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    • @Judson Noe Whoa! Took about 15 minutes but it reallyworked!!

      Ulises BradleyUlises BradleyDag geleden
    • Dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Insta Portal. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

      Judson NoeJudson NoeDag geleden
    • Bubble KB I on BBC

      F H V O K E -_- -_-F H V O K E -_- -_-3 maanden geleden
    • BBB BBB I BBB hi

      F H V O K E -_- -_-F H V O K E -_- -_-3 maanden geleden
    • Loved it , few tips in there too

      Maurice McMulkinMaurice McMulkin3 maanden geleden
  • I love how they fight like church ladies

    Sam WrightSam Wright3 dagen geleden
  • Imagine walking into your gym and sees these massive dudes. Lol looks like Brian's 3/4 way to the ceiling

    Brian DesjardinsBrian Desjardins4 dagen geleden
  • I'm 160 kg... do you guys think you could throw me? lol ^^

    ratakaioratakaio10 dagen geleden
  • when this video was over, my arms hurt and I was just watching

    Timothy TrullTimothy Trull10 dagen geleden
  • I love it when you guys get together. Keep it real Brian!

    00DaveTV00DaveTV11 dagen geleden
  • Did Shaw chalk up for 7’s?

    Dieter Von CunthDieter Von Cunth11 dagen geleden
  • Why is Eddie the shortest 6’3 guy ever😂

    Galu CastroGalu Castro11 dagen geleden
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    Chase KaskoChase Kasko13 dagen geleden
  • Is Brian left handed or right handed? I fall into the category of arms where my dominant arm is smaller than my other slightly.

    pete thegreatpete thegreat13 dagen geleden
  • Laughed my ass off when they measured each other's arms.

    pete thegreatpete thegreat13 dagen geleden
  • ...╭──────╮ ╭┆...╭────╮ ┆┆...╰────╯ ┆┆....................┆ ╰┆....┆ ─┌....┆ ….╰─╯....╰─╯

    Hunter ImmelHunter Immel18 dagen geleden
  • Is nobody going to mention that Eddie Hall said out of he could say he said "you know us boys like measuring things" 🤣🤣🤣

    bugs bunnybugs bunny18 dagen geleden
  • Eddie one of these days Brian's going to kick your ass all the shit you give him.

    John HargisJohn Hargis18 dagen geleden
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    Nathaniel MacapagalNathaniel Macapagal18 dagen geleden
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    Nathaniel MacapagalNathaniel Macapagal18 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else watch this 200009 times cause they’re funny

    dutchy 147dutchy 14719 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else think this is kind homoerotic

    Kakka PyttynenKakka Pyttynen20 dagen geleden
  • Lol anyone else notice Eddie half reps everything? Tricep extensions- he was doing more presses. Push downs- he was leaning way over doing the ol jack hammer like push downs. Says go up to the chest, then never goes up that high until the last couple reps of each set. Dumbbell curls- using hella momentum, brings his head to the dumbbell, and half reps. And on and on... 😅

    Russ whaleyRuss whaley21 dag geleden
  • Notice how the pond skipper can't read in inches

    BeefBoyBeefBoy22 dagen geleden
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    Ping WuPing Wu24 dagen geleden
  • Eddie Hall cheater since 2017 :D

    BigJefreyBigJefrey26 dagen geleden
  • 1:56 EDDIE AS ALWAYS DOPE. ❤️😉

    Saurabh ParkerSaurabh Parker26 dagen geleden
  • "George of the Jungle" LOL!

    Randy RushRandy Rush26 dagen geleden
  • These two guys are hilarious,makes funny tv.

    corey smithcorey smith28 dagen geleden
  • These guys would rip me apart cuz im always late

    Chiefbsog22nyChiefbsog22nyMaand geleden
  • hey bud whats your bmi bud

    Zac KZac KMaand geleden
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    Lola FieldsLola FieldsMaand geleden
  • "Thats a fat funnel" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jeremiah ShoptaughJeremiah ShoptaughMaand geleden
  • “Hello Brian, it’s nice of you to turn up” “Yep”

    Robert DeVitoRobert DeVitoMaand geleden
  • I'm getting shadowbanned

    Umbri UmbriUmbri UmbriMaand geleden
  • Best duos in history: Khabib + DC Kali muscle + Big boy Eddie hall + Brian shaw

    DENDE !DENDE !Maand geleden
  • That "can't have copyrighted music" just because it's in the background is beyond stupid

    KuuBluhKahnKuuBluhKahnMaand geleden

    Mike’s ReviewsMike’s ReviewsMaand geleden
  • Why did the checkout lady ask what Eddie needed that fot

    Rahul KandaRahul KandaMaand geleden
  • Like Imagine you standing next to the road and then you see the two strongest men on earth driving by 🤯🤯

    iamtiagoziamtiagozMaand geleden
  • These men have so much muscle between each muscle it looks like they don't have muscles.

    King beefKing beefMaand geleden
  • What's the difference with strongman workouts vs bodybuilder workouts

    King beefKing beefMaand geleden
  • this duo makes my day :D amazing!

    Dániel CsontosDániel CsontosMaand geleden
  • u expect them to be mindless beasts but they are actually such well spoken guys

    CHEMICHEMIMaand geleden
  • i want to work out with you guys so bad its insane i need motivators like you guys

    thelastyoutuberthelastyoutuberMaand geleden
  • watching these videos is so funny they act like their married or actually brothers but all serious they are both great people

    Ron AtkinsonRon AtkinsonMaand geleden
  • Just put a tape around my arm............🤣🤣🤣 makes me feel so small!!!

    H mH mMaand geleden
  • Why did the cashier ask what he needed it for. Eddie's response was the best though

    Elijah WrightElijah WrightMaand geleden
  • They're like an old married couple 😂

    Gaz JonesGaz JonesMaand geleden
  • Brian seems like a real nice guy, gentle giant 💪

    Marty ldlMarty ldlMaand geleden
  • Brian's wear jordan 13 bred

    antr0z0usantr0z0usMaand geleden
  • But where are your masks tho

    Hat BirdHat BirdMaand geleden
  • The Musik in background on 9:50 is so Romantic

    Ronny BeuleckeRonny BeuleckeMaand geleden
  • Eddie Hall road rage comp. please someone make one

    Jacob ReedyJacob ReedyMaand geleden
  • i like that they do skul pressese with more then my deadlift pr im weak

    Elliot DElliot DMaand geleden
  • Melon head 😂😂😂

    B-low beatboxB-low beatboxMaand geleden
  • "Form is terrible" well go and show them how to do it lad

    Daniel ShookDaniel ShookMaand geleden
  • Brian Shaw is fucking huge ain't he 😂

    RatRaceProducingRatRaceProducingMaand geleden
  • I love how straight faced Mr Shaw can be 😂 you guys together makes good content

    RatRaceProducingRatRaceProducingMaand geleden
  • 1:24, should've just cut it there.

    BooseBooseMaand geleden
  • Wish I could have these two men be my personal trainers. My fat loss journey would actually be fun. Their videos keep me motivated though

    Welcome to The MlifeWelcome to The MlifeMaand geleden
  • @ 2:38 Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

    Welcome to The MlifeWelcome to The MlifeMaand geleden
  • That was the most intense tricep drop set ive seen!

    RynihilationRynihilationMaand geleden
  • Lol...”if we’re going to do incline presses we can set it up differently”...too funny 😆

    StellabullyStellabullyMaand geleden
  • Brian came w the 🔥 I see those 13’s 👀

    Alex_2o9 NSS ::Alex_2o9 NSS ::Maand geleden
  • Why the Walgreens lady ask that😭

    TristanTristanMaand geleden
  • I’m fatigued after that! Brutal

    Steven WattsSteven WattsMaand geleden

    NiceTry Won'tCatchMeNiceTry Won'tCatchMeMaand geleden
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    Dominic TanDominic TanMaand geleden
  • Brian must be the only American that understands British sarcasm 😂

    gee 88gee 88Maand geleden
  • I’m glad Brian asked him where he picked that up from cause I was looking at it like, a) I’ve never seen that before and, b) I’m not sure that’s isolating anything special.

    Heretic LifeHeretic Life2 maanden geleden
  • Why would you wear a mouth piece while doing an arm workout

    chris andersonchris anderson2 maanden geleden
  • What I really find interesting, you are joking around and messing up with each other like all the time! But as soon somebody picks up a weight, all jokes are gone, you are quiete or fireing up each other. I noticed that in all,of your training videos. That‘s a great habit, those lifts can be dangerous if you mess around, I love it.

    Ralph SchieferRalph Schiefer2 maanden geleden
  • Brian shaw is the best strongman in history.

    Magna CartaMagna Carta2 maanden geleden
  • Eddie needs to learn what skill crushers is

    christopher corcoranchristopher corcoran2 maanden geleden
  • Brian ain’t a morning person haha

    Pro Bro40Pro Bro402 maanden geleden
  • How can you not love these guys😂😂😂

    Trauma Team PlatinumTrauma Team Platinum2 maanden geleden
  • Closing your eyes while watching this really makes you take it outta context.

    Jace HendersonJace Henderson2 maanden geleden
  • Brian needs to have that third nipple on his arm looked at. XD

    VladprydeVladpryde2 maanden geleden
  • Brian’s vocabulary when he’s getting made fun of or picked on: “Yup.”

    Amanja DevedzcAmanja Devedzc2 maanden geleden
  • love these guys together

    Brian SwiftBrian Swift2 maanden geleden
  • you know what boys are like we always measuring things pmsl that made my night that

    Brian SwiftBrian Swift2 maanden geleden
  • Noys always measure things

    Renga NathaRenga Natha2 maanden geleden
  • i love how during the workouts they support each other and push each other but when they’re in breaks they just take shots at each other lol

    TezryTezry2 maanden geleden
  • You guys should do more videos together.

    Ernesto OrtegaErnesto Ortega2 maanden geleden
  • (1:17) Brian's like I'm tired of your shenanigans Eddie 😆

    Henry ChuongHenry Chuong2 maanden geleden
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      TezryTezry2 maanden geleden
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    Dezroid LamptonDezroid Lampton2 maanden geleden
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    Dezroid LamptonDezroid Lampton2 maanden geleden
    • what

      TezryTezry2 maanden geleden
  • Brian is the literal definition of a gentle giant, such a genuine man

    Myles WoodmanseeMyles Woodmansee2 maanden geleden
  • His arm is thicker than my leg.

    Jonathan GorrJonathan Gorr2 maanden geleden
  • Bruh I swear I hear one night by lil yachty in the video

    Random MexicanRandom Mexican2 maanden geleden
  • Watching strong men lift like body builders is so awkward 🤣

    Cameron SalehpourCameron Salehpour2 maanden geleden
  • arguing :D

    Andrew PearceAndrew Pearce2 maanden geleden
  • If i got same amount of fat as bryan im gonna have19inch arm maybe18.5

    fake georgianfake georgian2 maanden geleden
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    matt waldmanmatt waldman2 maanden geleden
  • What is that thing they put in their mouths

    Kareem OsmanKareem Osman2 maanden geleden
  • dont really need music in background

    ronniezzzzronniezzzz2 maanden geleden
  • ☺☺☺☺☺👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Candra YaniCandra Yani2 maanden geleden
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    Dominic TanDominic Tan2 maanden geleden
    • You wot m8?

      thomas challengerthomas challenger2 maanden geleden
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    Dominic TanDominic Tan2 maanden geleden
  • 🤣 🤣

    Sushil DeshmukhSushil Deshmukh3 maanden geleden
  • Hello 👋

    MONOLITH TVMONOLITH TV3 maanden geleden