DO NOT Sleep on Ethereum (Top NFL Player Betting BIG on NFTs)

31 mrt. 2021
63 008 Weergaven

NFTs are taking the world by STORM. They are starting to make their way into the sports world as we’ve seen MASSIVE success with NBA Top Shot. Now it’s the NFL’s turn. Will every NFL player have their own NFT collectible someday?
Today I sat down with LA Rams Safety Taylor Rapp. He's becoming the third NFL player to launch his own NFT collection. It will benefit the AAPI fund to assist Asian-Americans. We'll be debuting his NFT art in this video, but also discussing why Ethereum is the coin you should be watching. While many are ready to give up on Ethereum, Taylor gives us reasons why the mainstream is ready to jump back on the ETH train.
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    • What about caucasian Americans? Caucasian Americans are by far the poorest per capita but i guess thats not PC enough to talk about.

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    • Yes, we should all organize into racial groups, this has always worked out in the past 🙄

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