Epic Barcelona Last Minute Goals

6 apr. 2021
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Epic Barcelona Last Minute Goals. Andres Iniesta vs Chelsea, Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid, Ousmane Dembele vs Valladolid, Pedro vs Sevilla, and so on...
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  • Barca magic

    Tyrique MurrayTyrique Murray3 uur geleden
  • Força barça 🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵

    Galaxia d'andrómeda riniGalaxia d'andrómeda rini11 uur geleden
  • Sorry guys, we just really like to score last second goals against Sevilla!

    mr manmr man14 uur geleden
  • The song reminded me of the Home Alone song 😂

    Runitup CRunitup CDag geleden
  • In the 1:16 Cristiano in tears

    Alain ValeroAlain ValeroDag geleden
  • 03:33 Berasa Ngebaca Al-Quran

    APTzy!!APTzy!!2 dagen geleden
  • From Pedro to Pedri

    Marios KastrounisMarios Kastrounis2 dagen geleden
  • 1:00 Ronaldo to barca let's inside ronaldo 😎

    xyst9mxyst9m3 dagen geleden
  • 1:00 . Nightmare = ))

    ༄࿐Mika ༄࿐༄࿐Mika ༄࿐3 dagen geleden
  • 0:47 but how the fuck from 91:35 to 92:35😂

    Tetraites KillmongerTetraites Killmonger4 dagen geleden
  • too much adds

    Tetraites KillmongerTetraites Killmonger4 dagen geleden
  • Seville 👉👉😢😭

    Mbor Niang FayeMbor Niang Faye4 dagen geleden
  • My heart beat this season 📉📈📉📈📉📈📈📉📈📈📉📈📉📈

    CloverPlayzCloverPlayz7 dagen geleden
  • Sevilla fans rn😭😭😭🥺

    KeDtKeDt8 dagen geleden
  • Have anyone noticed messi assisting directly and indirectly for almost all the goals they scored last minute...

    John RamboJohn Rambo9 dagen geleden
  • Pedro was played a key role on the team. It was really important

    Alou TopAlou Top9 dagen geleden
  • Copa del rey sevillia

    Ianis AndreiIanis Andrei10 dagen geleden
  • In living moment, pique's goal and dembele's goal were the most hype for me.

    XoRoW GamingXoRoW Gaming11 dagen geleden
  • ❤❤❤

    Hitler KomHitler Kom12 dagen geleden
  • Supporting my club Bercelona since My Childhood when I learned What is Football ❤️🥰

    PushpaPushpa12 dagen geleden
  • Title race looks good for barca right now. They gained a massive confidence boost by winning a trophy after almost 2 years with ease and showed that confidence by beating getafe 5-2 (yes I know the defence was a bit sloppy in that game but they still won so it don't matter) atletico madrid haven't been at their best this season (but they did win two games in a row) and real madrid are still competing in the UCL which could affect their performances in la liga (as shown by them drawing 0-0 against getafe and even being out played by them) I can't say a lot about sevilla only that they have a higher likelyhood of dropping points against smaller teams than barca, real and atleti do (even though all these teams have dropped points against smaller clubs) and also that they have the least amount of points out of al these teams but only by a very small amount

    Yeeter 69Yeeter 6913 dagen geleden
  • I am emotional right now. Through the tough times we went through. It's all worth it. A Barcelona fan for over 13 years

    Rich GamingRich Gaming13 dagen geleden
  • Thanks Wouva. Another good one.

    Ed NolenEd Nolen16 dagen geleden
  • Poor Sevilla all the goals to him jajajaj

    Khalid ChKhalid Ch16 dagen geleden
  • He estado apoyando al fc Barcelona desde que supe del FÚTBOL

    Rosy RasheedRosy Rasheed18 dagen geleden

    LEYSTANLEYSTAN19 dagen geleden
  • Ineastaaaa 💥

    Adithya DevAdithya Dev20 dagen geleden
  • That goal messi vs real Madrid

    Bunduki man19Bunduki man1920 dagen geleden
  • Did I miss it or was Barca 5-3 Granada not included?

    Andi Blue77Andi Blue7721 dag geleden
  • Це Щедрик на фоні ?

    Михайло ПМихайло П22 dagen geleden
  • sevilla has suffered

    RDRD22 dagen geleden
  • can we talk about the fact that Messi is involved in more than half of the actions ?

    djeg mgsdjeg mgs22 dagen geleden
  • Golaaaaaaazoooo de Andrés golaaaaaazoo ed Andrés iniesta And and Chelsea fans cover their eyes in horror إنيستا غداااارة غداارة غدااارة غدااارة البرسا لروما Which language you heard the match with???

    GAÑEM JRGAÑEM JR23 dagen geleden
  • يعني كل المعلقين العربيين الرائعين نسمع صوت يوسف سيف 😐

    مصطفى الدون الحلاويمصطفى الدون الحلاوي23 dagen geleden
  • Why all the close matches are with sevilla

    Prasanta Sagar Tripura 36Prasanta Sagar Tripura 3623 dagen geleden
  • Messi's passes to pedro 🤔🙌

    saleh hajisaleh haji23 dagen geleden
  • Song ??

    Kamal SureshKamal Suresh23 dagen geleden
  • ❤👍🏼

    Abdulbary RzgarAbdulbary Rzgar24 dagen geleden
  • Why always sevilla hahah

    Mohamed BencheikhMohamed Bencheikh24 dagen geleden
  • Sevilla 🤣🤣

    Dylan KDylan K24 dagen geleden
  • Kings of comeback against psg oh that day was a absolutely insane day goosebumps dude🔥❤️ Forca Barca

    Vighnesh MsVighnesh Ms25 dagen geleden
  • 🎖🏆🏅🥇MESSİ

    AZE; SCORPİONAZE; SCORPİON25 dagen geleden
  • who came here after el classico bar hit

    RudolfMasterRudolfMaster26 dagen geleden
    • 😭😭

      Aditya MauryaAditya Maurya25 dagen geleden
  • Ilaix moriba casi lo vuelve a hacer hoy al ultimo minuto del clasico

    Chris Dady BoyChris Dady Boy26 dagen geleden
  • 1:00 Messi The G.O.A.T 😍🔥😍🔥

    GameTube360GameTube36026 dagen geleden
    • @Thestriking Kill y do you think such a stupid thought

      syed husainsyed husain2 dagen geleden
    • @syed husain pique is stupid tho I’m a Barca fan

      Thestriking KillThestriking Kill2 dagen geleden
    • @syed ahmed ur right but so is pique

      syed husainsyed husain2 dagen geleden
    • No sergio ramos is a legend

      syed ahmedsyed ahmed3 dagen geleden
    • yeah

      syed husainsyed husain3 dagen geleden
  • Barça forever....

    jimroca the Rockjimroca the Rock26 dagen geleden
  • Most of them were created or scored by messi

    Mr19 Productions•Mr19 Productions•26 dagen geleden
  • 0:01 music?

    Elcan SüleymanovElcan Süleymanov26 dagen geleden
  • There are soo many comebacks with Sevilla 😉

    Akmal TeshayevAkmal Teshayev26 dagen geleden
  • 4:58 it was amazing. And I was among villarreal fans. It was such a pleasure

    Akmal TeshayevAkmal Teshayev26 dagen geleden
  • There can be a video of barca last minute goals against sevilla

    Ishaan KapoorIshaan Kapoor26 dagen geleden
  • Wow FC Barcelona great

    InterNationalInterNational26 dagen geleden
  • Sevilla likes to receive late goals lmao

    XX26 dagen geleden
  • You forgot to put the last minute goals against Granada in Copa Del Rey 2021

    Swapnodip Singha RoySwapnodip Singha Roy27 dagen geleden
  • Sevilia have faced the same scenario over and over again 😂

    Super G V2Super G V227 dagen geleden
  • I feel sorry for Seville 😁

    KevKev27 dagen geleden
  • Sevilla get's destroyed Everytime lol

    DamnDamn27 dagen geleden
  • Ola mister esto es Dembele que lo estamos esperando de mucio tiempo!

    Vasile BobeVasile Bobe27 dagen geleden
  • The iconic iniesta goal

    K MK M27 dagen geleden
  • Poor Sevilla🤣😱

    Rubén ValleRubén Valle27 dagen geleden
  • Messi Vs Madrid

    RyntathiangRyntathiang27 dagen geleden
  • Arabic commentators just makes it like 🔥

    Hademine AhmedHademine Ahmed27 dagen geleden
  • He's a superhuman!🔥

    Prabesh PaswanPrabesh Paswan27 dagen geleden
  • song?

    Balázs MalikBalázs Malik27 dagen geleden
    • .

      Elcan SüleymanovElcan Süleymanov26 dagen geleden
  • Sevilla is the worst victim😂

    Hollow HumanHollow Human27 dagen geleden
  • EL CLASICO IS OURS!!!!!!q1

    John JacobJohn Jacob28 dagen geleden
    • lol

      Ali ZeibAli Zeib21 dag geleden
  • Sevilla get peppered with late goals😂

    Latrell WestbyLatrell Westby28 dagen geleden
  • Could've included Granada game as well

    Shivang RattanShivang Rattan28 dagen geleden

  • A team that never gives up! Mentality

    SreenivasSreenivas29 dagen geleden
  • Most times I always loved it when they leave it late. It makes rivals cry alot

    Ogbonna ChinwenduOgbonna Chinwendu29 dagen geleden
  • Sevilla be like: Why always me????😂😂

    Prazil ThapaPrazil Thapa29 dagen geleden
  • Poor Sevilla😰

    Alexandru TatomirAlexandru Tatomir29 dagen geleden
  • almost all the assist are from Lionel Messi ♥️😍

    Liamin HaokipLiamin Haokip29 dagen geleden
  • What was the name of the first soundtrack?

    MES4MES429 dagen geleden
  • 1:41 gives me goosebumps

    ••കുറുപ്പ്••••കുറുപ്പ്••29 dagen geleden
  • Messi my idol ❤️🔥💪👍⚽

    Taslin Aslin23Taslin Aslin2329 dagen geleden
  • This video means that barcelona will come back

    قناة حمودي و مريومةقناة حمودي و مريومة29 dagen geleden
  • തുടക്കത്തിൽ ഉള്ള tune കേട്ടവരുണ്ടോ

    Yahya MuneebYahya Muneeb29 dagen geleden
  • Visca el Barca supporting from 2008 to now 2021

    YUG PATELYUG PATEL29 dagen geleden
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    jyothi ckjyothi ckMaand geleden
  • VISCA EL BARCA 💙♥️💪🏻

    Nicolas BuelaNicolas BuelaMaand geleden
  • Sevilla must really hate Barca 😂

    Abdullahi UmarAbdullahi UmarMaand geleden
  • Music at 6:00 pls ??

    Over The TopOver The TopMaand geleden
  • Nice

    Yahi SidiYahi SidiMaand geleden
  • Your vids are amazing and so is your timing

    Muhammad SalarMuhammad SalarMaand geleden
  • After 10 years of being a loyal supporter, it's not easy supporting Barcelona guys...but this just makes it all worth it.

    Kai GamingKai GamingMaand geleden
    • @M65 so why? He saw a team he like and started supporting them, “bandwagons” are stupid

      Ulises JimenezUlises Jimenez5 dagen geleden
    • 10 years? that means you hopped on the bandwagon since the glory days.. so its not hard either lmao

      M65M6510 dagen geleden
    • But we always Support Barça. #ViscaElBarça 💙❤️

      MaxMax10 dagen geleden
    • Stfu

      Baby Appa Yip YipBaby Appa Yip Yip11 dagen geleden
    • Visca Barca y Visca Catalunya from Germany i Support this Club since 2011

      crr kid shit on ucrr kid shit on u13 dagen geleden
  • Sevilla Is BARCA's fav opponent To score Last Minute Goals😂

    Shahzar RaisShahzar RaisMaand geleden
    • Ikr

      andria koblianidze second channelandria koblianidze second channelDag geleden
  • Roberto was so good what happened to him

    Coutinho The MagicianCoutinho The MagicianMaand geleden
    • @Hadi Boi ikr dude what happened to him

      Coutinho The MagicianCoutinho The Magician3 dagen geleden
    • He came back and performed worse than ever

      Hadi BoiHadi Boi3 dagen geleden
    • He’s been injured for a while

      John BerryJohn BerryMaand geleden
  • Dembouz inspired u

    Coutinho The GoatCoutinho The GoatMaand geleden
  • just top notch entertainment

    moaz redamoaz redaMaand geleden
  • Sevilla always becomes victims of last minute goal against barcelona

    Shatadru DattaShatadru DattaMaand geleden
  • We want a second part

    Marc aracilMarc aracilMaand geleden
  • Neymar vs Juventus final ?????

    freeze Corleone 667freeze Corleone 667Maand geleden
  • We will never give up we will always believe until the end forca Barca #barcapool fan

    Carl FisherCarl FisherMaand geleden
  • Sevilla likes to recive Barcelona Goals at last minute

    VitoVitoMaand geleden
    • @Lamar young_prod xD

      VitoVito8 dagen geleden
    • I said the samething when watching

      Lamar young_prodLamar young_prod8 dagen geleden
  • This season barca almost gave me heart attack with all last minute goals

    Pranjal PrithviPranjal PrithviMaand geleden
    • Fr

      Andi Blue77Andi Blue7721 dag geleden

      Ramón ValiñoRamón Valiño26 dagen geleden
    • last minute goals are better than losing or tieing a match🤘🤘🤘

      Devyani KanvindeDevyani KanvindeMaand geleden
  • That dembele goal might have won us the title..

    Kush RavalKush RavalMaand geleden
    • MIGHT have, we’ll see. We need to beat atletico madrid, if we dont then we’re out of the title race

      mr manmr man14 uur geleden
    • @Kush Raval but it’s harder

      Hadi BoiHadi Boi3 dagen geleden
    • This didn’t age well

      Hadi BoiHadi Boi3 dagen geleden
    • @MAS This did age well.

      ali mhmali mhm9 dagen geleden
    • @MAS we still have a VERY good chance just play everygood player at best performance at evermatch left and hope real L/D

      Mr PopoMr Popo20 dagen geleden
  • The best football channel!

  • last view😉

    tricky techytricky techyMaand geleden