Eminem | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

19 mrt. 2020
10 067 102 Weergaven

Will the real #MarshallMathers please sit down for a rare and revealing conversation on the set of his new music video #Godzilla ? Yes he will. Don’t miss #MikeTyson and #DrDre cameo in the new #Eminem video: nlworld.info/key/video/05dhfM-8jJxmoKY
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  • " _Half way to the video and just realized why is this in Black and White?_ "

    RudyPhileRudyPhileUur geleden
  • Em...I already hear a rap written from this interview. Good interview HBI !

    Roberto AlvarezRoberto Alvarez3 uur geleden
  • 44:20 same

    MagdalenaWhoMagdalenaWho6 uur geleden
  • Back when they didn't sell out

    Ibrahim KhanIbrahim Khan7 uur geleden
  • I just want to say a quick thanks to uncle Ronnie for introducing Eminem to rap 🙏 🙌

    MagdalenaWhoMagdalenaWho7 uur geleden
  • Legendary moment I love em and mike

    Wild100sWild100s21 uur geleden
  • My two favorite brothers together!!!!!

    Mike Rener JrMike Rener Jr21 uur geleden
  • Dudes a douchebag

    Steven MaysSteven Mays21 uur geleden
  • What's his face kept trying to end the interview like 4 times wtf. 2 legends talking real shit. Let em talk. This legendary. I'm mad he cut them off as if he has more power than the both of em. Weird

    Keem Wit The DreamKeem Wit The Dream23 uur geleden
  • Eminem... "Yeah." x1000 lol

    Alpha10Alpha10Dag geleden
    • @Oksana My boy's sounding like Lil Jon... 😄

      Alpha10Alpha104 uur geleden
    • as I was reading your comment I heard 3 "yeah", another 4 while typing this response.)

      OksanaOksana12 uur geleden
  • If you’ve heard the song I’m shady, you know why this could be awkward

    Duane StokesDuane StokesDag geleden
  • Em and Tyson two of my favorite people in this world. Man I wish I could meet one of them. Not many people would understand that streets lifestyle we had to endure.

    Zig ZagZig ZagDag geleden
  • This is an Epic convo! Mike and Marshall! Don' get me wrong I would'nt fook with Mike! But I challenged him to like my comment! Plus I know what you all talk about! Them Demons aint good!

    CCJDCCJDDag geleden
  • we're all our environment no matter what boxing hip hop jazz ballet martial arts to me a few out of nearly 7 billion things now each of us. if I may stress one of my opinions it would be 2 words that are thrown around and guaranteed if looked at individually changes them . and this is only my being asking first is love. what does it mean it's suppose to be for anyone but yourself or giving your best to someone else unconditional. so when anyone says I love you baby and still smacks em around or does anything as in kids , partner or anyone. that's not inclusive or letting anyone into your life and making your best known. 2nf word is responsible or responsibilty.. if I ask who are you responsible for most answer their closest to them. the word means the ability to respond. a thought is a response and action is a response a feeling is a response. you know you are on tv they're not responsive that means dead. yes. if you're not dead then you respond to the world to life itself. words are key as that's how we form sentenced and sayings and teach what words mean as they're written just this will make a difference. only in my opinion and I want it's not a need I need food and water to survive this is a want that everyone is entitled to. it's your planet too that's a fact.

    Tim FordeTim FordeDag geleden
  • 42:00 Tyson: if anybody said something about him I would kill them Room:.....

    Pat WPat WDag geleden
  • Fuck you debbie

    James FultonJames FultonDag geleden
  • john wick does not feel relevant in this conversation.

    AnimeAddictDudeAnimeAddictDudeDag geleden
  • Cool

    ememeememeDag geleden
  • The 4.8k dislikes are from people who didn’t grow up watching these legends from day one

    Why NotWhy Not2 dagen geleden
  • Isn't it funny , everyone is talking about boxing but Mike Tyson is talking about killing people . Dangerous man , Mike Tyson still is , he's somebody , you just don't want to f---k with , even today. Respect Mike !

    rodney jonesrodney jones2 dagen geleden
  • Hey Mike, happy to see you made it alive and sane. Grew up on your era, really really happy to know that you are living peaceful and happy life and healthy. I didnt realise back then how sad it was being you filling in that shoes....Respect. Bro, much love, hugs. all good now. Also for Marshall who went through crazy difficult life in the past, i got surprised to see him became so wise, healthy & he made it! much respect. Happy ending. Thank you both for your inspiration

    Pretty Little SyPretty Little Sy2 dagen geleden
  • Is tyson just so stoned that he talks like that, or is it his condition

    Howdie RowdieHowdie Rowdie2 dagen geleden
  • I like Eminem because he mentions god

    Sam CarbajalSam Carbajal2 dagen geleden
  • Mike you were fucking drunk

    David GhettoDavid Ghetto2 dagen geleden
  • Eminem looks mesican with that beer

    Sam CarbajalSam Carbajal2 dagen geleden
  • Bruh people sleep on em humbleness he is the goat

    MacchiavelliMacchiavelli2 dagen geleden
  • damn em really hates his smile😪

    QResistyQResisty2 dagen geleden
  • Now I got the juice wouldn’t beef if I was you

    MacchiavelliMacchiavelli2 dagen geleden
  • It is very nice to hear a thought from both the legend.

    Pritam PeguPritam Pegu3 dagen geleden
  • Mike really has a beautiful voice if you listen to it it is so HUMBLE!

    Round Table Sports NetworkRound Table Sports Network3 dagen geleden
  • 13:16 em gets choked up then changes the subject

    Mikey GermsheidMikey Germsheid3 dagen geleden
  • Theven mile

    Pretty JiggyPretty Jiggy3 dagen geleden
  • Thank you Champ. This content (as in all your content you out into the world) is a continuous source of inspiration on my path to self betterment. Much love and respect for Mr. Mathers as well. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU. 🤣🙏🤓👐🏼

    Jessie DaveeJessie Davee4 dagen geleden
  • Big Mike said tell Em to come holla at me and don't have me come look for ya you dig!🤣😂.M got that ass their scared to deaf.Shittin Bricks.

    Matthew HammockMatthew Hammock4 dagen geleden
  • Detroit Marshal in the house‼️ Detroit is the promise land

    SJD_SJD_4 dagen geleden
  • Mike is worthy,..Em... not so much

    Everywhere BearEverywhere Bear4 dagen geleden
  • M&M talking about himself boxing in front of Mike!!!! Maaaaaann Shut the fuck up you played out rapper talking to a legend, so clearly full of wisdom you will never have pfffttt.

    Everywhere BearEverywhere Bear4 dagen geleden
    • Dmt

      Suckmydickyou GovementprickspySuckmydickyou Govementprickspy2 dagen geleden
  • The part where Eminem says "I believe you" after Tyson says he would kill someone for talking smack about his mentor is hilarious.

    Real American NegroReal American Negro4 dagen geleden
    • his mentor was the greatest coach ever 😭😭

      Nome CognomeNome Cognome2 dagen geleden
  • Mike Tyson is hilarious

    Real American NegroReal American Negro4 dagen geleden
  • dudes beard is too weird

    Kevin CratemanKevin Crateman4 dagen geleden
  • i was coked up, and fought and olsen twin.- tyson

    Frankie MorenoFrankie Moreno4 dagen geleden
  • im going to listen to his like every day

    Filip CarneckyFilip Carnecky4 dagen geleden
  • I'm Mike tyson😂🤣

    Caleb ChettyCaleb Chetty5 dagen geleden
  • This interview is a classic. On the real 💯

    Karlito's WayKarlito's Way5 dagen geleden
  • You can see em's hair plugs in his beard... we all know you don't have that stupid hair helmet you fake try hard gangster... LOL

    Kuro MisuKuro Misu5 dagen geleden
  • Em pupils look big as hell. Mine does too so I can't say shit....

    CottenCotten5 dagen geleden
  • Eminem: I'm chopped liver - "Without Me" Mike Tyson: Well, you're not chopped liver

    T. LeT. Le5 dagen geleden
  • When he says it takes a lot to be the champ you can hear him choking up. I felt that...

    Perplexed WolfPerplexed Wolf5 dagen geleden
  • It's interesting just how similar the lives they've lived are. They had people of different race and culture accept them and motivate them.

    Perplexed WolfPerplexed Wolf5 dagen geleden
  • You can tell Mike respects em. But he doesn't like em. Mike found God. Em avoids Him. Must be refreshing for em to be so humbled. Good for him. Hopefully he seeks God too.

    BirdyCrackerBirdyCracker5 dagen geleden
  • Em and Tyson deadliest combo. One will destroy you physically and other will destroy you mentally.

    Emon DeoriEmon Deori5 dagen geleden
  • This dude has a good voice, he should stop acting and make music.

    Tickle MeTickle Me5 dagen geleden
  • Who the real slim…

    sickslicksickslick6 dagen geleden
  • Just look at his personality and attitude Mike, your white pal is using you. Fire him.

    Jotan MirabalJotan Mirabal6 dagen geleden
  • This Jew really thinks he's greater than Eminem. Mike, why are you fucking with Jews?

    Jotan MirabalJotan Mirabal6 dagen geleden
    • He's a complete turd.

      Jamie KitchensJamie Kitchens5 dagen geleden
  • 2 white dudes in 1 room, and 1 is 100% fake. Who is the fake 1?

    Jotan MirabalJotan Mirabal6 dagen geleden
  • My boy Eminem forgot about the camera The fact it takes Mike Tyson and Eminem to sit down together to learn about Eminem and Mike Tyson is beautiful Togetherness is the truth.

    Jotan MirabalJotan Mirabal6 dagen geleden
  • On God I know God told us to love everybody, and I do, but that 1 white dude in Mike Tyson's podcast is suspect. I don't feel he has the best interest at heart and mind.

    Jotan MirabalJotan Mirabal6 dagen geleden
  • It's crazy to think that someday Em will be in the spot where Mike Tyson is. And another legend will be in Em's position.

    Neferkait ChorkickNeferkait Chorkick6 dagen geleden
  • 20:50 on God my boy Eminem was really in the moment. It was like the camera wasn't even there. Mike Tyson speaks serious Wisdom! Don't let the fact he smokes weed fool you.

    Jotan MirabalJotan Mirabal6 dagen geleden
  • nigga wooooow "The dude I was paying rent to, he didn't pay the rent with it" honestly wtf

    Jotan MirabalJotan Mirabal6 dagen geleden
  • God bless Eminem's patience. God bless Mike's patiences.

    BossJoshBossJosh6 dagen geleden
  • I used one of Tyson's blocks and knocked the guy out of the ring

    Vatasha JohnsonVatasha Johnson6 dagen geleden
  • The best champion of all champions

    Vatasha JohnsonVatasha Johnson6 dagen geleden
  • The best boxer of all times

    Vatasha JohnsonVatasha Johnson6 dagen geleden
  • Man mike has changed a lot! He's talking life now....

  • Fucks wit my dawg heavy but them high tops, cmon now

    CHRISCHRIS6 dagen geleden
  • This interview lost my interest in the very beginning

    XRP VegasXRP Vegas6 dagen geleden
  • He got fat

    trolololmfaotrolololmfao6 dagen geleden
  • Is there a reason that dickhead cut Em off at the end of the interview? Em still had stuff to say. know your place as a co-host and let them speak, even if they were "short on time" Em was cool with continuing (I assume Mike was fine with it as well since he continued the convo until dickhead chimed in).

    Degenerate ChimpDegenerate Chimp6 dagen geleden
  • Em is like what the f🤔🤔k is he talking about Tyson a legend

    Tj LaneTj Lane7 dagen geleden
  • M is a real modest dude.. if u didn’t know any better, you woulda thought Tyson was the guest here

    MiLLZZ TROJANMiLLZZ TROJAN7 dagen geleden
  • Tyson is high as F, Lol

    Bigfoot’s DickBigfoot’s Dick7 dagen geleden
  • They didn’t give a fuck about the podcast guy

    LaloLalo7 dagen geleden
  • 7 Mile? Pause Video Check comments

    Miles Of TryingMiles Of Trying7 dagen geleden
  • Only Mike Tyson can interrupt Eminem respectively

    OffroadArmbarOffroadArmbar7 dagen geleden
  • Thlim thaddy in tha housth

    Bakos SakrBakos Sakr7 dagen geleden
  • "mike can act" pussy haha

    CarlCarl7 dagen geleden
  • The psychology of fighting and rapping is very similar. Mike says he has to size people up, hit them before they hit him, just like a rap battle, you have to make sure you're two steps ahead and can finish the other before they finish you. Every jab is calculated to get a result and it has to be done in a spectacular way to get more people to watch, just like in a rap. You have two legends that at the core, played the same game.

    Camera 1Camera 17 dagen geleden
  • To be honest, this does show how humble and down to earth em is

    BissmooBissmoo7 dagen geleden
    • its a trait of people who came up from nothing

      Darren MurphyDarren Murphy4 dagen geleden
  • Wow man Eminem's not really grown comfortable in his skin at 50..he's still nervous and way too deferential. Not able to have a normal conversation. Sad.

    ambarkumarambarkumar8 dagen geleden
    • If u were with ur idol i bet u would be nervous too. U obv haven't followed him seince infinite.. stop acting like u know him personally

      Lyss0624Lyss06247 dagen geleden
  • Eminem thinking "does he remember 'Just Don't Give a F**k' ?" 😟

    GTGT8 dagen geleden
  • Mike Tyson looks high out of his mind.

    Scott MScott M8 dagen geleden
  • This interview literally changed my life. The way two legends talked about being the best at what you do ever since then I developed a side hobby paying gig to strive to be the best at my field of delivering pizzas. Respect

    Wildcat WilsonWildcat Wilson8 dagen geleden
  • Mike fucking tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyson! ♥

    Ashleigh PannkhurstAshleigh Pannkhurst8 dagen geleden
  • Fake m&m

    Lil PriceLil Price8 dagen geleden
    • nlworld.info/key/video/sIShl72XiYmgaG8

      SrianshSriansh8 dagen geleden
  • Eminem wrote 2 songs during this podcast

    Dino ŠukajDino Šukaj8 dagen geleden
  • Two monsters legend at one table damm WOW

    Wayne CollinsWayne Collins9 dagen geleden
  • This is more like Eminem interviewing Mike Tyson.. I love it

    Dee JaaayDee Jaaay9 dagen geleden
    • Nice profile pic man. Bit light though

      vakporcovacvakporcovac8 dagen geleden
  • To Drop Bombs but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down... Yo oooo!!! Mike is the G.O.A.T M&M is the G.O.A.T this interview is lit FAM...😎

    Fil1Millionaire ReviewsFil1Millionaire Reviews9 dagen geleden
  • My favorite profectional champion boxer

    Vatasha JohnsonVatasha Johnson9 dagen geleden
  • Eminem is such a g a ay lmao what a fruit

    MAX_in2DMAX_in2D9 dagen geleden
    • @MAX_in2D kk says the one calling Eminem gay cuz he admires another man lmao you deadass act like a 12 y/o kid wo what's the point of calling others "12 y/o"

      SrianshSriansh7 dagen geleden
    • @Sriansh quiet 12 year old girl

      MAX_in2DMAX_in2D7 dagen geleden
    • nlworld.info/key/video/sIShl72XiYmgaG8

      SrianshSriansh8 dagen geleden
  • Mike you are the greatest fighter and flight instructor the world has seen so far! You flew so many 0pponents across the ring I lost count!! I will never forget you.

    DerredmaxDerredmax9 dagen geleden
  • Eminem is looking like a dollar store dave matthews

    Kevin C.Kevin C.9 dagen geleden
  • The legend says that 75% of the people who watched used subtitles because of Mike

    Vortex2k5 kVortex2k5 k9 dagen geleden
  • Goats x 2

    J.P. DgfStyleJ.P. DgfStyle9 dagen geleden
  • Everytime Em says something I feel like hes about to drop a bar.

    J.P. DgfStyleJ.P. DgfStyle9 dagen geleden
  • We need a part 2 I must of watched this interview a 1000 times 2 legends just having a good conversation

    NoLifeKing 98NoLifeKing 989 dagen geleden
  • "You're the only white guy that knows what's it like to be a nigga" Mike Tyson to Eminem

    Mohammad Sadegh LavaieMohammad Sadegh Lavaie10 dagen geleden
  • Mike Tyson Told Eminem "We love you Nigga" 34:34

    Mohammad Sadegh LavaieMohammad Sadegh Lavaie10 dagen geleden