Ezhel & Kelvyn Colt - LINK UP [Official Video] (prod. by Lucry & Suena)

19 nov. 2020
4 354 519 Weergaven

Director: Kelvyn Colt & Max Gold
Videographer: Max Gold
Edit & Grade: Max Gold
Video Producer: Yared Abraham of Virtual Love
Production: TBHG Produced by Suena & Lucry
Mixed by Suena & Lucry
Mastering Engineer: Lex Barkey
All Rights Reserved TBHG Records & KOAL 2020
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I wake up blessed
As I get vexed and deal with stress I come back fresh
U know de shit gets worse that’s how it works I switch to next
Me and my Turks we swerve 36 Berlin Herz verletzt
They have no caicos but have the rifles to hear your final breath
Manitam rare like peace in middle east she’s hard to find
Everyone wants that fame but it got two sides
Spot me in my favorite spot my spati
Mama said don’t rap baby thank god that did not persuade me
Link up Lagos to İstanbul
030 312
No wahala as we come thru
Ich mache para ich mache fluss
Başkent to dünya wir haben es geschafft
Demediğin kalmadı bebe what’s up
Hala ilk günkü gibisin kesat
8 kat fazla euroylan hesap
Tüm alemi gezdim konuşur elalem rahat ol
Düşman dolu sağ sol yapar hesap
Umursayamam sizleri bak tüm ailem rahat bro
İncittiysem pardon sözüm kezzap
Demetevler Cebeci ve Küçükesat
Oynarım kaderle kader olur beş taş
Uyursunuz uyanıkken beyninizde narkoz
Anlamanız da zor sır gizem esrar
Gel gor
Dikka drei Uhr nachts
My world
We don’t sleep that much
Aktiv mit meinen shababs
Young G’s ain’t giving no fucks
65, to the 030, zone one nigga,
Got a couple post codes,
Plus I really live the shit that I rap
Been round the globe
Pin on the map,
I drop that thing like I don’t want it
If it hit you I bet you ain’t no warning,
If I met you, you did good then common in
Acting bad every night, and say good morning
Guten Tag, merhaba,
Arkadash, kick down, ich geb gaß
Police am arsch,
Shawdy is da
Traphone is jumping
But I’m selling bars
Link up Lagos to instanbul
030, 312
No wahala
as we come through
Ich mach para, ich mach flus
Link up Lagos to instanbul
030, 312
Talking home, Yeah I got a few
Alles baba, mir gehts gut
Nobody can catch me,
Man I feel Like Leonardo in a Murcialago,
Watch me take off
All around the globe
I gotta get it
That’s the motto
Came up from the bottom, Dont want no fake love
Sauce is so colossal baby catch up
Feel like Leonardo, no, they can’t catch us
All around the globe
I gotta get it
That’s the motto
Came up from the bottom,
Dont want no fake love
Music video by Ezhel, Kelvyn Colt performing LINK UP. © 2020 TBHG Records & KOAL

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  • What a bad rap I won't listen to again, your old songs were better back to the old Ezhel

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  • What you did as a rapper I swear down I think I think you're lyrics are really good you represent places really good looking on melike the fact that you do English as wellgive my name but you're going to see anyway so it doesn't really need much disabled yeah I'm cleaning the lyrics E I can't spell your name sorry I didn't really write it down on a piece of paper I should have I feel like you never say really good I feel like you actually talk about what's going on I mean we just get on with it nowonly change its 1-minute would do this one minute will talk toI sort of got middle-easterner me this sometimes I feel like you know what can keep me into Germany understand like my nana blue eyes no clue where she had the blue Iceland Nazi in Turkey I'd say that released interwest is it is that I would not and please because I was back in the these generations have gone a lot better now I mean it was different my dad my dad still living in like the turn on pleaseanywhere in Turkey is the most known place is somersby it's on the map uncle of me on the map Ankara Trabzon istanbulunderstand that big talking about from hereyears ago was different this is this is what I want what needed to happen a little bit more modern stuff in army now you can you can kind of do more you can come and be proud to be your culture stopthe time period that's gone and it's like coming from the background we come from that movicol or brown eyes brown eyes black aunt and I don't know what I'd do with that but do they know I'm not from Iran to actually Caribbean it cos you got a book right here as well that's what I like about Turkeystill here I'm still here that I'm thinking the nutrition of dog walkers rapis finally a country where you can look at it and there's nobody telling you you have to do you got to ask you got everything in Turkey to you've got a lot going on Germany and Turkey got a do anymore the Arctic is 1-minute wharf 🦁🐺 want to do is going to Turkey and relaxsorry it's president is writing's on way Turkey the west of Turkey for years andthe buildings wasn't there back then I have got thrones from back in the day when it didn't have no 🏞️🌄 wrong with come along way like every kind of Turkey bosses all of us to come along long way we've gone really far back later that would really within half that we've done it will find a broke it we got buildings there got rap this is what we finally got it now I'm not there right now I'm in London they've blocked off the barriers but we doingamazing the food is what I'm talking about the Rap if I get time I'm going to get arrested does a person have to tell me what human empire sports from a big massive we keep one from generations to generations and we just done it mercury made it every single personal itemof their life that's not good Turkey wasback in the generations you couldn't do nothing he was parents would have to listen to a lead after now will be coming back but it doesn't like that live the Carry on The legacy of to care I start to Germany to salaam to 🙏✋👍 fantastic rapper I every replica you made my friend is the rap lyrics carry onjust never stop rapping never do a film if you want came along I'm actually at the game out I don't reply back but I'm looking for a couple of I think timer till you have my friends actually he told me he likes you and is from shout out to my friend chi City Kaysers she comes from which is what I can't give his name but hope you can give a shout out to Kahramanmaras but yeah I want you can you shout out for them I got a friend that proper love your listen to this guywould not believe it she wanted me to leave 🇦🇿 leave Turkey just delete for half a good anywhere in left you I'm still going to go to Turkey what my heart is after work but my nameGermany maybe in the next couple of years to I don't mind you knowI don't know where blue eyes come from and I don't have did we had that middle Eastern look like you've been is confused with my dad looks like you just like to say hello to remain is ladies like he's from Turkey that's you know the back in the day like when they used to daddy's quietmother's quite like you know when you speak to him that he wouldn't understand what music is but you wouldn't understand how to understand it's older generation is good when it comes to music you've made coronavirus can I seeRC Toulon Turkey yeah the everyone in Turkey from today carry on riding Turkey you got more more good music success whilst you are 100-percent I hope 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 just meet you you should have all that stuff the carin where you came from this it was sleep now it's time to take that money get that big call is yourif you have to you broke John leaving you what you did there is really good what you did in Germany as well I think it's time for you to take that cash in the number one spot go for the number one spot album start start Waze you just the chart is any E

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    • @:𐰯𐰺𐰆𐰣𐰖𐰀⸮ biz Eurovisionda Türkiye kayb edib finala çika bilmediyi zamanda finala çıktık kazandik ve kazandiqimiz zaman sahneye Türkiye və Azərbaycan bayraqiyla çiktik. Yani bizim başarimiz sizin başariniz sayılır sizin başariniz bizim ayni milletiz devletimiz farkli sadece. Bu yorumu ben Ezhelin digər warkisinda da yazdim ayni tepkiyi verdiler burasi Türkiye yazdilar. Onu söyleyen türk olamaz.Türk olan anlarki ayni milletiz ayrimcilik yapmaz

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