FASTEST PLAYER IN THE GAME!!! FIFA 21 Team Takedown on Headliners Lozano!!

18 jan. 2021
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  • Haikyu hoodie hype

    IncontrolgamingHDIncontrolgamingHD8 dagen geleden
  • I like your videos, channel, personality and everything. But the fake laughter keeps me away... No hate, but its kinda annoying maybe its just me. Idk

    MJFIFAMJFIFAMaand geleden
    • it's not fake. RIP. 🤷‍♂️

      ItsJamesItsJamesMaand geleden
  • Tom should have played Rodrigo on the wing

    Dukey 2.0Dukey 2.0Maand geleden
  • I don’t get why James always goes got random pages when he could get it if he just thinks, its so stupid.. Why do a team take down then

    InsqneMagicInsqneMagicMaand geleden
    • @Doc Jamzy Because i agreed with what he said? Use your fkn brain if you even have one.

      InsqneMagicInsqneMagicMaand geleden
    • I don't get why InsqneMagic copies random comments when he could make his own if he just thinks, its so stupid... Why even bother then

      Doc JamzyDoc JamzyMaand geleden
  • 37:22 me last night watching the Chelsea Leicester game 😩

    Jamie ElliottJamie ElliottMaand geleden
  • Tom lied about the formation he chose, no? He had the 433 formation up and when James chose that he switched to 433(2)

    K WK WMaand geleden
  • where did you get the sweater and want some haikyu ones aswell

    GameRepublicsGameRepublicsMaand geleden
  • It'S rOunD nUmBer 9 sO i hAvE tO Go fOr yoUr GoAlkEePer. Jesus man

    PieterPieterMaand geleden
  • love that hoodie

    Hamzah PatelHamzah PatelMaand geleden
  • 29:01 Finnish not swiss

    The BatmanThe BatmanMaand geleden
  • Is James really a doctor with an MD or MBBS or is he one of the fake ones who did a degree to get it

    chitticomchitticomMaand geleden
  • It's crazy how they built such similar teams. Both used Khedira to go German and got Khedira his strong link from a German icon and then went English with Stones and Trent at the back. Pretty weird

    tate andersontate andersonMaand geleden
  • For example in the Sammy Khedira guess don’t waste your question because I even if you already know who it you can ask if he links to the CDM or the right back and this way you get more information about the future players for future rounds

    TheMoneyTeamAngelTheMoneyTeamAngelMaand geleden
  • Tom should just make Valverde at Right Back the default example for the guest when describing out of position because he always tries to think of one before resorting to the same every time lol

    superdoidgesuperdoidgeMaand geleden
  • Who’s getting filfa 22

    Matthew VarleyMatthew VarleyMaand geleden
  • Would love it if the opponent chose the position the player had to play in (within reason)

    Odd Harald AuglendOdd Harald AuglendMaand geleden
  • Ooof, that hairline

    Josh GeorgeJosh GeorgeMaand geleden
  • I don’t get why James always goes got random pages when he could get it if he just thinks

    Oliver SharmanOliver SharmanMaand geleden
  • Whats the point of counting us down if you've already cut away from the teams before you start counting lol

    Elon WissingElon WissingMaand geleden
  • Mæhle moved to Atalanta not Inter

    Mathias MogensenMathias MogensenMaand geleden
  • James, that was the Most OBVIOUS formation ever to those players... Edit: you actually put politano and khedira in one team... this is going to go badly...

    Jontu RJontu RMaand geleden
  • Parasite is based off an anime isn’t it?

    Hunter 1213Hunter 1213Maand geleden

    Alastair ChanAlastair ChanMaand geleden
  • When Tom’s white door has more of a tan than him.

    Angus MAngus MMaand geleden
    • elite comment

      Patrik PerutkaPatrik PerutkaMaand geleden
  • I made the likes 667. Ur welcome 😉

    Theo DouLouTheo DouLouMaand geleden
  • Why is Tom playing kramaric out of position and why is James playing gimenez out of position?

    AWXAWXMaand geleden
    • @Reuben Waddell okay thanks for the help👍🏽

      AWXAWXMaand geleden
    • Becaus eof the rule that was spun meaning they can play them anywhere

      Reuben WaddellReuben WaddellMaand geleden
  • Tom said he will use your haaland that he sniped but did not tell you and he did not use it

    Mahmoud ItaniMahmoud ItaniMaand geleden
  • That Lozano is so fast, it kept disappearing before Tom's eyes.

    Chris StanleyChris StanleyMaand geleden
  • Welcome to 40 minutes of Tom trying to snipe Lozano

    lilmikelilmikeMaand geleden
  • I love your Haikyuu t shirt ❤️

    Abdullah MjAbdullah MjMaand geleden
  • When he first started talking about parasite I thought he was talking about parasyte 😂 but parasite is a great film

    Lucas RobertsLucas RobertsMaand geleden
  • The anime is called haikyu!! Well the sweater James wearing and and parasyte is a anime and the watched the live action just to let y’all know

    Mr. PikaMr. PikaMaand geleden
  • Complaining about Rudiger positioning, he’s 81 rated trash 🌚

    Danny JohnsonDanny JohnsonMaand geleden
  • Haikyuu G's where u at???????

    Andrei CrichtonAndrei CrichtonMaand geleden
  • fastest player in the game is it schone?

    Francisco BarretoFrancisco BarretoMaand geleden
  • Hey James, ever considered Changing your channel name to DrJames?

    Foysal KhanFoysal KhanMaand geleden
  • You know your an og when you recognise James from the sticky note prank on andys car

    NixNixMaand geleden
  • You could have put walker rb, he would perfect link to stones and you would have joe gomez on the left

    Filip GeršakFilip GeršakMaand geleden
  • You know when your early when james hasnt noticed he typed "filfa" instead of fifa

    CrystalDuckieCrystalDuckieMaand geleden
    • @ItsJames i forgive u if i can join u on pack&play

      CrystalDuckieCrystalDuckieMaand geleden
    • RIP

      ItsJamesItsJamesMaand geleden
  • tom is completely ruining Maehle his pronounciation

    Jolan CoenegrachtsJolan CoenegrachtsMaand geleden
  • Yay

    The squally OliThe squally OliMaand geleden
  • 13:40 James inner eeyore coming out

    Joel MetcalfeJoel MetcalfeMaand geleden
  • I love watching FILFA 21 videos

    Czarnie PerazCzarnie PerazMaand geleden
  • Thanks for the hoodie info and also for the great content! Keep it up!

    Luka VedrićLuka VedrićMaand geleden
  • I read the title and thought this is with andy on schone

    Joe ChamberlayneJoe ChamberlayneMaand geleden
    • SCHONE... only ogs will remember

      Ali AlqaisiAli AlqaisiMaand geleden
  • Parasyte is actually a live action of the anime Parasyte The Maxim

    TR3YVI0N10TR3YVI0N10Maand geleden
    • @Louis Cash ik how to spell thats how the anime and live action is actually spelled tho

      TR3YVI0N10TR3YVI0N10Maand geleden
    • Parasite*

      Louis CashLouis CashMaand geleden
  • Filfa 21 looks class, must be made by a so much better company than EA

    Santi DavenportSanti DavenportMaand geleden
  • i not first and proud

    James StapletonJames StapletonMaand geleden
  • Yo James that haikyuu hodie is dope af

    ga kiga kiMaand geleden
    • Didnt even notice it until he pointed it out

      TR3YVI0N10TR3YVI0N10Maand geleden
  • NDL

    ReshirexReshirexMaand geleden
  • Filfa 21? Is that a new game? I've never heard of it

    Vinstar PlayzVinstar PlayzMaand geleden
  • everyone reply with another letter to one of my replies with a letter so we can make words

    1Messi101Messi10Maand geleden
    • @Zizou Zizou p

      Jane DoeJane DoeMaand geleden
    • @James Stapleton p

      Zizou ZizouZizou ZizouMaand geleden
    • @Anthony Absi a

      James StapletonJames StapletonMaand geleden
    • R

      Anthony AbsiAnthony AbsiMaand geleden
  • z

    1Messi101Messi10Maand geleden
  • y

    1Messi101Messi10Maand geleden
  • x

    1Messi101Messi10Maand geleden
  • w

    1Messi101Messi10Maand geleden
  • u

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  • r

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  • q

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  • p

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  • o

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    • e

      Jane DoeJane DoeMaand geleden
  • l

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  • k

    1Messi101Messi10Maand geleden
  • Gotta love FILFA 21 😂😂😂

    Alexander MarrelliAlexander MarrelliMaand geleden
  • Ah yes... this "Filfa 21" game sounds interesting...

    To TallTo TallMaand geleden
    • FILFA focking 21

      NovemberrrNovemberrrMaand geleden
  • a

    1Messi101Messi10Maand geleden
  • Filfa 21

    Jason GalehouseJason GalehouseMaand geleden
  • Love FILFA 21

    Ben WhadcoatBen WhadcoatMaand geleden
  • Ahhh yes my favorite football video game, FILFA 21

    Ethan GreeneEthan GreeneMaand geleden
  • Love the content. Keep up the good work 👏🙌💪

    charlie harrischarlie harrisMaand geleden
  • We love playing FILFA 21

    Alex FazzdogAlex FazzdogMaand geleden
    • Run by e e eeeeeeeee

      mad about trainsmad about trainsMaand geleden
  • Early

    FlynnFlynnMaand geleden
  • First?

    Kshitiz AdhikariKshitiz AdhikariMaand geleden
  • Bob

    Anthony AbsiAnthony AbsiMaand geleden
  • yess James

    Kevina NavaratnamKevina NavaratnamMaand geleden
  • Hi

    adwoa konaduadwoa konaduMaand geleden
  • Hiiiii

    Anthony AbsiAnthony AbsiMaand geleden
    • @ItsJames omg BOB 🥶🥵🐐 replied

      Anthony AbsiAnthony AbsiMaand geleden
    • My names not bob

      ItsJamesItsJamesMaand geleden