FIGHTERS PREDICT: Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 2 | UFC 257

13 jan. 2021
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Ahead of UFC 257: Poirier vs. McGregor 2 and the UFC lightweight fight between Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 2, UFC fighters make UFC 257 fight predictions and preview the fight and discuss the x-factors.
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0:00 Stephen Thompson
1:18 Laura Sanko
2:50 Dan Hooker
4:41 Jack Hermansson
5:43 Bas Rutten
7:42 Ben Askren
7:55 Jan Blachowicz
8:21 Colby Covington
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  • 0:00 Stephen Thompson 1:18 Laura Sanko 2:50 Dan Hooker 4:41 Jack Hermansson 5:43 Bas Rutten 7:42 Ben Askren 7:55 Jan Blachowicz 8:21 Colby Covington

    Submission RadioSubmission RadioMaand geleden
    • Is Sanko a fighter tho?

      AustinAustinMaand geleden
    • Colby Covington support trump?

      Dragomir BošnjakDragomir BošnjakMaand geleden
    • Bro Connor is gonna whoop his ass. Like dude 1st round

      Tommy RamirezTommy RamirezMaand geleden
    • @Nicola Maxwell, yes Mam absolutely correct

      denzil munsamydenzil munsamyMaand geleden
    • @denzil munsamy Conor TKO round 2

      Nicola MaxwellNicola MaxwellMaand geleden
  • Bas rutten literally predicting dustins winning strategy

    C MC M26 dagen geleden
  • Proof ufc is bum fighting

    292926 dagen geleden
  • 5:43 Bas Rutten analegy is on point it's basically how the fight went down !

    AbuHeji ابوحجيAbuHeji ابوحجي28 dagen geleden
  • Bas rutten with the knowledge

    MongrelMongrel29 dagen geleden
  • So everyone got it wrong!

    ITER !ITER !Maand geleden
  • Nobody gave Dustin a chance from the majority of the ufc fighter. Congrats to Dustin Poirier for the tko win over Conor while his so called bodies put money on McGregor to win.

    Chris KongoChris KongoMaand geleden
  • El Diamante...

    Willem NiehorsterWillem NiehorsterMaand geleden
  • Most of the people who gave predictions on this video have not got a clue... Connor has lost as many times as average ufc fighters get your heads out of his arse

    Moe GMoe GMaand geleden
  • Holy hell Bas is a prophet 😂

    Shawn SShawn SMaand geleden
  • Conor should have listened to Bas’s advice to Dustin

    Ryan SamboRyan SamboMaand geleden
  • Laura Sanko wrong!!

    The Vish CrewThe Vish CrewMaand geleden
  • Wonderboy wrong!!

    The Vish CrewThe Vish CrewMaand geleden
  • lol Did Bas Rutten write Dustins gameplan?

    Master BeethovenMaster BeethovenMaand geleden
  • Bas was the most accurate dam

    Killer BeanKiller BeanMaand geleden
  • I love coming back to these

    Skyz InkSkyz InkMaand geleden

    Michael KaranjaMichael KaranjaMaand geleden
  • It's funny watching this back after the fight and seeing certain people's picks.

    carlDJScarlDJSMaand geleden
  • Covington speaks more and more like the guy he kisses ass to that was booted out of office. He's a sore loser just like him.

    Luis DonadoLuis DonadoMaand geleden
  • Lol!!! Apparently all these fighters don’t know

    Craig GuruleCraig GuruleMaand geleden
  • The absolute legend Bas Rutter was spot on about the calf kicks from 2 southpaws

    The MenagerieThe MenagerieMaand geleden
    • @Obese_Jesus RUTTER! Don't question the autocorrect!

      The MenagerieThe Menagerie26 dagen geleden
    • Bas Rutten

      Obese_JesusObese_Jesus26 dagen geleden
  • Well This Aged Well

    Linent GamingLinent GamingMaand geleden
  • Bas you bastard... you were spot-on...

    ZOMBiEZOMBiEMaand geleden
  • Wow Colby is becoming as sad as Trump

    stereomtlstereomtlMaand geleden
  • Coby? What a idiot. He tries so hard to be revelant🤣. He's a clown hahahahaha.

    Ra AkhanatenRa AkhanatenMaand geleden
  • whoever fighter chose mc gregor to win lost their bet but it tells more about the state of mind of those fighters ..easy to get in their head

    Askalways QuestionsAskalways QuestionsMaand geleden
  • The fight went exactly like how Bas predicted. The man is a legend. I saw those kicks and immediately thought of this.. Edit : 5:43

    Joseph llJoseph llMaand geleden
  • Fuck off Covington, you all are bitches.. lol 😂

    nbhuiyannbhuiyanMaand geleden
  • Now what are you going to say you broken Jaws Colby.

    Ashenafi AmareAshenafi AmareMaand geleden
  • Even the pros called it ALL WRONG

    Roddy Da BronxRoddy Da BronxMaand geleden
    • specially Colby

      Joshua Eric SantosJoshua Eric SantosMaand geleden
  • Jheez, Bas was dead on about the leg kicks destroying McGregor. What a legend

    ShahkShahkMaand geleden
  • Colby Covington, who is the little bitch NOW.

    steven lindsaysteven lindsayMaand geleden
  • Bas Rutten is a Prophet. It's like he time travelled. The low kicks are conor weakness!

    Gregory KavivyaGregory KavivyaMaand geleden
  • All this guys stupid shits predictions are totaly wrong they are realy stupid they always gave conie mc chicken full of credits even they knows conie is fake mannn.. Tko in 2nd round that easy conie got expose for the 3rd time Mann.. This is happening when conie mc chicken failed to paid his opponents to lose conie got expose Mann.

    Libra66Libra66Maand geleden
  • and just like that...Dustin Porier wins🦵❤🏆💪💎💎💎💎💎 welcome to 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣

    Lady MLady MMaand geleden
  • Better get your cleenix ready Colby

    BirukBirukMaand geleden
  • WRONG!

    Joshua PatrickJoshua PatrickMaand geleden
  • Jan kinda knew this was going to be hard for conor after inactivity. Spot on.

    Gulshan SharmaGulshan SharmaMaand geleden
  • Funny reading all these now.....after Conor getting knocked out 2nd round by a far better boxer ....

    steve colemansteve colemanMaand geleden
  • Come on corny McGregor last win was a wash up cowboy 🤣🤣🤣

    Bruce LyeBruce LyeMaand geleden
  • Colvinton is trash for wearing that hat tying politics to ufc.... DANA PLEASE MAKE THE UFC GREAT AGAIN!!!!!! COVINGTON MUST BE A POS

    jaguarpawzjaguarpawzMaand geleden
  • Hey Coby Dustin wants you next lol

    Bugin1967Bugin1967Maand geleden
  • LOL Colby talked all that shit for only Connor to lose by KO 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    PR VIDEOSPR VIDEOSMaand geleden
  • Colby you fuckin idiot!

    Juststatinfacts SVJuststatinfacts SVMaand geleden
  • Everyone was hyping the pathetic drunk man, finally the diamond showed everyone that motivated conor was nothing but a fad.

    Zain ShahZain ShahMaand geleden
  • Colby could not pick winner in a fight even if the fight already happened.

    Ser ZambranoSer ZambranoMaand geleden
  • Hi I'm from the future. Ur boi f*cked up

    Hafez YusseriHafez YusseriMaand geleden
  • Hey, i heard dustin koed conor is that true🤣?

    ahmed omarahmed omarMaand geleden
    • True,

      One_who_watches_you_at_nightOne_who_watches_you_at_nightMaand geleden
  • When did wonder boy become British?

    Clint WilliamsClint WilliamsMaand geleden
  • It would be the biggest upset in quite a while if Dustin pulls it off

    James HammondJames HammondMaand geleden
  • Can't count out Dustin though.

    Levi HangerLevi HangerMaand geleden
  • I'm from the future and Conor heel kicks Dustin and then takes his back and gets a rear naked choke.

    John TJohn TMaand geleden
    • From the fake future

      Preye YinkorePreye YinkoreMaand geleden
    • okay

      aris harjaaris harjaMaand geleden
  • Colby is such a bitch. It hilarious.

    lonny walkerlonny walkerMaand geleden
  • “Wah I didn’t accomplish my dream!” -made me lol at the gym

    Matt McGeeMatt McGeeMaand geleden
  • Conor is a fantastic striker but not as good as Bobby Sands 🇬🇧😂🇬🇧

    whiteisalright whitewhiteisalright whiteMaand geleden
  • Pedal to the metal!!! 💪 ❤️

    tinytim71301tinytim71301Maand geleden
  • 2 rd ko win for Conor McGregor 🇨🇮

    Bruno PinheiroBruno PinheiroMaand geleden
  • Bas Ruten needs to go watch the Holloway vs Mcgregor fight. The only time grappling has worked vs Conor is Khabib. Versus Nate it was his cardio, just got caught a couple times early. His grappling is very underrated

    The ChadThe ChadMaand geleden
    • @Preye Yinkore lol, wasn’t his grappling that lost him that fight. It was becoming a civilized human being that lost him his career. The Conor we fell in love with is just gone. Movement off, timing bad just looked sloppy. He had a good run

      The ChadThe ChadMaand geleden
    • You were saying?

      Preye YinkorePreye YinkoreMaand geleden
  • I’d of liked to see Conor take an easy fight like Gaethje before fighting Dustin again but it should be a fun one

    The ChadThe ChadMaand geleden
  • Bass doing his teaching vids lol classic

    mr wrongukmr wrongukMaand geleden
  • Why is cannor fighting bums and people he beat before still?

    mr wrongukmr wrongukMaand geleden
  • Wonderboy is such a kiss ass!!!! Why don't you just gargle Conor's ball sweat!!!

    DieselGlaiveDieselGlaiveMaand geleden
  • Colby keeping it real.

    B PB PMaand geleden
  • Colbys a character but hes on point to a great degree. Js

    JJ MacJJ MacMaand geleden
  • Colby is annoying as fuck holy shit

    VoDkAviVoDkAviMaand geleden
  • Damn Laura sanko..

    Joshua TraffanstedtJoshua TraffanstedtMaand geleden
  • God I love Colby he needs to get back in there and fight. Probably the guy I look forward to seeing the most other than Conor

    m cm cMaand geleden
  • Yeah what Colby said

    Tony WhiteTony WhiteMaand geleden
  • Double knockout incoming

    Welshman RobertsWelshman RobertsMaand geleden
  • Wearing a "defund the media" shirt while doing an interview with...the media.

    Scott OTKScott OTKMaand geleden
  • Jan who going to win between you an Israel

    Dr. Nathan ThomasDr. Nathan ThomasMaand geleden
  • Colby's talk is getting better.

    Sean WoodsSean WoodsMaand geleden
  • Anybody can lose at anytime so will see

    PARKSPARKSMaand geleden
  • Fighters picking Dustin because they like and respect him. I hope it’s a war, but Poirier won’t be able to take that smoke.

    The Fashion Cold WarsThe Fashion Cold WarsMaand geleden
  • Conor is going to humiliate Dustin...

    Alexander W. JacobsAlexander W. JacobsMaand geleden
  • Why are they always put ben askren on line too, if the question is "how the fight end in seconds" so you should, not predicting an fighters like conor & Dustin that durable than him.

    RebornOf BeheadingsRebornOf BeheadingsMaand geleden
  • Bitchass Covington should the last to talk like that. That guy never won the real belt but he talks like he is the king or something.

    Senosi MothoagaeSenosi MothoagaeMaand geleden
  • Conor only didn’t manage to enter inside of khabib couse khabib is from russia with zero English and russia is a dumb country😂😂😂i mean in Russia calling someone a chicken is a big insult ahahahaa

    alessio tiscalialessio tiscaliMaand geleden
  • FIGHTERS PREDICT: CONOR MCGREGOR VS DUSTIN POIRIER 2 and Bas Rutten talks about leg kicks

    Connor SandoConnor SandoMaand geleden
  • It is ''forbiden''that McGragor loose.The fight is made by estimation that Poirier is easiest fight for McGregor to return to winning.Pay attention that Poirier will not even touch McGregor more than 2-3 times....It is ''forbiden that Poirier win!

    Caslav JestratijevicCaslav JestratijevicMaand geleden
  • Who's Laura sango?

    zooknut krzooknut krMaand geleden

    Vince NeilVince NeilMaand geleden
  • Shots fired from Colby. Oof!!

    Presence of MindPresence of MindMaand geleden
  • The flag Jake Paul sent...over a beach.... mc Gregor answered to the clown Jake Paul... with pure immortality, genuine, humble, act of a champ... so did all the other fighters, Dustin, Michael, Dan... Nothing but pure fight driven... MEN... seeking gold or legacy... no talk of Jake Paul hit the sound waves... true fighters took to the mike and didn't clout chase, pick, demine, humiliate, one another they stood as loins amongst us men...and showed true character why, we follow fighters, the fight game, the UFC, the dedication it takes to stand in front of a worldwide audience... WHY... they are GIANTS.... in this world of us mortals... they succeeded the man... and become more.... Ideals, idols.... cultures around the world can relate to the man who represents himself, country and home... can say they lay witness to true warriors of our time... if I was an elder a spoke's men for the world of combat... I'd say let that be the end it... an octogen has no place for the faint at heart, its for men, or women... who carry a spirit long forgotten in a world made at ease... a place where history is made in, blood and spirit, legends made in reality, redemption is conquered, honor is esteemed and placed upon the great, where no human at ease can accomplish, reason they are the ultimate fighters of the world... I say hiy hiy.. (thank you in Cree) the contribute to the sport of combat, to show the world that we walked the world with giants in our time... hiy hiy...

    Jeconiah SwiftwolfeJeconiah SwiftwolfeMaand geleden
  • interviewed Laura Sanko whos had one fight and stopped after a win lol who gaf what she thinks

    Paid'nGamesPaid'nGamesMaand geleden
    • bas rutten such a coach he cant just give an opinion he has to show you how to be better! lol

      Paid'nGamesPaid'nGamesMaand geleden
  • Connor is going to win. and in 2022 we will have the fight with the most money in game in the entire MMA history: CONNOR VS KHABIB . Save this coment

    DiegoDiegoMaand geleden
  • Connor hasn't been talking smack. He's been very respectful to Dustin. Connor with KO in 1st.

    Patrick LeePatrick LeeMaand geleden
  • I 'll defenitly go with bas Rutten plan . Tried a lot if time against old school shotokan ( Conor modified the style by luring. His openent then get him in a counter attack he is an upgraded of Machida style)

    Haykel AguirHaykel AguirMaand geleden
  • Wonderboy likes to watch Saitama

    Alena ThoureAlena ThoureMaand geleden
  • Colby vs Mcgregor is a DREAMMATCH!!! It would be the biggest trash talking event in HISTORY!!!

    Lou LixonLou LixonMaand geleden
  • Colby really has 0 brain cells left

    Christian RivasChristian RivasMaand geleden
  • Dustin Soyrier..😂😂

    angkur rongpiangkur rongpiMaand geleden
  • Hah I clicked for Colby. I knew he was going to be on some bullshit. Never fails

    Tristan BlairTristan BlairMaand geleden
  • Is there any way of kicking Colby out like trump?

    Mitch BidnerMitch BidnerMaand geleden
  • This is one of the most irrelevant rematch I've herd of. When Gregor wins it will b like duh... to me its just a tune up match for Connor. He has everything to loose tho. If pea head wins then it will huge...winning that paper champ belt he won will not even b close to an accomplishment if he beats Conor. If upset happens, to me will be Tyson vs Douglas worthy. Btw hope that will not be the case. Good tune up match with a quality opponent tho.

    Robert HysmithRobert HysmithMaand geleden
  • Don’t forget Conor got better as well 😂

    Crazy YTCrazy YTMaand geleden
  • Dana White: Conor is going to win. Count on it.

    S GS GMaand geleden
  • Colby is so funny but also such a dickhead. I love it.

    Joshua GlasJoshua GlasMaand geleden
  • Bas Rutten is so passionate.

    Joshua GlasJoshua GlasMaand geleden
  • I really like dan hookers interviews, he provides really insightful shit

    Chris WalkerChris WalkerMaand geleden