Exposing Your Google Search History (Board AF)

14 mrt. 2021
291 598 Weergaven

We’re exposing your spicy secret Google searches with the party game Search History! We're on Twitch now! Check us out every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at twitch.tv/smoshgames
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Ever since the sandwich video with Damien watching Shane write is painful but I can’t look away haha

    Lindsey OsburnLindsey Osburn11 uur geleden
  • wash your hands before you touch a frog bc lotion and stuff on your hands can hurt them‼️

    Stephanie BakerStephanie BakerDag geleden
  • Is it sexist to not hit a girl is a joke in tv and other media but also is sometimes an honest question (intentions aside), the premise being that to not hit women strictly because of their sex is to believe that women are a weaker sex who are only to be protected not hit no matter what, which the line of thinking could lead some to call you sexist. However that line of thinking is also ingrained in people by society from a young age. The reality is that if you hit anyone (outside of legitimate self defense) you're probably an asshole, so it shouldn't matter the gender of who you are hitting.

    Chunky CoffeeChunky Coffee5 dagen geleden
  • When Shayne said "Can you use vaseline to break in..." I immediately filled in "a glove" but as if it were Dear Evan Hansen.

    Ella GriswoldElla Griswold11 dagen geleden
  • Like Damien, my nephew never crawled, he skipped straight to walking.

    Meredith HaganMeredith Hagan19 dagen geleden
  • That pull out joke holy crap

    George PrewittGeorge Prewitt20 dagen geleden
  • Ify's shirt though! 😍😍

    Cherry NACherry NA22 dagen geleden
  • 9:43 Shane and Damien hahahaha

    LexieLexie22 dagen geleden
  • A game suggestion: Rick and Morty Total Rickall card game.

    Dan The Droid BuilderDan The Droid Builder23 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me or is the camera tilted a little right?

    Jack PaxtonJack Paxton23 dagen geleden
  • I feel Damien always cheats or wins every game let the other wins for a chance jesus

    Terry BarnesTerry Barnes25 dagen geleden
  • 11:40 notice how in the bottom left they put ians face not ifys

    Ian RollinsIan Rollins29 dagen geleden
  • I mean it is kinda sexist not to hit a woman simply because she is a woman. And I'm not talking about going around assaulting random people I am talking about cases of self defense and such.

    Butterme PancakeButterme PancakeMaand geleden
  • 12:55 My shitty lip-reading skills have came up with "to lemme ride that"

    Fuscous GDFuscous GDMaand geleden
  • If young me knew what google was and needed justification they would've asked about the taste of blood yes. I don't need justification, I am calmly weird.

    Dreemurr DelmDreemurr DelmMaand geleden
  • Can't explain it but the way shayne holds a pen greatly upsets me

    FitzFitzMaand geleden
  • They way they all collapsed when ify said how hard is it for a guy to pull out

    Railynn StoneRailynn StoneMaand geleden
  • As soon as they read out the “Is it common for brothers..” question, all I heard in my head was “ SWEET HOME ALABAMA”

    scary_watermelonsscary_watermelonsMaand geleden
  • i just know kimmy wrote the 'women' one from her laugh while setting it down LMAO

    Bean StalkBean StalkMaand geleden
  • i walked before i crawled :) hashtag hip dysplasia probs

    yeetyeetMaand geleden
  • Oh ian, I dont think you just run out of breast milk all of a sudden and sit there, "what about the milk in the fridge" 😭😂 coming from a mom who nursed for 21 months lol

    Megan NorvellMegan NorvellMaand geleden
  • This was hilarious!!! Please do more!!!

    Milk BucketMilk BucketMaand geleden

    Andrew SawyerAndrew SawyerMaand geleden
  • 9:26 the collective reaction at "how hard is it for a guy to pull out" 💀

    imcaiiimcaiiMaand geleden
  • Damien’s little whispered “very” in response to “how hard is it for a guy to pee with an erection?” made my whole morning.

    Bissa MoneyBissa MoneyMaand geleden

    Selma Nilssen-HoleSelma Nilssen-HoleMaand geleden
  • Ify and Shayne, we're hilarious this stream. I love this game, and I haven't even played it once. So funny.

    Storm BoyStorm BoyMaand geleden
  • Why is Ian still acting like he’s a teenager

    Mahad ZahidMahad ZahidMaand geleden
  • damien is an L kinnie

    Shea Lynn03Shea Lynn03Maand geleden
  • I like how the question was about guys and Kimmy finished first

    Joshua TorresJoshua TorresMaand geleden
    • For the what do guys hate

      Joshua TorresJoshua TorresMaand geleden
  • The "how hard is it for a guy" one you knew it was Damien that wrote it down cause he had like NO reaction to it when it was read out loud XD

    MoyashiMoyashiMaand geleden
  • I love Iffy's shirt

    MoyashiMoyashiMaand geleden
  • Seriously, these are TOO SHORT! At least do 2 rounds

    Lord SparksLord SparksMaand geleden
  • I loved the Deathnote reference 🤣🤣

    Jack PattersonJack PattersonMaand geleden
  • Bruh.. So if a woman is hitting you, you cant defend yourself? why are they so offended about that question..

    A Random AmbipomA Random AmbipomMaand geleden
  • Honestly, the answer should be the actual Google search fill I'm from an incognito browser (so there are no prior searches)

    Bloo57999Bloo57999Maand geleden
  • Top tier Death Note reference!!!

    Paige GustafsonPaige GustafsonMaand geleden
  • 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Fernando OrregoFernando OrregoMaand geleden
  • When does iffys contract expire? Get rid of him asap.

    John CharitidisJohn CharitidisMaand geleden

    Star PotatoStar PotatoMaand geleden
  • Ify screaming THAT during the stream was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

    Mr. FEARSMr. FEARSMaand geleden
  • 👍 yes

    L LaneL LaneMaand geleden
  • Kimmers

    L LaneL LaneMaand geleden
  • Jimber

    L LaneL LaneMaand geleden
  • Kimmy

    L LaneL LaneMaand geleden
  • Shayne: Can you use vaseline to break in.. Ian: dAt AsS. Shayne: *goddamn it ian*

    Ollie McGrewOllie McGrewMaand geleden
  • Please play this again. It's so funny and it seems like it's really fun to play for you guys as well

    squishy fishiessquishy fishiesMaand geleden
  • Ah, so this is kind of like the game Balderdash. You guys should play that one at some point.

    SandyandiSandyandiMaand geleden
  • Leave me alone with picking up frogs

    Alexus ParenteauAlexus ParenteauMaand geleden
  • This is a really fun game, would like to see you guys play it again. Seems like a good game to play with a bunch of friends while drinking with how potentially lewd some of these can be. Its like my issue with cards against humanity is that there are many good cards that you wanna play, but you can go through an entire game waiting for the best moment to play it and then not. This doesn't seem to have that problem with how you write your own stuff.

    Nikolai508Nikolai508Maand geleden
  • IFY with the toughest shirt in the game

    FrostBiteFrostBiteMaand geleden
  • I like the tast of blood

    -Mizukii --Mizukii -Maand geleden
  • I love Kimmy she's just so sweet, smiley and giggly all the time and it's really infectious and always cheers me up!

    wolf870626wolf870626Maand geleden
  • By watching smosh i adapt shayne's laugh DANG IT!!!

    DlondDlondMaand geleden
  • Funny story, I ran before I crawled.

    Christian TagoeChristian TagoeMaand geleden
  • Please try epic spell wars! Its such a fun game. I'd watch the crap out of that vid. Greetings from germany!

    Derrik TollDerrik TollMaand geleden

    CorpseofanaCorpseofanaMaand geleden
  • “Is it weird to like the taste of...my own urine” *ad starts*

    Lemon PebblesLemon PebblesMaand geleden
  • Bring back Smoshcast!

    Kyle AmorosoKyle AmorosoMaand geleden
  • is it normal for brothers to J/o together was my answer and i was supised noone said it :D says a lot about me i guess :D

    Blessi85Blessi85Maand geleden
  • You guys should play baulderdash it’s similar to this game but with more categories

    Bella DeiureBella DeiureMaand geleden
  • damien and me are alike...."walked before crawled"..my parent also told me.. i never crawled...

    QK SilentShooter FXQK SilentShooter FXMaand geleden
  • plz do more of this

    Lyndon DavisLyndon DavisMaand geleden
  • was the first question a jojo reference?

    jaron pitterjaron pitterMaand geleden
  • For the record it is sexist to not hit girls if you hit guys

    Jyps RidicJyps RidicMaand geleden
  • Shanyés defeated "God damn it Ian" 😂😂😂

    My name JoshMy name JoshMaand geleden
  • Ify was a great addition to the team!

    jamer2010jamer2010Maand geleden
  • The first thing I noticed in the intro was more of shaynes paper cranes

    Dimentio Master of dimensionsDimentio Master of dimensionsMaand geleden
  • I wanna know what Iffy said.

    ThortisThortisMaand geleden
  • Ify, that shirt. BDM style. where can i buy ?

    Ramsey GarrettRamsey GarrettMaand geleden
  • Kimm is the homie. Kimm dog go hard

    Ramsey GarrettRamsey GarrettMaand geleden
  • 👎

    Estevan VegaEstevan VegaMaand geleden
    • 👍🏾

      La NLa NMaand geleden
  • What the fuck happend to ian's hair looks like shayne's head shot photo

    Grim ReaperTVGrim ReaperTVMaand geleden
  • this was cursed i’m absolutely devastated, thank u!

    Camille ArroyosCamille ArroyosMaand geleden
  • Yo just realized Ify is in an episode of Workaholics s 6 ep. 10

    Anthony SayboltAnthony SayboltMaand geleden
  • “You’re the one with the kid” did not compute for me right away oh my god

    Gen MordenGen MordenMaand geleden
  • So strange. I do the random crane thing too, since i was about 8.

    Vivian GodwinVivian GodwinMaand geleden
  • Why does kimmie always fuh ken cheat bruh. Always any game she can she does

    Anthony RussoAnthony RussoMaand geleden
  • I love this game, pls play it more :)

    Hunter MurrellHunter MurrellMaand geleden
  • Next Board AF idea: Sheriff of Nottingham

    Jamesw CarpenterJamesw CarpenterMaand geleden
  • ...Ian

    Michael OlveraMichael OlveraMaand geleden
  • I want iffy to fucking destroy me. in any context

    William WallerWilliam WallerMaand geleden
  • Just take in shanes face 9:48 just amire it

    GalaxyArticfoxGalaxyArticfoxMaand geleden

    Fat Ass Production StudiosFat Ass Production StudiosMaand geleden
  • 12:53 Ify said "Tongue kissing my Grandad" for those wondering i replayed the clip over 10 times while lip reading lol

    DarkNebula199DarkNebula199Maand geleden
    • thank you! i was looking for that

      hannah quickhannah quickMaand geleden
  • What is up with shaynes laughing face? Sir Humble Brag much?

    Goghween !Goghween !Maand geleden

    LoveHateLoveHateMaand geleden
  • Um does anyone know what they said at 12:55

    Avery RileyAvery RileyMaand geleden
  • Why is Kimmy...

    Dudeman9339Dudeman9339Maand geleden
    • so cute?

      Dudeman9339Dudeman9339Maand geleden
  • so it's basically dumb fibbage

    Dudeman9339Dudeman9339Maand geleden
  • Need this with Courtney or and Noah instead of Ify (:

    Ruta NarNarRuta NarNarMaand geleden
  • Ian straight up looks like blonde Link with a colorful beanie😂😍

    AlessandraAlessandraMaand geleden
  • Shaynes craynes

    Tatyana GarciaTatyana GarciaMaand geleden
  • Anyone who watched the streamn know what Ify said that was Bleeped out? I wanna know :))

    Marilyn TraasMarilyn TraasMaand geleden

    Ethan ChavezEthan ChavezMaand geleden
  • Where did Ify get his shirt?

    Nicholas ShawverNicholas ShawverMaand geleden
  • Can we get count of Damien's hair flips? lmao

    Courtney NealCourtney NealMaand geleden
  • Why do guys hate.......me

    Little KateLittle KateMaand geleden
  • 9:44 I cannot with Ify 😂😂😭😭😭

    lovelylovelyMaand geleden
  • Ah yes Smosh mouth and their best song "somebody once told me, you're my favourite pizza place"

    S KS KMaand geleden