Fallout 76 in 2020 (2 Years Later)

28 jun. 2020
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Today we take a look at Fallout 76. It had one of the worst launches of all time but how has it changed? Is Fallout 76 good?
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  • New intro woot woot! What do you guys think of Fallout 76?

    ReisuReisu7 maanden geleden
    • I get the fast travel thing. It forces players to interact

      Enlightened PerryEnlightened Perry4 dagen geleden
    • nlworld.info/key/video/w4KaYrHbopiZeWc season 3 the real reward

      XXXNeo _XXXNeo _18 dagen geleden
    • @beefcake1973aus Trust me it’s not quick I’ve been fuming about this since the whiny bitches started in on almost every aspect of the actual survival game I mean when it comes down to it bugs notwithstanding Bethesda created the perfect sandbox survival game and everybody’s shat on it

      Billy_CrossBilly_Cross21 dag geleden
    • @Billy_Cross Haha, and I thought I was quick to anger.

      beefcake1973ausbeefcake1973aus21 dag geleden
    • New Vegas needs a remaster

      Luke ConnorsLuke Connors29 dagen geleden
  • #Sponsoredbybethesda

  • I just bought this, I'm still at the store, I paid 30, I kindof just want it for he meme of fallout 76, but I gotta say,the plastic is still on it but I have a little buyers remorse

    Chris GizmoChris GizmoDag geleden
  • idk why people hated it it was a good change of pace the game was just buggy and laggy but other than that i enjoyed it off launch

    ToroMangoToroMangoDag geleden
  • The original Fallout fanboys will hate it. The New Vegas fanboys will hate it. It’s a given that that demographic will generally hate anything Bethesda does. If you loved Fallout 3 though, the feeling of scavving in the wasteland, exploring the ruins of the past, then this in its current state is hands down the best Fallout game to be released since then. The fact that you can hang out with your real life friends and go exploring in what is easily the best map for any Fallout game is a huge bonus in top of that. I believed the hate for two years. I was an idiot for doing so.

    Elliot BradleyElliot BradleyDag geleden
  • Ok want the peoples opinions on this one. Always loved my fallout games. But is this one worth it? I loved fallout 4 so if it can even come close to that, I'd be happy with it.

    Eric BordenEric Borden2 dagen geleden
  • If you want a companyon just get some friends

    Gustav Karlsson ErikssonGustav Karlsson Eriksson2 dagen geleden
  • Fallout is a hoarding and scrapping game for a maximum arsenal and they limit capacity unless you pay. Play fallout 4 instead the multiplayer doeset even make sense either

    dvalentino007dvalentino0073 dagen geleden
  • Wait wait WAIT. So you're telling me that in order to do melee damage you have to be in melee range? WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That unacceptable

    Jonathan SokoJonathan Soko3 dagen geleden
  • Fallout 76 is not the worst opening... it is apparently CYBERPUNK 2077. So bad that the SONY PSN STORE removed PS4/PS5 game from the site and issued REFUNDS which goes against SONY's Store Policies...

    darthsynchronicdarthsynchronic3 dagen geleden
  • Starvation and dehyddration is a part of the game... -.- how u can say it shouldn't be in game

    KozackiKozacki4 dagen geleden
  • So basically it's trash, as is Cyberpunk 2077. What a great lesson to STOP preordering games and buying into microtransactions.

    Yahshua Shemu'el NicholsYahshua Shemu'el Nichols4 dagen geleden
  • Just a fallout 76 potential buyer and long-term fallout player, super sledge always had bad range

    Enlightened PerryEnlightened Perry4 dagen geleden
  • #fallout76

    Kai beningtonKai benington5 dagen geleden
  • do you use cheats

    Kai beningtonKai benington5 dagen geleden
  • Trying to aim after shooting causes me to not aim in game bug or feature or is any bug in this game a feature.

    BirriuHmBirriuHm5 dagen geleden
  • The challenges are better than giving Bethesda More and more money

    BirriuHmBirriuHm5 dagen geleden
  • I will say this game is a lot better than it was when it was first out.

    BirriuHmBirriuHm5 dagen geleden
  • Unlike fallout 4 building a base is actually worth it because after you beat fallout 4 npcs don't attack you base.

    Trump 2021Trump 20216 dagen geleden
  • You can earn atoms now? Sweet.

    Prince Darius LinaPrince Darius Lina6 dagen geleden
  • Disagree about the survival mechanics. I always hated fast travel in Bethesda games after morrowind. I even think they should restrict fast travel further so that you have to join a caravan, and they only go to certain places. The ability to zip around the map is immersion breaking to me. At least they have a cap cost now.

    threewiseman1threewiseman19 dagen geleden
  • all you do is talk it is boring

    kaiden merrittkaiden merritt9 dagen geleden
  • this review is so bad you dont want a multiplayer you want a solo game where you can fast travel everywhere and be able to just clear shit that way higher level then you youre perspective is so wrong when looking at this game thumbs down for me

    venomvenom10 dagen geleden
  • tbh your point of needing to be carefull on certain areas ...your just to low level dude lol its exactly how it should work like so bad to say its bad caus YOU think you should be able to clear an area ment for lvl 50 at lvl 30....thats exactly the hand holding shit i dont want in a game so its actually good its like that unlike how you say its bad

    venomvenom10 dagen geleden
  • You said you can't build near a named location idk of that's been apart of the game since launch but I've started playing again an my camp is still between three named locations and I still get too farm weapons from all em

    ComicZ RKDComicZ RKD11 dagen geleden
  • If you play on Xbox you probably seen me before if not you haven't played since game start

    ZGOBLINZGOBLIN11 dagen geleden
  • And yes we need NPC’s! Even Dixiecrats need work! Hahahahaha

    TyeManTyeMan13 dagen geleden
  • Nope! CyberPunk 2077 was THE WORST launch of any game anywhere! Hahahahaha...

    TyeManTyeMan13 dagen geleden
  • Love the title... Two years later... Spongebob scene...

    TyeManTyeMan13 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully Bethesda start using Ray tracing technology post 2076 for Fallout series

    MrTheDarkKnightFanMrTheDarkKnightFan13 dagen geleden
  • www.twitch.tv/dysfuntionalsurvivors

    Dysfunctional SurvivorsDysfunctional Survivors14 dagen geleden
  • This helped me feel better about my purchase now 👍liked & subscribed

    Jay-TeeJay-Tee15 dagen geleden
  • Light Wood Laminate !!!!!!!!

    Tomasz KusmierzTomasz Kusmierz15 dagen geleden
  • I disagree about removing the hunger/thirst and fast travel costing caps. I like the idea of fast travel being punishing. One of my gripes with the older Fallout games is that with fast travel made made it feel like cheating. I guess another compromise is that when you fast travel to a location you randomly fast travel half way through your destination with a random encounter that you have to resolve before continuing with your fast travel. Or alternatively after you fast travelled to your destination you get a dialog showing that you had an encounter with x amount of y enemies and you used up so many stimpaks/food, used x amount of ammo and the items that got damaged etc.

    Leon GeyserLeon Geyser16 dagen geleden
  • The water and food thing and caps to fast travel is the worse I love fallout games but I can't just quest and lvl in 76 I gotta spend so much time looking for food and water I quit at like lvl 13

    KyAlpha GamingKyAlpha Gaming17 dagen geleden
  • I actually enjoyed playing this game from day 1. I will say I was one of those lucky players to have almost zero issues with this game, which was on Xbox One. For me the reason why I quit was for a few reasons l. 1, no npc to interact with, the lack of npc made the game very dull with little to no story to follow or side quest that made it worth doing. 2, the leveling was super annoying, especially if you were a low level and came across enemies that are higher. 3, I no longer could stand having to constantly find food and cook it and then make sure to use it before it went moldy. And the same for water. I know this game is a survival to an extent, but it takes away from the game at times

    Ohh YeahOhh Yeah17 dagen geleden
  • Anybody like fan art?instagram.com/reel/CJYf47FBv_g/?igshid=r94zv4vrllt8

    Kris ScheuchKris Scheuch17 dagen geleden
  • I like micro transaction store

    James GlenJames Glen18 dagen geleden
  • Cyberpunk says "hey guys"

    PackinnheatPackinnheat20 dagen geleden
  • Fallout 76: i was the worst launch No mans sky: no i was Cyberpunk 2077: "im about to ruin this mans whole career"

    Brody FilmsBrody Films20 dagen geleden
    • @Koltyo7 true

      Brody FilmsBrody Films17 dagen geleden
    • To be fair Fallout 76 was even worse but I'm not defending cyberpunk 2077 I still think it a buggy mess too

      Koltyo7Koltyo718 dagen geleden
  • Honestly I just want fallout 5

    Aidan WaldnerAidan Waldner21 dag geleden
  • Maybe you should create a new channel from scratch and upload there, youtube algorism somehow ins't paying this channel it's deserved credit.

    Lucas AssisLucas Assis21 dag geleden
  • worst launch in game history - CYBERPUNK 76 enters the chat

    Red Devil 7 GamingRed Devil 7 Gaming22 dagen geleden
    • @Yeah Boyz i'm not referring to the sales.

      Red Devil 7 GamingRed Devil 7 GamingDag geleden
    • Lol 13 mil sold copy is a terrible launch

      Yeah BoyzYeah BoyzDag geleden
  • ive refunded xD

    aie3timesifurmad Hei Studiosaie3timesifurmad Hei Studios22 dagen geleden
  • creating camps, farming, hunger/thirst meter, fast travel costs caps?? Thanks for reminding me why didn't buy this game

    RaffaelloRaffaello22 dagen geleden
  • I only started playing it a month ago, and the level issue was as you described what you'd like, is that a recent feature?

    Kenneth VunKenneth Vun22 dagen geleden
  • I wish it had a chat

    crazy catcrazy cat22 dagen geleden
  • Well done, thx for a quick overview.

    janchlupacekjanchlupacek23 dagen geleden
  • Not sure I'd call the scorched a new enemy, they're humans, we've fought humans in fallout before these ones just look weird

    LydiaLydia23 dagen geleden
  • Great video man

    jubedjubed23 dagen geleden
  • What you said is now outdated. Worst start off all time is cyberpunk 2077.

    Piotr MuzaPiotr Muza24 dagen geleden
  • Never played this before... husband bought it today and I'm gonna do a video of me doing a gameplay. Thank you for this, shoutout to you in my video :)

    Bama GamerGirlBama GamerGirl25 dagen geleden
  • I get this weird glitch where the land geometry is super simplified, and I clip through the ground and can see through it. It's almost like the renderer doesn't realize that I'm close enough to render the correct detailed geometry.

    BlarboBlarbo26 dagen geleden
  • So it's for hardcore players

    Ajuramizi shiroAjuramizi shiro26 dagen geleden
  • You spent half of this travesty of a video complaining. That's part of why you don't have even 100k subs

    P51 MustangP51 Mustang27 dagen geleden
  • Thy added NPCs? Might be worth buying now then. I have no idea what went through their minds when they decided to create a fallout game without NPCs 🤦‍♂️ I guess,being online,it would make it alot more complicated but still... NPCs are one of the biggest part of those games.

    B I S O NB I S O N28 dagen geleden
  • Nice review. I was going to buy it on sale for $13.19, but with the replenishing food/water and having to pay for travel, I can't justify even that low price. Sounds tedious.

    Scott EllisScott Ellis28 dagen geleden
  • Great game. Great studio. Fantastic communication with the community. One of the best out there going into 2021.

    Brittany GarrisonBrittany Garrison28 dagen geleden
  • fo76 reminds me a lot of eso especially the whole “adoms” thing

    zeze28 dagen geleden
  • I just started playing this game tonight. Loaded it up because I got it for free a long time ago and never played it. I was bored and had nothing new to play. After about an hour, I ran into 2 players. They dropped all kinds of ammo and healing items for no reason. Awesome. About two hours later I ran into a different guy that popped up while I was on my quest, helped me kill all the ghouls, then dropped me a nuka quantum and bounced. Awesome. You can build your own settlement. This game is what I wish rdr2 online was. Exploration and atmosphere is cool. I like it.

    Adam HarmonAdam Harmon28 dagen geleden
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (in 2022)

    bluebonbluebon29 dagen geleden
  • So it's still broken and still has bugs that will never be fixed, if Bethesda can't be bothered to release bug-free software even after years of patches i can't be bothered to buy it.

    Johnny PrinceJohnny Prince29 dagen geleden
  • Cyberpunk has taken the place as worst launch

    crispyfried_ricecrispyfried_rice29 dagen geleden
  • I mean I played very hard on fallout 3 and nv with hardcore on so this is no issue

    Big PapaBig PapaMaand geleden
  • I like the feature that u can get sick

    Blobby666Blobby666Maand geleden
  • felt like they tried really hard to turn it into a “survival” game to mimic other multiplayer games like rust or ark. but they only cared about it on a surface level and just tacked on some really under developed mechanics. I hear the “survival mode” is good in other fallout games. I guess they just wanted it to be more accessible? I don’t see why they couldn’t just make two game modes that are all-survival or no-survival

    Paxton WentzellPaxton WentzellMaand geleden
  • The only glitch I got was no hud

    Michael CaplingerMichael CaplingerMaand geleden
  • I fucking loved every part of this game, it's the devs constantly.. constantly letting us down that forced me to give up and move on. I am considering picking it back up again.

    Wingnut McspazatronWingnut McspazatronMaand geleden
  • I want a new fallout game in New Orleans

    The MayoThe MayoMaand geleden
  • Cyberpunk 2077 in 2022 (2 Years Later)

    1 A1 AMaand geleden
  • "Worst launches" now has a new definition with cyberpunk2077 lol

    Jonathan BerriosJonathan BerriosMaand geleden
  • Fallout 74 worst launch of history Syberpunk77 hold my beer

    Zeno schoutenZeno schoutenMaand geleden
  • Great video! I would respectfully disagree about the Level Instancing points - as somebody who started their online gaming off with WoW in 2008, having high level areas that you simply cannot survive in until you are a high level yourself adds a big sense of progression when you finally can take those tough mobs down. And having a "high level area" seems pretty standard to me based on my WoW experiences from back in the day. Still - great video!

    Tasty HotsauceTasty HotsauceMaand geleden
  • Good review, thanks mate

    Love LifeLove LifeMaand geleden
  • ''I would be less objective than a games journalist would be'' Dude this isn't 2004,games journalists don't known what objectivity even means.

    Barokai ReinBarokai ReinMaand geleden
  • Biggest issue with f76. Theres helluva lot of people running around for being set in a post nuclear apocalypse.

    Time RiderTime RiderMaand geleden
  • I only have played Fallout 4. I started a month ago and let me say I LOVE it. Say what you want I love fallout 4, I wanted to see what Fallout 76 was like because it’s a good game series. Thanks for this.

    Canadian BrotherCanadian BrotherMaand geleden
  • Is this game still despised like it used to be?

    AngeloAngeloMaand geleden
  • Who be here after the shitshow of Cyberpunk 2077?

    Luca GoodoerLuca GoodoerMaand geleden
  • The fast travel cost is a simple "sink", to make sure the player doesn't end up with too much money. Very commonly used in games; think repair costs in other RPGs/MMOs.

    Axl AnderssonAxl AnderssonMaand geleden
  • I’m from the Future and Cyber Punk had a worst Launch

    RandyRandyMaand geleden
    • Real ones know day

      N MN M25 dagen geleden
  • ive noticed one glitch with the bow where you get stuck in aiming and cant do anything

    BatQuinnBatQuinnMaand geleden
  • It went from “wow look at this cool gun i got” to “ *HEY BRO, ILL GIVE YOU 5 MILLION PRESENTS FOR THAT SPEC OPS SUIT YOU GOT* ”

    The One weird nerd in your comment sectionThe One weird nerd in your comment sectionMaand geleden
  • i stick to fo4 for single player and mods

    Kabsuss_Kabsuss_Maand geleden
  • Or they could change how fast food and water drains

    Ragegame1056Ragegame1056Maand geleden
  • How do u only have 6k subs

    LeafywashereLeafywashereMaand geleden
  • Told you Lads to wait. Bethesda just needed some time to improve it.

    The MinutemenThe MinutemenMaand geleden
  • Ahhhh! Worst launch beaten by Cyberpunk 2077!

    Kingwolf6Kingwolf6Maand geleden
  • “Fallout 76 had the worst release in gaming history.” Cyberpunk 2077- “Hold my beer.”

    Ultra Instinct KenshiroUltra Instinct KenshiroMaand geleden
  • It is a survival game they brobly whont get read of hunger and thirst but I agree with the fast travel

    Lego trendLego trendMaand geleden
  • Then cyberpunk 2077 came out and took the belt lol

    rickey wellsrickey wellsMaand geleden
  • 0:40 sorry but we all know ANTHEM had the worst launch in video game history..

    Papi 50KPapi 50KMaand geleden
  • Username

    Royce KauppRoyce KauppMaand geleden
  • there is a shop in Uk which gives you 2pounds just to the the game

    Azte kaAzte kaMaand geleden
  • The worst parts about this game is the awful hit detection and the insanely high vendor prices

    Eyeball PaulEyeball PaulMaand geleden
  • Good video, thank you. I feel conflicted about some of your points but that’s alright. It looks to me like the game is still messy. I also don’t like mmo’s so there’s that. I wish this game was different or we just had more maps for FO4

    Joseph BianculliJoseph BianculliMaand geleden
  • I would say that them including paying for fast travel is actually to force you to explore and not fast travel back and forth between a few locations.

    Pyrovon FirePyrovon FireMaand geleden
  • "Worst launches in all of gaming history" Cyberpunk2077 - "Hold my beer..."

    Tideless RainTideless RainMaand geleden
    • fallout was way worse. Especially on pc where cyberpunk is actually really nice and looks good with the ray tracing.

      chairman Alfredchairman AlfredMaand geleden
    • Fallout 76 was muuuuuch worse. I hope, though, CDPR treats Cyberpunk the way Bethesda did to Fallout 76, so it actually becomes what it was promised to be.

      Nikø VeeNikø VeeMaand geleden
    • Not even close. Fallout 76 was way worse

      Bryan EntyBryan EntyMaand geleden
  • I lowkey thought that it was pronounced me-lee

    Kublai KhanKublai KhanMaand geleden
  • Ive been thinking about getting this for ps4 considering it's only 30 bucks. But I've also heard lots of horror stories about it.. is it worth getting now? Or should I just stick with fallout4 goty

    Scorchy 0Scorchy 0Maand geleden
    • Stick to fallout 4

      Flower Power3Flower Power3Maand geleden