EXTREMELY Rare Lighter Restoration, World War 2 - D-day 1944!

13 nov. 2020
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Restoration of a VERY RARE LIGHTER from world war II. This is a Normandy beach area metal detector ground found, with a special emblem attached to it. See me restore this war relic.
This is a EXTREMELY rare and special war relic probably from the World war 2. The lighter was very worn out before the restoration. According to the donator it was found near the coast of the Utah beach in Normandy France with metal detector equipment. This is one of the beaches where the allies landed the coast at D-day June 6. 1944 - So my guess is that it has been in the ground since the days around D-day 1944.
I started by cleaning the emblem who was attached to the lighter. I was VERY surprised when I saw how cool this emblem looked. I guess it is an old US marine emblem from world war 1 or 2 but I am not sure. I heated the lighter to remove all the parts which were soldered to the lighter and there after I removed all tiny parts. They were very hard to remove. I guess the many years on Normandy beach in France has been harsh to it.
I sandblasted the brass body and grinded the whole lighter with 500, 1000 and 1500 grit. I polished it to mirror blank and added all the small part again.
The beautiful US marine emblem was cleaned in vinegar before it was attached to the lighter again. This is such a beautiful war relic and I hope that you enjoy this restoration video.
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Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin
Music: From NLworld free audio library. And from payed license at EnvatoElements.

  • Invest in a vapor honing machine if you can, it is basically sandblasting with water it’s easier on the metal and basically polishes it at the same time I have one and love it

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  • The item at 1:19 is called the Eagle Globe, and Anchor. It is the insignia for the United States Marine Corps.

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  • Frogman/marines emblem

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  • The emblem is U.S. Marine Corp.

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  • Symbol of the USMC

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