Drunk Jovi Ruins Yara's Night | 90 Day Fiancé

22 feb. 2021
225 105 Weergaven

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  • When you give an ugly guy a chance and he starts treating you like you are the ugly one. 😑😑😑

    Zoey MartinezZoey Martinez14 minuten geleden
  • He’s stressing her the hell out.

    Sosa I’m blessedSosa I’m blessed32 minuten geleden
  • His gaslighting you yara pls leave

    kate annkate ann2 uur geleden
  • I'm really not seeing the beauty everyone is speaking of.. she not ugly, but she has very manly features. Not to mention being a brat makes any one look ugly.

    vee lovevee love3 uur geleden
  • The sad thing is that he won’t even remember this breakdown from yara because he’s so drunk. He’s terrible.

    CaptivusCaptivus5 uur geleden
  • Why everyone believes that someone have to be forever slave for you if you sacrificed all ur shit for them and condoms exist before u settled and for real want kids together

    awo machineawo machine6 uur geleden
  • When Yara arrived in America, at the airport she was complaining and gave Jovi a look of disdain. They look like they don’t even like each other and he clearly has a drinking problem but she’s also extremely negative and miserable most of the time as well as verbally abusive and has a superior complex because she believes she’s better than him physically and otherwise. This is what a toxic relationship looks like but because she also cries a lot and takes no responsibility for her own behaviour, people paint Jovi as the bad guy. They’re both immature and deep down, she’s not as confident as she acts otherwise she wouldn’t be in the relationship with someone like him. At the end when she stared directly to camera, that was her way of gloating as though she won because she got him to walk away. He knows she doesn’t really like him so he’s insecure and drinks to try to get a buzz because she doesn’t give him anything in the relationship ( nice words, respect, kindness), just criticism and talking to him like she’s his mother. He rebels by drinking and being disrespectful to her. People need to stop viewing Jovi as the only issue in this relationship because they’re both contributing to the toxicity in different ways. That’s my view anyway from a personal and professional angle.

    Marian Hanson Counsellor and CoachMarian Hanson Counsellor and Coach8 uur geleden
  • Alcohol changed his personality for the worse. It's a bad drug for some people.

    Pop CornPop Corn8 uur geleden
  • Am I the only one who HATED the two steps backward Jovi took before turning around and walking away? Like, just walk away! 😂

    Margaret KammerMargaret Kammer9 uur geleden
  • Welcome to Eastern European women

    dogleg 1957dogleg 19579 uur geleden
  • My heart goes out to her. If shw wasnt pregnant I think she would leave.

    Brooke EyherabideBrooke Eyherabide9 uur geleden
  • she should leave Jovi..

    Eugene K.S.M.Eugene K.S.M.10 uur geleden
  • Real talk I respect Yara’s confidence she *IS* smart and beautiful. Many girls don’t know their worth

    Kerri DKerri D11 uur geleden
  • Yara has fast become my fave ❤️

    Raine PhillipsRaine Phillips11 uur geleden
  • I used to feel bad for her now I just blame her for sticking around

    L JouniehL Jounieh11 uur geleden
  • Red flag leave girl he just said he didn’t care about your feelings and he was over it. When I tell my husband how I feel he hugs me and says what can we do to change or him to change...

    Budget mom WifeyBudget mom Wifey12 uur geleden
    • They’re both displaying red flags and have been from the beginning.

      Marian Hanson Counsellor and CoachMarian Hanson Counsellor and Coach7 uur geleden
    • Because he’s tired of her complaining all the time and speaking to him in an abusive way. He’s done with the relationship l. They both are but have to keep going with this toxicity.

      Marian Hanson Counsellor and CoachMarian Hanson Counsellor and Coach7 uur geleden
  • Love the handbag Yara 🖤🖤

    Rey PerezRey Perez12 uur geleden
  • This is what happen you down grade . When you are beautiful and date an ugly guy .....he feels like he is the shit .

    Maddy NgoMaddy Ngo13 uur geleden
  • too many fights will break relationship...will kill the love you both have..... .

    Angela Susanto PoAngela Susanto Po13 uur geleden
  • He is the WORST. OMFG. And he’s obviously wasted here. Smh.

    Everliza AEverliza A14 uur geleden
  • I feel so bad for Yara, jeez. I really hope she doesn’t stay in this awful situation and things change for her soon.

    doom buddiedoom buddie14 uur geleden
  • Jovi looks like he not just drinking. He looks like he might be on the "stuff" if ya know what i mean.. 😁 ;)-

    Nicole DeMervilleNicole DeMerville15 uur geleden
  • You do not treat your pregnant girl like this period! 😒

    Carolina VeeCarolina Vee15 uur geleden
  • Oh Yara girl. Run away. They never change. Trust me.

    betsy Abetsy A16 uur geleden
  • I would leave his ass she's not ugly and has a great personality him on the other hand horse teeth mommy's boy alcoholic asshole blaming her outburst on her pregnancy when it's really him that caused it yeah sounds like my ex run yara!

    Weda TokyoWeda Tokyo16 uur geleden
  • Yara deserves so much better than this. Ridiculous.

    Life&Money MattersLife&Money Matters17 uur geleden
  • she needs to go back to her home. as soon as she gets her green card he will be history, for a young woman, she is miserable. demanding,

    Agatha RogersAgatha Rogers17 uur geleden
  • What about (me)? Don't you ever think about (my) feelings? You don't ever make (me) a priority. Why don't you always think about what (I) want? This doesn't make (me) happy. (I) want to be in control and you to say yes to everything but how is that possible if you don't put (me) first? Even before I was pregnant, the world evolves around (me). I don't care how rude or blunt I am, its part of my entitlement to expression and nobody will advise (me). I need a man who will make (me) the center of attention and I am expecting a guy to spend all his money on (me). And so what if its selfish and it slowly drains your bank and you don't have nothing to show for it. I need to think about (me). (I) want what you have and this perfectly acceptable. Cant you see that its all about (me)? and this makes (me) feel secure, and it makes (me) feel better about (myself)? Don't you want (me) to be happy? Look, I'm telling you what (you) need to do. (I) should be treated like a queen. And (I) should have a spell over you. You don't deserve (me). This is what (I) expect and what (I) want and (I) expect (YOU) as a man to make (ME) happy. YARA - AKA (ME). AKA - "EQUALITY"

    Kalim DKalim D18 uur geleden
  • Ya BOTH knew how ya didn't really fit together, gotta give it ta tlc they sure pick the worst couples to come on the show. All about the ratings. It's in the best interest of a couple that is serious to NOT come , on this show. Cha Know. Good luck chuck

    evida Mirabalevida Mirabal18 uur geleden
  • She cant mingle by herself? Does she need him glued to her side? Its a party. Shes always mad & said a "girl like her". Little controlling there sweetie. Just out of curiosity, what would the men in her country think & how would they behave? He does need to sloooow down the drinking a lot but she continues the relationship as well. It seems to be her way or no way. That never works regardless whichever person acts that way.

    r⃰emii*r⃰emii*18 uur geleden
  • He is super drunk.

    Jasmina JasminaJasmina Jasmina18 uur geleden
  • This is why you get to know someone before getting pregnant and married in 90 days. How he treated her after the 1st miscarriage should have been the biggest and only red flag she needed.

    J.J HarperJ.J Harper18 uur geleden
  • This girl can do soooooo much better my goodness!!! 😩😩

    Empz 1313Empz 131319 uur geleden
  • Completely different from the Natalie and mike situation..... he actually has an alcohol problem.. drinking first thing in the morning and shit

    ccLAchicaccLAchica19 uur geleden
  • He’s too ugly to be acting this way Yara girl whyyyyyyy

    M Chanel.M Chanel.19 uur geleden
  • I am very proud of Yara. She remained composed and graceful to the guest though she had been put out. She decided she deserves better and knows her worth and I think she's very strong and I'm proud.

    EvanjuleenEvanjuleen19 uur geleden
  • canny hold his booze - neither him nor David are genetically set up for boozing

    InaDisguiseInaDisguise21 uur geleden
  • “I’m smart, beautiful, and all this stuff” lol I don’t think she really believes this about herself because I think she would’ve walked away by now.

    Abby MoreAbby More21 uur geleden
  • Her nagging is annoying

    Emrys LovelyEmrys Lovely21 uur geleden
  • Yara is too good for this I swear

    Kaylee loveKaylee love21 uur geleden
  • I feel that yara can move on . Jovi is jovi and he will always be jovi . She knew it before coming and before having unprotected sex with a human like jovi so either she moves on or accept him . Her complaining will not change him.

    I NGI NG21 uur geleden
  • Why complain so much . Just leave him . You can’t change someone

    I NGI NG21 uur geleden
  • That voice omg. Good things shes pretty. I'd drink too

    Latifah GordeevaLatifah Gordeeva22 uur geleden
  • I’d get an abortion if I was having a child with this man.

    Josephine AlimasiJosephine Alimasi22 uur geleden
  • Once she has citizenship she gone with that baby he's paying her alimony and child support. She's not putting up with no smiling alcoholic. She can do better.

    Phoenix AshePhoenix Ashe22 uur geleden
    • She doesn't want citizenship. She wants to go home to Europe.

      Beth GriesauerBeth Griesauer15 uur geleden
  • Jovi is FULL of himself and NONE of us know why. 🤢

    Hol liHol li22 uur geleden
  • Naweeeeawwwlens

  • He's just not a man

    Mannsy83Mannsy8322 uur geleden
  • She is a beautiful, very smart girl, I don't care what anyone says. He should pay a little attention to her. She is pregnant right now.

    M MM M22 uur geleden

    u Morenou Moreno22 uur geleden
  • sometimes some guys could seem emotionless/careless compared to women (women are better at sympathy and empathy) but when the producers said: yo she is upset, and he said: I DON'T CARE... damn... unacceptable. LEAVE HIM GIRL

    NyxieNyxie22 uur geleden
  • Yara, he's an alcoholic. Jovi has the whole drunk guy face, walk and attitude.

    EileenEileen22 uur geleden
  • He's a mess.very immature

    Linda ObrienLinda Obrien22 uur geleden
  • she's 100% correct

    fpineros22fpineros2223 uur geleden
  • Jovi is an alcoholic. His disease won't let him care for anything but alcohol. This will be his lifelong battle and if Yara doesn't want his alcoholism to become her (and, her future children's) lifelong problem she is going to have to leave, I think she is beginning to realize that. Jovi just needs another drink.

    Twinkle ToesTwinkle ToesDag geleden
  • She’s trying so hard to make it work and he doesn’t give a flying f. Imagine losing a prize like her

    grace dalygrace dalyDag geleden
    • Not sure what people are seeing but from the time she arrived at the airport she looked like she has disdain for him. She constantly complains and plays the victim in every situation. They both mistreat each other and know they shouldn’t be together and he’s just had enough of the verbal abuse so he continues to drink and be immature. They’re a disaster together.

      Marian Hanson Counsellor and CoachMarian Hanson Counsellor and Coach8 uur geleden
  • Imagine not being with a loving partner... I could never settle with that disrespect

    grace dalygrace dalyDag geleden
    • They’re disrespectful to each other. Do you think she speaks kindly to him? A relationship takes two people to make it work or for it to be destructive ( besides in domestic abuse cases). She acts like she’s better than him and he’s immature and relies on alcohol. They’re both incompatible

      Marian Hanson Counsellor and CoachMarian Hanson Counsellor and Coach7 uur geleden
  • He's not a good partner. He only cares about himself. He got drunk at their engagement party, knowing how she feels and ignoring her request for him not to. It's selfish. That's it. Sometimes you give to make others happy. Compromise is key.

    Melissa RippyMelissa RippyDag geleden
  • Hes too ugly for you. Leave him.

    Charleston JorgeCharleston JorgeDag geleden
  • Dump him Yara. He is a joke. A drunk joke!

    Teta SpanouTeta SpanouDag geleden
  • If i had to be around Yara i would be a drinker to, she is so obnoxious. Yara is such a drama queen

    Mary LambMary LambDag geleden
  • Being pregnant is hard and after she suffered a miscarriage with her 1st child she doesn't deserve this.. Why get a woman pregnant if your gonna be an asshole i don't understand men i hope she leaves and stays positive for her baby that needs her more then this pos...go back home and get healthy for your baby and stop all the stress and fighting.

    Earth MamaEarth MamaDag geleden
  • You can’t educate a male when they’re drinking, from my experience all they hear is nagging! Wait till the morning after a nice good sleep and once sober..then talk about it then👍

    Angelina HinganoAngelina HinganoDag geleden
  • He's drunk and has the odasity to say I don't care what you say?It was their night not his to get drunk and lose his senses.Yara deserves better.

    Dona SejdiuDona SejdiuDag geleden
  • She should just leave.

    Mrs. Double EMrs. Double EDag geleden
  • The solution isn't hard Yara. Leave him.

    Nooraishah KhanNooraishah KhanDag geleden
  • Yara is right but Jovi looks so awkward having this telling off in front of the camera

    claire hillierclaire hillierDag geleden
  • Atleast she tells them. Still tragic.

    Chloe H.Chloe H.Dag geleden
  • Lmao, He is trying so hard to keep a "sober" face.

    Ida BerglindIda BerglindDag geleden
  • She needs a strong Jamaican man

    Saintsofyhwh MessianicSaintsofyhwh MessianicDag geleden
  • Jovi has such a punchable face i s2g, every episode he's in I come to despise him more and more

    Marcie PanMarcie PanDag geleden
  • Jovi reminds me of this guy I used to see two years ago, and it's always about them and what they're going through. Very egoistic and self-centered, thank god I got rid of him.

    dark souldark soulDag geleden
  • Yara is so cute funny

    Celestine SantosCelestine SantosDag geleden
  • Yara is very nice girl.

    Celestine SantosCelestine SantosDag geleden
  • Yara you deserve better

    Diana LastovskaDiana LastovskaDag geleden
  • Run girl, run! Edit. Also, he's a dick.

    czortmajewskaczortmajewskaDag geleden
  • And so why are you still with him and putting up with that? Why did you stay?

    AlwaysLearningAlwaysLearningDag geleden
  • Ummm no Yara, you are not smart.. had you been smart and wonderful like you claim to be, you would not put up with his nonsense.. you would not have gotten pregnant by the same guy TWICE.. knowing your relationship is not stable enough ... especially if you claim and portray him as an alcoholic.. you would work on communicating better with Yovi and to think of it, it would help in the long run if you do plan to stay with him... Beautiful? Yes. You are pretty, like any other girl.. but I am sorry... Your actions say otherwise but I guess they both deserve each other so who knows?!...

    Truth Seeker23Truth Seeker23Dag geleden
  • “Welcome to pregnancy, guys.” Dude, she’s been pissed at you treating her like crap since she got there.😂 These two are gonna be miserable if he doesn’t grow tf up. Why did he even propose if he wants to continue to act like a 22 year old college boy instead of a husband and father? Stupid and embarrassing.

    MeMeDag geleden
  • She has a pretty big bump. How long has she been here?

    Kathleen ChapmanKathleen ChapmanDag geleden
  • Seems like his work schedule has turned him into a binge drinker. He works for a whole month 24/7 , not doing anything else/having any type of free time to blow off steam or cope with stress, then when he has his month off, he just parties and binge drinks the whole time to cope. My dad was like that in a way for many years -- he only drank once a week and everyone always knew friday night was his "drinking night" and he would binge drink. But he still always worked full time job, supported the family and functioned as normal, similar to jovi. But my dad just quit drinking totally 2 years ago bc he got sick of being hungover on saturdays and he just stopped caring for it, thankfully.. My point is, you can still be an alcoholic, even drinking one day a week, or in jov's case, going on binges every other month. It mostly has to do with how much you drink, when you do and if you can't just have 1 drink, you always have to drink to get drunk.

    L tilliL tilliDag geleden
  • A pregnant woman is a very sensitive woman

    vanessa evavanessa evaDag geleden
  • My heart breaks for Yara because I have been in her position before and when someone you love shows absolutely no concern and care for you that’s a hard pill to swallow.

    Sulvana AlbeladiSulvana AlbeladiDag geleden
  • Idk why there are so many simps. These guys are bad for each other because they’re the same person. They’re both “me me me”. Just because she looks good everyone is on her side when both of them are terrible people

    Kevin ArzolaKevin ArzolaDag geleden
  • Jovi is that creepy alumni frat guy that never got over college and is ALWAYS at the parties. Yara should just dip with their kid.

    Thahmina RashidThahmina RashidDag geleden
  • Girl find a better hotter guy in America trust me

    CiCiGaloreCiCiGaloreDag geleden
  • These girl could've done way better Jovi is not that attractive. She should've been more careful not to get pregnant if she was not sure about Jovi.

    Sergio MendezSergio MendezDag geleden
  • “Welcome to pregnancy” - wow, lmao. He’s a child.

    David CantorDavid CantorDag geleden
  • Jovi doesn't make Yara feel important. He's just too immature for her. She needs a man to balance her.

    EmilyEmilyDag geleden
    • She doesn’t make him feel important either because she thinks she’s superior to him. Her energy, her unkind words, her complaining, talking to him like she’s his mother are just as much of an issue as his disrespect, sarcasm, drinking, and disregarding her feelings. He can’t please her because she’s not into him. She’s there for other reasons.

      Marian Hanson Counsellor and CoachMarian Hanson Counsellor and Coach7 uur geleden
  • Honestly she has a point!!!

    Nikol GlaubachNikol GlaubachDag geleden
  • Leave! Hes a stupid alcoholic!

    Cathrine LydiaCathrine LydiaDag geleden
  • I yelled almost throughout this whole clip, LEAVE HIM, WOMAN!!!

    kellykellie85kellykellie85Dag geleden
  • A girl like me, sorry Princess and your Castle expectation, oh sorry the white horse is missing LOL, oh honey let’s have sex again with no protection so I can get pregnant LOL

    Sylvie ChomiakSylvie ChomiakDag geleden
  • Jovi looks like Nick from Big Mouth

    mirandaughmirandaughDag geleden
  • Another typical, toxic 90 day fiance couple. Eye roll.

    A. M.A. M.Dag geleden
  • This guy is below average, why is she with him when he treats her like shit too

    shut your bitch ass dumb ass lookin ass the fuck upshut your bitch ass dumb ass lookin ass the fuck upDag geleden
    • greencard hunter

      dj Revuedj RevueDag geleden
  • Boy that chick is very ungrateful and she bitches alot! Jovi, RUNNNN!!!

    Rita GarzaRita GarzaDag geleden
  • He's so sick of getting yelled at, that all he can say is: I don't want to hear it no more. Then you have two choices: break up or agree on what and how you want your relationship to be and stick to it. Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

    Moreau UllaMoreau UllaDag geleden
    • Exactly this 👍🏽

      Marian Hanson Counsellor and CoachMarian Hanson Counsellor and Coach7 uur geleden
  • I felt bad for her here. She just feels alone. There’s an autonomy that is lost when you move to a different country. Combine that with being so young and a quick transition into married life and parenthood. Jovi isn’t 21 and is immature. I hope he grows up now.

    Kim And CaffeineKim And CaffeineDag geleden
  • She should find someone better, he is such an idiot 🤬

    Schnitzelkuchen GummibärchenSchnitzelkuchen GummibärchenDag geleden