Draymond Ejected! Terry Rozier Game Winner vs Warriors! 2020-21 NBA Season

21 feb. 2021
155 467 Weergaven

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  • Double technical foul was a dumb

    Xx_DiamondMochi_xXXx_DiamondMochi_xXDag geleden
  • you know its a new era when the horents are beating the warriors and splashin' game winners

    LukeTheGoatLukeTheGoat2 dagen geleden
  • bogus call

    kapkap3 dagen geleden
  • damn terry rozier having a better season than Kemba who would've thought wow

    King AlphA_King AlphA_3 dagen geleden
  • DRAYMOND with a bozo move

    King AlphA_King AlphA_3 dagen geleden
  • Send green packing already before his not worth 💩

    SickVickSickVick3 dagen geleden
  • How they gonna give him two techs for trying to secure the ball

    Vis SantanaVis Santana3 dagen geleden
  • Terry or Kemba?

    Señor. ŹžżSeñor. Źžż3 dagen geleden
  • The ejection or not wouldn't have changed anything

    Prodigy2RUSTYProdigy2RUSTY3 dagen geleden
  • Draymond is on his period

    john ayackojohn ayacko3 dagen geleden
  • Rozier > kemba

    DBreezyDBreezy3 dagen geleden
  • Curry caught that Lamelo flu

    breadstickzzzzzzzbreadstickzzzzzzz3 dagen geleden
  • From Mid Rangggggeeeeeeee!!!!

    LucasDaGamERLucasDaGamER4 dagen geleden
  • Warriors should trade Draymond

    Darth DullaDarth Dulla4 dagen geleden
  • Double Tech was cheese. No need. Feel bad for Draymond.

    Bakari McAllister 41Bakari McAllister 414 dagen geleden
  • Scary terry 😳

    CarroCarro4 dagen geleden
  • oobri

    Robert GollnickRobert Gollnick4 dagen geleden
  • Gg refs giving the game to the hornets

    Marion GeminoMarion Gemino4 dagen geleden
  • It's always trash players getting ejected

    The JokerThe Joker4 dagen geleden
  • Ooh Bree nice

    P-Man SoaP-Man Soa4 dagen geleden
  • Lmao Steve Kerr kicked the ball at the end

    HollySwaggHollySwagg4 dagen geleden
  • That Draymond's ejection was bullshit. I would be pissed also but unfortunately Adam Silver signed a exclusive order giving tech Draymond and Demarcus. As the result, Demarcus's contract is terminated by the Rockets

    Jimmy DoanJimmy Doan4 dagen geleden
  • The call was justified. Dude gotta chill

    Fire BurnFire Burn4 dagen geleden
  • It was wrong

    raman pannuraman pannu4 dagen geleden
  • NBA refs are soft asf

    Elijah OjoElijah Ojo4 dagen geleden
  • The Draymond Green injection was annoying

    Jenn VillanuevaJenn Villanueva4 dagen geleden
  • 0:56 give that man his call bruh

    SpaceDawg420SpaceDawg4204 dagen geleden
  • Man Draymond really needs to stop talking

    Tom’s GamingTom’s Gaming4 dagen geleden
  • Scary Terry back at it again!!

    Benjamin WhyteBenjamin Whyte4 dagen geleden
  • bro wtf is steve kerr doing in 1:33 LMFAOOOO

    Age EditsAge Edits4 dagen geleden
  • Terry Rozier shot clock cheese🧀🧀

    Slimeeball1Slimeeball14 dagen geleden
  • Damn how many techs does draymond have for the year? Lol

    Eric ZamudioEric Zamudio4 dagen geleden

    Kristin BairdKristin Baird4 dagen geleden
  • Scary Terry

    Cameron ShirleyCameron Shirley4 dagen geleden
  • It should been jumpball

    Logan SemieanLogan Semiean4 dagen geleden
  • Uubriii

    John WallJohn Wall4 dagen geleden
  • These Mint Green Hornets Jerseys are 🔥 ngl.

    Zo JirushiZo Jirushi4 dagen geleden
  • That technical foul call was fine. But all throughout the game there's a lot of missed calls from both teams.

    Homeless to GreatnessHomeless to Greatness4 dagen geleden
  • Check out draymond’s new mixtape “Dray vs. the World”

    Om DesaiOm Desai4 dagen geleden
  • they have a Target on draymond Green because he speaks his mind

    eadekolueadekolu4 dagen geleden
  • Draymond can't argue about anything now league is soft. That's a tough game winner by Rozier it's still dubnation tho.

    TyJamarTyJamar4 dagen geleden
  • Gordon Hayward 💪

    BeanieBeanie4 dagen geleden
  • NBA is a joke🤦

    Petr KubíkPetr Kubík4 dagen geleden
  • reputation calls. refs are power tripping as usual

    Redbeard McDuckRedbeard McDuck4 dagen geleden
  • He def shouldn’t have been ejected

    Victor OsemeneVictor Osemene4 dagen geleden
  • nice court, no one talking bout it?

    AidanAidan4 dagen geleden
  • 1:29 steve kerr kicked the ball lmaoooooooooo

    Ronaldo LubinRonaldo Lubin4 dagen geleden
  • Lol oubri

    Lee McnairLee Mcnair4 dagen geleden
  • Hahaha, green is such a shit bag.

    Welfare NinjaWelfare Ninja4 dagen geleden
  • Warriors visit refs typical 😴

    king louking lou4 dagen geleden
  • mmmmm i LOVE a clean buzzer beater

    Dylan GoldsteinDylan Goldstein4 dagen geleden
  • Smoove should be a commentator

    Christopher AndersonChristopher Anderson4 dagen geleden
  • How does the ref miss that carry from Rozier at the end? I would honestly officiate better then these New Generation refs☠️

    lou Jlou J4 dagen geleden
  • Missed the part when Oubre missed dunk and touched Washington but still was hornets ball and he hit a three later

    Isaiah HillIsaiah Hill4 dagen geleden
  • Draymond shouldn't wear 23

    Jon WhickJon Whick4 dagen geleden
  • what the hel did day do

    Bushra NasrBushra Nasr4 dagen geleden
  • 1:33 lol Steve Kerr

    Clint MarquezClint Marquez4 dagen geleden
  • That double tech was cheese...nothing else

    Aden WillsAden Wills4 dagen geleden
  • The referees are doing the most on Draymond Green and DeMarcus Cousins

    DJ babyboy gamingDJ babyboy gaming4 dagen geleden
  • That's not mid range shot.

    Profi KomentariProfi Komentari4 dagen geleden
  • Their court is cool in the eyes

    Masters Gaming TvMasters Gaming Tv4 dagen geleden
  • Draymond sold with those 2 techs

    Darien PlaysDarien Plays4 dagen geleden
  • No more Words!!! Something has to be changed with these Refs!! It's getting ridicolous

    MrTravenBMrTravenB4 dagen geleden
  • Most improved Roizer

    Jungle EnTJungle EnT4 dagen geleden
  • Refs cheated

    Cxlvin CapalotzCxlvin Capalotz4 dagen geleden
  • Hornets got bailed out . They got a solid squad tho 🔥

    KevinKevin4 dagen geleden
  • Draymond should stay patient and calm. Use your mind not your emotion.

  • Am i the only one who saw steve Kerr kick the basketball

    BlitzBlitz4 dagen geleden
  • Got me happy NGL, Scary Terry.

    Abdullahi YusufAbdullahi Yusuf4 dagen geleden
  • How can we give fines to the stupid calls of the refs?

    Kristofer Jon LaudKristofer Jon Laud4 dagen geleden
  • Draymond needs to talk less and score more. Ridiculous that a guy with those ball handling skills can't chip in 13ppg

    ChiggsyChiggsy4 dagen geleden
    • Cause he aint a scorer? lmao, hes a defender, getting defensive player of the year is proof of that

      Roy136Roy1364 dagen geleden
  • NBA got salty for what he said.

    123rockstar2010123rockstar20104 dagen geleden
  • Prayers up for Curry man 🙏

    Justin SJustin S4 dagen geleden
  • That’s bs, Draymond got ejected for that

    Kosta KanelopoulosKosta Kanelopoulos4 dagen geleden
  • These refs should be fined they’re a bunch of pussies they give techs out whenever a player hurts there feelings

    DethronerDethroner4 dagen geleden
  • Do you even watch the game

    Biniyam TesfalemBiniyam Tesfalem4 dagen geleden
  • Rozier reminds me MJ bruh

    Anthony LopezAnthony Lopez4 dagen geleden
  • Scary Terry is a borderline All-Star, at least he deserves some votes tho

    Julio Daniel InsfranJulio Daniel Insfran4 dagen geleden
  • Terry Rosier having a better season than Kemba Walker.. Hornets sign and trade paid off..

    Rosty RamosRosty Ramos4 dagen geleden
  • The Hornets made a great decision with the sign and trade with Terry Rosier.. turned out they got the better player over Kemba always injured Walker..

    Rosty RamosRosty Ramos4 dagen geleden
  • How is no one talking about Rozier's right foot being clearly inside the 2pt line?

    Antartix PevoriAntartix Pevori4 dagen geleden
    • And he traveled before the shot

      Jorge RamosJorge Ramos4 dagen geleden
  • Draymond ejection is some bullshit, Ejected for jumping on the ball ? In the heat of the moment no one knew they called a timeout wtf

    A GamersWorldA GamersWorld4 dagen geleden
  • That double tech was cheese and people know

    Tyriq NoltonTyriq Nolton4 dagen geleden

    Allan LadinesAllan Ladines4 dagen geleden
  • Draymond stop arguing man

    Gamer XdGamer Xd4 dagen geleden
  • Refs are coming after Draymond for his talking about double standards.

    Royal MeRoyal Me4 dagen geleden
  • don't hustle kids, that shit gets you ejected!

    EPIC EricEPIC Eric4 dagen geleden
  • That double technical was some cheeese.

    SllrxySllrxy4 dagen geleden
  • Who else peeped Steve Kerr almost kicking the ball off at the very end after Roziers shot???? 😂😂😂😂

    Franky AFranky A4 dagen geleden
  • breh, thats tough

    dubois stewartdubois stewart4 dagen geleden
  • 🙏🏾✝️

    Justin BrownJustin Brown4 dagen geleden
  • Draymond or Demarcus🤷🏾‍♂️they getting at least one flagrant foul or getting ejected nothing new. Except soft ass refs

    Ken WorldwideKen Worldwide4 dagen geleden
  • Why does it say 100 -100

    Dawood DosaniDawood Dosani4 dagen geleden
  • Draymond w/ the HOF tech badge back at it 😅💀

    IVIR 808IVIR 8084 dagen geleden
  • Can't blame the refs. Green should have just shut up. Pj called time out on time....

    E StarkE Stark4 dagen geleden
  • That Draymond double tech is BS....

    GLegend360GLegend3604 dagen geleden
  • Refs are sucks

    Daisy Ren Del MoroDaisy Ren Del Moro4 dagen geleden
  • that was such a bullshit call clearly no one had possession of the ball and they can't call timeout and double technicals on green for explaining himself is so stupid and rozier cleary travelled

    Pratibha inglePratibha ingle4 dagen geleden
    • @KYRIE great response lmaoooooo. Man said Nah and thought that was gonna sway people's opinions

      Dante MoodyDante Moody4 dagen geleden
    • Nah

      KYRIEKYRIE4 dagen geleden
  • Lol, the ref must on Draftkings or something

    su liangsu liang4 dagen geleden
  • That was a jump ball and the refs knows it

    micah whitemicah white4 dagen geleden