FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Trailer 2 (NEW 2021) Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, F9

14 apr. 2021
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FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Trailer 2 (NEW 2021) Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Natalie Emmanuel, F9
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  • faf + wwe = faf9

    Khang DuyKhang DuyUur geleden
  • The fact that they've been able to make 9 of these. Is absolute proof of how pathetic hollywood is, and the brain dead people who not only watch them. But think it's all real

    Darrell SchulteDarrell SchulteUur geleden
  • bullshit , no more Fst and furios , its like fantasy world

    Tomas ShelbyTomas ShelbyUur geleden
  • Charlize Theron looks like Yelena from Attack on Titan

    Edwin Allan DiazEdwin Allan Diaz2 uur geleden
  • Just watched most of the film, I'm taking a wild guess but I would say Cena and Diesel end up being on good terms at the end

    Al CaponeAl Capone7 uur geleden
  • So weird how no one has connect Eva longorias part from fast and furious 2 to her cameo as the rocks assistant in fast 7

    ᙃꙆᙁᘜᒐᙓᙃꙆᙁᘜᒐᙓ9 uur geleden
  • I wonder when this comes out

    Denise JuarezDenise Juarez9 uur geleden
  • How can they fight someone they cant see?

    Gonzalo RodriguezGonzalo Rodriguez10 uur geleden
  • Obviously, the next movie is gonna be in space!

    Javed OssenJaved Ossen11 uur geleden
  • They fight each other hurt a lot of innocent families, kill a lot of people and in the end they all become good friends... ohh sorry a family They f**k police, people, governments pretty much everybody and in the end a big Happy family like really...

    Akash SinghAkash Singh12 uur geleden
  • F(ucking magnets, how do they work?) 9

    AseringAsering13 uur geleden
  • I didn’t see that sumbitch Dwayne Johnson

    Ryan S.Ryan S.14 uur geleden
  • Han have super powers he just keeps coming back LOL

    Victoria WilsonVictoria Wilson17 uur geleden
  • fast and furious 10 Dom and his bro will fight against their long lost mom who has an elite skills and better than their father"...FAMILY ISSUE 101

    Gnothaev ScheautonikovaGnothaev Scheautonikova17 uur geleden
  • did anyone notice that we already saw almost 40% of the movie in trailer only.......i mean what more could b there.....but me being me, m still gonna see it....

    Bibek PandaBibek Panda19 uur geleden
  • Yes, I like that feeling. great

    Phương MinhPhương Minh19 uur geleden
  • First, the Rock and now Cena, what's next F&F X Wrestlemania

    Hardeep AryaHardeep Arya20 uur geleden
  • Let me guess, in the end they join forces with john cena to beat the real bad guys. Btw where's CGI paul walker? His wifes in it why wasnt he?

    Jervis ParagguaJervis Paraggua20 uur geleden
  • the want to show all movie in trailers

    AM ProductionAM Production21 uur geleden

    Helo JoeywalaHelo Joeywala21 uur geleden
  • ust 28, 1917 - February 6, 1994), aged 76 Stan Lee (December 28, 1922 - November 12, 2018), aged 95 Steve Ditko (November 2, 1927 - June 29

    Vanessa FigueiredoVanessa Figueiredo23 uur geleden
  • first time im really not interested in seeing fast 9. I think that's the last one tbh.

    JuiceBoX 007JuiceBoX 007Dag geleden
  • 0:45 Why is Vin Diesel pointing his gun at a rack of alcohol bottles?

    derpfrogderpfrogDag geleden
  • I am so happy that Jordana is back!

    MissInvictusMissInvictusDag geleden
  • As long as they keep all the cancerous woke shit out of the movies, I'll watch em

    Jack AndersonJack AndersonDag geleden
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    Good Start MeGood Start MeDag geleden
  • where is Dwayne Johnson?????

  • Movie 1 through 8 where was the missing brother?

    rk212005rk212005Dag geleden
  • It's bama_boy !! Been dying to see Sean back in the series hahaha

    Abe AguilarAbe AguilarDag geleden
  • Awesome 😍

    zonizoniDag geleden
  • I'm confused wasnt the chinese guy dead?

    Ellen Jane BiacoraEllen Jane BiacoraDag geleden
  • These movies have gone far beyond car racing. They’re so extremely off the mark. I’m not sure I want to see any more.

    Sophie KeelingSophie KeelingDag geleden
  • Its a fun movie The one you go watch and return home smilling 😁 My love for cars started from this movies franchise may how much ridiculous it get i ll still watch it 😁

    Nevin bobNevin bobDag geleden
  • Wait why was don pointing a gun at air

    Karen CarreKaren CarreDag geleden
  • This series should be better named "Die Hard"

    The InformantThe InformantDag geleden
  • :D Oh man, realy stupid movie. Maybe FnF 34 will be better. And this CGI tricks... :D :D

    Petr GassmannPetr GassmannDag geleden
  • I feel like Roman is the only one who understands the audience..... He saying "ya'll ever think about the wild missions we've been on? Tanks, planes, the green lanterns, Thanos.... Hell I even punched Darkseid."

    Urd 137134Urd 137134Dag geleden
  • Laws of physics left the chat.

    IvgyIvgyDag geleden
  • Fast & Furious 12: To The Moon And Back. Fast & Furious 17: Fastest on Mars. Fast & Furious 23: Afterlife

    Firdaus AzizFirdaus AzizDag geleden
  • This time John must be in Beard in mOvies👍

  • I've never seen any of the series.

    John CastleJohn Castle2 dagen geleden
  • See You again brian o'connor

    Mine Uddin UtshaMine Uddin Utsha2 dagen geleden
  • Fast and Furious 10, Dom finds out 'undertaker' is his dad.

    Ali ZainAli Zain2 dagen geleden
  • I keep thinking that Paul Walker will mysteriously show up in this movie. Am I stupid? *crying face*

    Kaydene MangalKaydene Mangal2 dagen geleden
  • Ummmmm.....where is rock????

    A00A .jA00A .j2 dagen geleden
  • Dom's sister Fast 10

    AstaAsta2 dagen geleden
  • Atleast they got a r34 skyline no other movie uses that car

    Triniboy SavageTriniboy Savage2 dagen geleden
  • Late paul@bryan must be proud to know and watching u guys vin@dom and family in this next f&f9.. This totally SAVAGE!!!

    TOP GUN!!!TOP GUN!!!2 dagen geleden
  • R Cc

    Ester FraserEster Fraser2 dagen geleden
  • What's wrong Dom Family with WWE athletes..?

    Alfa RhezaAlfa Rheza2 dagen geleden
  • This movie is a circus used to be good but is now a shit show

    The Silent OneThe Silent One2 dagen geleden
  • 3:00 vfx spotted

    Medha SinghMedha Singh2 dagen geleden
  • Got Fans: What the fuck Missandei in FaF

    jankratjankrat2 dagen geleden
  • I will see it

    Sun HernandezSun Hernandez2 dagen geleden
  • At this point nothing surprises me in FnF 😂😂oh we driving to see jesus now, okay kllll....we readddyyyyy

    O DO D2 dagen geleden
  • Waiting Well come jony

    Raja RaniRaja Rani2 dagen geleden
  • paul walker

    sarnandu duttsarnandu dutt2 dagen geleden
  • really really bad, it goes to so much worse year by year

    misaafirrmisaafirr2 dagen geleden
  • Still wondering how Michelle Rodriguez beats Rounda Rousy

    Chay ChayChay Chay2 dagen geleden
  • This movie so cool

    Donny SaputraDonny Saputra2 dagen geleden
  • Here comes John Cena. No more The Rock

    X h̶a̶n̶ XX h̶a̶n̶ X2 dagen geleden
  • Right, no need to watch it anymore is there. Already know everything

    ElsonElson2 dagen geleden
  • Oh thanks God! Look 0:10 Who is back?

    Cobra KaiCobra Kai2 dagen geleden
  • makin muluk2 aj adegannya..!

    rahmat sudibyorahmat sudibyo3 dagen geleden
  • They won't stop till they race God 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

    Fernando MontesFernando Montes3 dagen geleden
  • Kapan ya tayang dibioskop...?

    Uchi SiswantoUchi Siswanto3 dagen geleden
  • It should be brother and sister against brother

    Mr NobodyMr Nobody3 dagen geleden
  • You are fantastic

    tech Gamerstech Gamers3 dagen geleden
  • Que pasa aquí? Es Transformers o rápidos y furiosos 9????

    Antonio AñascoAntonio Añasco3 dagen geleden
  • Chega né? Já deu. Ninguém aguenta mais essa franquia.

    Poly OliviaPoly Olivia3 dagen geleden
  • idk how they come up with these scripts but I'm entertained!

    sora actualizesora actualize3 dagen geleden
  • lol the lies here.

    lukie lukelukie luke3 dagen geleden
  • Paul walker forever

    Hanuoluwapo MosesHanuoluwapo Moses3 dagen geleden
  • all fuckinn movie in this trailer wtf !!

    WIN GHAWARWIN GHAWAR3 dagen geleden
  • it's not the same since Paul died ;(...

    Notorious 26Notorious 263 dagen geleden
  • the f&f movies got ridiculous since the 3rd one

    Armando VarillasArmando Varillas3 dagen geleden
  • Do we finally get to see Mia drive this movie??? I refuse to believe that a Toretto be they male or female can't drive.

    pororopororo3 dagen geleden
  • Brian 😭

    rini angrianirini angriani3 dagen geleden
  • by movie 14 theyre gonna be part of the avengers fam

    Jaime CuevasJaime Cuevas3 dagen geleden
  • No movies anymore. Just cgi.

    jimjenkins003jimjenkins0033 dagen geleden
  • what next? recruited to be AVENGERS..

    Gabz SamGabz Sam3 dagen geleden
  • The moment you realize Dom had a family before the one he has now and abandoned makes you rethink everything you know about Dom’s outlook in “family”.

    Meliodas SamaMeliodas Sama3 dagen geleden
  • omg i just notice Boswell in the trailer and rest off Tokyo drift team

    Dario JovicicDario Jovicic3 dagen geleden
  • Myi just saw the movie I saw trains flying,cars flying in the air is that possible

    anita mosekaanita moseka3 dagen geleden
  • Y'all know that as long as they keep makin Fast movies you're gonna watch them and honestly I hope they don't stop.

    S TeaS Tea3 dagen geleden
  • Rest in paradise Paul walker♥️

    Biiru SbaBiiru Sba3 dagen geleden
  • : when you get the idea for a movie when watching a special about the universe & magnetism on the History Channel (while stoned).

    Gen KahGen Kah3 dagen geleden
  • Editors - How do you want the trailer made? FAF - Fill it with sopilers

    WalkthroughBeastWalkthroughBeast3 dagen geleden

    citefercitefer3 dagen geleden
  • I'll wait for the DVD thanks

    PixelVoguePixelVogue3 dagen geleden
  • Can someone take me out to see this movie

    Aaron Kadinyane ThebeAaron Kadinyane Thebe3 dagen geleden
  • it funny

    Audio MusicAudio Music3 dagen geleden
  • Even if they have to take down Thanos, they would come up with a plan how to do that too

    Mazhar HussainMazhar Hussain3 dagen geleden
  • I still feel that first 2 movies were something really different

    Pratik GodhaniPratik Godhani3 dagen geleden
  • See You Again..........!!

    Avinash KadamAvinash Kadam3 dagen geleden
  • This trailer made me feel like I just watched the whole movie but me being me, I am definitely going to watch the movie 🍿😁😁so excited for it’s release❣️❣️❣️❣️

    Slindile KhumaloSlindile Khumalo3 dagen geleden
  • Han comes bak alive...... I hope Gisele too.....

    reno hernoworeno hernowo4 dagen geleden
  • Han is alive eating his favorite chips 😂

    Josue Delos SantosJosue Delos Santos4 dagen geleden
  • 0:10 The dude on the far right is that the guy from the Tokyo Drift the young dude?

    Amy BellaAmy Bella4 dagen geleden
  • Theyre running out of enemies ... fast

    Fatech FatechFatech Fatech4 dagen geleden