022 dagen geleden
  • Will not find a better duo than this dope as hell !!

    IXScopedXyou LIXScopedXyou L2 dagen geleden
  • Maudi in top boy no ?

    antoine degalanantoine degalan2 dagen geleden

  • Nah money 🤑...even had a guy in a Ferrari try racing me in my 99 BMW with odd colour wings hahaha 🤣 gave me bare joke it did . Haha ...thing is , them mans may have the money ... But they ain't us . Nuff said .

    Anthony CoyneAnthony Coyne3 dagen geleden
  • That David is something special

    2True2True3 dagen geleden
  • That coochie freshly shaven bar ends me everytime

    Njabulo SibandaNjabulo Sibanda3 dagen geleden
  • 🐐² .

    KENTiiKENTii3 dagen geleden
  • Fredo reminds me of richarlison 😂

    Chris MChris M3 dagen geleden
  • Money is Power , Power is Money !!!

    Agape Eduard MarianAgape Eduard Marian4 dagen geleden
  • I still listen to funky Friday cos this duo is 🔥

    Leena FLeena F4 dagen geleden
  • I never really listened to UK rap untill I heard Fredo this guy fucking killin the game 🥶🔥🔥🔥

    Mikolaj JdMikolaj Jd4 dagen geleden
  • When u go to the park lol

    Kirstie HulseKirstie Hulse4 dagen geleden
  • this video should be on those scam ad vids about double your investments in a week and ending up with a pile of money at the end of t he week

    KickBack&Crack PCKickBack&Crack PC4 dagen geleden
  • this song is a 10/10 and these visuals are 12/10

    YM.YM.4 dagen geleden
  • Dis jaunt 🔥 slim

    HEAT ALLDAYHEAT ALLDAY5 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else notice the Joker reference in the Dark Knight?

    Daniel UnderwoodDaniel Underwood5 dagen geleden
  • 🔥

    Rhys KershawRhys Kershaw5 dagen geleden
  • I was ur 1 millionth sub

    Riley StokesRiley Stokes5 dagen geleden
  • What the hell how many songs does he has

    minecraft prominecraft pro5 dagen geleden
  • Vedio about as consistent as Tenet

    Cj LucasCj Lucas6 dagen geleden
  • dave

    NVSHNVSH6 dagen geleden
  • Song and video both mad 🔥

    ArjunArjun6 dagen geleden
  • This biblical visuals

    June-bugJune-bug6 dagen geleden
  • thye say the uk economy has been down since this music video... 'inflation' and that

    the white thingthe white thing6 dagen geleden
  • Lets keep it facts

    Mafalda Brito e CunhaMafalda Brito e Cunha7 dagen geleden
  • Cant stop 2 listen 2 this ♾♾♾♾

    Ciiro DiCiiro Di7 dagen geleden
  • Love it

    Core’S VibesCore’S Vibes7 dagen geleden
  • This beat is phenomenal

    S MS M7 dagen geleden
  • This is edited cause that like billions of pounds in that pile and fredo ant billionaire his millionaire

    Curtis ClarenceCurtis Clarence8 dagen geleden
  • This is the kind of a song I was waiting for to lift my wealthy spirit up and higher.

    Creative WatchCreative Watch8 dagen geleden
  • Money talks yet these clowns are always boasting about how much they earn ....

    M BrahM Brah8 dagen geleden
  • Grime rappers are so underrated on NLworld

    • This isn’t grime lmao

      Elz010Elz0105 dagen geleden
  • am I the only one who finds it satisfying when fredo says cap

    Ali AhmedAli Ahmed8 dagen geleden

    Richard MilleRichard Mille9 dagen geleden
  • That shit hard as hell I'm in my nigga🏆

    Hank ShiftyHank Shifty9 dagen geleden
  • nolan made tenet after watching this

    AbdullahAbdullah9 dagen geleden
  • Cherub love

    Tania BurnardTania Burnard9 dagen geleden
  • South Africa sent me to speak for em; now here it is -- le shadisi ebathi GRIME umlilo bafethu.

    modisakgotla Bogosimodisakgotla Bogosi9 dagen geleden
  • Lyrics could be deeper, That instrumental tho... 👀

    Zoltán DévayZoltán Dévay10 dagen geleden
  • Fucking banger but this video needed to be cars and ass 💔

    George Dylan BurrowGeorge Dylan Burrow10 dagen geleden
  • Why he look Dave

    James RattiganJames Rattigan10 dagen geleden
  • Money Tolk !

    Mario-Alexandru DragutiMario-Alexandru Draguti10 dagen geleden
  • Great track

    Tracey Meli MusicTracey Meli Music10 dagen geleden
  • Naruto Sasuke duo < dave fredo duo

    shar htetshar htet10 dagen geleden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    LA LA LALA LA LA11 dagen geleden
  • ting? Jarvis? Summer rae? Tf

    21TTG Prod21TTG Prod11 dagen geleden
  • I completed 683 missing assignments while listening to this and I didn't know.

    NeqhziNeqhzi11 dagen geleden
  • very powerful

    small iaxfsmall iaxf11 dagen geleden
  • Omg this tune i like .

    Tania BurnardTania Burnard11 dagen geleden
  • Harddd

    Ben SmithBen Smith11 dagen geleden
  • Amén. Gracias señor Jesús por todas tus bendiciones para mi y para mi familia dame de tu infinito Amor, y de tu infinita, paz, y de tu infinita misericordia, y cuida de mi y de mi familia. Amén.🥰🙏❤ Dios bendiga también a las personas que lean este comentario y que nunca le falta el pan y la comida en su hogar. ¡Amén!🌠🌛🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤💜💜💜🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙

    Música CristianaMúsica Cristiana12 dagen geleden
  • Fredo is shit he shouldn’t be popping the way he is so much better rapper out there load off garbage Dave tho I like him

    arran lewisarran lewis12 dagen geleden
  • What a banger 🔥🔥

    Ninjakiller1010Ninjakiller101012 dagen geleden
  • Video is hectic! So good

    Zoro OchaZoro Ocha13 dagen geleden
  • In Deutschland sagen wir ... banger ! And I think it‘s true 🔥❤️

    Noch so ein YouTube-UserNoch so ein YouTube-User13 dagen geleden
  • Before Black Ops we had Zombies ☠️

    MRS.TARGETMRS.TARGET13 dagen geleden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Kieran BarazaKieran Baraza14 dagen geleden
  • Please make an album together

    Baaie Dijkstra van SplunterBaaie Dijkstra van Splunter14 dagen geleden
  • Opening scene looks like that Dark Knight Scene where Joker burns the money and gives that iconic line about sending a message. Nice video overall

    Crill Creates Classic ChaosCrill Creates Classic Chaos14 dagen geleden
  • D

    91 cents91 cents14 dagen geleden
  • Fo

    91 cents91 cents14 dagen geleden
  • 💥💥💥💥

    Team genuineTeam genuine14 dagen geleden
  • Bad🔥🔥🔥

  • Daaaayuum in this Track: Fredo > Dave 🔥🔥🔥

    GiddyCoDGiddyCoD15 dagen geleden
  • Pg muvva fukerz!!! WL

    Pot NoodlePot Noodle15 dagen geleden
  • dave X AM would be mad

    fsdmifwe tr34t34fsdmifwe tr34t3415 dagen geleden
  • If we go...we taking a Glock 💨🔥

    oddisious kashayaoddisious kashaya15 dagen geleden
  • Yo, you know what’s funny to me?

    Angy PintoAngy Pinto15 dagen geleden
  • Big flick ting on me Before block ops We had zombies Spooky bando 💯 👑 👻 💰

    Kelly LeanneKelly Leanne15 dagen geleden
  • This is literally the conceit of L’argent holy shit lol

    Chase PChase P16 dagen geleden
  • This is actually one of the best music video concepts of all time. The execution of it goes too this shit crazy

    Chase PChase P16 dagen geleden
  • money talks you don't need any lips

    Kennedy OmondiKennedy Omondi16 dagen geleden
  • This T eerie no Henry!

    Connor-Craig SellarsConnor-Craig Sellars16 dagen geleden
  • I got it on repeat

    Jabari PhilbertJabari Philbert17 dagen geleden
  • H1aa1

    Craig BaileyCraig Bailey17 dagen geleden
  • Not my usual type of music, but this went hard.

    logicaustlogicaust17 dagen geleden
  • Lit

    David MillerDavid Miller17 dagen geleden
  • Ziyech and tomori looking different here 🤔

    JOEL H45LAMJOEL H45LAM17 dagen geleden
  • UK rappers have such low expectations. They're proud about 300k. I have the same money without rapping, my mates parents have the same money through teaching haha. And this guy's acting up over 300g. Embarrassing

    Alexander JamesAlexander James18 dagen geleden
    • @Alexander James I guess I see what you’re getting at. (It’s a lot of money to me, personally 😭) The main point of this song was to tell people they can move in silence and let their success/money do the talking for them. “Money talks, you don’t need any lips.” Some people spend so much time trying to convince everyone they’re richer than them. The only reason he talks about himself in this song is because he’s rapping....and it’s a song and in a sense he’s humbling the ones who are talking.

      DAts TrueDAts True17 uur geleden
    • @Elz010 the thought that someone can make thousands of pounds online very easily and quicky is so unimaginable to you, you assume they must be lying. It really isn't that hard.

      Alexander JamesAlexander James17 uur geleden
    • @DAts True not true. I don't look down on people with less money than me but that is exactly what Fredo is doing here. Trying to flex on people with his money, which in reality isn't that much money.

      Alexander JamesAlexander James17 uur geleden
    • @DAts True facts

      Mohammed RazaMohammed Raza18 uur geleden
    • @Alexander James you’re one of those people that frown upon people making less money than you😕 Who cares if it’s not a lot of money to you, it’s still a lot of money that not many people have. I can’t believe you could say something so ignorant like that wtf.

      DAts TrueDAts True18 uur geleden
  • Producer: how much notes do you want in your video Dave& fredo: yes

    STORMZ- ChaosSTORMZ- Chaos18 dagen geleden
  • I see you pass the money

    Mohamed JamaMohamed Jama18 dagen geleden