Ford Mustang Mach-E LR AWD range test

21 feb. 2021
97 295 Weergaven

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  • Okay.....winter, but how cold was it?

    Åke BylundÅke Bylund15 uur geleden
    • Ok.....I found it...-5 Celsius.....wonder what the range would be in-25 Celsius?

      Åke BylundÅke Bylund15 uur geleden
  • I must say I'm disappointed in these results. Let's compare it with etron for example. You tested the etron in -5 and wet and you got 330 km of range and now mach e and you get 350 km of range. The wltp of the etron is 436 km. So if the drop in range was the same for the mach e the wltp range would be 462 km but it's actually 540 km! Almost as much as the model 3 but this car doesn't go anywhere close to what model 3 does...

    Filip BjurlingFilip Bjurling2 dagen geleden
  • That's just horrible that charging in Europe takes so long compared to charging in the United States. All due to low electric grid amperage in Europe. In the United States at home I go from 0% to 100% charge in less than 3 hours in the winter and close to 4 hours in the hot summer months.

    PilotVBallPilotVBall2 dagen geleden
  • EVs are not practical at all. 1-2 hours to charge. Give me plug in Hybrid any day

    R HR H2 dagen geleden
    • Tesla...

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dagen geleden
  • Is this a comedy channel lol

    Le CLe C3 dagen geleden
  • Capoeira

    Le CLe C3 dagen geleden
  • Bjorn is the most entertaining EV product tester, ever. He's hilarious! ...and he knows what he's talking about.

    Ed RankinEd Rankin4 dagen geleden
  • Rebranding the Pinto as a Mustang didn't work in the 1970's. It's not gonna work now. Just call it e Focus E, or better yet, Pinto E, which it is, not a damn Mustang for ffx. :D And, it's not because its got an electric drive train. It's a pinto because it's gadgety bullshit sold for imbecilles who think robots driving instead of you, is a good idea and have been taken in with Musks Gadgety bullshit. Ford, is literally, laughing at electric car buyers. And goddamn rightfully so. :D There will be a electric Focus RS and a Mustang. But, they won't have any of this autonomous nonsense. They will be _drivers_ cars. Not a tonedeaf badge-engineering joke by the fucking over coked markedroids :D Just like the goddamn Pinto with it's exploding gas tank, they rebadged as the fucking Mustang II. Jesus.

    Meton12765Meton127654 dagen geleden
  • Super slow charging.

    mika aarniomika aarnio5 dagen geleden
  • Nice video. Does the Mustang adapt the speed to the speed limits?

    YodaYoda5 dagen geleden
  • Great car😀

    Øyvind HanstadØyvind Hanstad5 dagen geleden
  • What a sad-looking SUV.

    randy daudtrandy daudt5 dagen geleden
  • 260km in winter is way too short... I'd like still drive my VW Jetta GLI

    Vince RockerVince Rocker5 dagen geleden
    • imagine the normal range model

      J PJ P3 dagen geleden
  • That 'take over' warning alert is VERY quiet, especially when compared to Tesla's 'Take over immediately' which cuts the music and blasts a loud beeping sound at you. 😅 At least it keeps engaged until it comes to a stop though! However, it should turn on the hazard lights as it's coming to a stop! (Couldn't tell if it did or not in this video)

    Curtis EnglishCurtis English6 dagen geleden
  • At least you answered the most important question. Yes, you can get Mexican food in Norway. Oh yeah...great review on the e-Stang. ('16 GT owner and I am not offended by the Mustang name). Just wish they use Galax-E

    Spence UotaSpence Uota6 dagen geleden
  • i love this weather and winter and faull if i curectly type it .. sorry may bad language and i hate spring and summer..its veired but ... it is and what is it

    MrYenarogMrYenarog6 dagen geleden
  • its gonna be bad where door handle going to freez

    MrYenarogMrYenarog6 dagen geleden
  • Terrible charging speed and terrible efficiency. 213 miles off an 88kw pack.. model y has a 75kw pack and gets 100 more miles of range😂 even with the cold temps.

    mitchman54321mitchman543216 dagen geleden
  • I’m waiting for the 2022 F150 all electric 4X4 Then I’ll trade in my 2013 F150 4X4 5.0 litre

    Chris tuttleChris tuttle6 dagen geleden
  • Arent you afraid of the doors getting frozen shut?

    Dhruv SrivastavaDhruv Srivastava6 dagen geleden
  • The infrared system makes sure your paying attention to driving

    Chris tuttleChris tuttle6 dagen geleden
  • I like this looks and interior better than model Y except for the screen there but it does offer car play and auto android. The rear seats seem wider and the car overall seems wider. Model Y should have been wider and the rear seats of the model Y is horrible like the Chevy Bolt.

    ktl2001ktl20016 dagen geleden
  • What if the rear doors freeze shut?

    Charlie DevineCharlie Devine6 dagen geleden
  • WTH..I love this channel but range tests under 60mph is not practical nobody drives that slow especially here in California

    Dominic RamboDominic Rambo6 dagen geleden
  • 32 kWh is pretty hefty. An interesting question would be how much additional load would worsen this. Bjorn you travel alone all the time. Put some 100kg or so additional (dumble bars?) into the car and test again. For families, the difference is important.

    lanista78lanista786 dagen geleden
  • Very entertaining and informative. Great job. Love the all new electric Mustang Mach-E.

    James SeayJames Seay6 dagen geleden
  • Hello there, I do love your videos,one for the information on electric cars as well as the magnificent geography of the places you visit. While watching this video,an issue came to mind;in terms of security,tesla has an ability to enable PIN to drive aa well as phone as car key. Question is ,do other car makers implement such features in their cars?

    john musevujohn musevu6 dagen geleden
  • hm why it doesn't have heatpump? that should be made a standard thing with all new EVs

    spdzodzospdzodzo6 dagen geleden
  • This model average around 65.000€, it's even more expensive than the current european price of the Model Y and the berlin produced Model Y will be 10-15% cheaper... which means, this car will be crushed by the Model Y produced in Europe.

    Turbo999beTurbo999be6 dagen geleden
  • Mustang?!!! WTF??!! Just Mach-E

    HappyEmigrantHappyEmigrant6 dagen geleden
  • Are Chinese? You look like Dungan.

    Bekir KhanBekir Khan6 dagen geleden
  • Why have almost EVERY car manufacturer forgotten the screens in the design of the interior the last few years? "oh shiiiit! We need a screen?! Better just hammer out a bracket and screw it on. Nobody cares that it sticks out and looks like an afterthought anyways?😬"

    Amund AntonsenAmund Antonsen6 dagen geleden
  • Aren't you supposed to kick and not wave your foot to open the trØnk? Not sure if you are trolling or not 🤔😂

    Amund AntonsenAmund Antonsen6 dagen geleden
  • the red lights at the steering wheel are for the autopilot, the autopilot should turn off if you do not follow (according to ford)

    Afalan1Afalan16 dagen geleden
  • just another shitty ford

    Lineage2ErtheiaLineage2Ertheia6 dagen geleden
  • Bjørn the Infrared behind the stairingwheel is scanning your face and eys/øye, to see if you are getting tired and see if you geting tired and need to take a break.

    Tom Erik MyrdalTom Erik Myrdal6 dagen geleden
  • Kremt.... MjøsA, not MjøsEN

    DatafireDatafire6 dagen geleden
  • Did you spend any time in the US? You talk with a lot of American sang, I like it, so I subscribed, "I have crap in here, let's reset the stuff, yo what's up," etc. We have our Mach E on order. Ours will be red, AWD and large battery pack. They should be building our soon. Before we moved to Germany we had a Tesla Model X that we loved. I also have a 2013 Shelby GT500. I guess we are a Ford family. Keep your videos coming!

    Peter ColichidasPeter Colichidas6 dagen geleden
  • It is painful to hear anyone calling a SUV "Mustang".

    Michal WojciulMichal Wojciul6 dagen geleden
  • No heat pump is a deal breaker. I’ll wait for better options.

    Ray RosasRay Rosas6 dagen geleden
  • Move✍to✍Norway✍and✍open✍a✍Mexican✍restaurant✍

    DumpsterFire GamezDumpsterFire Gamez6 dagen geleden
  • are those winter tires? I want to buy a fully loaded Mustang Mach-E 4X Premium soon.

    Richard Joash TanRichard Joash Tan6 dagen geleden
    • Yes they are

      gondoriangondorian6 dagen geleden
  • These cars maximise their ranges in equatorial weather conditions and you can even charge charge them easily at home with 12 hours of above 30°c sun

    TheMushavhiTheMushavhi6 dagen geleden
  • That is not a lot of range, but this is 4WD, the 2WD should go farther according to Ford.

    FHB71FHB716 dagen geleden
  • You never said what driving mode you were in, Mach E has 3 modes

    Gregory CrumGregory Crum6 dagen geleden
  • Heater please explain more

    Michael PoworoznikMichael Poworoznik6 dagen geleden
  • I really like this car, but Tesla gives you mach more for less... no competition yet.

    devix195devix1956 dagen geleden
  • conclusión? ok. as an electric car, good sound proof system!!!!

    Daniel BuilesDaniel Builes6 dagen geleden
  • 3:51 Zzzzhhhhuuuushhh :) I like it

    AMNUSAAMNUSA6 dagen geleden
  • No it’s not American muscle. Don’t put this name on it

    Wenbo LiWenbo Li6 dagen geleden
  • Thé most beautiful suv ev

    Jimi1000Jimi10007 dagen geleden
  • The autosteer blinking LEDs and warning chime reminds me of the 80s.

    Tao HuaTao Hua7 dagen geleden
  • More well built then a Tesla even though i am invested in TSLA

    tngo3tngo37 dagen geleden
  • Mach-e 4x is shorthand for Xtended range and 4ll wheel drive. My Mach-e has the same front camera error message leading to failure to the front collision detection, lane keeping and adaptive cruise control. So I have to take it in the Ford dealer Monday.

    John DoeJohn Doe7 dagen geleden
  • 4:30 Is the driver monitoring system. Is a mandatory system in all new cars that control if the driver is paying attention to the road

    mcnolimits 123mcnolimits 1237 dagen geleden
  • Looks like a super nice car. Not a mustang tho.

    CaptainXJCaptainXJ7 dagen geleden
  • No heat pump in Norway that’s ridiculous. I’m told the ME that go to Canada have a HP, but the states don’t have it, one reason I canceled my reservation

    Phil EaslerPhil Easler7 dagen geleden
  • 99Kw battery pack. That is about the same as a Tesla 2020 model S but gets far less range. It costs a lot less though. On a kwh per km it is worst that the model Y. As a first go, it is a good attempt by ford....I guess. Will consumers care that Ford has been slowly trying to kill So they will reward ford by buying this abomination.

    Malus DarkbladeMalus Darkblade7 dagen geleden
    • *99 kWh

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland6 dagen geleden
  • Ford has announced EV production primarily in Canada. Does this mean you need to eat Canadian bacon and maple syrup?

    Lobbie DoveLobbie Dove7 dagen geleden
    • ....also in Cologne / Germany. So you have to drink Kölsch and eat Halve Hahn.

      RheingoldRheingold6 dagen geleden
  • Downloaded manual, L is a Low range for going down hills, says nothing if it is tied to regenerative braking though.

    Nonyank SNonyank S7 dagen geleden
  • hi

    YeetronicsYeetronics7 dagen geleden
  • 515 wh/mile is definitely thirsty!

    SkymogulSkymogul7 dagen geleden
  • What is with the Low range on the gear selector shown on the transmission, You have P, R, N, D and L?

    Nonyank SNonyank S7 dagen geleden
  • 24 kW/100 km equals 2.5 kW/mile which is about what all electric vehicles do in cold winter.

    AndyAndy7 dagen geleden
    • *kWh

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland6 dagen geleden
    • Really? 🤔

      Abraxas TulammoAbraxas Tulammo7 dagen geleden
  • Heated windshield is going to be EXPENSIVE to replace. Already Tesla’s are some of the most expensive vehicles to insure, I wonder how much the Mach E is to insure.

    AndyAndy7 dagen geleden
    • Ford has offered this technology in Europe since the 80s on many of their every day cars.

      jd3nn1sjd3nn1s6 dagen geleden
  • Excellent. In 4 years you have gone from crushing carrots in Model X doors to being an important accurate reliable authority on all kinds of EVs. Well done

    Paul BeerPaul Beer7 dagen geleden
    • Incorrect. I was testing lots of cars even when I crushed carrots. You probably joined ny channel from that video.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland6 dagen geleden
  • My god I hate the sound of a Ford when you open the door. That just completely ruins the car for me.

    Robbie FitzgeraldRobbie Fitzgerald7 dagen geleden
  • Wow, nice car. Liked it 👍

    Tiago SantosTiago Santos7 dagen geleden
  • Hi Bjorn, Could you show comparison to ID3 on your spreadsheet? curious how this will stack up

    Andrzej BejmartAndrzej Bejmart7 dagen geleden
  • 10:15 😂😂

    AlessandroAlessandro7 dagen geleden
  • Bjørn must have family in Bergen since he says "Mjøsen" (I love it when you say that!) :-D

    Øystein AlsakerØystein Alsaker7 dagen geleden
  • Charging 82% to 100% took 2 hours on a fast charger?

    Thanh TruongThanh Truong7 dagen geleden
    • On a long distant trip it's a waste of time to charge over 85%. It's better to stop more often if there are fast chargers available.

      John DonlonJohn Donlon5 dagen geleden
    • Correct

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland6 dagen geleden
    • Welcome to charge curves

      vidznstuff1vidznstuff17 dagen geleden
  • "..and e-tron drives like a boat" 😂😂kris will not be happy

    Frank-Ivar RantvedtFrank-Ivar Rantvedt7 dagen geleden
  • I like this car, if they can get us an upgrade on the range for the next model year and some better charging options out there I could possibly still go this route.

    Edward SessumEdward Sessum7 dagen geleden
  • Mexican car lol!! Love it...

    E FE F7 dagen geleden
  • But Carmaniac the german car tester measured much lower consumption at 140 km/h.

    Peter WespiPeter Wespi7 dagen geleden
    • Another country, another road. U should not compare...

      Lukas GescholowitzLukas Gescholowitz6 dagen geleden
  • technically this seems to be a great car. But I don't like the design inside and out. It looks cheap although it isn't cheap.

    Daniel D.Daniel D.7 dagen geleden
  • Every EV should have a direct heating windshield! Ford did this all the way back in the late 1970's and 1980's. 800W is *much* better than 2-5kW!

    Neil BlanchardNeil Blanchard7 dagen geleden
    • @Ross R Right, it depends I'm sure on how it is done. It is simple enough - it works just like every rear window defroster - except without the visible lines. The early rear window defrosters *used* to fail a fair bit of the time, but hardly any do anymore. I think Ford uses a super thin (like a molecule thickness?) of gold inside the glass. VW was working on one that used silver, but sadly they have chosen to limit the availability.

      Neil BlanchardNeil Blanchard7 dagen geleden
    • ‘Classic’ Toyota Rav4-EV’s 1996-2003 had this as an option, though it fails often as they age.

      Ross RRoss R7 dagen geleden
  • Well done, love this car

    Ben SullinsBen Sullins7 dagen geleden
    • Hi glad you came here. Ask Bjørn for all data EV rang, Ben

      Jimmy EdwardJimmy Edward6 dagen geleden
    • What's up Ben

      Geass SogekiGeass Sogeki7 dagen geleden
  • Great review. Thanks for putting the work into the video. You outlined a lot of important things that outher reviews didn't ... like the drive assist and the charging. I'm sold !!! Dumping my garbage Tesla for a beautiful Ford Mustang Mach E. The Mach E looks so much better, and fun to drive. Very stylish and up to date. Absolutely love it!

    Pretty Neat StuffPretty Neat Stuff7 dagen geleden
  • The seats are a joke, not side bolstering. But I really like the Ford entry chime.

    colla 555colla 5557 dagen geleden
  • It weight 600 lbs. more than my Model Y, wow.... If Ford cut that weight down they might get a significant amount more range...

    Michael HollidayMichael Holliday7 dagen geleden
  • would love to see a driving impressions video! thanks!

    azera55555azera555557 dagen geleden
  • for everyone concerned about the doors freezing, y'all forget this was designed in Michigan and not California 😂

    Mark RMark R7 dagen geleden
    • Truth! :-) Also, build qualify will be superior over Tesla, as well. Tesla is consistently the lowest in initial quality, absolute bottom of the list in the JD Power rankings. Tesla offers great tech, but poor quality, and occasionally poor design (such as cold-gating in the 2021 Model 3 due to the heat pump being too aggressive in scavenging heat from the battery in the winter).

      Steven HurdleSteven Hurdle7 dagen geleden
  • I don’t know about the rear door non-handles. Looks like it would be easy for little fingers to get smashed.

    Leaf LoverLeaf Lover7 dagen geleden
    • There is a mechanism that prevents the door from closing óntil the door is opened further

      Tom WalkerTom Walker7 dagen geleden
  • Mexican car, Mexican food Would be nice to hear Wall of Voodoo's Mexican Radio also😊

    AllanAllan7 dagen geleden
  • Every Tesla should have the Kick Sensor

    Vince SorrentinoVince Sorrentino7 dagen geleden
  • 10:50 22% drop in full range in the cold doesn't seem bad to me (213miles vs 270 miles full EPA). Although you were driving it at max efficient speed of 55mph. I'll have to watch your other cold weather range test videos

    nafnaf0nafnaf07 dagen geleden
  • 2 hours to charge? 😂😂😂

    Jim TomlinsonJim Tomlinson7 dagen geleden
    • Preproduction car, winter, cold battery, it doesn't have the newest software for the car or bms 😊 wait for the production car to be tested

      eldiabloooooeldiablooooo7 dagen geleden
  • Over 2 hours charging from 82 to 100%? isn't that extremely slow? Range is less than base Model 3 despite almost double the pack size? it's a nice dash but clumsy fascia and feels frankensteinian to brand it as a Mustang. Stang feels blue collar trump voter to me. The exact opposite of the EV market. New face, new name, could be ok.

    Sage IISage II7 dagen geleden
    • Incorrect. This is NOT pre-production car.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland6 dagen geleden
    • @cobrachannel100 It says HPC on the cable, that's up to 350kW, I'm guessing the fastest there are. Also it says 31kWh charged onto it in those 127 minutes. If that was from 82% that would make it about a 167kWh pack. Several fishy things in play here.

      Sage IISage II7 dagen geleden
    • I am assuming this had to be 120-240V home type charger and not fast charging. Cause 2hrs is insanity.

      cobrachannel100cobrachannel1007 dagen geleden
    • Preproduction car with preproduction BMS / software

      eldiabloooooeldiablooooo7 dagen geleden
  • Like Atari 😂

  • Hi Bjørn, now that you also tested the V-(Family)-Class: There is hardly any long-range, affordable EV for people with 3 Kids... Thus I want to propose another standard test in your repertoire: „DO 3 CHILD SEATS FIT?“ So far there is the V-Class and Model-X that can fit 3 Child-Seats without breaking your fingers when buckling up. This is a cheap and rather narrow Model [Britax-Roemer „Adventure“] you might like to use... Do you like that sheaaat?! Greetings from Germany!

    Christian UllmannChristian Ullmann7 dagen geleden
  • Taco salad is not Mexican, it's a weird American invention just like orange chicken is not real Chinese. 😜

    Dave TravelsDave Travels7 dagen geleden
  • 320WH/Km? Ouch

    Claudio F. BarbanoClaudio F. Barbano7 dagen geleden
  • I think flat seats is because.. Well.. Americans are.. Wider around the rear o_o

    TheExegeticTheExegetic7 dagen geleden
  • Where is model x on weight table?

    Nikita MaderNikita Mader7 dagen geleden
  • you know those plastic (wooden?) forks taste bad. you should take with you the silwerware from home.

    Valters VingoldsValters Vingolds7 dagen geleden
    • Unlike you, I don't eat the fork.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland6 dagen geleden
  • Great job great video.

    Robert LopezRobert Lopez7 dagen geleden
  • Will you attempt to sleep in the trunk Bjorn? I'm dying to know how it compares in a camper mode.

    Peter SachsPeter Sachs7 dagen geleden
  • Björn, try to make a Video in german. You will get 1 Million Klicks!!!

    TeslaHJTeslaHJ7 dagen geleden