Former Mafia Captain Michael Franzese | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

2 apr. 2020
8 027 644 Weergaven

Never call a Made Man a liar at a sit down, never gamble with money you don't have, and NEVER, EVER open Al Capone's Vault.
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  • Over interesting!

    Kevin PerreaultKevin Perreault4 uur geleden
  • This guy looks a million dollars

    Beats PageBeats Page7 uur geleden
  • Great content, but the black and white format is obviously a gimmick by some art school flunky producer who thinks he’s being edgy and creative. Please stop it! It’s stupid and pointless!!!

    Lettuce CarrotsLettuce Carrots14 uur geleden
  • I like Mike's comment that Corporate America is the new Mafia.

    Paul VinePaul VineDag geleden
  • Oooooh I get it. Hot Boxin' because he was a boxer. That's, that's adorable.

    Charles HowieCharles HowieDag geleden
  • He kind of sounds like teddy atlas

    Emmanuel KapitaoEmmanuel KapitaoDag geleden
  • I love mike tyson's "I'm mike tyson" intro.

    Anon AnonAnon AnonDag geleden
  • All I’ll say is this- AMC, you made breaking bad. AMC, look at this, listen.

    moddingtalk321moddingtalk321Dag geleden
  • I love Mike - his horse had metallic “fur”. It’s so good seeing him in a good place now.

    Carolyn MCarolyn MDag geleden
  • Mike Tyson knows a lot of stuff about the mob.

    Kenny HackettKenny HackettDag geleden
  • Back when there was respect.

    Margaret WoodwardMargaret WoodwardDag geleden
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    Akira JovanAkira JovanDag geleden
  • 50:04 - 50:05 Did the big dude on the right, have an orgasm or something? listen again at the time stamps

    adam thobaadam thobaDag geleden
  • Franzese has serious podcast talent, not talking about his content exactly, but how he delivers the stories and waits for the right time to speak for example. Much harder than it looks

    halamed asumuahalamed asumuaDag geleden
  • You can see the Realness in his eyes.

    HowskiiHowskiiDag geleden
  • Hello you !👍😊✌ every one 👍😊❤

  • Jax teller = Micheal Franzese

    Naman MehtaNaman Mehta2 dagen geleden
  • “You wuh withh him? Like touthin dithdanth??” Look out Sammy!!! Tythons commin for dat ass!! 🤣🤣🤣 Jkjk mike please don’t hurt me...

    Brent HughesBrent Hughes2 dagen geleden

    Justin HumphreyJustin Humphrey2 dagen geleden
  • Blacks Mexicans and native Americans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research .....

    Justin HumphreyJustin Humphrey2 dagen geleden
  • Seen a few interviews with Michael a fascinating stuff. He’s mentioned in Goodfellas as a character too!

    Charlie CCharlie C2 dagen geleden
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    Zachari maureenpZachari maureenp2 dagen geleden
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    Zachari maureenpZachari maureenp2 dagen geleden
  • Epic

    David SalasDavid Salas2 dagen geleden
  • I just found his podcast, funny and good!!

    Luis ChavezLuis Chavez2 dagen geleden
  • Eu sou o comentario BR que voce procurava e tanto queria

    João vitor AlvesJoão vitor Alves2 dagen geleden
  • Hey time to buy Mara it’s Bitcoin mining company

    Hail KolHail Kol2 dagen geleden
  • Nothing but respect for what God can do if allowed. A saved man over a made guy.

    Burlosurviorhill sBurlosurviorhill s2 dagen geleden
  • Mafia 1,2,3 and remastered type vibes in that room bruh

    Michael CornellMichael Cornell2 dagen geleden
  • The ceaseless prison kelly hop because step-sister predominantly grip across a dispensable kitten. expensive, unruly bench

    Pure ProxiesPure Proxies2 dagen geleden
  • 19 murders... wasn;t it fucking gotti who ordered those murders??!@?

    Davey JonesDavey Jones2 dagen geleden
  • Can someone tell me who tf Mike's other buddy is lol

    Kyle MolloyKyle Molloy3 dagen geleden
  • They all make my poon wet

    Old Betsy blueOld Betsy blue3 dagen geleden
  • Mike was so intrigued by this guest he only hit the blizzo once i think lol. Mike kinda lived that lifestyle on a certain level coming up so that’s why he relates and is interested so much i think. Idk just an opinion🤷🏻‍♂️

    chris edwardschris edwards3 dagen geleden
  • I freakin Luv Mike man! That’s gonna happen sure unless he’s knocked out on the floor all day! lmao Luv this Podcast man✌🏼

    chris edwardschris edwards3 dagen geleden
  • mikes like that kid in class that shouts out the answers before the teacher finishes

    jake hodderjake hodder3 dagen geleden
  • This is ridiculous a freaking gangster who's probably ordered beatings and murders of people and we sit here and give him all this attention like it's like he deserves any of it

    Kenneth EcheverriKenneth Echeverri3 dagen geleden

  • mike tweakin frfr🤣🤣

    MainyMacMainyMac3 dagen geleden
  • At first when saw that this was 1:33:12 long I thought I was gonna skip though most of it....But I was hooked from the very start! And very enjoyably watched the whole thing! 👍👌 Great conversation

    Warren LondonWarren London3 dagen geleden
  • Michael, when you spoke to the linebacker, that is when people can tell, you were in the life. You are an inspiration for all your good work now, sir, and the wealth of experience you bring along with you.

    Zali M. AliZali M. Ali4 dagen geleden
  • Michael talking about how Sammy is such a bad guy but what about Gotti on TAPE discussing multiple murders and incriminating Sammy and talking mad shit about him?

    Richie PorterRichie Porter4 dagen geleden
  • Kit Kat bar

    Sean MichaelSean Michael4 dagen geleden
  • Nice

    John C LiveJohn C Live4 dagen geleden
  • 28:53 that laugh 😆 sounds like Michael Jackson

    tell it like it istell it like it is5 dagen geleden
  • The way this guys say his s’s could shatter glass 😬

    tell it like it istell it like it is5 dagen geleden
  • That Nigga Tyson said “For the old time playas , boom!” Lmfao 🤣

    Mr. TurnerMr. Turner5 dagen geleden
  • 😂 i didn’t know he was talking in the third person, imagine Franczese telling Iron Mike “lol n***a you trippin”

    JTP3XJTP3X5 dagen geleden
  • Mike Tyson lost all respect. He thinks he's cool smoking weed but he ain't nothing but a nigga junkie. Word, from Queens!

    Joey RacsJoey Racs5 dagen geleden
  • Love Mike Tyson

    Joe MagalhaesJoe Magalhaes5 dagen geleden
  • Words of wisdom some many great talking points. A Bible and I became a person of faith 🙏🏽💯

    Martin VeraMartin Vera5 dagen geleden
  • Love Tyson, like the other Mike too, but it pisses me off he never says the co-presenter’s name. Rude. Take the boy out of the mob, can’t take the mob out of the boy. Not cool.

    Mike AustinMike Austin5 dagen geleden
  • Mike. What a guy. Been through all kinds of stuff. Sitting here listening to a mob guy. Offering rational commentary. You gotta give it to him for adapting.

    D BrownD Brown5 dagen geleden
  • John alite should be next

    Nuri MahmutiNuri Mahmuti5 dagen geleden
  • Even if that’s just a regular ass horse too you, or your not a fan of horses … you gonna praise and find that horse beautiful because that’s Mike Tyson’s horse lol.

    Perla HamiltonPerla Hamilton6 dagen geleden
  • He is right about Sammy. Look at Whitey Bulger, karma comes.

    Pauds McMackPauds McMack6 dagen geleden
  • I run a legit business now. I was involved in a lot in the streets and o this day I love by the code of keeping my mouth shot. The streets didn’t teach me that. My mom and my pops did. I was facing 15 years by the dea and never even thought twice about rolling over on anyone

    BrunoBruno6 dagen geleden
  • Probably the only Hotboxin' podcast where Mike Tyson isn't the baddest man in the room. 0_0

    Roundhouse RadioRoundhouse Radio7 dagen geleden
  • First time listening to Mike Tyson kinda hard to understand him. Anyone else?

    Pix LedPix Led7 dagen geleden
  • Tyson really enjoyed this one, he was like a kid in a candy store.

    MattMatt7 dagen geleden
    • Yeah he’s excited to see those mob movie characters irl

      8th Funk8th Funk4 dagen geleden
    • He's literally asking questions like a 5th grader 😂

      j2times2006j2times20064 dagen geleden
  • I didn't like Mike Tyson for along time but the older i get, i come to realise just how intelligent he is. Dude is switched on thats for sure.

    IvGotBallsOfSteelIvGotBallsOfSteel8 dagen geleden
  • 11:10 yeah sonny was a tough guy.

    Lucky LucianoLucky Luciano8 dagen geleden
  • I can say that I spent a few years sitting and talking with mob guys, I learned a lot during that time.

    Aaron Truth TVAaron Truth TV8 dagen geleden
  • Tyson’s partner is pretty annoying.

    SkookummSkookumm8 dagen geleden

    Danny HorworthDanny Horworth8 dagen geleden
  • I’d like to see Jesse Lee Peterson on this platform.

    Justin 2038Justin 20388 dagen geleden
  • the way tyson smiles when he mentions roy demeo explaining how they would cut people up, priceless lol

    MRHappyHappyjoyjoy90MRHappyHappyjoyjoy909 dagen geleden
  • they talk about the irishman exactly

    Edward TeachEdward Teach10 dagen geleden
  • Mikes intro saying his name was amazing

    CraigMcGCraigMcG10 dagen geleden
  • mike is a well read guy, he has a great knowledge of many subjects, great talk guys

    jason huntleyjason huntley10 dagen geleden
  • maybe the Honour and respect needs to come back to our youth of today!

    jason huntleyjason huntley10 dagen geleden
  • Mike high af 💪🏼🆙🆙

    Ricky PerezRicky Perez10 dagen geleden
  • Franzese has told this story so many times!! I swear I’ve heard these exacts words in vladtv. Lol smart man!

    Ricky PerezRicky Perez10 dagen geleden
  • It’s crazy how mike has the craziest people on his podcast and none of them would fuck with mike

    Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar10 dagen geleden
  • I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me .. God forgives decent people that don’t enjoy inflicting pain. Sorry

    Kate KavanaghKate Kavanagh11 dagen geleden
  • hey everybody. Got hooked to the channel some time ago. Was diagnosed with corona today. f**k. Wish me luck, ok?

    Cannonball JenkinsCannonball Jenkins11 dagen geleden
  • █▀▀ █░░█ █▀▀▄ █▀▀ █▀▀ █▀▀█ ░▀░ █▀▀▄ █▀▀ ▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀▄ ▀▀█ █░░ █▄▄▀ ▀█▀ █▀▀▄ █▀▀ ▀▀▀ ░▀▀▀ ▀▀▀░ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀░ ▀▀▀

    FlawlessMMAFlawlessMMA11 dagen geleden
  • I’d rather have the mob run the country than our stupid ass government. I agree

    bpintogsxr1000bpintogsxr100012 dagen geleden
  • My family is Italian. I always wondered what it would be like to be in the mob. Cool interview.

    bpintogsxr1000bpintogsxr100012 dagen geleden
  • Mike is funny getting high looking at houses lol

    Jeremy SeatonJeremy Seaton12 dagen geleden
  • 18:50. That vector on labor really is spot on and spotless

    Eamon QuinnEamon Quinn12 dagen geleden
  • 45:29 lmao his analogies are hilarious

    Ian SmithIan Smith12 dagen geleden
  • N95h8ngvy9uvdo works for me your helper.

    christian smith jrchristian smith jr12 dagen geleden
  • Whenever Mike laughs I hafta laugh too!

    John BradleyJohn Bradley13 dagen geleden
  • All I can pay attention to is how many times Mike Tyson interrupts everybody else.

    Desirea JuarezDesirea Juarez13 dagen geleden
    • with hypotheticals, of which he knows nothing of

      Pagan PlaysPagan Plays12 dagen geleden
  • robbing me is going to get you killed

    christian smith jrchristian smith jr13 dagen geleden
  • Mike Franzese is an intelligent man. Can you imagine how he felt being questioned by 2 potheads who ask him questions about stuff he already answered, because their short term memory is gone from smoking weed.

    HausMiHausMi14 dagen geleden
  • Yo Mike watched same NLworld channel. The horse was running and didn't real. Still wasnt sure it was real till watched Hotboxing. Sweet brother. Bless.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    Paul SymonsPaul Symons14 dagen geleden
  • Great stuff!

    DerredmaxDerredmax14 dagen geleden
  • Franzese has a pizza franchise called slices

    DrukstylzDrukstylz14 dagen geleden
  • The whole story sounds phony

    Avid CARSONSAvid CARSONS14 dagen geleden
  • For some reason the story doesn't seem right.. Hard to believe !

    Avid CARSONSAvid CARSONS14 dagen geleden
  • All 3 of them, hitmen for a living

    DrukstylzDrukstylz14 dagen geleden
  • You can tell this man knows how to speak and direct conversations the way he avoided that killing question was too smooth. Introduce the question before they ask you the question.

    Neil DavidNeil David14 dagen geleden
  • Listening to guys like MF is a trip.. They inhabit this odd would where they tell you that the mafia is bad,and is not something that you should aspire to..but at the same time they speak with reverence about the life...there are two messages that at odds with each other...

    NotOverlyAcerbicNotOverlyAcerbic14 dagen geleden
  • ".....and the other one was Geraldo Rivera." Mike says I need a new doobie for this story...

    NotOverlyAcerbicNotOverlyAcerbic15 dagen geleden
  • One thing that can be said about the Mob is that when it comes to business, they KNOW how to MARKET and PROMOTE a product. And I think one reason people like doing business with the Mob is because the Mob understands the importance of keeping clients and customers happy by offering them opportunities they cant get ANYWHERE ELSE. Seriously, America's leaders could learn a thing or two from these guys when it comes to economy.

    Scott NorrisScott Norris15 dagen geleden
  • Mike Tyson interviewing a former mob legend is a whole new level of cool

    Steven EatonSteven Eaton15 dagen geleden
  • Or mid fiction

    Rock SolidRock Solid15 dagen geleden
  • It is ill religion so ya can’t do what you wna do so I stay free

    Rock SolidRock Solid15 dagen geleden